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Reading & Reutlingen International Pandemic Discussion

127 views | 20 May. 2020

Reading City Councilwoman

Reading City Councilwoman Donna Reed is joined virtually by guests, including officials from Reading, PA and sister-city Reutlingen, Germany to compare and contrast COVID-19 efforts, challenges, and successes.

Neil ntini

You are just the best <3

Lance armstrong

OMG this is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

George taylor

This video was amazin, subbed!

I'm a piece of shit and I wanna die

Hey, I'm http.thunderclouds (ig) and I just wanna say,,, I FUCKIN LOVE THIS. AND I LOVE YOU.

Brad pitt

You have talent no doubt about it

Andrew miller

This tune was on point

Alejandra Herranz Solar

Qué boniita!!! Bravooooo♥?

christino ronaldo

I have this on my playlist

dwayne bravo

quaratine loving this right here

Alwin mcdonald

I love this right here

jackques white

You are simply amazing

R. Kurt Osenlund

Breathtaking as always!!!

Luke marshall

You are so talented you are going far

David moore

OMG you are great

Robert pattinson

Playing this in my car like 24/7

joseph brown

When does the next one come out?

jeff hardy

love love love love loev this video so much <3

petre andre

What a talented artist

Bobby miller

When is the album dropping?

Mark henrique

You are amazing

Micheal pilwan

The best tune I have heard all day


you make such great music. applause from Slovenia

James middleton

amazing stuff, you have talent for sure

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Virtual Campfire with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)

4 739 375 views | 8 May. 2014

To download/purchase:

To download/purchase: https://gum.co/sTgNc (video & audio only versions)

This campfire video is specially made to make you sleep well! It has very relaxing night sounds combined with crackling and roaring fire sounds. If this doesn't get you to sleep, I don't know what will (except warm milk and honey maybe...?!)

The original recording lasted only for ten minutes, so I looped it and edited the sound a bit.

Special thanks to Terry Smyth who recorded the original footage: http://vimeo.com/21546180

Weekly dose of pete

2020 camping be like

Susan S.

My cat loves this


wait, why do i smell it

McKenna Lingenfelter

I loved it

Steve D


Fire Games

The people who disliked what did they expect


Thank you for this.
Sometime when I feeling down and don't​ have anyone to talk about it.
I alway enjoy putting some wood to make a campfire outside the house at the night, sitting around it and just watching..... I just watching it without thinking about anything​ at all just watching it burn down to the ashe make me feel relax so much.
Thank you again so this since I live in town now and ofcourse​ I can't burn anything in this area lol.




When it’s 2021 and I still have 3 subs :(

Shin-i-chi Kozima

When I was watching this flames ,
it seemed ridiculous to mess things up .

From Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun .

Ronda Rawson

I close my eyes and I'm back sitting at the campfire with my gram and grampa.....heavenly...thank you??❤❤❤❤❤

Imteaz Bhuiyan

Ffffcff q


2 things would suck for most people is that they live in an apartment and can’t do a bonfire or live in a city and just watch it go out

armaan goswami


Virtual Fireplace

Christmas gift idea: https://www.sleepphones.com/?aff=202

Have you ever woken up with your headphones on your eyes or painful ears?! We sure did! We recently tried SleepPhones and partnered with them, so we could offer you a comfortable way to listen to our videos when you sleep or have cold ears ;) When you purchase the SleepPhones via our affiliate link, we get paid and you support us this way :) When entering the coupon code SOUNDSLEEP you also get a 5 dollar discount too! Here is our link: https://www.sleepphones.com/?aff=202 Thanks in advance for anybody who supports us this way and we really believe these are great headphones, otherwise we wouldn't advertise it!


Hello fellow students


18:30 hahahahah

The Brat Boys

Just came back from my match and it was lashing and freezing❄ and there was no fire at home so put this on and I felt warmer MAGIC!

Shakil Chowdhury


Ажар Абжанова

From 2020 kkk?


Legiterally just had my own little campfire set up in my room.
Got a big fat wax candle in a glass jar as my campfire, roasting (burning) some marshmallows on a wooden skewer and eating them together with some Hershey's chocolate (forgot the graham crackers). Added a can of beer and my liquor of choice in a hip flask, complete with triple-decker turkey sandwich, and coupled with the sound effects of this video it makes for a fairly convincing campfire set-up to a drunk person who is quite literally sitting on the edge of their bed pretending it's a sleeping bag. In all honesty, this is pretty much my ideal type of existence.
Happy traveling, y'all.

