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Thrifting in Long Beach + Try On Haul

33 213 views | 3 Sep. 2020

Places I like to thrift

Places I like to thrift in Long Beach, California.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been thrifting, so I brought my mask, my hand sanitizer and my friend Jimena with me around Long Beach, California to visit my favorite flea market, vintage clothing shops, and antique stores. I hope you enjoy. xx Audrie

Jimena’s YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/32X6Gpd


Long Beach Antique Market (every 3rd Sunday of the month)

Retro Row (4th Street from Walnut Avenue to Temple Ave)

- Meow (Vintage Clothing Store)

- The Hangout (Clothing, Housewares & Plants)

- La Bomba (Clothing Pile Sale is every 3rd Sunday of the month)

Urban Americana (Antique Store)

// MUSIC //

Music from Epidemic Sound: https://bit.ly/2YDNmg4

Carvings - Dusty Decks

Chicken Little - Pandaraps

Oak City - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

Controlled Crusin - Guustavv

emotional by Barradeen | https://soundcloud.com/barradeen

Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported



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// BLOG //



Camera: Canon EOS R

Vlog: Canon G7X Mark II

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC


For business inquiries, please e-mail me at [email protected]


Nice pick ups loved the fashion show :)

Vanessa Perez

I recently went to this flee market I seen one of your video you mentioned it, so many great hidden gems! Makes you want to buy everything ? I hope to run into you one day! My favorite YouTuber ?



Mia Jackson

i love seeing my home town in such a beautiful way! ?


I always enjoy your videos they are filmed so well and I love it when you go thrifting. I get so excited seeing all of the beautiful possibilities in goodies there. And I loved the redish sweater on you. Super cute!

hedda enger

that black skirt with the flowers!! omg

Tilly Heal


Thresy Vallikappen

Lovely video Audrey ❤️

Belle Belle

you deserve more views!!!! Love your video!!!


Awesome! I live in Long Beach and I have new places to check out now.

Wookiee Lover

I walk retro row daily lol. With my work dog. We don’t get to shop I love it over there

Fabiola Suarez

Who else wants to go thrifting???



Jeanette Hoehn

Hallo ?love your tours thank you, can you in your next video an update with your ?houseplants ?many wishes netti from germany Coburg ☺ nice dresses ????

Lothunglo Kithan

Sending all my love from India:Nagaland sister Audrie?

Megan Morales

i loveeeee your styleeeee, its so flabbergasting???

Wookiee Lover

So funny finding a you tuber that is shopping is all my places. Lol. I live in Long Beach. It’s been forever since I’ve been to any of these places. I love this and can’t wait to get back to it. ❤️. You found some really cute stuff

Laura Villalobos

that's a really nice dress ?

Jewel Bennett

The pants at 5:40, the slip dress at 6:05 and the jacket at 6:53 are right up my alley!

Sustainable Amor

The editing in this video is amazing girl ? It’s a goal of mine to do this type of thrifting ✨?

Claire Brewer

I just moved to the inland empire!! So excited to check out these places ☺️❤️

vicsic vlogs

audries videos are a whole movie ?


I'm earlyyy. I love youuu ❤

Hannah Abisheganaden

omg im so early love this

Meredith B

1:35 and 3:43.. same glasses?

Jenny Beth Ciscar


Alondra Fernandez

I love those white shoes, where are they from ?

Nicole on EQ

I love the dress you wore to go thrift. Also loving the old skool, chill vibes of this video ?


You find such good stuff and they all fit you so nicely, I’m so jealous! ?

Gelolas Vintage

you and jimena!! best combo ever!!

Naomi Tan

I just moved to Long Beach so this video is so handy!! The only thrift store I’ve been to is Tattered so far.

honeypot films

your videos always have the best shots!!! also I like how you don’t talk as much as other youtubers ?
- honeypot films


Adding these places to check out, cute video btw :)

Fatima Meyfaliyeva

im in love with your aesthetic

Alexis Rios

Where are your pants from in the last few thirfted outfits

Namrata Nath

I wish We had thrift stores here..?


You definitely have a good eye for vintage things, Audrie! All of those clothes are amazing ?

Laura Amo

didn't know you are friends with Jimena LOVE it!!!


all those vintage cameras ?✨✨

Jyothi Thomas

Love Love Loved the video??????

Lo Coco

You look like Jennie from black pink. I love your vid. Hehe! You're so natural. Love the energy!

angie !

please make a video about your favorite music! (oldies) and the vinyls you have ! xx

Asi Como Soy

wow your editing is so cool, I only dream of being able to get that good. lol


So many nice things ❤️????

sanjana yadav

In love with the crystal ❤️ ?? so beautiful

La vie est belle nature

Thanks for this beautiful share ; dress you wore is very pretty i like and susc stay connect

Lexy Jara

that slip dress omg

Scents of Moon



Your videos always straighten my mood ??

Thibaud Mathieu

Love it ?

Jimena Reno

I still don't understand how you found sooo many cute clothes in the pileeeeeee <33 pls take me back Audrieeee i miss youuuuuuuu <3

Melissa Lauren

That first dress you wore ??? imagine with some doc martins with that ??


Love your vibe !!

Jasmine Cota

god thrifting in long beach is the besttt, definitely have to check out the places u went to! ?

srushti bargale

I love this video. Honestly I love everything thrifty and vintage. And any haul that has more than clothing thrift buys in it.

