Top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

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Top 5 Safest CryptoCurrencies To Invest In 2018

115 133 views | 25 Jan. 2018

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What do you think of our picks? What coins do you think are the safest?

Let's discuss!


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Sources: https://fynestuff.com/5-safest-cryptocurrency-bets-for-2018/

Audio: "Thelema" by Øfdream ---https://soundcloud.com/ofdream/thelema

Living long

Keep it up, very educative.Hey guys, who else knows how legit Bibox Tesla promotion for LEDU coin? How legit?

Randall Tew

This channel has the best presentation: the music, the design, the scenic views; they are awesome!

Felix Lopez

5. ONT
4. ICX
3. WTC
2. ZIL
1. NEO

William Leather

Tron . . . .Buy Tron. .. . done deal . . . 100 % Tron . .

Phil R

How's these delusions panning out for you now?

Daniel Kelso

YEAH!!! They were real comfy!!!↘️↘️↘️
If you consider straight through the f**kin floor comfy!!! ?
Jokes aside, Love the channel. ??

mike cummings

Excellent ty.


You guys should look at TNC if you havent already, going to be huge. I just signed up for the daily newsletter, thanks very informative info!


Potential update for 2019 would be appreciated!


PoWHcoin.com <- Real Dividends!, excellent whitepaper, Solid Team. Announcements coming

Justin Brosious

The KaratGold coin will be huge. It's on the ETH Blockchain

Will Power



Did you say “sharting”?? ? jk great video!!

Lam Tran Bach

Will NEO destroy Ethereum? I don't know, this is a really interesting video where it is examined. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYXrkG5Ynlg

Giovanni Bertoia



Your long intros trigger my adhd

Jonas Lundgren

At this point, how does it feel? Your financial advice/"predictions", I mean.

I'm not against taking gambles on solid "new" coins(you better have a DAMNED good reason, though, because generally, just holding bitcoin is the best "investment strategy" you could make in the long term,) but if you go in depth and explain to people why bitcoin isn't a good investment, and that other bigger coins than some of the ones you list (ltc, bch, monero) don't deserve to be on the list because <reasons>, when history (and now) reality(the present) prove you oh so wrong on everything, maybe that says something about your line of thinking? I'm sure all the coins you listed had some point in the chart you could point out in hindsight where you could cash out and make a huge ROI, but catching a falling knife is not a good strategy, and long term holding of those coins would leave you deep in the red.

Anyone watching this guy right now, putting their own money into something based even in part on what this guy says should probably take a long time-out and rethink their decisions.


Where can i get that instrumental at the beginning ? Very nice

Cevan Triplett

It's Bitcoin.. just stop it. Sooo many of you just don't get it... do you see millionaire's driving Toyota's? No they drive Bentley's. I want atleast one Bitcoin... if all the millionaire's want one too how many does that leave for you? Bitcoin doesn't need to be fast.. it's the most secure network in the entire world. It's the safest store of value there is. And it doesn't matter if it fluctuates in price.. it will recover eventually... just like every other store of value. You don't sell you're house in a "buyer's market" not if you want a proper return on your investment.

Steven Simonovic

I agree with all of these for the most part. Will do more research on WALTON. I also feel that Stellar Lumens is a must add.


Bit coin should remain as king at least for next ten years as tribute even.

Living long

I believe crypto will soon be the worlds monetary system thats why I am investing in ledu coin....the coin is wow

Shakil Ahammed

Thank you sir i liked this video and how you explained all the coins.

Striker Burns

Curious what you think now of these top5?

Andrew Markowicz

Great content. Glad I found your channel. Thank you


I will never get tired of these intros

Tom Ronald

im 22 and making 6 figures from trading its amazing

Zeus Taller

Into mining? Wait for MoneroV airdrop to every Monero holders. HODL mate. Monero will drive up crazy in 2018. Thank me later.

Sam G

Is anyone on their newsletter that can vouch if it’s worth the money? Great content here :)

Graced Rosie

Your videos always on point. Learning a lot from you as a newb

Tim Vincent

Dang! Sadly, you guys disappeared during some pretty critical disicion making days this week. I subscribed to your premium newsletter this month for help with the tough choices & was left hanging...I get it...you guys have a life...I was just really looking forward to your great advice these last few days...

Lena Z

https://ref.adbtc.top/537249 1000сатоши в день

толик даньков



NULS is the best platform coin to buy in 2018
DeepOnion and IntenseCoin are the best privacy coins to buy.

