Will the market continue to drop

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4 409 views | 6 Feb. 2021


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James Saunders

Bitcoin (BTC) has been consolidating since its recent all-time high at $US42,00 and has risen back above $US40,000 at the time of writing. The current correction is currently at 30% already, as Bitcoin’s price has bounced from the $US30,000 region several times. Several periods of accumulation were seen in 2020, where Bitcoin’s price ranged for a period of a few months. Such a period is, in fact needed to build strength for continuation. The primary question is whether such a range-bound construction will now yield the same result. As hard as it trading crypto is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just study the charts and the support resistance and pay attention to what’s going on, I’m not a pro trader but I was lucky enough to make 6BTC since late last year following the instructions and s!gnals of Mr. Jayden Wyatt who runs guidance for beginners and investors who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works to help them utilize the volatility of the cryt0p market and also easily get to him on Ͳҽӏҽցɾąʍ @JaydenWyat for inquiries into a profitable trading system


I need that turbo man!

Cryptoman 5000

Anyone who got in TSLA early. Sell. I see issues in the future where a tank is possible. He keeps tweeting. Get out. Specially if you bought in under 10$.


Armed had 18 million last week, how did it jump from 18 million to 30 million??

Debbie Gibson

Investing with Mrs KATELYN EJMONT from facebook on Bitcoin has changed my finical situation..I can't believe I made $25,000 in one trade.

Sang-Mi Suh

Can you do a video on unity?

John Gonzalez

Thanks for all your advise!


The singing in the background is wonderful!

Just Julia

You did see the spike to the 894....?

Harshal Khatri

I think you forgot to do technical on tdoc. Can you please do it James I want to dca into it

Paul Hwu

James, what do you think about Apple as they blew out estimate earnings as well as their entering into autonomous vehicle possible with Kia. Apple's pride of not buying Tesla in 2013 shows by their firm position on not buying or partnering with Ford as Ford is American like Tesla and will reminiscence Apple of failure to buy Tesla in 2013.

Irena Ferreira

James you’re living my dream life lol, sending blessings ??

Jason Pedro

Hey James, so why do you think spacex will ipo next year. I haven't seen any reason to speculate it.
Btw love your videos and I've been thinking about getting the course.
Thanks for your work??

Roberto Ramirez

Plug Update please.

Shadow The Akita

Damn come on James what one is it?? Is it going to go higher or lower??

John Gonzalez

Reddit, has TSNP /HUMBL stock going up on Monday

Joe Gelineau

How do I buy DOGE I don’t see it listed

Comeon Useyourbrainagain

If you are not clever then you are stupid.

Erik San

Spread the message about Space X IPO!
We should all invest in this amazing company!

Sasha Rusta

This man is amazing! He mentioned my daughter, she is ecstatic!!! She wants to be like him and change the world! Respect and much love!

diego maradona

Im praying ? so hard it drops. So i can load on it ?

Stock Guru

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Abe R

Wow ? the background music is beautiful, what is playing?

Joey Herman

Thanks James

Debra Wilson

Very Nice???

Positive Mike

Hello James can you do technical analysis on nio stocks please

Eldin Ibrahimovic

Im interested in space x, i there a minimum or maximum you can invest ?

Joe jackson

Trading now will be very profitable

John Gonzalez

What's you opinion on TSNP/HUMBL? can this Stock be next Paypal..


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That bird sound in the background. Brings a lot of memories for my mom. She could hear the bird. She's from Laos.

Gurdeep Bhathal

Bro you are lucky you live in the lap of nature. I just miss the these beautiful birds and their beautiful noise in Toronto.


I don't know who need to hear this, you've to stop saving money.invest some part if you really want financial freedom.. i can help trade to earn $55,000 ask me how?


Love the Zen background music. Namaste.

Howard Jackson

Thank you Sensei

JD John

I’m interested in SpaceX

Lover Maker


Will the market continue to drop

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Will The Stock Market Continue To Drop

109 views | 28 Jun. 2020

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Alice Silva


Will the market continue to drop

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Who can you TRUST? Car Prices Continue to DECLINE (When Will it End???)

23 406 views | 26 Dec. 2020

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Thinking of buying a car before the end of the year? Ray and Zach discuss the current trends in used and new car prices. As you can see prices are all over the place.

