Technical analysis triangle

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Triangle Chart Patterns Technical Analysis - Nifty Technical Setup 04 Aug 2019 (Hindi)

34 254 views | 30 Sep. 2019

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sanjeev sah

Sall position ke liye video banaye sir kuchh Bataye sir

Sumit KK

I really missed analysis...
Joined just now..To know Nifty View cz I was too confused whether cz I am retail investor and also your students ...
That's it 10500 or 11500

Satish Mahalle

Wonderful explanation sir

Ramiz Sadekar

Sir kal nifty positive or nagetive

Amol Chougule

Thank you very much Guruji. As always very detailed & in-depth analysis.


Thanks ?

Satadal Maji

Sir todays candle is also bearish ..am i right sir??

Milind Gandhi

Mast sir

vikash kumar

Thank you sir ji...stay blessed

Jatinder Sidhu

Excellent analysis sir

Shovit Kumar

Thank you sir

Pandurang Jadhav

Thanks sir...

Sanjoy Karmakar

You are great sir.. .. .. .. .. .
Salute for you

Aditya Sangave

Thank you sirji!

RZT vats

ye jo 5 dislike hai ... bhai ye log suscribe kyu karte hso jo dislike karna hai ...

Deepak More

Analysis is very clear. Thanks for sharing Sir.


Sir, this type of live and practical chart analysis is GOLD for us! Information and knowledge is wealth. and you have given it to us. God bless you sir.

Cornucopia Asd

sir earned ahefty amount in nifty future....maaan gaya when all are telling 12000 sir you told that 1000 point down fall is possible shorted @11920 Thanks

Shah Man

Can you please put current nifty analysis ... Because this is back dated charts and data point

Tapan Thapa

Thank you Sir....

shrikesh nath

Thank sir ji....

nandu chaudhari

Sir, your system as well of way of explaining is too good....It helps us to improve our analysis ability also. Great teaching ability & helping students to become independent.... Keep it up.

Archita Vyas

SIR many thanks.

pavan kumar

How to get subscribe for this, ?

Gopal Ghosh

Thank you for the detailed explanation sir.....

Pooja Sarda

Sir thank u soooooooooooooo much ??????

Have no words to say how grateful we all are .

You are our Saviour

East or West Nitin sir Ur d best

God bless u always sir

Sunilkumar Das

Please make video regarding of YES BANK

Rapid answer

Good information sir

mohit saran pathak


krupesh patel

Sir ,

Every weekend we do have nifty view.
However, if target achieved in between the Monday to Friday as per Nifty view concluded, could u please share update about next target or view.

jagdish gohil

Thnks for update sir tell me my view client potion that time bullish in market and fii,pro potion,dii, bearish in market last few day data

kamal ray

Great analysis. Thanks for everything.

Gagandeep Tiwari

i am learner

Inayat Khan

Monthly options of individual stocks are suiting me better. But thanks for the information.

Ajay Kumar

Thanks sir,

krishna Cipher

Sir Rupay is not accepted,what are the other mode of payments to subscribe?


Thank You so much sir for such a super nifty analysis

Devisingh Rajput

nifty will go up on monday

azam pedhiwala

Thank you, sir ji.....

Prince Singh

Thank you sir, I learnt many things, and I start to recovery due to you, lots of thank to u sir.

Joshua Abraham

next triangle..... watch out..

Abhishek Deulgaonkar

? great analysis as always ?? lot to learn ?

Anil Dhiman

Thanks for learning

Raj Ki Baat

Sir ji mai aapke video dekhti hu aapka samjhne ka tarika sabse accha hai sir mai options mai trading aapse sikhna chati hu plz sir kya aap mujhe aapke video sequence ki pahle kon sa video dekhu uske bad kon sa dekhu . bata sakte hai taki mai bahut acche se sikh saku.sir abhi disha nahi mil rahi hai aap sequence bata dange to samajhne mai aasani hogi

Ram Kourav

Thank you sir
Nice analysis

silut kumar behera behera


Sagar sharma

Sir please inform source of FII and DII data points and how to interpret those data points

sagar gundkal

Sir if I ever learned anything in depth on trading then it is only and only from you..You remind me of school teacher who imparts knowledge in the same level for clever,median or poor students .Never expecting anything but success of students

Prince Singh

Superb analysis for learning

Sudhansh Sachan


SM Jain

big bro, kamaal ho aap... triangle pattern..... hats off....


