Where can i buy kava

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3 Things to Know Before Drinking Kava – aka “Nature’s Xanax”

39 868 views | 4 Oct. 2019

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Leah Smith



Most people don't realize how to make it properly or to how to use it, which is good. They won't become habitual kava drinkers, and there will be more for those who appreciate it, as well as keeping prices low.

Kalchili Kalfabun

???? Try Vanuatu .. ? Kava ...#Malok...

ray K

This is not kava, if they be drinking the real kava no one would ever wanna drink it. This is the fake kava

kayy tv

Make it correctly ?

Peter Ganzfeld

Boo-Lah ???

Butterflies in the sun

Is kava safe for the liver if used daily?!?

Hilary D

Kava has helped my anxiety so much ❤️

Sanjaya Timilsina

The lady had so disinterested look on her face


I tried one of those kava pills and it didn't do shit. I only took two pills though

Brian Thomason

Cava does it make you forget everything about your f**** day

Joan Aluesi

This shit is cultural appropriation

Cassandra Diamond Lavender

Not new to us

In and out burger Man

Can I smoke the powder?

Ines Mansilla


Dorito Boys

In Fiji,we do it way more differently.?

Fijinigga Sixnine


Alekos Dafiniz

They said bula wrong

Malissia Stanton

I just tried kava for the first time & I cant say I'm a fan. It really feels like I've drank liquor. The effects are not bad but the taste & lingering effects of the taste is what put me off the most. It numbs your mouth like the novocaine the dentist uses & leaves a strange smell & feel in your mouth even after the numbing goes away. I dont like the feeling of drinking alcohol & that is probably the biggest turn off for me. I will try once more with a highly recommended vendor & strain & hopefully have better luck.

Lambo 1221

Kava ruins liver. Dyor


Way to go reducing polenysian indigenous ppl to three exaggerated stereotypes
How bout they studied the earth knew planet alignment

Dave Jordan

Damn too think that now kava is starting to be more commercialized with the states kinda concerns me

Peter Ganzfeld

The popular tea ???

anton levay

yuck, i hate these fuckers !


It’s also clinically proven to cause liver damage

Dee Hurst

kava is really not that great, it fucks your liver up. i was drinking it for a few weeks my piss was so dark almlost looked like there was blood in it.


american kava is fake.

Oliver Roy

Last week I got a European Xanax it works much better. If you are interested you can find xanax here: https://eurdoc.com/product/xanax/


no hangover? i mean kinda? 16 and i drink kava every weekend??

Peter Ganzfeld

Ancient health trend


How many Polys just cringed when he said Bula lol

Hayden Nightingale

Is there anything to add to make kava taste a little better?

Gio X

Lol the Xo tat tho


you don't put straws in kava shells, you're supposed to chug it


Boolah... what the blue moon ??????

THT Cyrus


Burger Mister

Doesn't take the 1st time takes 3 times

Tim Jones

Another drug!
Good lord people! Do you really need another drug to try!

Jaime Castiglie

KAva is not a tea...


The website says 25% alcohol by volume and do not drive/operate machinery if taken in excess? Guys. If your buying do the research.

ali veli

also check this guy out...
this guy also tried kava!!! funny...what he says at the end? anyone understand? this one looks more original since indigenous people prepared...nice :))

tee heehee

It's not just in polynesia, it's also in micronesia and melanesia and it originated from Melanesia Oh and it's not a trend. Not everything from the Pacific Islands is from Hawaii.

FollowUr Joy

If you wanna quit alcohol grab the Kava off Amazon. It works ?

Adrianna Bolden

Aye she gotta Weeknd Tattoo 2:08 XOTWOD <3

Ronald Singh

The Best kava also known as grog & Yaqona is from Taveuni,Fiji .You need to drink it when made in the tanoa and poured in the billu bowl because it’s the traditional way as the islanders do all the time and you get the best taste of it

Phillip G

This guy is a total douchè

Football For life

Ok susu poki if you real you don’t have to change the flavor ??



Phillip Khoury

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Bra you don't know kava

Ant Rey

Be weary of any rogaine hipster beard selling anything.

Dada Raavan

Kava is origin from india.. if you want to drink pure kava then you should visit ?? india???


"There's no intoxication!", yeah ok buddy, just had 3 servings and definitely wouldn't trust myself to drive. On the back of the package it literally says not to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery after consumption.


The people in the background didnt BULA

Tevisi Lolohea

I’m confused on why they left Tonga out of the entire conversation ???‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Iese Puni

Clap clap, pass me one cup


i just take a teaspoon and shoot it with some ice tea. WOW



Kisha B

I've tried this and it's the most vile tasting drink on the planet. Colon prep liquid is better than this.

Xtabi Ahuacan Media

This grows all over America even New York and new Jersey.

Corona Virus Respecter

Bro this kava shop gave me anxiety

Lotus Bee

White people capitalize on everyone’s culture .

Peter Ganzfeld

Sechi sechi

Where can i buy kava

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How Kava Makes You Feel

10 535 views | 27 Sep. 2018

Does kava calm you down,

Does kava calm you down, make me sleepy, or give you that "melt in your couch feeling"? Find out how kava affects the people who enjoy drinking it!

Jun Lee

Why do kava when heroin exists


8 ozs down in 5 seconds?

