When does paypal send a 1099

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Do I owe tax if I don't get a 1099?

801 views | 13 Oct. 2020

Just because you don't get

Just because you don't get a 1099 doesn't necessarily mean you don't own tax. In this video I'll tell you who get's a 1099, and what the implications are for your taxes.

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“But do you really want to take that chance?” ? I LOL’d so hard - you are not just an amazing CPA but an amazing person in general ?


Thanks for great content, very much appreciated

Crystal C

So resourceful! Thank you :)


You can have over 200 transactions and not $20,000 and you would not get a 1099K. But you def want to put aside taxes.


After watching your videos, I contacted my taxation department and come to find out, I was paying into sales and use tax, but I am a remote seller that sells through the marketplace and they collect the sales and use tax on my behalf. So I have opted out and changing my status over non reporting bases. But I've paid over $200.00. Can I get that back?

Christopher Dyer

Great video! Is there a difference between household items that were bought, used by the individual and taxed at the time of purchase and items purchased for resale? I know you are an online seller as well so what program do you use to keep track of all this? Thanks again!


Yes i want to take that chance. lol. I already pay 15% final value fee. Govt wants another 15%. so 30% of all my profit is gone... when my profits are usually 40% of what I spent anyways... how does anyone make money?

Eric Kicki

Great video. Easy to follow along. I myself am a tax preparer so I know about all this but I have family members that have started and are starting eBay and other platform selling, so sharing this video with them is very educational.

Clifton Picker

Great video. I hear this misconception often repeated on other channels and message boards.


What is I don't have a 1099?

Katie Butcher

thank you so much! great channel

When does paypal send a 1099

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What to do with your year end 1099-NEC (Formerly 1099-MISC) | NOW WHAT?

1 197 views | 7 Oct. 2020

You just got your year-end

You just got your year-end 1099-NEC (formerly a 1099-MISC), now what do you do? I am sure you are wondering what is a 1099-NEC first of all and where did the 1099-MISC go. Don't worry I am going to cover all of that as well as what you need to do with your 1099-NEC and who needs to be issued a 1099-NEC.

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Computer Users

I appreciate this video, Bree Beers and Assc.

Seriously, I cannot get a damn straight answer on where the hell do I put this 1099 NEC as somebody who did a little sales work for a company as a non-employee.

Guess I'm going to file a Schedule C, even though I am not a business owner. I work temporary gigs, doing sales for commission.

Can't figure out any other way to do this. This whole thing is a bunch of bs.


RB Insurance

I have received a 1099-NEC but turbo tax does not have a section for it. Do I enter the income under the1099-misc section?

When does paypal send a 1099

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Amazon Tax Report Tutorial 2020 - Will You Get A 1099 K From Amazon?

4 708 views | 5 Feb. 2020

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Willie Chen

this is such an underrated video!!! thank you for the awesome information! I am NOT ready for TAX SZN LOL


So I sell shoes, Example I buy a pair of shoes for $40 sell them for $80, after fees and shipping I got $20 profit. Where do I factor in the fact that I paid $40 the shoes and I only made $20 profit? Is that where the cost of goods comes in? I would put the $40 I paid in there?

Kobe L

Does Target accept your reseller cert? Mine is processing so trying to list places I’m going to source first. Do you have a personal list of places that accept the exempt? Thanks in advance!

Bryana Janae

I am not an fba seller on amazon but I am a mf seller, do I still need to do this ? I’ve only sold about 30 items last year

Masha by Masha

2.26 he talks about where to run a tax report. Not really covered in this video but this little button will get you started. Great video.


Hi Josh, I did less than 200 units and less than 20,000$. Like you said my 1099 did not showed up. But in this case. What do I need to do to claim my actual income? So you have a video explaining this? Thanks in advance

Get Help Tax

Getting a 1099-K is a good thing. That means your inventory is moving!

Chris Rumsey

I sold 21K with about 600 transactions but didnt have a 1099-K show up. Why is this?

Serge Semeli

Hey Josh, great video. I didn't meet the requirements...Is it possible I meet you in person for getting help from you in this?

Christopher Branch

Great Video! Hey I have been trying to get my sales tax reports for Q4 but they are coming up blank on excel, what do I do?

Brian Flores

Why does your 1099 show 0 sales tax collected?

Rachel Lucero

good vedio and question that how do you store your recipes. I am just starting and use quicknbook wiht inventory lab, qucikbook is able to attach the recipes to each tansation. I wonder how you handling it. Thank You

jerry richardson

Hey Josh, who do you recommend to get help setting your taxes up the right way?


Have you tried Fetcher? It's only 19 a month. I'm going to try the 30 day free trial to get my numbers.


Would this also count for amazon print on demand? By the way do you know anything about a partnership that uses amazon print on demand?

Eli&Co B

Hi are you registered in all states to file taxes?

Misty Blue Garcia

Would you talk to us about the taxes Amazon collected on our sales... how to deduct them??