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What is MXM??? Brief overview ( gameplay )!! Beta!

395 views | 7 Apr. 2017

MXM Brief overview (

MXM Brief overview ( gameplay )!!

Bringing you guys a brief overview and some gameplay of Master X Master. This is a new MOBA/MMORPG coming this fall!

Hope you enjoy!!







Great video!! Hope to see more from this channel in the future!

Glenn Hubble

Looks totally awesome.

What is mxm

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Upgrading a Laptop Graphics Card - The Research

362 296 views | 14 Feb. 2013



PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lklIhZJBaJM

Link: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/index.php?mfgr%5B%5D=amd&mfgr%5B%5D=nvidia&mobile=1&released%5B%5D=y11_c&generation=&chipname=&interface=&ushaders=&tmus=&rops=&memsize=&memtype=&buswidth=&slots=&sort=released&q=or+type+to+Search...

Become a Partner: http://r.mker.tv/dUUFAC


MXM = Mobile PCI Express Slot

How to upgrade a laptop graphics card?

can i upgrade a laptop gpu?

upgrading a laptop graphics card?

These are all questions which will be answered in the video.

TheWorstGamerVr OFFICIAL

So the mxm slot is what the WiFi board is connected to or no? Secondly if that is the case I'm wanting to take out the WiFi board and put a gpu. I'm running a dell inspiron n5050 Intel i5 4gb ram it does use the Intel 3000 graphics so am I screwed is there a way to this?! or am I stuck with stock GPU. I know theres these external setups but for what I run a a internal 2gb nvidia would be plenty everything is mostly playable now but I just want a much more solid frame and hopefully raise graphic settings. And tip, advice suggestion, or any general knowledge would be appreciated in my Nobel quest to game on the laptop my mom gave me for free cuz the HDD was shot, new 2tb HDD and a fresh copy of win7 good as new upgraded to the i5 2430m little more pip. If I could get a decent GPU it'll be a pretty decent laptop. Saw a 2gb GPU mxm on eBay 40 bucks but is my chip set compatible ik the question but idk how the hell to figure em out lol


Dropped a dislike for the intro. Left this comment and now im off to the next video in the suggestions box.


I have a pc with Amd A10
with a graphics card of radeon r7
but I want a better one to run more fps on games, which should I get for under £200

Mansoor Ahmed

Is it possible to upgrade 3100m nvidia in dell 6510 to some higher gpu?


tbh your intro makes my ears bleed

Anis .C

HI, I have a ROG g75vw with GTX 660M. I it possible to upgrade my laptop's gpu?

Yash Chauhan

brother I have 940mx can i change my laptop graphics card

D Gvelesiani

dell inspirion is upgradable yes??

suyash nalkar

Can i upgrade lenovo G580 i3 (3110m) To intel 3632qm or not
Plz tell me something about upgrade...


Nvidia GeForce G 105m cant be upgrade? How can i increase my gaming peformance? Is there other way to increase it?

Niko 02 02

Can someone explain me why Intel HD graphics are not upgradable?


Can i upgraded my Intel HD Graphics to NVIDIA GT 330M?

jefferson armijos

for hp 8570 w ??

Nikolas Brizolas

Any way I can contact you?

Hare Krishna SupremeGod

i have a beats pro notebook, but the system manager tells me i don't need to update my graphic card because it is up to date, but when i go to play gears of war on my laptop it prompts me saying, "A graphics card DirectX 12 or higher is required to play gears of war. please let me know if you have a solution to this, maybe something has been removed like some files somewhere i just want to make sure i don't screw anything up, thanks?!

william hank

his speach in the mic sucks the info is good

Alex B.

not sure why, but my link width is x0 ( at 1:55)


can i upgrade gt650m gddr5 pls help :(

Biplab Ghosh

Intro wtf .........

Swapnil Singh

how to check whether we can upgrade our graphics card or not ?

Rinchha Ram Sarli Barmer

sir i can update dell ispiron 15 5559 i3 6th ganrestion
4 gb nevida graphics
sir please answer me
i wait for you

Namsuke Channel

It says my 3d stop working


????? You never explained how to upgrade a graphics card. You just talked about it. Please don’t breathe so hard on your mic to. You might want to move it away just a little.