Nice video sir ji

Neelam Khorwal

Yes sir ... maximum doubts has cleared you are like a God for me... thanks... God bless you

Sanjoy Karmakar

Sir please give some essential knowledge of currency market.
I will waiting for your response sir

ayan agrawal

Awesome analysis sir !

dinesh Singh

New trangle pattern complete hone wala hai nifty me , thanks guru ji

sarvesh chaturvedi

U r great teacher,love you sir❤️?

Aditya Maharana

This triangle pattern I identified 4-5 sessions ago. Just because constantly watching harmonic patterns of stock talk video. Thanks for making me (a little bit also) thinking like you. :) All the best to you for this week. Love you Sir

Jayanta Debnath

V v good sir..
May Indian force may v v good

Ganesh R

Thank you for the video sir lerned something new


aap ese agar members only wale video bad me daloge to dusare bhi esa karane lagenge or hame real time wale video milna band ho jayega please sir aap esa na kare to hame sikhane me madad hogi ham abhi koi bhi channel subscribe nahi kar payenge

Mangesh Wanjari

@ vivek chawla sir u right Nitin Sir never fails too amaze us with new learnings on every nifty view

sachin jadhav

Thanks Sir

sunny gupta


krish geeta

very informative

Rajendra Kumar

Mast Hai ?

Kush Pandey



Sir please batayieye Demand or Rejection candles me farq kya hota hai

ravi sharma

Sir how to join with rupay card. Please advise me . thanks sir for your videos.please reply

Aman sharma

Thanks sir,,, new learinig for me,
Aaj pat chala nifty ko binggo tede mede bhi psnd h, ???
? ? pattern...


Please make a vedio on mistakes with incurred losses and time line made by you

rishav kumar

Sir aapki awaaz arvind kejrivaal sir jaisi lgti hai.. The way and the tone by which u spk... ????
Thnk u fr this grt knwlg... ?

Harshad Salvi

Sir, one question.. Nifty has got strong TL support around current levels on weekly charts. In fact it has previously tested this TL support 3 times.. So can it not again bounce from these levels?

sridhar Reddy

Amazing analysis sir , pranaaam guru ji

मल्लिकार्जुन कावळे


Mangesh Wanjari

Every nifty view brings new learnings
Again we have learned a lot from this vedio too thank you so much Sir

Rahul T

Sir as per my option chain analysis for 29 Aug short covering can be seen in put in the money contract also premium for call is on higher side that can take nifty to 11100 in sort time.
As per trend line on nifty50 chart it should touch 10000 before bottoming out. Please advice if it's correct.

Md Safikul Islam Shaikh

Super se upor

विजय मिश्रा

सर क्या मैं nifty bees में इन्वेस्ट करके होल्ड कर सकता हूँ?

Shambhu Kumar

Hi sir

Ritesh Desai

Thank you very much, Sir.....

Ritesh Debbarma

Super awesome long live !!!

biswajeet choubey

Great job sir

Ravi Patel

Thanxx sir....u r great ??


Thank you sir??

Invest Innovation

Sir is it old vodeo ? bcoz nifty data are old.?

Ajay Hulalkar


Nitin Bhatia

?? This Old Video is shared only for Knowledge, Learning and Education Purpose

Kamaleshwar Bhagat

Beautiful analysis
Nice, smooth teaching
Seen full video twice

Bahot hi achha Laga

Sir kya aap BN call put
Bank shares pe
Video banayenge
To kafi madad hogi
New traders like me
Or even professional traders

Pl do think on this
If time permits u sir
We wud b grateful sir



gaurav sharma

The big triangle formation is coming soon...

Beena Negi

Thank you sir

Rajesh Sharma

expecting bounce to 11200 ( consolidation/dead cat) but overall bearish. U r not giving much importance to 78% fib bcoz of sharpness of fall/tr. pattern/op chain. Thanks for analysis.

Arozinics Health care

Perfect Analysis ...