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Ray: https://www.instagram.com/rasisjaz/

Zach: https://www.instagram.com/shefska/

Your Auto Advocate: https://www.instagram.com/yourautoadvocate/

0:00 Introduction

1:05 Join us for the livestream #yourautoadvocate

2:05 BlackBook and Manheim have different outlooks

2:20 BlackBook data

4:35 New car sales down in November

7:10 Manheim shows used car prices are still going up

8:50 BlackBook weekly decline in car prices

9:25 Manheim used car value index

10:00 How to make sense of this

13:25 BlackBook weekly decline in truck, SUV, & van prices

15:20 Car buying success story


The title of this video reminds of Johnny Carson's first TV show on ABC 4:00 PM in the New York area. Do you remember the Johnny Carson game show in the mid 1950s called "Who do you trust?". The title of the show was later changed,"Do you trust your wife?".

I will check you link because I might have to buy a car due to my 2008 Chrysler Sebring hardtop convertible is leaking oil. I would buy a new car now if they were still making hardtop convertibles.

Ray, good posture is a sign of youth.


Can we get an alternate to ask questions? I don’t use Twitter. I did open an account to win a trip to Disney World many years ago. I didn’t win. I haven’t used it since.

Empire Foundation

Because floor plan dealers(especially in Chicagoland or Midwest) go to Manheim auctions and bid the vehicles to retail... They might as well buy them on the resale market...but they can't, because they use credit, not their own money.

Peter B.

Most of those pricing houses have been bought out by used car sellers.

Mona Myers

If I want to buy a 2020 vehicle, when is the best time to buy it?

Christina Pennell

Ann Arbor is a great town!

Jon Murman

Car dealers still holding overpriced inventory they bought more than 60 days ago. That's why used car prices are not dropping rapidly. i see a 2nd pump in prices about late January when they dump more stimulus. one thing not many people are talking about is all the money people will owe tax time. People who received unemployment and spent all that money. BIG mistake.

Amad Zee

Not in California.


Some people probably used their 2020 stimulus money to buy
a used car. This may have raised the demand for used cars.
That could have kept the retail price higher for a longer period of time.

Bruce Larock

Sport I forgot to ask if dealers are dumping used cars at auto auctions by late December because if the car sits on there lot they pay taxes on every vehicle that's on there lot . It use to be that way , is it still that way now ?

Ruth Vork

So you reported Ford Expedition Incentives of $9,000. Sure would like to know where that is. Washington state some 2020 Limited have $2750; however most have $0.

John H

Hi guys, I retired about this time last year and started looking for another RV and 3/4 ton pickup. As you know shortly after the pandemic hit and I held off and the prices took off. RV's have been selling like crazy and the prices have gone up there and people are buying trucks to pull them. That has had a lot to do with pickup prices going up. Hopefully when all these new RV buyers get an RV and discover how much work it is to camp in one, they will be a lot of 1 year old RV's for sale this year. I just hope they don't hold on to the trucks. I have seen 2017 F250 trucks for more than a new one. IT's CRAZY!

Catherine Douglas

Ray, you're great. I love listening to you. Wisdom, you know.

Your Auto Advocate

Happy holidays! Join us tonight for the livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8D-8x5-P3o Submit your questions using #yourautoadvocate on twitter. See you soon! -Ray & Zach


Zach Here's a theory that fits the facts: Dealers are paying more for used inventory, hoping the economy recovers, folks need to buy a used car. Then dealers had to sell that costly inventory at very thin margins (or loss for cash flow) because the vaccine and supposed restart-of-the-world wasn't as big an event as everyone hoped.... That would make both sets of numbers true.

Mark H.

For what it's worth, the south suburbs of Chicago there are used-car dealers who refuse to mark anything down a penny. Others have been very selective, with a lot of cars well over 90 days not being touched, and that's across market segments. I've seen a few markups as well. I truly do not know how some of these lots are still in business at the end of 2020. Surprised that one lot had a pickup still on the lot, given he complained he couldn't get them or keep them in stock. The differences between the data sources of Blackbook and Mannheim seem to mirror KBB vs. NADA Guides; some spread in prices between the two.

Mike Steffes

put your money on manheim...i buy all over country ...truck prices are higher than ever right now

Jim Vincitore

Maybe Shelby or her twin sister is single!

Shelby Church

Aaron Sha

Nice to see you in this holidays and wish you a merry Christmas. Recently I’m planning buy a 2 year used Jaguar, should I buy this end of month or wait till next Jan or Feb. dealer says the price they offer now is the bottom and no penny to negotiate.


Love listening to you guys. Respect ?

Bruce Larock

Any guess when repossessions will have a big impact on the wholesale market ?

Calvin Matranga

The manufacturer's money going off of the new pickup trucks it's almost better to buy a new truck than it is to buy a used one

Tom Turd

start the deal asking for $10,000 OFF sticker price and watch the sales managers reaction


May be prices aren't going up, the value of the dollar is going down

Chizzad 51

Do you ever recommend leasing a car?

