Major decliners

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Jim Cramer reviews Top 10 performers on the 'Cramer Covid-19 Index' of stocks'

53 072 views | 11 May. 2020

"Remember, there's

"Remember, there's nothing irrational about these rallies. The stay-at-home names are simply the right stocks for this difficult moment," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Justin Renouf

Love how Cramer makes calls after most of the market has moved...picking performers in late April isn’t impressive. Make those picks back in March...

Real Patriot


Warren Buffett

Unemployment itching 15% stocks in a bull run and Cramer’s picks are winning, the entire world is backwards


What a ?


Just watched this clown say that companies that open manufacturing are killing their employees, then he said that musk was doing the right thing with opening Tesla, this dude is a muppet

Robert S

Great ideas, thanks!

erick Estrada

Short the top 10 performer stocks for Cramer and you'll be rich in less than a year ?

Verne Fits

Awesome ? index. Jim is the best

Taking Off91

Who does this guy Cramer work for?

Yllow Afryca

What about P0rn Hub?


This is great. Forget about all the picks you made last week and create a new index every week

Primitivo Diaz

A lot of these stocks are really overbought. For example Beyond Meat, is it still worth it investing after a sell off, if a sell off ever happens to these stocks they just seem to get even more overbought.

Mark Iggy

Be aware that Jim Cramer is a certified liar that recommends stocks he holds in trusts that he calls "charitable" . The only charity he cares about is his personal accounts.

A. Ali

I don’t know how to be penniless... teach me cray cray crayamerica ...

Askar Top

mr bubble formation

Patricia Peever


Ed Rock

Which company does Fauci have stock in?

Ken Havens

Beyond Meat tastes gross...give me real meat any day.


15% -I’m up 50%+ because I bought when Cramer spoke about depression

Bill Moyer

your mission is simple...to be a carnival barker


What I’m hearing is cashout my mutual funds and create an index like this.

Deplorable Dunlap

Beyond meat and Amc stocks can’t go wrong!

Guruprasad Pai

Crowded trades that look like good shorts once the hype cools down...do the Opposite of what Crammeeerrr says..just saying

Frank Dan



Step 1: Pick the 10 best performing stocks in the market
Step 2: Name them the 'Cramer Covid-19 Index of Stocks'
Step 3: By the transitive property, the 'Cramer Covid-19 Index of Stocks' has beaten the market
Step 4: Brag about your ability to pick stocks

Galo Arizaga

When did they create this index??

karnesh mehra


Eddie Bomaye

These guys hate on Wayfair so much. Why didn’t they make the list?


Too volatile now!

Dr. John Smith

Who do you work for...its not cnbc jim???? why dont you mention cytodyn's leronlimab the only """ cure""" for covid 19 and a major player in hiv and cancer. Its like some type of alien group exists.. just wanting to get rid of the people that think outside the box. imagine if this virus is programmed to read your dna and to excute elderly and individuals that will effect the overall outcome of our future. In New York 66% of infected never left thier home ...like the nursing homes.... nano technology came out along time ago and we are tool less against this virus??? ...and the goverments response...comes off. played. the government admitted to the ufo deal. well buddy someone was inside there and who knows what theyre objective is? crazy is the new normal, but all these things are facts. look up the uss nimitz ufo encounter ..look the stats up. Somethings up. hiv and covid 19 fit the same photo...see the pictures of the virus...now its airborne..and dont say hiv kills everyone cause magic

johnson is still standing ...30 years later

Awais Chaudhry

All stock in Jim's Index are too pricy & already poped out!


Clown was calling for a depression and absolutely hated Peloton when it was at 24. Go figure.


Talk about earnings for these companies there is none,Money is coming in from over seas along with the Fed to prop it up just say it be truthful,it's kinda like your trying to interview for a position in this administration every evening or better yet just slide on over the Fox business that's your audience.

These are Fake markets there is no price price discovery and Company's are pulling the earnings guidance a difference between the market and the thousands of people in bread lines and Gyms..come on Him?

Medicated Trader from the Howard Stern Show

Peloton is crap. Modern a risky. Cloud flare is ok

Daniel Evans

Is he completely unaware of OSTK?

Step Kingsman

Earlier last month, he said many times that this rebound was not going to sustain. And now he said this rally is not irrational. Interesting~

Major decliners

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S&P 500 Analysis - Is The S&P 500 Closing In On A Top? | SP500 Technical Analysis

1 972 views | 6 Feb. 2021

The S&P 500 started

The S&P 500 started February with a bang. Is this the move that cause the SP500 closing in on a top?

In this S&P 500 technical analysis, we will analyze the S&P 500, review the stock market sentiments and its internals to determine where the sp500 is heading.

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If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future video, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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"How To Set Up Market Profile On ThinkOrSwim (TOS) - 2020"



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Laurie Gaudette


Minh Le

Thanks for the summary. Smashed the like button always.

Wallstreet Warrior

Love your analysis. Subscribed!!! Fist bump??


Yes, we are closing in on market top. Hours or days away from it, not weeks or months. Upside from here 2 or 3pct. Downside 7 to 10pct on first leg down.

Koin Huntin

? thank you

Gianfranco Bergagna

All markets charts are full of huge gaps down, don’t you think that if the markets keep going up in this conditions... will blow up in a few days???

fdsafdsa fdsafdsafdsa

IMO it will continue up ,propped up by stimulus and aggressive vaccine production

Major decliners

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14.09.2015 - Movers and Shakers by Dukascopy

35 views | 14 Sep. 2015

The long awaited Fed rate

The long awaited Fed rate decision week is finally here, so let’s have a look at the major currency performance at 3 PM GMT on this Monday. I’m Sinead MacLaughlin.

Euro/Australia is the mover of the day with a decline that measures slightly above 1 percent. The rate moved sharply lower after 6 o’clock in the morning.

A commodity currency Ozzy Dollar tops the advancers and decliners table ahead of the release of the RBA meeting minutes.

China’s industrial production data disappointed and a safe-haven Japanese Yen is close to level with the top advancer.

New Zealand Dollar is mostly higher and it’s point 11% up from the Buck ahead of this week’s FOMC rate statement.

Loonie Dollar is the most bearish of the three commodity currencies on the table and it’s just a fraction down from the Buck.

Swiss PPI and retail sales both disappointed and Swissie is mostly lower, standing point 18% up from the UK Sterling.

Euro Zone industrial production rose faster than estimated, but the Single currency sits at the bottom of the advancers and decliners list.

So, what are the biggest moves over longer terms. Australia/Dollar tops the weekly bulls chart with a rise of 2.8%. Sterling/Australia is the most bearish pair and it’s down by 1.32%.

Euro/New Zealand shows the biggest rise over a month and it has appreciated by 6.28%. New Zealand/Yen has declined the most over the same term and it stands 7.81% in the red.

That’s it for Monday’s report, but do click back tomorrow when the next overview will be available. Goodbye.

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