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Ep. 114: X/C Navigation Log | VFR Cross Country Nav Log Calculations

233 542 views | 11 Dec. 2017

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Start to finish, how to fill out a VFR cross country navigation log


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I love your videos. I have a pretty decent understanding of the nav log stuff, but this was easily the most confusing video I've seen on the channel.

Radin Claw

270 knots?? Holy crap you're in a tornado ;)

Micah Iversen

Your phone vibrating at around 18:45 tripped me out I thought I was getting a call lol


Thank. you. so. much. for. this.


thank you! its awesome..

Miner Mends

A lot of this isn't needed. First off Fore Flight does all of this. You should understand the concept of how to manually do it, but at least get the numbers from online. Plotter and stuff is useless.

Captain Clayton

starting commercial soon...crazt how u can forget some basic such as toc.. lol

Jon Andersen

20:00 i have no idea what youre doing with the numbers altitude and temp. no explanation on a tricky part. ill have to look elsewhere for teachings


You can't fly straight courses in the Rocky Mountains.

Chris Marino

Note to self,

watch this video only when you need a refresher after fully understanding how to complete a flight plan. If you are not comfortable filling out a flight plan, this video will only confuse you. Good luck

Yours truly,
Future self

Jeffrey Bennett

I hit "like" Jon but I really don't "like", LOL. It would take me longer to fill one of those out than it would to fly there! Actually I think I could drive there faster, maybe even run there faster, or if I were a power walker I may be able to walk there faster Jon!! No offense though, LMAO.!!

Jeffrey Bennett

I think I'll just walk!!!

Michael Crawley

If your true course changes (like slightly alternating course for way points) do you have to find new TAS and GS?

Zachary Fair

Is this the OCD version? student pilot who wants to learn the correct way, but this seems extreme

Bjørnar Bukholm

How do you figure out climb performance when you don't know the weight? You haven't calculated the fuel to be loaded... ;)

Misael Cruz

This video is definitely more intended for pilots who have done Navlogs before and need to refresh. I could not imagine a Student Pilot being able to follow along. Great video though

Luke Cole

You know you’re confident when you do the whole thing with a pen

Tyler Miller

Hey there, what model plotter is that?!

Doug Kehoe

What plane is that?...Aerostar? With overhead lites? Analog is the gateway mathma . Wish u did more math on the wiz wheel...quick 1-2-3s always worked for me. This then that. I’m liking my fly8MA hoodie!

Dean Miles

Speaking too quickly...and rambling between figures adding in commentary for me.

Brandon Stidham

Awesome video but i got a little lost when you went to the POH cruise performance. The altimeter and temperate is what threw me off. How did you calculate those again or where did they come from?

David Moscardelli

I thought this would be for student pilots. Way to fast. If someone could keep up, they wouldn’t need to watch.


For the cruise performance chart did you use the temperature aloft or did you just use the airports temperature? Same for the altimeter setting ?

Tanarz Bowe

damn bro you could've explained everything more clearly and slower for people who are new to this.Its like you're running through this with someone who's already familiar with x country planning.No hate just saying !

Max Morgan

haha I see he has tinder on his phone ;)

Joe Tonnesen

A good check point I love is VOR checkpoints. That way I can locate where I'm at at all times and locate myself on the sectional chart...

Todd Denning

How would you use winds aloft if the nearest airport with such information is several miles away?


You lost me! I got so frustrated with all your fast talking. Hitting pause on the video does not slow you down. It may not mean much to you but I hated the way this video made me feel as a student pilot that I'm unsubscribing to your channel.. I I was a big fan! Bragged to anyone who would listen about you.. I'm an idiot..

V. Gregg Undercover1566

My only issue is how the hell are any of these minute calculations feasible when the winds change by the time you finish doing all of these calculations

Jackson Lightner

I love you

Robert Johnson

OMG... I don't do any of this on Xplane 11!

George Mathisen

Regarding the altimeter setting to obtain pressure altitude for cruise; would it be suggested to get the pressure setting for the departure airport and the destination airport and average it out to get a better estimate for the altimeter aloft to have a better understanding of what the cruise performance is?

william weyers

the little guy who jumps out of the plane at the end should have a chute!

Marshall Young

There are literally 113 tutorial videos before this finale to most PPL cadets. Any man can appreciate all the efforts that this man has put into this tutorial series.


Flying CAN be one of the most enjoyable experiences to have. This video made me want to STOP flying and voluntarily take a fucking Greyhound bus. Was your entry level job at the DMV?

