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Unboxing! 2020 M1 Gold Macbook Air 13" ?

1 874 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Apple M1 Macbook Air 2020

Apple M1 Macbook Air 2020 13" Unboxing in Gold.


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➥ Gold Apple M1 2020 Air 13"

➥ Spigen Glass tR Slim 9H Tempered Glass Protector

➥ Grey/Gold Marble Macbook Air 13" Case

➥ Black Keyboard Protector


Thank you for watching!

x J x


FTC: This video is NOT sponsored.

Music For Your Content

Very nice unboxing, cool vlog, keep it going, Well done!

Candice Can

Hi there. I love your case! Where did you get it? Would you be so kind and post a link to it?

Melani Disla

nice cover where did you buy it?


I had exchanged my Air 4 w/ Magic Keyboard ($899) for the new Macbook Air M1 ($999) and i am glad i did the exchange. I do not plan on putting any covers or screen protector since i will add the Apple Care + to cover any damages for the next 3 years. Which laptop did you have before?


Aesthetic unboxing, review, video! ?

Amelia Curtin

Cases are super bad for Mac books! They can damage the Retina display or over time cause wearing! I have the same one, color and everything I would just recommend a traveling laptop bag.

Molly Gordon

How long did this take to come??



Shashwat Gokhe

I think you should not use keyboard cover with screen guard which makes no sense it will make a lot of pressure on screen and large screen guards usually produce distortion and are not colour accurate, beside this the unboxing was awesome

Jaclyn Tan

What accessories would you recommend for the M1 macbook air please? Any case or screen protector that would fit?

M1 gold

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M1 MacBook air Gold Unboxing in company of MacBook pro 16 inch

745 views | 28 Nov. 2020

M1 MacBook air Gold

M1 MacBook air Gold Unboxing in the company of a MacBook pro 16 inch. Enjoy with me this special moment of unboxing of this new grounbracking computer that while change the computer industry. I want to know if i should sell my 5-month-old macbook pro 16 inch i9 with AMD radeon pro 5500M 8 GB. The MacBook air is the base model with no option.


How do u have 6M+ subs?!? Imma report u


Best Battery Life (Laptopmag.com) :

1. Dell Latitude 9510 (18:17)
2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 (16:54)
3. Asus ExpertBook B9450 (16:42)
4. Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M1, 2020 (16:32)
5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15:44)
6. MacBook Air with M1 (14:41)
7. LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (2020) (14:00)
8. Dell Latitude 7400 (13:23)
9. HP Spectre x360, 13-inch, Late 2019 (13:20)
10. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, (13:08)

Glad to see Apple finally catching up...lol

M1 gold

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2020 M1 MacBook Air Gold Unboxing

41 399 views | 21 Dec. 2020

? Unboxing the new M1

? Unboxing the new M1 MacBook 2020 ❅ The Apple M1 is the first ARM-based system on a chip designed by Apple || ? Product mentioned -----

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avuleti nani

I will order in 2022 as I am running out of the money...looking forward curiously to have this laptop in my hands ✋

you know with Marty Kauffman

Good unboxing oh and is the color more gold or more pink

Andrew Jones

im planning on getting this because I have the 2017 MacBook Air and my cousin got the early 2020 MacBook and it looked so much better than mine and im really sold on the m1 MacBook Air

she who reads and writes

which do you prefer between space grey and gold macbooks?


So I think you have a good holiday

Yellow Hart

So cool congrats to you may it grows success within you and your YouTube channel ??

Trash Clan

this piano shit is gay


i’m so excited for my space gray m1 mba to come!! comes between 31st of dec and jan 8th!!

Maulik Darji

Very lucky ?

Kavyansh Verma

This looks so cutee

Chelsea Rose

I ordered one about a week ago and I can’t wait!!! <3


I’m watching this on my phone rn, I hope in a week I will be replying to this comment on my new MacBook Air!!



it’s the “#peacfulunboxing” for meeee??


I absolutely cannot stop watching these unboxing videos while waiting for my macbook air that's not gonna arrive for at least a month ;–;


Going to Canada in the last quarter of the year, hopping to get one of these there ;)

Ezi Spark

omg so cuteee! gold color looks really stunning!!?