052-Maulana Ilyas

your intro make my pussy wet


Hi guys i have an Toshiba sattletite p750, intel core i7 4900k and nvidia geforce 520m, i was wo dering can i change the 520m with an 1090? Plz tell me, i really like the model of this computer and i dont want to change it, help me

Sujal Hansda

Ye to alag level ka nigga mc hai

Hamza Sajjad

Can I upgrade my laptop gpu Amd 7670m 1 gb to 2 gb

Irfan Muhammad

A 1000 likes for your into ?

John Carlie Buluran

Is there any compatible GPU or video card for Intel graphics 3000?

Jesus Rios

Very interesting the video. I have the same graphic as the laptop of your video. As I have seen there are few of the mxm type "a", which will be difficult to find. I have seen that the consumption of the cards that interest me is almost double (My card is 2GB and I wanted one that had 4 GB), will the laptop work well with this change? Thank you!

fernando Valcazar

you talk like walter junior from breaking bad

Oddvin Lorenzo Preinstad

your intro made me think the devil had possesed my pc

shaik umair

Can we do dual graphics card into one?

Hector Arango

Ok so I have a laptop right is there a possible chance I can upgrade it because I have a AMD Radeon HD 8400/R3 Series

wagner sena

I have msi gt683r i can upgrade gpu?

Stone Muzza

I have a gtx 1050 Ti what can I upgrade to and will I see a big difference?


I have an Intel HD Family 112 MB. It is completely SHIT. Please tell me i can upgrade this gpu!?

Stezzy Dan

If my bus is PCIe 3.0 x16 can I replace my card with another with the same bus in my laptop?


I have the Acer aspire e15, 8gb of ram, 1 terabyte of storage,and a 940m NVIDIA GPU what is the best gpu I can upgrade to


If I have an Nvidia GeForce 710M in an acer aspire v3 can I upgrade it?

Jeremy O'neal

very very helpful.

9ja games

I have an intel and amd radeon on my pc, please is it possible to change the amd to a nvidia graphics card?


i cant understand properly your english please speak clearly u speak like a spitting eng

Bazz Arh

I don't have x16 guess that mean not upgradable lol

Jordan Cooper

If where it says graphics interface there is nothing at all and it doesn't look like you can press anything what does that mean does it mean i have no graphics card?

Aryan Armenian

i have 4 gb intel graphic and "2gb vga card amd dedicated " i want to change my VGA AMD CARD can i or nno?

Mr. Anonymous

Can nvidea 820 m upgradeable

Josh Smith

My God, that intro is a headphone headache


if my PCI express is at 0x is there no hope for me? is there a way to change this?

JoiningBoss 050

thx bro


my lenovo thinkpad t430 can i upgrade into NVIDIA GTX ?


I have PCI-Express but not x16 I have x0 can I still upgrade or no?

Shreyash G

lenovo g50 graphic cqrd upgradable?

Yash Chauhan

can i upgrade Intel GMA 4500 mhd

j r

Hello please help me!!My 7730 no dedicated gpu from factory(optional from factory quadro p3200 or p4200 or p5200 and radeon pro wx 4510 and 7100..) (yes im stupid)my proc. Is a xeon E2186M ....its possible install a gpu ?Easy to install? mxm .3.0 ??..7730 not dgff (dell)?.? thanks .please help..


I advise that nobody follows anything this guy says...

Ipang FT

dud,cpu z show my graphics card is Geforce 830m but the gpu z show intel hd graphics 5000

Bro Knowz

I have a 970m and I really want a 980m

Max Dobruy

Ok. Can I update my GF GTX950m? (MSI GL62 laptop)



Georges Games

I have a sony vaio laptop that says everywhere PCIe x16 2.0 even on the site..... what can I do for that?

Takihero Squires

any upgrades to 10 series form gtx 950m ?


what if i have integrated graphics card in my laptop?


hea ove thi netlwolk XD

Utsav Thoplo

numbel 1
glaphics cald ???