King Corey

You make simple calculation seems so difficult. I can do everything you just did in far less time with easier simplicity.

Michael knight

40 gallons not 42.


pilots phone starter kit, E6B, AvWeather, Tinder and bumble

Chuck Mahon

Difficult for my student pilots to follow

Chris Javier

The last part, at 37:53 in the video, you said "42.1, and another 2 gallons for messing around/margin..."

Where the total you wrote is 42.1, if it was 42.1 to start, and you're burning those extra 2 gallons, wouldn't the total be 40.1 instead of 40.2?

Maybe I'm missing something or didn't understand something, new student pilot over here so please correct me if I am!


Use pressure altitude conversion table 07:55
TOC calculation 15:35

Fray Lewis

Please remember that you are teaching and not telling. Your speed is too fast for someone that wants to learn.

Scott Frankfather

Thanks for your investment of time. That was a very good explanation of cross country planning.


What plotter is that? I keep using CP-R ones and they keep falling apart.

Ahmad Sayyed

this is just pure maths, I found the VFR cross country flying hard!!!

David van Niekerk

Dankie/ Merci. It is much better to understand. MMmm.... 1 gal = 3.7L! 50Gal = 185L quite expensive too. Thanx for the video.


Just started my ppl, I regret clicking on this video.... math class all over again..... not terrible but not average either. I just have a hard time listening.

Liya A

Thanks so much for all your awesome videos, but the explanation is too fast in some videos :)

Arvid Anvik

Not a pilot, though I did follow what you did here. I've never thought about much you'd need to write down in flight. What do you recommend for a left handed pilot flying something like a Cirrus, with a side stick? Should that pilot fly from the right seat, but then they'd be farther from the instruments. Or are lefties limited only to flying aircraft with yokes? Or regularly use autopilot to free up their writing hand to record instructions from ATC?

Phil McGowan

Thanks @fly8ma this was hugely helpful as I do my first cross country flight plan by hand!

To those saying this is too fast or confusing, if you can’t follow along with this you might want to review ground school again...


the worst explanation that i have heard.

Kristian Jivkov

Can’t u just get in the plane and go?

Bobby Smith

I'm really not getting how you get TAS in the climb. I know how to get it for "Cruise" but how for the climb. Time, fuel, distance says speed in KIAS

Foram Bhatt

I love your videos and watch it religiously everytime you post a new one. BUT, this just made everything more confusing than it was before, extremely difficult to follow even after rewinding it :( I am a student pilot wish this was easier to follow.

Aaron Hartwell

Great video! Thanks for taking the time to make it!

Alicia Brown

This video helped me get through my private pilot training!! Amazing job

Jeremy Brian Crisostomo

this was super informative. I enjoy your videos, and it’s good prep while I wait for things to go back to normal

Philip Strugar

I'm a new CFI, and have assigned this video to all of my students in the cross country stage.

Randy van Vliet

I don't even think half as fast as you talk. You've been doing this your whole life, slow the hell down so that newbies and students can keep up with you while learning. Otherwise, in my E-LSA with a glass EFIS, I'll just use the Skyview Touch and do flight planning on SkyVector online, instead.

Miguel Rojas

We don’t average winds aloft. We interpolate them.

Jeffrey Bennett

All of that to go 50 freakin' miles!! What would it take to log in book say 1,000 miles...I don't even want to think about it.!! I just hire a navigator !!

Billy Coduto

slow down dude

Floating Bunt

Your use of the E6-B is painfully vague

Roy Sandridge

Good gouge, but gotta say the PA-28-181 (Archer III) POH did not make things easy. Figuring GS is still tough. I had to do a lot of hitting the pause button, and replay to get this down. Still, THANKS A MILLION. This is the best video I've been able to find on the subject.

Dan G

For PPL practical test, do you do all of this before it starts or while the DPE is over your shoulder?

Cole Whetzel

You just made this seem impossible honestly I can’t comprehend half of the things you’re talking about cause you start talking about something else before I even have the chance to comprehend what you were just talking about. Thanks for making this seem impossible!


No wonder pilots run out of gas. This is a UIUX nightmare.


Thank you John. Great tutorial. Qq: the -6c° you are using for the cruise perf chart, is it from the metar? If yes, does it make sense to look too at the forecasted cruise oat? Thank you. Great channel!

Joshua Chung

How do you expect the altimeter setting if you're planning to fly the next day?

ugur erdin

Brbrbr slow brooo

Jeffrey Bennett

Jon, you have lost your ever loving mind.!! I ain't never going anywhere if I have to do all of this!!