I've a little request, could you do a video on thrifted little trinkets, crystals or home decor pieces. I don't see enough on YouTube. And also if you suggest where I could get themmm.

nutellagorilla vlogs

Your filming and editing skills is what I aim to achieve one day ?✨

Sedar Sederhana

My favourite from the haul is definitely the black dress! Major love - unique pattern and suits you and your style perfectly. Also, i love both u and Jimena Reno videos so much!

mandy alyssa

how is it possible to be this aesthetic ?


Love this haul and the vibe of the video so much

Davy Yap

Ah, I'm from Long Beach!

Usagi Moon.X.O

Long beach is my city! ❤❤ also, I'm a new subbie ❤❤

Jennifer Tanjung

i absolutely loveee your style. Especially that black dress and the white and green collared top!! ??

Sebastian Munoz

I got a free to months of premium on skill share thanks to using your code thank you plenty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

S jamir

Laddyyy!!! Your editing is just?? chef's kiss quality?

Wills Camera

i got so excited seeing this notificiation!! <3

Veronika Oleynik

I think that was amethyst geode

Catherine Nguyen

Omg what mascara are you using? Your lashes look great!

Queen Nancy

Love you

Anne-Sophie Roos

You have such great taste

Mia Jackson

you should go to eat or get coffee at wide eyes open palms on 4th street!!!!!! it’s super cute and the owners are so sweet ✨?

Amber Gaitan

I love that your videos are like art, they make you feel some sort of way! Always so enjoyable to watch! Thank you!

Hodaya Lavi

so impressed with how you made this video so intresting without even talking . audrie you are pushing the limits of creativity??
also what i love about it is that i can play your videos in the backround if im too lazy to search a playlist??


In my head I am in a commited relationship with your high-waisted, flared jeans? Where did u get those from?


Everything so cute but that mini skirt is just so good ?

Kathy Wannaviroj

I'm in love with your mask audrie! Where did you get it from?

Electra Thorne

I looove your house, especially all the plants ?


Love the vibe of this video & all of the thrifted items are so cuuuute ?✨✨



Emma Parsons

Your style is just amazing and so unique

Jose Talavera

I just subbed to your channel love your lofi introsssssssss


I just love the vibe of this video ?


Totally in love with the first dress and the two color shirt!! But everything is nice!!


How does everything you thrift fit you so well? Like it was made for you!


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Acharya Teaser Create New Records in Long Run | Chiranjeevi | Ram Charan | Koratala Siva | Get Ready

50 837 views | 1 Feb. 2021

Acharya Teaser Create New

Acharya Teaser Create New Records in Long Run! #Acharya​ 2021 latest telugu movie ft. Chiranjeevi and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. film directed by Koratala Siva and produced by Ram Charan and Niranjan Reddy under the Konidela Production Company and Matinee Entertainments banners.

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anil goud

King of Indian cinema megastar chiranjeevi sir


Kgf2 damara poinda

megastar chiru


gopala krishna

Rey rey views kosam emaina chestara chi, 11M anthera

S ramu

One man Hero mega ? chirangivi

Chaitanya tanka

Eyes lo vunna power chusara, adey chiranjeevi garu

Bhaskar Macha

Super jai RC megastar

mcaharilal sabavath

Super chaala

Venkat Munna

Ni gudda vachnae ra views loude ga

Boge Kumar


Veerababu Dasari

అప్పుడు ఇప్పుడు ఎప్పుడు. టాలీవుడ్ నంబర్ 1 హీరో మెగాస్టార్

brahmani chandana

అందుకే అయన మెగాస్టార్ చిరంజీవి అయ్యారు అయన లెవెల్ వేరు

Narayanaswamy Narayanaswamy

ಮೆಗಾಸ್ಟಾರ್ ಖೆಕ

Mallikarjunrao majji

That is megastar ???

Suribabu Sonbabu

Jai megastar

psm raju

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muneer pasha

Pan India hero

sriram sri

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Raja Raja

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Gugulothu Ramesh

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Nandan Ntr

Abbadam cheppadaniki oka limited vundalli bayya

Thimmaraya Raju

Mega ⭐ Star box office collection king

lova raju

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Ramu Naidu


Venkatarao Rajamahendravarapu


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Hari Prasad


Anji Uppi

25 million ??

Lakshman Naik Chirutha

That is megastar

Ravi Vasanta

Kravichandra ???

srinu mummaleti

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Raaghava P

Chiranjeevi gaare 10m views ani pettaru nvendhira 25m ani pettaaav gaadiddhaa


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Advantages of AC in long distance power Transmission|Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

235 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This video gives the

This video gives the Advantages of AC in long distance power Transmission.

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#psiddeeqbasha #ElectromagneticInduction #AlternatingCurrent #AdvantagesofACinLongdistancepowerTransmission #Demonstration #12thPhysics #HDQuality #TNSTATEBOARD #CBSE #IGCSE #ICSE #NEET #JEE

Videos on on electrostatics:

Difference between Coulomb's law & Newton's law:


Direct Proportional and Inversely Proportional:


Superpostion Principle:


Coulomb's Law:


Introduction To Electrostatics:


Repulsive property of Charges:


Attractive Property of Charges:


Videos on Magnetism:

Magnetic Field with Demonstration:


Types of Magnets:


Magnetic Permeability With Demonstration:


The Properties of Bar Magnet:


Parveen Begum

Excellent sir ?

Doctor Ikramullah

Excellent sir

Mehmood B

Very nice excellent explanation ? ???????


Correction at 0:49
An Alternating current is one which changes its direction at regular intervals of time.