Mayank OrAoN

is 4gb nvidia geforce gtx 960m upgradeable?

Joseph Othman

cpu-z.... that, bull bro I have to pay to check my laptop info. fuck that

ProGame RD

You seve mi live

Rudá Rabello

Muito obrigado. Suas dicas me ajudaram!

David van Rijn

your intro is to loud dude

Sajid Bhat


Linosh The Halo Gamer

There's also another laptop graphics of BGA IC category,
You cannot upgrade that
And if you guys have switchable graphics changing the dedicated graphics just breaks the motherboard

X11 Records

thank you

D Hillz

I can't seem to get to it maybe I don't have one I have a real old model computer.like one of those school computers your high school or middle school teacher have.


fuck i have intel hd SHIT


My laptop is amd. Can i upgrade my video card? And cpu?


I have Mobile intell 965 chipset family, can I change that?

X11 Records

I have a NVIDIA GeForce G105M . What can I upgrade to?

Anthony Tovar

I have a hp nc8430 it has a radeon x1600 what graphics card could I upgrade too


GPUZ says my GTX 970m is at (PCIe x16 3.0 @ x16 1.1),
CPUZ says my GTX 970m is at (PCI-Express (link width x0) (max supported x0))

Techpowerup GTX 970m bus interface is (MXM-B (3.0))

What I want to upgrade it to is GTX 1060m, which businterface is (PCIe 3.0 x16)

Does this mean it is compatible with my current gpu card slot?

taya Mtho

what ? lol

Chee Ye Sen

anyone had idea that using PCI-E 1.1 X16 , replace with PCI-E 3.0 X 16 , is that possible ?


Can I upgrade graphics card on na dell latitude e5440?


Dislike for the intro.

Anish Raj

My graphics is Intel HD Graphics 3000. Can I upgrade it to Nvidia graphics

pn hb

hello sir is it possible to replace from Nvidia 610 to Nvidia 630 ?

Gavin George

Theres no values on the motherboard saying x16 on cpu-z but on gpu-z it says "supports PCI express x8 2.0"
Is my laptop able to upgrade it's graphics?
Is it worth mentioning I have a dual graphics card?
Intel HD graphics integrated and a dedicated amd Radeon 8600m series


Lenovo legion y520,can it be upgraded??

abhimanyu dwibedi

can we upgrade amd laptop to intel

Stezzy Dan

Whats the best card that will fit and replace my nvidia 650m in my laptop

Ernesto Sepulveda

you should upgrade your mic

Serious Gaming

Can i upgrade Amd Radeon R5 M330?

Bülent Demir

tnx bro, you good man.

karim m

i have lenovo ideapad 300~~~ i7 - amd graphic card - 8gb ram. does upgrading the graphic card make gaming alot better?! Plz REPLY SOON AND THX


I have a Geforce GTX 940 MX I want to upgrade can I upgrade the graphics card on my laptop

Prateek Chellani

I have a GeForce GTX950M. The bus interface on the Techpowerup website is PCIe 3.0 x8. Can I upgrade it to a gpu with similar bus interface?


Kobz360::just cuz they look a like dont mean they fit alike

mayank bisht

Can i upgrade my gtx950m?

Adrian Hernandez

Hi, I have an asus a55vj, with nvidia geforce gt 635m I would like to know which card I can upgrade, thank you.

The_ Wolf_64

Hello i have Asus k55vj-sx069h and i finnaly found great video about upgrading gpu.I have gt635m and 16GB of Ram.So can i upgrade my nvidia gpu gt635m to better GT or GTX? Thank you

What is mxm

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mxmtoon - fever dream (official video)

1 098 400 views | 4 Feb. 2020

after years of formal

after years of formal dance training, but more importantly, copious amounts of hours doing tiktok dances and perfecting "renegade" i am very proud to present my first ever dance music video!!!!! i hope you love it as much as i do.