Gene Dillman

Using those manual slide calculators reminded me of my days in Engineering school before calculators came around. Slow to do but you never know when the battery goes dead somewhere.

Jamie Hord

It is my dream to build an All-Electric Ultralight airplane and fly it all around the country because I will be able fly from AM civil twilight to PM civil twilight and will not be limited by my gas tank. I'm learning about flying with a map & compass as a backup method. I'm sure I will map out off my routes with a paper map along with using my GPS just in-case I have electronic issues in mid flight. I will continue flying without my GPS.

Art Wright

What plotter r u using?


Thank you for this vid. Definitely helped out as I planned my first XC from BJC to CYS.

Samuel Soane

this video help me a lot thanks

Safak Sahin

i like the marriott pen

Sparton 25081

I've got that white out part down!!!!

Kristian Jivkov

This was awful. You didn’t consider for a second that a beginner was watching. You should say where you get the information from not just pulling out random papers and tools

Shawn Campbell

I know this video is already long but, He spoke to fast and went way to fast through this. thank goodness for the pause button. Also, I like filling in all the squares. Overall, I like this guys style of teaching.

ERIC Droddy

I use my flight computer ??


You're going way too fast...

Stingy Pilot

22:14 Tinder app.. Girls give this guy some love, alright?

Harlim Diaz

Now question, what if you are planing to fly tomorrow, how do you expect the Altemeter setting?

Abdulaziz Almawash

how did he determine the pressure altitude for cruise with the altimeter setting of 30.42?!
METARS? They show only current & past altimeter settings. not useful when my flight is after an hour or more.
TAFS? Looked for many, they do not show altimeter settings at all..
How?.. just how..cuz i cant go to the next if even that I didn't know how to calculate. I hate blind following..

nathaniel cohen

if you didn't talk so fast and rush thru.......i could almost follow.......it was a waste of time to watch. watched it 3 times and still don't know what you are talking about.

mike mike

I appreciate the technology nowadays, but I still respect this type of planning and It's how I learned years ago. E6B, it's been a few moons since I've used that calculator, haha


I have that same pen, used it to plot my first cross country today also using this video.

Small world man, small world.

Jeffrey G Jensen

So, I totally get the system and the math, AND I thank GOD for the electronic Flight Navigation calculations that SkyVector or Foreflight do FOR YOU

Pablo Endara

great instructing.

Michael R-A

Great video! Heads up that in the 172, your enroute climb can be higher than the table. (See 172S POH, section 4-25, "Enroute Climb: Normal enoute climbs are performed with flaps up and full throttle at speeds 5 to 10 knots higher than the best rate-of-climb speeds for the best combination of performance, visibility and engine cooling.")

So you can round up 5-10 knots as needed to get even numbers, and you're technically following the manual even more precisely. ;)


Don’t use it ya lose it. This statement is very true, CAX exam soon and I totally forgot most of this stuff.

Piper Pilot

Best video for X country planning. Perfect to send to my students.

John Leffler

Citation XLS Captain (Full-Time)
San Luis Obispo, CA • Flight Ops

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I just spent my night planning a xc in Xplane. Using this video i was able to plan a 51 min flight that ended up being 52 minutes. Landing wasnt so great. Now to find someone to teach me in the real thing. I also cheated and calculated a vor radial and distance to vor as a checkpoint but to be fair, the computer graphics dont lend well to VFR checkpoints. Thanks for this great vid. Oh and I'll echo how i feel this way is useless with GPS but if FAA wants me to learn it, so be it......

Hesam Pour

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video! I know it must’ve taken you forever to make the video but you are helping a lot of student pilots

Dylan Reichstadt

Thanks for making this! I learned the Plotting & Wind/GPH Conversions separately, so it's good to see all of this put together. While some say you're going too fast, I appreciate the brevity and can easily go to a more detailed video if needed for the particular component.

charles becker

When you are trying to teach someone something, teach them like they don't know it already, you can't go at a speed that people can't follow.

James Kang

How do I find the time of my E6b when my distance is less than at least 10 NM?

Yorsalem Kidane

This lesson was ma childhood worries when i was dreaming to be pilot after 15 yrs no apportunity finally got ma Bachlor Degree ma instructors was runing away from this lesson they might think flyschl will teach me ? Anyways Thx bro

Log charts

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Why Use Log Charts?

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Traders often think we're

Traders often think we're heading for a massive correction just because the &P 500 chart looks like a rocketship being launched into space. It's an easy misperception to fall into, and log charts show why.

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