Frazer Hatyai

Great explanation. I just made a video about kava and I have ordered from you before

Ryan Shelby

It doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t get it


Kava tastes better than vodka

Playful Burrito

Does kava make u feel like ur on an oxy n how many Oz’s can I take to get fucked up?

Jackie Rule

Im going to try it and get back to you .can you put sugar in iy ?????????

Sean Stauffer

The taste is like most drugs i dont like the taste but yet I like the taste because I know what it will do to me

Louis N

Feels Like a benzo without the negative effects and no drowsiness. Your senses become more sensitive. Music, talking etc becomes more enjoyable. A feeling of happiness. Worry free. Mellow. Positive mood.

Silky Johnson

I ordered the nagol noble from bula and it was really good. Good quality and fast shipping. Will definitely order more.

Derek Nadeau

How does it make you feel and all's you talked about was the taste lol

Where can i buy kava

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Kava for Beginners: The Basics

7 237 views | 3 Mar. 2020

Hi everyone! One of you

Hi everyone! One of you requested I make a video going into a little more detail about how to start drinking kava (dosage and effects for beginners). I also threw in a little tutorial for how to brew your own kava!

Please understand I’m not a professional, just enjoy drinking kava and making videos! Always consult with a physician before consuming herbal supplements.

Link to my other kava video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HUAxlBHBMUU

My Patreon:


Follow me on instagram: @cshawtyhill

Don't forget to like, comment, SUBSCRIBE and share if you enjoyed! (-:



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StephanieAlexus Berry

I heard some ppl put it in their weed and smoke it too I’m new I’m interested for the spiritual experience btw


also might I suggest adding a tad bit of milk or a milk substitute like almond milk to the brew as it binds better to the kavalactones than agua


Would love to run into you at a kava bar


South Pacific Islanders have been drinking Kava many many years

William Dieffenbach

In your opinion what is the best tintcure extract on the market that can be bought in store in person, not purchased online, but common ones that can be purchased in a store?

Vanilla Gorilla

I was your first hater?

Darianna Carratt

Thank you so much for making this video! I’m definitely going to be ordering some, can’t wait to try it out! I wish we had kava bars around here!

Ady B

I hope it will help with my anxiety

Karina and Kevi

We just tried capsules today, do you recommend the tea?


Home made is the best Kava. If you from California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii,Utah or Nevada. Ask a Polynesian (Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Hawaiian etc...) to see if they can make you some Kava

Steve Chance

Hey are you familiar with happy hippos kava juice extract 30%??

David Taliai

Rule of thumb with dosage when mixing a full kumete/tanoa bowl is usually a full coffee mug and a nylon mesh strainer to filter the kava when mixing it with the water. Thats how we Tongans mix it. The word Kava is Tongan too ?


im having anxiety attacks that make me not able to leave my house, think,work.

Friedrich von Reichenberg

It's interesenting how many people seem to like this stuff even though it takes so much effort to get to the right dosage with experimentation. Do you experience anything else than a relaxation?

TJ Roling


Caroline Clark

Where do you order your kava from?

Isaiah Cruise

How many servings for the first time to get a nice chill vibe haha wanted to drink some for the first time instead of drinking alcohol. Wanna try it for social purposes and relaxation and a substitute for drinking alcohol


@CShawty Hill, I wonder how would you compare this to ganja or even CBD, does it even compare to Kava or is Kava in it's own playing field?

Sally Fisher

So I have a question! I took kava years ago and I'm familiar with the affects but I didn't take it long and don't know alot about! I started back taking it today(in capsule form) and I can't tell I've taken anything! I was tempted to get the powder for tea but I truly hate to waste the money if it just may be a time issue! I can't remember if it took time or worked quickly the last time I took it! Do you think I just need to give it some time with the capsules before I order anything else? I'd truly appreciate your guidance cause I'm so out of my area here


Girls who drink kava ???

Follow Me

Your so beautiful

Cary Hays

Thank you for the advice! I got these “white root” Kava Kava gel caps. Any experience with these?


I'd like to thank my first hater. Haha, I love it. Wtg! :D You are now an official threat to the egos of the insecure crowd. Achievement unlocked XD

Paranormal Junkie

Throughout the day I drink way too much caffeine. I'm starting to feel the effects of adrenal fatigue. I've been researching Kava in hopes to replace caffeine or at least help me quit. So far it looks promising. I think I will order some soon. Thank you for the great video!

Beyond Stylz

I just bought my first lb of kava and was wondering taste wise what do you suggest to make it more enjoyable to drink?


I love Kava. Tried it night before last. Feels so mild and natural.

Rebecca Young

You are articulate and believable.

robyn leutenmayr

Thank you ? can’t wait to try this for anxiety ?

CShawty Hill

Hope you learned something! ? Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn ON notifications ??

Be sure to check out my other kava bar related videos: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyJcWUxT1SKEBESBevEsS_vc0PHwscyfO


So does it make you trip balls or what?


I took a pill of 700mg today. I feel unable to concentrate and numb. Maybe its too much. I hope it doesnt make me depressed.

Ty Shantz

Do you grow it?

RobinYourHood 18

Mangai chinana...

Tazz Moore5

Is it harmful and addictive ? Does it work as good as xanax or better?


I put it in my french press


Awesome Vid keep it up

ali veli

also check this guy out...
this guy also tried kava!!! funny...what he says at the end? anyone understand? this one looks more original since indigenous people prepared...nice :))


Where do you buy it at?

Timothy Cardenas

This was educational an funny?