stream or download "fever dream" from dawn here: http://mxmtoon.lnk.to/dawn

thanks for listening!! if you want to remix this song, here is a download to the a capella: http://mxmtoon.ffm.to/dawnaca







life’s a losing game when you don’t play

don’t hold your cards too close is what they say

and love is just another leap of faith

but i jump right in

i took the train, i took the call

i didn’t know just where i’d fall

or where it’d take me (take me)

another step, another stare

i’ll never know if i’ll get there

but just maybe (maybe)

i want something more than

more than restless morning’s

getting by, so boring

take another look before it goes

days are only footprints in the snow

how far away can i walk til i’m way too far from home

i wish knew, i wish i knew

i want something more than

more than restless morning’s

getting by, so boring

take your time, enjoy it

every fleeting moment

getting by, so boring

i took the train, i took the call

i didn’t know just where i’d fall

or where it’d take me (take me)

another step, another stare

i’ll never know if i’ll get there

but just maybe (maybe, maybe)

i want something more than

more than restless morning’s

getting by, so boring

take your time, enjoy it

every fleeting moment

getting by, so boring


director: erin s murray

producer: victoria fayad

choreographer: erin s murray

director of photography: sean conaty


paula ayotte @paulaayotte, hayden calder @haydentwinkletoes


wardrobe stylist: alyssa sutter

hair and makeup: kris jung

steadicam: drew weaver

1st ac: ben steen

2nd ac: kate ruthenbeck

dit: anthony mangini

gaffer: brice bradley

lighting programmer: iván jesús herrera

best boy electric: christopher t. ford

electric: michael misslin

key grip: lee winborn

best boy grip: leo santos

grip: sage vincent

crane op: angel pagourtzis

choreographer’s assistant: genna moroni

production assistants: karlen shahinyan, omar thomas allen, cathy bui


edited by: chad sarahina | ethos

color: kaitlyn battistelli | ethos

special thanks

line204 studio, cathy peirce and camera division, the rosenthal group, any point of view


ive listened to this song a lot but never actually watched the video until today and i started crying. i cant really explain why but i just think this video and this music and this artist and everything is so beautiful <3

Sienna Munster

not to be creepy but holy wow I love you


i posted a cover of this song, it'd mean a lot of y'all could check it out :')

Rachel Gomez

im in the making of a new playlist and i have 5 to 10 of her songs in here and i get happy everytime i hear one :>


Wow, absolutely stunning song and music video. I remember seeing this song in my discover weekly and being like “oh dam it’s mxmtoon!” But woahhh did not expect to literally fall in LOVE. Absolutely can’t get over the video too, always sense goose bumps and chills whenever I hear it. It sounds so oddly nostalgic and part of me feels like that’s what you were going for specifically for this song. Love it, keep up the great work <3


this mv and song brings me so much joy


Tu musica va a ser muy conocida y vas a ser una gran artista. Confio en tu talento y tu encanto que atrae personas.
Lo mejor que pude hacer fue escuchar tu musica

Sherri Sides

I heard this awesome song being used in the Netflix series Virgin River. Perfect choice!!!


Song is Themall ??

Furious Bonsai

The sound and visuals match what this feels like to listen. It’s a song that just makes you feel whole. Longing for adventure but still passionate and not losing complete hope.

Leandro Valle

this is so underrated...
love it

Gabriela Vega

I don't know what of this song makes me feel so happy and calm


Who's here from Frappé? C:

Witch Boy

FR, this is my shifting song to go to my DR!

sheikha alhelal

جيت عشان وجداان

Emma Pérez


x a human x

amazing ?


I don’t see anybody talking about the lyrics, but the meaning is so important.

It raises the belief that the failure to seize control of your life and the future only further enables for others to write your fate for you. In the fear of this, you would reach out to extremes in living your life, straying as far away as possible as you can from the thought that it would be controlled by other people if you didn’t, but you also know that the closer you hold your life towards you, the more important what you are fond of will become, taking control being at the expense of more pain that comes with the sacrifice of who you love; what you love. The more you hold your life to a valuable standard, the more risky it can become, the more moments can change after a mere breath. Despite this, you don’t hesitate to take control. You live your life channeling the belief that there is a unknown prewritten fate that you must achieve, and your main priority soon becomes to venture into ambiguity through actions done out of spontaneity in order to find it, never knowing when you will, or even if you will find it, but still not allowing your hope to surrender and succumb to the thought. It doesn’t matter whether you actually achieve it or not, but at the very least, you don’t want your life to fade and drown into the mundane lives of those before you, and try to live it at your belief of what is the fullest in different contrast every day, fearing that the sequence of hours that you live through each day would repeat if you followed the same agenda every time, the emotions you would have originally drawn from them only mitigating day by day. These actions ultimately reflect the mindset in which in order to fulfill your life, you must hold it to your own standard of importance, trying your best to maintain it, defying the constraints that hold you below it.