Jason Reid

Maybe a listner pole is in order.

Question 1, "Are you driving more or less than a year ago?"

Question 2: "Was your annual driven mileage less in 2019 or 2020?"

Question 3: "Expected car purchases in 2021?"

Pre-Covid I was driving 30-40k a year. Last year my mileage was less than 16k. I believe Covid has changed the work place. While employees will continue to go into the office I believe it will only be 2x or 3x a week, vs the traditional 5 day work Week Pre-Covid.

I believe miles driven will be less for a number of years, does that mean less new cars in the future.

Pickup trucks have seen dramatic increases but will sales numbers decrease or increase in the future. Or are we still behind because of Covid closures last March?


This is probably one of your best weekly updates this year. I think that the market is a bit of a paradox. The pandemic has created a situation that we’ve never seen. Generally, once prices go up, they don’t go back down that far. I agree with Dad, the market will eventually falter. Don’t expect prices to fall to or below 2018/2019 prices. In the meantime, my search for an SUV/CUV has pivoted to a minivan. The cost prohibitive nature of SUV’s has made me reconsider and I test drove a couple of minivans and actually like them better. It’s what I need for hauling stuff and people. I’m also old enough and ugly enough, I don’t care what people think I look like. I’m still waiting until after MLK day because I wanna see prices really drop.

Michael Welschmidt

Mannheim makes sense in the Northeast region. Inventory is sparse. Is Black Book looking at a different region?

Mike Del rossi

When u say retail price are you talking about the price they are asking or actually sale price of sold cars?

Brian Kress

I’ve been trying to make a deal on an Infiniti Q 60 for months now and they just will not come off that price no more than 5% off MSRP they just won’t deal

Turboed Dude

Car prices seem to be unbelievably high to me. Doesn’t seem cheap at all.

Edward Sabo

Mannheim is basing their numbers off of the data from their auction and black book is using data from the auto auction industry wide correct? Zingersmans in A2 is fantastic. Awesome food.

Chris C

I just want the best deal on whatever I choose.

Michael Welschmidt

Do you want to say predictive, not prescriptive?

Ch ool

My vehicle was overdue for retirement in years. The only reason it was put off as I did not, still do not trust dealerships. It is my luck to see your vids knowing we as consumers may be able to push forward some form of online vehicle purchasing programs. Hopefully, I can use it before my trusty 4-wheeler went belly up on the roadside.

Peter K

Good posture Ray!


hahaha, I took two naps yesterday!

Ooh My

I need help but I don’t have social media

George H

The problem with Manheim at this time of year is that they get distracted by putting out classic Christmas music set to a pop beat with a lot of synthesizers.

Shawn Petty

You should look at more regional data and see if you can draw some parallels there. Happy holidays!

Prince Tailey

Looking to get a 2018-2019 Toyota highlander XLE but the dealers won't bulge. The Used Car Manager told me he will take the car to the auction than sell it for $795 difference in what he wanted than what I offered. The car was on the market for 30 days plus then two days later they relisted the car and started the count over.


From the trends I'm seeing from my area Toronto, ON, Canada, I wholly agree with Manheim. I've been looking for a 4-5 yr old Lexus or Acura and prices are way higher that they should be compared to last year Dec 2019.

Sally Starz

Love Zingerman’s Deli!

Mona Myers

Do you think the prices on the 2020 will drop after January 4th or should I just buy before then?


You guys are hilarious!! Keep up the great work!!


Thanks for all you do. Love the VIN reports and deal school. Very valuable info!!


can confirm for sports cars that the price isn't going ANYWHERE. Hell if anything it might be going up (talking about used cars)


Put together all the information you've discovered in your recent travels. Used car prices went up because the 'Rona shut down production. Low inventory on wholesale / auction lots showed that dealers were holding trade-ins rather than sending them to auction so they have inventory to sell. Lower wholesale prices because the cars that do make it to wholesale are the clunkers and junkers that dealers don't want. Used car dealers are having to put more money into the cars they obtain so prices will remain high. When wholesale VOLUME climbs, used car retail prices will decline.

Atanas Georgiev

There are two easy explanation between the Blackbook and Manheim discrepancy. One is they are using different data sets and coming to different conclusions. The second explanation is related to the time scope of the data. Blackbook seems to be comparing week over week prices of cars while Manheim is comparing year over year so both can be accurate at the same time. Blackbook has been reporting that whole sale prices of cars have been decreasing for 12 weeks. However if the spike in whole sale car prices we saw earlier in the year was substantial enough or if the decreasing rate whole sale prices isn't very large, we could still be well above last year's wholesale prices of cars. Which is what Manheim is reporting.

