Reverse straddle

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160lb Get Up / 1st reverse straddle Bar Kip

40 views | 8 Feb. 2017

-gains, despite

-gains, despite injuries

-remember, there are always many things to work on

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Reverse straddle

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11 363 views | 24 May. 2020

Reverse grab spin.

Reverse grab spin.


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Cookie girl

You are truly an amazing teacher and wow what a beautiful body, those muscles ? and most importantly so down to earth.
Thank you Soooo much for sharing all the tricks and right movements.
Your video's help me a lot.. God bless you❤️

Andie Messier

Oh YES I absolutely see the difference when you demonstrate this. You're an amazing dancer and teacher and I love your content! You feature all the best moves that I've always wanted to do!


Your tutorials are so detailed! Thank you so much! You include conditioning exercises to make the spin better and stronger. I don't always see that in tutorials. Great job!

Jiyoon Bae

Love all your tutorials and this one is particularly helpful. You are so meticulous in explaining details. Never saw so many great performers who are also great in teaching both through body and voice. Wonderful!

Dominique Méndez

I love how you explain!!! Thanks you so much <3 May i ask you something, when you spin, do you fully extend your shoulder or keep it "down"? contracted always? I'm a beginner and I'm afraid of getting injured because I'm training at homee. Thanks for all your videos!!! (I'm from Chile, sorry for my English haha)


perfect thank you :)


You’re a really great teacher. You nailed the issues so thoroughly, thanks.


Wow thank you so much

andrijana šešelja

You are the best teacher ever. Thank you so much for your time investing in all of us. I'm grateful I found you?


She is amazing. I’m improving so much I love her teaching.

Tamires Guimarães Yoga Aéreo

Amazing! Teach us how to star to do the Phoenix spin. I have seeing a lot of different techniques, so I got confused from where to start. Thank you. Your channel is amazing ?

The Venus Marquez

Dude you're so ripped and elegant, I just started and I have no strength to do any of this it's so hard :(

Tiffany Nichol

Love love love thank youuu

Brianna Booker

This is so helpful! Question - is your pole on static or spin? If on static, and tips for how to do this on spin mode? I am having trouble with my reverse grab on spin pole ?

Dely G

I really struggle with reverse spins like this or juliet. My arms might not be strong enough yet and a bit of lack of shoulder flexibility too. Will the one arm spin drills help to build strength for this?


Thank you so much!! I‘ve been looking for a tutorial like this for sooo long. I love how you‘re explaining the different steps. It’s really fun to follow your Videos! Greetings from Germany ✌?❤️

Korya Iine



I’ve been struggling with my reverse grab for ages- I’m so thankful for this video and all of your videos ❤️

Sioned lou Peers

Great tutorial! Would love to see an example of the spin/trick at the start so we know what we will be learning.

Aria S. Zhang

Might have to visit Latvia just so I can take your classes?

I Guga Pilar I

Muiito legal o video! Continue firme com os videos! Te desejo toda sorte com o canal!
Obs.: Não gostaria de lhe encomodar, mas se tiver um tempo para ir em meu canal e me dizer o que achou sobre meus vídeos, agradeço demais!
Um abraço e fica com Deus! ????

Heute hier morgen dort

Thank you so much for a full-on class!

Golden Goddess Alchemy

I always come to your channel when I can't make it to class or was struggling to get the move down. Love the way you teach the little helpful details. ✨?

Nef Arious

I wish I had the money to tip you... because this is seriously like a full on class! (I just don’t even have rent right now and I’m struggling) but I wanted to say thank you so much for making this is super helpful and I’m sorry that I can’t give you money right now but when I can I would like to!

Nomopoly 2

Pants again :-(. Bikini bottoms are so much more elegant and feminine!

Caira Williams

This was an amazing explanation, I will definitely credit you when I finally master.

Antonio Faroppa

I know, I say it again... but! SUCH A GOOD TEACHER! thanks!?

ivy yan

You absolutely Fantastic pole teacher .

Reverse straddle

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Short Straddle Options Strategy (Best Guide w/ Examples)

13 653 views | 14 Mar. 2017

The short straddle

The short straddle (selling straddles) strategy consists of selling a put and call option at the same strike price and in the same expiration cycle. Selling straddles is a directionally-neutral (typically) strategy that profits when the stock price remains near the short strike price as time passes, or when implied volatility decreases.

In this video, you'll learn:

1. What are the characteristics of the short straddle strategy?

2. What does the expiration risk graph look like for a short straddle position?

Also, you'll see visualizations for three real short straddle trades, so you understand how the position performs in various scenarios.


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Great explanation of the Straddle - so to be clear before expiration of my positions I have to reverse my transactions if I don't want to take possession of the stock either way - Correct?


do you have a tutorial on Forex options?

Jack T

How can you have a max profit yet profit from the passage of time?

Harshit Joshi


Ankit Shah

Do you have or plan to make videos on straddle adjustments? I tend to open another straddle in the direction of the move as my adjustment so keep buffer capital for it. Thoughts?


Great video! Question: if the strike prices are not exactly at the current price, how far off would be ok to pick a strike? Or should I wait till the price gets closer to one of my strike prices available? Also, when you say "credit collected", is that only once you get to expiration?