Eske upar ek dedicated video banayieye

Sher Singh

Thank you sir

Aditya kamalakar singh

Thnk u sir....U r the real saviour of the retail investors.

chiranjib swain

Thank You sir!

vipul bansal

Sir yes bank k upar bhi vedio banayi latest..i think bahut acha samay h use buy krne ka

Akash Yesankar24

Sir mla tumacha kde class lavacha ahe

Technical analysis triangle

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Triangle Pattern/TA Flag / NEPSE technical analysis/ TA Learning/ learn technical analysis triangle

4 358 views | 14 Sep. 2020

TA learn /Triangle pattern

TA learn /Triangle pattern in share market/stock market/ Flag share Market/Stock market/ Pennant Share market /stock market/ ascending triangle share market/stock market/ descending Triangle Stock Market/share market

Lunatic Fringe

Yo chart kina live hudaina .....aaja bholi ekdin paxadi ko dekhauxa ta ?

Pasang Tamang

Thank you for technical analysis

Arjun Shrestha

Sir nepse chat kina upload huna chadako ho? Hajurlai kehi janakari 6 ki?

Ashna Poudel

Sir banking index ko baarema ni video haalnuna??

as gaming

Sir aunuparyo.........

Pranish Thapa

Dhari ramro ...mero ni yahi bujhai ho

world knowledge kids

Sir thank for uploading video.

Ashna Poudel

Thankyou sir????

Krishna Prajapati

cup with handle pattern baneko chha

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

What are you doing now? What did study you?

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

I have no any word for you only thank so much . Our God is always bless you.

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

How are you sir. Thank you so much for your video sharing ko and always do

Idl Prajapati

It can be analyze as "Cup with Handle"...

Rajesh Khatree

I am new but thank you for your valuable analysis.its great sir...

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

Hi . After long time is very important your video sharing ko. Thank you so much for your video sharing thank you so much for your video sharing ko. I always see your old video . Your analysis is very nice 100% correct..

Sabitra Pokhrel

Some correction nepse . Please after you will come . Thank you so much.

world knowledge kids

Sir uplod one video on simple chart Kati bella share kine r kiti Bela share bechne sir parst par dinu hola aasha gard xu hajur ko lovely bro.

Indra Ghising

I'm new subscriber of your channel

Basudev Parajuli

Sir please make a new video on current scenario of Nepse... Eagrly waiting ...

Chudamani Nepal

useful analysis.thanks for the objective information.

Warren Buffet

How to find net profit before Company publishes Quarterly report?


Finally ???

Bidesh Kc

धन्यवाद सर भिडीयो को लागि। हामीजस्ता नयाहरुको लागी यो टेक्निकल एनालाइसेस गर्नकोलागी शुरुवाती भिडीयो बनाएर पोस्ट गर्नुहोस भन्ने अनुरोध गरे ताकी हामी नयाहरुले पनि सिक्न सकौं।


विशेष गरेर TA को भिडियोहरु बनाउनुहोला सर।

Sirjana Rai


Cerali Boom

Thanks Sir :)

rupa happy

Sir weekly aauna paryo. Hajur

Chiran Lamsal

Thank you so much sir❤️

Jagan Bir Thapa

Thank you sir,for analysis...

ram ghimire

thanks sir video ko lagi

Arun Sharma

Very well illustrated ! Thank you sir !

sushma karki

Welcome. Long time pachi aunu va ko ma!

Netra Sitoula

Sir continue aaunu paryo

Ravita Shah

Kunai company,bank ko analysis garna mildai na ra sir

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

I saw always your nepse analysis please do always .

jamuna kc

Thank you

manoj khadka

Wow lovely

Roof top gardening kathmandu garden

Thank u so much sir for your kind information

Sabitra Pokhrel

I aspect 1837 . I understand your analysis yet . I pick up 1550 follow . I take any sector .. that .

Śábítra Pøķhřeł

I am very very happy for your good analysis do always this youtube. By by .

samir thapa

Sir weekly aaunu paryo video liyera

Kabya Subedi

Weekly or fortnightly chai update garidinu huna request garchu sir.

Synthen Gaming

Kaka ahile ko new crypto curency pi network ko barema youtube ma video pani halisona
aru information ko lagi malai facebook ma ek choti call gariso