You're welcome, folks.

greek show

Now BTC is rising you guys are getting interested to invest again ....
Mr chris dunn told me that is the mistake you young investors make in crypto investment
after he made me 25,000 dollars just in 2weeks i decided to share his contacts ([email protected]) so anyone who hasn't made profit in crypto investment can benefit too


You guys are honestly just the best in the crypto YT space. Content never sacrifices quality and its very much appreciated although I wish you uploaded more but also don't want you guys to start to become repetitive, never mind that keep up the good work!


Cliff High no longer bullish on OMG. :(

Xanthe L

Ready Set Crypto's 5 TL:DR choices: Bitcoin, Omisego, Walton Chain, NEO, Ethereum.


Hi guys could you do a piece on teather. There is so much scare tactics going on and to be honest don't understand it.


I can't believe you did not list LITECOIN.... IT will be number 3 on coinmarketcap within a year....


I thought XRP would make the list.

dark sether

did you like icon??

Ster Ling

Learned about BTC at $3. It's still around, so am I. Even after MT GOX. lol
NEO fan here, impressive projects using it as a platform. Trinity was listed on Kucoin last week. You use the Trinity logo in your intro. I'm sure it's coincidence. Great solid picks, btw. New subscriber here.

Jami C

Litecoin will be number 1 or 2 on this list percent in gains percentage wise by the end of 2018. Goes neck n neck with ethereum 1 or 2 then neo be 3rd on this list by may. Just what the best of the best predictors pros say.

Christoph MD


James Slade

Hey @ReadySetCrypto I'm looking to invest $5000 start up in random coins and have been trying to decide on which platforms will be the best... coinbase, Bittrex, binance bitstamp, gdax etc. Which platforms should i get and wallet? Thank you, your the only youtuber i trust

Crypto Cliff notes

Time stamps for you my guys just in case you want to revisit!
0:46 big daddy btc ..pros vs cons
3:22 OMG is a sleeping giant...pros vs cons
4:11 Walton based off roadmap 2019 will be EXPLOSIVE YEAR...pros vs cons
5:36 Neo (aka Chinese ethereum) undervalued ...pros vs cons
6:59 Eth changed crypto more in 3 years than btc in 9 ....pros vs cons
8:29 thoughts on privacy and exchange coins in this video
9:27 check description for link to daily news letter

0x99Ad523Bd9536A54F530Ed767d0eeC6F1e38A658 Eth/ERC20 tokens

BTC address

Tommy Maples

This is great. I have been in the space for a year and have been voraciously watching everything. Your content is smart, researched, and neutral. Thank you!


Your videos are dope as hell. So well put,amazing presentation, so much fun to watch....

Michael Johnson

Listening to how off the predictions are now...hard to take any of this seriously. Especially since most of these shitcoins will probably fail


rip WTC for now


Its just like Pokemon all over again, got to catch them all.

Death Magnetic

Looking at this now, ETH is the worst of all 5.

Мария Шейк

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Rafa Valiente

you are always bullish on walton and omg , but there are some competitors that are working faster to surpass them

Rhett Pridgeon

Have built my portfolio around these 5, much love from Australia brother

Atif Bangash

I am getting a little nervous with your ETH pick. I have been following EOS and for some reason, i feel like speed makes a difference. I tried to play a few dapp games online and found myself with multiple failed transactions which are pretty frustrating. Any minute anything else comes that is easy to use and build a platform on. Most of these companies are going to run towards that company. There is a reason why companies like "RDN" are coming to help ETH survive by distributing its network load. I dont see the future of ETH bright, It is easy to port from 1 token system to the other. What ETH has right now is the money or else the technology is not all that :)

kaleem ullah

any thoughts about neblio?

Simond Wong

Thanks for you input to the community! Have you heard of Digipulse!? I think it is a great investment too, because it provides a service for the future. It is a digital inheritance service if something happens to you; and your digital assets can get to your loved ones. We are moving to a more digital world IMHO, this is a must for the future. Low supply, and, beta looked great (went live in feb 2018). would love to here your thoughts please!


Nice one again buddy, whats the title music called?

Андрій Чорній

https://youtu.be/qnyZ06umYmM telcoin next cryptobomb

Manu KrishnaSadhak

Thanks ..if u can pls review Indicoin first social service digital app..unlike other this is one unique idea...something contribute to society.

Nana Koranteng

Very intelligent recommendations. I really appreciate what you said at the end.

Иван Моисеев


Emma Sharma

What are your opinions about Nauticus?

Dennis G

Hail to the king ETH!


Where are you, guys? Did you leave us?

John V

Top Video...I like Neo as they have a working platform in progress...Bitcoin is also good

Mark O

I notice you referenced XRB a couple of times in the video - Does this mean it made it to number 6 ☺

Adrian A

All I get from this is "I like Asia", not impressed, there are other projects out there, some way better.