Scott Warmbier

I'm putting my money on Black Book - from the perspective that I believe they are trying to "influence" what is going on tempered with the 2020 factor. And if you look at the prices for NEW pickup trucks there's not arguing a higher value of used pickups. I paid a little under $45k for my 2018 F-150 XLT back in 2018 on a MSRP of $52k - IMO you're going to pay pretty close to sticker on a new F-150 XLT and similarly equipped XLT is going to be about $1500 more than the 2020 one... Supply and demand too folks - people typically don't trade out their pickup trucks every couple of years - they hold on to them - that translates to a lower used inventory and higher prices...

Patrick Fraley

In my area, I've been looking online at used Ram trucks pretty much all of 2020. In the last couple months, any truck that had the features I was interested in has gone up in price. What 20k would've gotten me in October, I now have to spend 24k to get the same thing.

Raymond Bardeen

Soooo. .... the message your sort of , maybe trying, kinda, hopefully, if the stars are aligned on any day that doesn't end in "y", a person might , kinda , sorta, maybe if the dealer personnel is in a maybe , kinda, sorta good mood, you coulda, maybe get a sorta, kinda good deal. This kind of double talk is why some consumers trust car dealers as far as they can throw them. I do agree, from your past comments, that a car is an expense that most consumers have to spend their hard earned money on, but the sad fact is , car dealers know this and go out of their way to take advantage of that situation. ++

Ramey Lewis

Hi guys!!! I read info that the end of the year is Dec 31-Jan 4th for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, etc... except for the Asian market which includes Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc... which has an end of year date of March 31st. Does that mean the best time to buy a Honda or Toyota is the last day of March ? Just wondering since I'm looking to buy a Honda Accord and I wasn't sure if I should buy it in a few days or in 3 months. Happy New Year!!!

Terry Fitzgerald

Art, you must have done
Something right as a parent.

Hoss Fly

How about some links to where you get your data...?

Jim Thumerzs

Just wondering if traditional end of year discounts will be greater than waiting it out another six months.

Like many on this board looking to buy a new truck, I simply refuse to pay these outrageous prices. I'm in a position that I can wait it out, though at great inconvenience.

Christian Hunt

the bottom line on NEW is dealers are NOT discounting ANYTHING cause they DON'T have to and the manf's are NOT offering incentives as before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Sullivan

Guaranteed the day after I buy a new vehicle is the day the bottom will fall out on these prices...

Brandon Smigiel

Love your videos just wish you would talk about buying used cars a little bit more

X Football

Just bought a used 2019 Genesis G80 talked dealer down 2k last weekend. Didn’t have them countering back with me. They were happy to get rid of it and gave me lifetime car washes

j mc

Similar trends in Canada on price (couldn’t find charts) BUT sales volumes DOWN for many makers YOY. Explains backup of cars in CA. Also millions can’t pay car loan/lease or upside down. Makers counting heavily on economies reopening which leads to a rabbit hole of subjects. Billions being invested into electric/green tech. In Canada dealerships bringing test drives to house. Amazon selling online cars in US so you guys should look at deals w/them.


Len Janssen

You guys seem to be confusing "Year over year" price trends with "week over week" trends and deciding that they are contradictory. I can have prices that are 15% higher year over year and still have a decline in week over week data, if I'm declining for the week from levels that are higher than the year over year levels.

Bryan Moir

I had such success with my car purchase I am back in the market looking for a car to replace my wife's 2013 VW Golf. For a guy that hated buying cars, I am now having great fun now that I have been equipped with your tools. Knowledge Is Power - KIP is my new motto!


Inventory seems low. Prices are dropping slightly though. Carvana is dominating every advertising outlet for used cars to an annoying degree. Hoping the 2018 leases start showing up in the next few months.

Frayed Knot

Although vehicle prices seem higher. I think it's worth a shot negotiating hard on the vehicle. And if they dont budge to where you want them to be, walk out and they will call you back or chase after you saying come baaaackkk!

Marco Varela

Your Car Advocate , strategies & savings,will be better than any stimulus ?check you’ll be waiting for & getting from the government.. you will get your savings ?quicker and the amount will be greater?... do the math%-+=? ..Consumers are grateful for your service????????

John Chung

I’ve been monitor the used car market nationally over the past year and can say the pieces are up approx 15% from where it was a year ago.

A 2015 hellcat was low 40’s, now same vehicle is low 50’s.