Of course, this is just my own perception of the lyrics, and I know that it’s subjective. I just hope that I was able to capture any sort of the intent.

Cleo Hurley

Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

Gabriel Gonzalez

so pretty!


one million views party ?

Anirudh Vedagiri

why is this soo beautiful!!!

Aru Akane

Gotta say..this is one of my most favorite music videos ever-

+song :')

Angela Artist

Reminds of me of a passonite search for more aka God a little child of God search desperatly for a bigger thing an earnest desire for more it shackes you,what is it?, what ami looking for?" What! Oh i hope this child finds it.Its God its preciouse gold,its a delicate jewel


This song makes me feel so happy and content and makes my life not seem so bad. It's such a pick me up and the dancing really adds to it.

Abby Snazzy

The fact this was ELEVEN MONTHS AGO.


this video makes me wish i had a little sister for some reason

myunify ;-;

I appreciated you for this so much :’)

Harris Syed

Some songs make you forget there only 3 minutes long

Agnes Garte

Gosh i love your songs...It really inspires aspiring singers like me????

Kyler Clarke

So glad I found this before the end of the year. I've tried not to wear this one out, but I couldn't help but listen dozens of times. What a track.

Lol I’m cool

This song is like my future-

Rose Gold Gaming


moonlight salvatore

yt captions can never keep up with these lyrics it’s annoying asf-

Alicia Elizabeth

Hands down the most wholesome music video ever ?

África Ulloa Vargas

i have been dancing this amazing dance like,for hours

celine mansour

the first time i listened to this song, i cried. this is amazing.

Alyssa Jade

i would pay money to hear this song for the first time again

Megan Rogers

I feel like the main character when I listen to this song

Shayla Paradis

Life's a losing game when you don't play
Don't hold your cards too close is what they say
Now, love is just another leap of faith
But I jump right in
I took the train, I took the car
I didn't know just where I'd fall
Or where it'd take me
Another step, another stair
I'll never know if I'll get there
But just maybe
I want something more than
More than restless mornings
Gettin' by's so boring
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh
Take another look before it goes
Days are only footprints in the snow
How far away can I walk 'til I'm way too far from home?
I wish I knew, I wish I knew
I want something more than
More than restless mornings
Gettin' by's so boring
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh
Take your time, enjoy it
Every fleeting moment
Gettin' by's so boring
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh
I took the train, I took the car
I didn't know just where I'd fall
Or where it'd take me
Another step, another stair
I'll never know if I'll get there
But just maybe
I want something more than
More than restless mornings
Gettin' by's so boring
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh
Take your time, enjoy it
Every fleeting moment
Gettin' by's so boring
Ah-ooh, ah-ooh


i cant express how much i love this song, it gives me a sense of hope, i finally want to live and enjoy life for it’s beautiful moments.
thank you maia, for making me feel comfortable and cared for in this strange strange world

Jane Nunez

Hello Maia, and everyone else. I don't comment on videos much but I had to say something about this. This is my favorite song ever. I could literally watch this 2 million times and not get bored. Maia, if you are reading I just wanted to say that you are the most talented person I have ever seen. I am a singer and I LOVE singing your songs. They are all so heartfelt and talk about things no other artist would have thought of. They are unique and fabulous, just like you. Everyone that disliked this video is just jealous because of how amazing you are! I can't wait until you become famous. ❤Love you Maia!❤

Caterina Mastrogiacomo


Johnny the deceased rat

Does this make anyone want to cry

Lol I’m cool

Whos here from Venti on Roblox-

Adrienne Melodia

this is one of the only songs I can actually sing along to without embarrassing myself. this song makes me want to dance around my bedroom with no one watching, it gives me such an undescribable joy, and that will make it one of my favourite songs of all time

emiemi thegreat

This song makes me wanna cry and fall asleep.I’m speaking from experience.