35 love beats


Sakineh yousefi

My old theacher would do this on christmas and read us a book

Ronin Spera

top text

bottom text

Kelly Oscar


Xavier Cunningham

Thank you. I’ve just had a truth told and I was balling my eyes out, this really helped



Mack Brawner

Anyone here in 2020


The Midnight Society wants to know your location

Amber Hinson

Who is here from 2020 it is the worst year yet

pheonix art36

Anyone want smores?
* Herobrine appears out nowhere *

Herobrine: heck yes-
Wait! It's missing something

Herobrine: * throws a Entity 303 plush into the fire *

Herobrine: there now it's way better ?

Niayesh Amiri




Collinn McKinley

so this is what your night has come to? reading the comment section of a 2 hour long campfire sounds video?

Zen - Relaxing music

if the world had been as beautiful as this kind of music would have been heaven . peace to all

Not A Hertic

This isnt Atlanta

michael gavin soeratno

Kool sound

Layla Stephenson

its super cold in my house and i have my blanket hope this makes me feel wa r m

SavageSydney 123

Ty for this it has helped me sleep so much

Wyatt Brewer



it’s currently august 21st, 2020. it’s 12:53 in the morning. i’m awake thinking to myself: god i can’t wait for it to be winter so i can cuddle up by the fire with my stuffie and drink warm coffee or cocoa.

Valentina Sciortino

This keeps me from slapping my brother in the face!!!

Daniel Halladay

This helps my kids alot

Aleyna Bingöl

This sound is soo good ❤️? (Wo sind meine Deutschen) oder meine Türkischen Brüder ??‍♀️

golden luna

Okay my daughter told me about this and I'm watching it and I'm thinking why am I watching fire when my state is burning down! ?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hi, friend

Sincere Seals

If you are here becuase you need SFX like this comment ?

Vasja Lar


Reymond Revilla



*when you realize the entire channel is full of fire white noise of different types*
happiness noises

Prince Ud


Bankit Ryntathiang

Can I use 15 seconds of this clip?

Andrew Lustgarten



Ronda Rawson

All I'm missing is the beautiful smell of a campfire....I need smell a vision...hahahaha....????❤

parnax parnax

My daughter hears only this. she's 7.
7살 딸아이가 항상 이것만 들어요. 벌레우는 소리가 좋데요.



Colton Hoath

Sub to me

All of my cats and me behind the camera.

I wish I could feel the nice warm fire.

Smol Faic Productions

the campfire song

Clifton Jones

Ha ha ha ha ha ha???????????

Lisa Plays Roblox-YT

Who else is watching this in 2020 I know I am :)

Arleen Eneria

The fact that ur watching this in 2020


I watch this when I can't go for a camp

ir creative

i think i should close my ceiling fan in my house

A mermaid

Bc this is my element, it knocked me right out!


with a fire ban currently in effect for Wyoming, I downloaded this to take with us to the mountains. :)

Cristian Trump

Thanks this helped me

Lina Barrie

it calms me down so fast and now I'm so relaxed!

Fathema Sultana

I was removed Shane.Because, he is a lower class boy.


Эй мазафакеры вы здесь




소리 예술??

Voice Of Nature


This is very nice but try it

Yolo Asmr

Im planning to use it in my next video thank you

Jeff Sokol

Mr Nightmare?

Logan McDonald

Now I can sleep to the sweet and calming sounds of heretics burning in the night ? ? ?


Now I Can Pretend Camp :)

Morgan Romaniello

I like the part where the wood burns

Kris B

Best AMSR fire I have found yet! ?
Many others have the background noises (rain, crickets, wind, waves, etc) so loud that you almost can't hear the fire crackling & feels pretty unrealistic (like your several yards away from the fire instead of sitting by it).
Thank you for making this one.

Mk Mk

звук костра прям как в РЛ, клуб романтики)

Andrew McDonald

Does anyone want to tell a scary story?

Miguel Valencia

is so cool


مافي عرب يايين يتذكرون البر ?؟

chelsea jazz

best way to study !


Ah, a good bonfire after a tough boss is always relaxing

Angela Lamberto

I sond like a fire ?


It helps me to sleep at night for real

Steve Spradlin

pour some sugar on me


this is great! as soon as i put this video on, my headache went away just like that.

Jack Thau

As a Boy Scout myself, I can say this sound is very calming especially while camping.

Fatima Gaffar

But is not nighttime. ?

Drew Silveira

I was so cold I had to watch this
true story

Gage Carson


Madara Uchiha

Don’t play this sound if your trying to sleep it’s starts playing rituals randomly

Fatima Gaffar

Is daytime. ?


Bum bum bam

Nick Martin

My kids used this as a backyard overnight campfire...fell asleep to it .. thanks for sharing

Isaiah Delgado

Anybody else just a little bit annoyed about the cricket in the background

Valter Jacobi

its not HD. I've been scammed

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Marios Ohr ohni Loch

2 907 views | 29 May. 2007

Marios Ohr, no nid

Marios Ohr, no nid verschandlet.