Jersey Paul

Full size pickups are still very high. Sooner or later they have to drop?

Leonardo Calderon

So true on the pickups, been looking for 6 months and see the 2020s higher now the back then. Employee price sure

Aneta Johnson

Well its been a month since you gentlemen said "Hold on to your shorts!"The price of cars will be less! I dont know where you are located, but here in the upper Midwest, i havent noticed any general over the board price drop! im refering to used cars. i have noticed the same used cars sitting on the lots gathering rust and spider webs. car salesmen are twittling there thumbs with glazed eyes staring out the showroom windows! Taking a snooz and falling out of there seats. I was seriously thinking about buying a 2014 or 15 PRIUS,Shure you can negotiate, butwhen there markup is 15 houndred to much, its still time to bight the bullet and wate! Covid 19 has played havock on the econamey,with people out of work, youd think the car prices would be bargin basement!

William VanFleteren

Ray, Zach may be a good catch for a young lady, however, she better have her own bathroom in their resisdence .... Zach's hair care products will wipe out any bathroom counter... lol ... good fun humor

Jeff Cuevas

Car prices are 3 times over priced to begin with compared to today's prices.

Earl Painter

Why doesnt the chart at 7:41 show full-sized sedans?

L y n n e A n n

Zingermans is the best. Worth a trip!


Can you cut the best deals last week of the year?

Wendy C.

Did your dad ever live in Wilmington, NC? I honestly think he was a long time patron at a local diner here OR he has a twin????


Ray where did your posture go

Guanyu Chu

People say they need more help (money) while stores are full of people and I see expensive stuff bought off the shelves in stores every time I visit. Car price is the same way. If people truly don’t have money (less demand) car price should be dropped to the bottom already. Someone is lying.

Zachary Zarko

I can't believe how cheap cars are these days. I was at the local Ford dealership earlier today looking at a 2021 F250 Tremor Platinum for only $85,000! How can dealerships still make a profit with such bargain basement pricing? (Sarcasm here, of course.)

Edward Blackburn

You guys are great but to long winded. Just present the information on buying vehicles.

Love Capitalism No socialism

Prices in TN are 15 percent higher them I’ve ever seen them. No reason to buy if you don’t have to

william neuman

If you do make it to Ann Arbor, you have to check out NYPD pizza. There pizzas are huge so each slice is a monster in length. And it is good tasting pizza.

O se

“ I was trying to be suave and you said no son you’re not “. Great line. ???


I love Z's whoa whoa whoa slow-down we have brand loyalty and integrity to protect, when Pops is like "i don't know what I'm talking about in a pandemic"

Dan Berger

Just bought a Honda Civic hatch sport touring 2018 19k in Ohio for 20,500, don’t shoot in New York and you will be good I had it towed to me in New York and still saved thousands

Tim Dunn

nice camera upgrade!

Darin Legore

Who do I trust? #InZachITrust


You guys might want to talk about curb stoning as a sales tactic. A lot of private sales in websites turns out to be people who are semi serious dealers flipping cars from auctions

Jesse Sullivan

What do you guys think of the price of the new jeep gladiator? Do you think it will be effected with these trends?


In Canada it is the opposite prices are higher now or about the same

Daniel Chavez

The best posture is the one you change frequently. The ideal posture does not exist.


Prices are not really going down. LMAO. Clickbait?

Tim Dunn

“...probably after you buy your car.” ?

Tony Perkins

Ray, your posture is so much better. Thank you , Zach.

D Kenny

Zach, as a man in his 60s can tell you, you are a very lucky young man. Never take your father for granted, nor his wisdom. I lost my father as a young boy, and what I wouldn't give to have the relationship you have with with your pop's. Treasure every moment and learn from what his eyes have seen in his years on this earth, and you will be a very rich young man. I am happy for you both to share the world together. God bless your family.

Jen Fredericks

Love you both!!! Don't have twitter, but I'll be watching!!! Have a good day!!!

Theodore Rinehart

Have to wonder the overall quality of vehicles bought at Auctions, at these prices, wouldn't new car dealers keep the trade ins for retail?

John Sitar

What brand/model number of Headsets are you using? Looks comfortable.

Brian DeLuca

While your in Vegas Ray stop at Circa on Fremont - as the owner of Zingerman's opened another deli in Vegas.


Take this for what it’s worth, but your videos are overwhelming me. Not trying to be rude, just saying, i just noticed that I have been ignoring your videos lately because there’s literally always a new one on the same topic, again take it fwiw, still love you guys. I get maybe you’re more focused on new viewers than retaining the attention of older ones so no worries if you don’t really care