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Sandollar- Backyard Sessions (Live Set) | Tape Heads TV

288 views | 29 Jun. 2020

Tape Heads TV Presents:

Tape Heads TV Presents: Sandollar

| Reggae | Rock | band from Ocean Beach, CA.

Audio By: Tape Heads Audio


With their debut album charting strong at number 7 on the iTunes Reggae Charts, Sandollar is so diverse that it falls in a genre of its own- beach rock. Influenced by a variety of sounds and genres, their sound features reggae tones, splashes of southern rock, and encapsulates the all-around feel of So Cal living. The band was born from daily jam sessions in a high school woodshop class and evolved in 2006 into a 5-member band that tours all over. Inspired by a variety of elements, Sandollar’s unique sound is guaranteed to chill you out, lift you up, and make you dance!

Grewsum 2Sum

This is amazing. Is there anything way to get a set list?

lori deason

nothing better than Sandollar to rock ya

Ocean Natives



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Party People

580 views | 21 May. 2020

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Party People · Sandollar · Brian Witkin

Party People

℗ 2020 Pacific Records

Released on: 2020-05-22

Auto-generated by YouTube.


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Up Up

235 906 views | 28 Oct. 2015

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Up Up · Sandollar

Roller Coaster Ride

℗ 2013 Pacific Records

Released on: 2013-12-17

Auto-generated by YouTube.


Thank God for Outer Banks that taught me this song cause I found the meaning of my life?

I’m A Great GUY

This song is ???


Thank you Outer Banks!

Colton Sanford

Best show ever by the way

shanie shanie


Hayane Almeida

Outer banks ??❤


Outer Banks?

isabel trombetta

lets be honest, u searched up the outer bank soundtrack and ended up here....

Angela Currier

Am I the only person who did not come from outerbanks?

Sarah Cameron


Emma Jost

Outrer banks

jessica rose

no one:

me: watches first episode of outer banks and finds this song


this song boosts my mood every time i hear it. thank you outer banks

Craig Rodden


ashlyn harvey

who here isn’t from outer banks ?

Emma Diotte

this song is gonna get so popular from outerbanks

liv stark

I came here looking for the song in outer banks this is it. new fave song

Koda Wolf

This makes me so happy and relaxed I love it thanks outer banks

lisa maia

makes me feel like I could rock the entire california state

lynna tizraoui


Jack Dunham

Low key sounds like 2010 Maroon5 and Lin Manuel Miranda had a song child together lol

Mikayla Gutierrez

anyone else here after watching outer banks? leave a like if so!

Ava Coho

honstly OBX is the ONLY reason lol

I just work Here

I didn’t know I needed this song till I saw outer banks and THANK YOU

Greta Carter


cupcake 009

Outerbanks vibeeeeeeesssss


everyone let's blow this song up lmao

Tokyo Rosario

“What you got ki” “some juice boxes” “what about my juice boxes”

Julia Fontanella

legit this is my fav song now

João Piza

I am the opposite, i know the song, and here i learned that there is a series called outer banks

Amélie Muller

Outer banks!!!!

alice casaril

#pogueslife love this song and love outer banks!!!!!

Lindsay Patee

This was my child hood fav song and then I watched OuterBanks banks over a month ago and I was like holy shit all there sound tracks are my childhood songs



Densify Dcook

Me: hears this song in outer banks
Also me: searches ‘up up on the radio’ on YouTube

justine sanchis

Song of outer banks !!!!!!! Best song


what is outer banks.


leave a like if I knew this song before outer Banks bc you Dad is a boat boy.....*leaves like from myself*

Veerle van der Tuin

This song gives me vibes that i need right now


OBX ??

Devin Cline

This song is so cool !!! #outerbanks

Siti gray


Macy Ramel-Spain

Is it just me or am I the only one who found this song before outer banks ??‍♀️

Meg Reddy

Outer banks anyone?

Tyler Spengler

Love it so much!

Samantha Tucker

am i rlly the only one that likes this song before obx

Keeley Connorton

Bro you got here from watching outer banks I have an obsession I have watched like 50 times ?x


2:08 "searching for the merchant" lol. Like if u came from obx❤️

Rosie MCR

I'm obsessed with this song (I searched pogue life to find these ?)

Divinity In Motion

hey if you’re here cause obx (me) leave a like

ZYDRIK - owsla france

Ça régale


i feel anemoia when im listening this song

Fallon Oh

In the song it says "searching for the merchant" LMAOOOOOO

Roberta Oliveira

obx ?

Maria Papadelli

This is a mood

Daniela Gama

✨Outer banks✨


I here bc of outer banks


somehow outer banks has like the best soundtrack of any show ever


Obx= best soundtrack, actors, plot twists... Basically everything


this song makes me wanna go back to the beach

Chandini Chitnis

love this song!???


came here from outerbanks just like almost every else??

Phoebe Webb

Plot twist: ward actually sang this song that’s why it says merchant in it because he was looking for it too

Alex Costello

this song makes me so happy you don’t even know


Why are all Outer Banks songs oldschool fire

Eva Adrian

Me:don’t do it also me:0uTeR bAnKs?

Bredesen Jumpers

Anyone else watch this a 100 times


let's be honest, we're all here because of Outer Banks. (:




Yall talkin about OBX ,i'm just looking for The lyrics please


outerbanks picked all the best songs

Sandi Brenneman

Outer banks + good taste in music =me being here


Outer banks brought me I LOVE THIS SONG ?

Justin Boudreau

OBX is making this blow up ! D'ont forget to check out Left hand free !!!

Lily Rose

thank you obx :))

Ana A

It’s a very vibey song end of discussion

Pinky Pank

Outer bank squad?

Shannon Lester

Loved this type of music for so long but OBX really be giving us some great songs I never heard before! Gonna be playing this all summer long!