Karma Alain

this song is so beautiful! ? (on my moms account)


Wait... renegade renegade renegade




Gosh she sounds so like Imogen Heap and her group Frou Frou!!! It's like "It's good to be in love" track but backwards"!!


why is this potato quality? (144p)

Twenty One Punch

I took a flight to go see my girlfriend for the first time since we’re long distance, and the plane had some preset songs and this was one of them and I listened to for the first time on the plane and loved it and I listened to it the whole flight so now this song brings back memories of meeting my girlfriend for the first time

Grace B

i love this song, and this amazing video. both of them remind me of how happy life can be :)

Riley Roe McGregor

happy one year anniversary of this video!! i love this song


i just discovered her yesterday on the plane on Delta Airlines instant replay

prince juno

Hiii I make covers and bedroom typa music on my channel, come have a look if you want :)

Erwan Moulai



من يعرف كلمات الاغنيه بالعربي ؟

Angeline Bena

Such a beautiful human


Perfeição de música❤

Yadhira Molina

Tan maravillosa como la primera vez que la escuche. <3

Flameo, Hotman! ;D

Maia is a blessing to this world we love you girl!!

lunaa !!


Mega Spoted


No One

This song gives me chills omg it’s so good


Dude I haven’t commented on YouTube in such a long time ??


this song completely changed my outlook on life

Dolly Cash

My friend showed me this in our lighting and design class and in so glad she did


GOOD! but you are susp


this song reminds me so much of summer



Beatrice Alba

this music video literally changed my life. i was so lost at this point in time and i remember running out of the house and to the library and opening youtube to find that this had been released. it genuinely made me cry. thank you.

Aru Akane

Idk but this song makes me feel motivated to live life-

golden eyed world

I love this song so fucking much


this reminds me of a naked dog who made his debut in 2001

Gimal Cruz

Omg ?


Maia dancing gives me so much serotonin

Jords Robbo

This song makes me feel happy, but I always cry

Grace B

I love your music SOOOOOOOOOOOo much omggg!!!!

Zero ‘

this makes me feel free, but not an empty free. a joyful free

Destina Özkolay

wow, this gave me chills I love this song sm


Absolutely love this. <3


crying becoz of the pure amount of serotonin this gave me i was expecting to b sad but NO just vibes and happiness

sheikha alhelal

ذوووق ياوجدان


came here from an instagram edit. this song is sooo good<3


I think I know what she means in this song and to me it’s so sad that I can relate. Life is just starting as a baby and once you grow older you can’t go back and you just want a change in life instead of growing to die a boring life that every single person has. Every life is so similar that we want to change it but life isn’t as long as you want it to be. But we are also limited in our choices because all people want us to do is work and get money but all we want is to be happy but if you don’t have money you can’t be happy so all life is about is just working.


i'm in love with this song


This songs feels so warm and yet it gives me chills every time I listen to it

Isaac Bobonis

Anyone here after Virgin River season 2?


I don’t know why but I feel like this song would go great at the end of a Disney movie from 2000+

Lee Stockton

Great song, lovely video


mxmtoon makes me so happy this mv proves why

Danyelle Mint

Because the simplicity of the video I actually enjoy watching this music video. I don’t normally enjoy watching music videos, I find them boring and overwhelming. While most artist have big, elaborate music videos they aren’t doing much besides lip syncing and moving around in locations. I love this. She isn’t lip syncing just dancing and having fun. I wish music videos would be more like this.

Sarah Danker-Dake

It's brilliant!

Lizzie Hollier

This is so beautifulllll

artistically elisze

this song has special place in my heart


youre so pretty i just wanna . . . cry

Louis Dominic

I told my best girl friend to love herself more, i told her not all boy likes the spain guitar body, and so do i, i dont like it. I do really like this type of girl, the body, the attitude, all that maia has, and im glad she proud of herself


i dont know why but this makes me happy cry