Jimz lav

well they were a safe bet


Zouk is now open for business. ICO ended and we opened full internal exchange same day. First time ever for a ICO 17 days early. The price is still low at about 1.15 . We will launch external exchange in a month but it will probably be early also. Its not too late to get in before it moons. True A i trading. Thank ya'll I hope ya'll take advantage of this great oppurtunity. Grow your wealth steady. https://portal.zoukcoin.com/sponsor/vince

James Huffnagle

No EOS? In June’18 it goes live, completing the ICO! It’s Ethereum on steroids, and does EVERYTHING better and faster! $100-$500 in 1-2 years! Dan Larimer is on a mission to conquer crypto-space!????????

Shaun Johnson

love the visuals and music, F'in brilliant
oh & the great content !!!!!!!!!!

Selcuk Yilmaz

Sooo...you just stopped making videos?

Asaad Abeid

Your predictions are commonly known. Many people and I agree with this, BUT what most investors look for is the less than $1 coins.

Raed Junior Abu Kartomy

I actually knew about Bitconnect at first and that was unfortunate but hopefully Bitcoin makes it back

Ross Mitchell

Telcoin = Sleeping Giant.
Biggest growth coin below 0.01usd in 2018.

Frantz Olivier

As always Thank you for the creative work and update.

Eze Emmanuel

Announcing the first official Spotcoin AMA. Ask Spotcoin Anything tomorrow! 2pm (GMT/UTC + 4) live AMA.


lol NEO is going to zero. You have been China Hustled.

Jamie Rolfe

Colx is the best for 2018.

Tony Rodríguez

Hi there, I'm trying to subscribe to Binance, but it says I have an outdated browser, and try to update and it takes me to website I don't understand some kind of Chinese please how can you help me to register to Binance?

Turid Tuva


Clayton Young

No litecoin? Litepay game changer

Crypto Karl

excellent video sir. great info backed with data. not just what you think. love it and very well done!

Jeff Letourneau

Your voice is so easy to listen too

Alexander George

Everyone should buy TRX now while it's still cheap! Just bought 15k units !!!

• Patson •

That intro is lit though?

Dean Zulji

Please make a video about BLOCKPORT (BPT). Low Market Cap and Circulating Supply, product out soon and future bright. Make a video pleaseee.


4 BitConnect X

Jason Everett

Great vids. I like to revisit the older one sometimes. If you had to recalibrate, and choose a new "top 5," would you change any of these?

Daniel Kelso

Walton!!! Not so comfy for March though. ?

Robert Aronovici

You’re so mindful! Thanks! I bought some NEO because of you!!!


Can any body tell me Why LiteCoin Is not on the list got 11 coins

Tim Vincent

My bad! Feb 3rd premium newsletter is there...just not "green check marked" All good!

Let's Boil

check out Nexty coin.. its gonna be huge!



Pravo K

What about IOTA?

Top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018-2019

391 views | 12 Jul. 2018

Top 10

Top 10


I am in already ??

Tech with lifestyle

After 2 month naga gives us 20x 30x profit....

Kranthisena Reddy Patlolla

Bullshit. You look like a noob.

Truth of life

Dada, what is cryptocurrency all about??

Brent Willis

Yes I agree buy NAGA while you can at this price
Absolute bargain buy

Tech with lifestyle

I love every coment..its good or bad..

Top 10 cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

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Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

2 478 views | 2 Jan. 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrency to

Top 5 Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018.

1. NEO

2. RaiBlocks

3. REQ

4. OmiseGo

5. Stellar lumens

New to Cryptoverse?

You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on

Cex.io - https://goo.gl/DU8Ze2


Coinbase - https://goo.gl/gi8oxa .

You can buy altcoins with your BTC/ETH on

Binance- https://goo.gl/NYivTX


Changelly- https://goo.gl/nuy9D4.

Hardware wallets that store your coins offline safely

Ledger Wallets- https://goo.gl/BcfG4r.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link.

Jim Christl

Best functional coin out there for actual use. Not selling my RaiBlocks anytime soon. It's going into the 100s.. Hold hold hold

maxim maxim

This is glorious, I've been looking for "how to get into cryptocurrency" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Piyatt Cryptofy Phenomenal - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.

Sands Kreative Verksted

Should add ICON. gonna be huge.


BAT will outperform, them all. Creator: Brendan Eich, creator of Javascript, Mozilla browser and now the Brave Browser. Automatic ad blocking and/or receive BAT tokens for viewing ads. A Google contender.


Does they have a roadmap