Love the MacBook - and the video. ?
Since you use the MacBook for editing (running two heavy-duty apps like Final Cut and DaVinci), the MacBook Pro M1 would’ve probably been a better choice - when the time comes that the Air starts to overheat under the stress of heavy processes, the Pro M1 can reach that same time and go on for a little while longer before overheating thanks to its fan, which makes it slightly more reliable and resilient in the long term.

Dominic Steiner

Gold or Silver?

Mohamed Zinelabidine Chebicheb

Gold or pink?

Nitro Aditya

Does the gold colour get scratches easier?

Siya Kothari

just got mine today for christmas! it’s amazing and i love it!! ?

Sam Lai

nice macbook

Izzy Reneau

Was waiting for a video like this! I’m so
Not techsavvy. My old lenovo laptop just died so I need a new one asap. I was debating between the M1 macbook air or the pro but I think the air is better for my needs. Thanks for all the info you gave esp about the icons and apps and the keyboard details.?

Rosli MatIsa

Nice video done subscribe support back...

VK - 02DS 887532 Queen Street PS

I just got the same one

Jinal Patel

i just ordered one :)

Tahir Aruqaj

Next week I get it ? is it more like rose gold btw ?

Francisca Pérez Herrera

Muchas gracias por el video, en todos los otros no mostraban nada de lo que se vio en el tuyo. Me encanto. Gracias.

Ronnie Lamash

Mine is coming tomorrow and I’ve been waiting for about a month so I’m soooo exciteddddd cant fall asleep?


im still using my dad's 2009 macbook pro, and its always lagging, but it still like it xD

Izzy Skiz

Hi! I’m getting the same MacBook soon are you able to tell me some tips and stuff on how good it is?

Woyes Zaigirdar

Getting this for my birthday

Raisa Jannati

it looks really nice! i hope to get one someday since my current laptop is kinda broken

created by darie

can u see my unboxing, guys

Liz Goldstein

I don't know, but all this noise is extremely pleasant to listen to.

Nina Kutzner

Got mine a few days ago. I love it!

Santhoshi Burugoju

Lovely Unboxing as always , Ma’am!! I so wanted to buy this air to experience the m1 chips but in our Indian markets, Air M1 costs $1300 ! compared to $999 in US , would u recommend the MacBook Air at this price ratio? While Other brand Laptops r of same value

Sophie Moore

Wonderful!.....any advice colour wise?...also does it run the sims4 well?

Victor Sierra

Hello, can you tell me if the gold color is more 'yellow gold' vs rose gold of previous Mac models? Thanks.

Harsh Tak

The person behind this is so sweet replying every comment ??


Really wish it wasn’t so Expensive

Jjwalla Sekar

How is it? I'm waiting for mine ?


Have u brought on education loan

Ken H

I want one so bad and I’m trying everything to convince myself to stop thinking about it ?

Count Dain

I like your unboxing content style. ??

Wot replays

can you swap in system preferences, dictation again to double press the FN key? instead of the emoji keyboard? I use dictation a lot, and it quite easier to reach Fn than F5

Nagesh Hosagoudar

Which colour do you recommend me among - silver, space gray and rose gold?

Panglima Maggie

Butterfly keyboard easier catch dust

gabriela ines

i'm thinking about getting this for high school, but i'm stuck between gold or the silver one, what would you say?

SaradaCashFlowHoney Donovan

I’m getting a 16 inch MacBook Pro in February

Sam Lai

i had the picture of the M1 chip

Greek The Mapper

Great job again the only apple product I got is an iphone 5s

Larry Wong

like ur video

Sasha Moreno

Can the computer fit like in a bag cause in the videos I see that it is a bit big??

Anime_dork :3


moi moi

Ohhhhhh what's the piano music in background?? Love it !


Just ordered one today ! Can't wait to receive it !

Rocio Formento

Hi! Would you recommend me buy the base model if I'm only going to use it for college or should I upgrade to 512 GB?
I love your vids btw, they're so aesthetic ?

Nova Rodriguez

got mine on christmas yayy its so good the design screen colour everything is good and i love it

Maryam Baig

Thanks for showing us so closely, its so good!! :)

Juan Rubio

It looks great. Kudos for the unboxing video it's so clean.