Staff fighting poses

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1 243 578 views | 16 Jul. 2020

Hi, I'm Michelle C.

Hi, I'm Michelle C. Smith! Come join me everyday for Daily Live Stream Staff Spinning classes. You'll learn some badass Staff Spinning skills that you can add to your Lightsaber, Martial Arts, Cosplay, Dance, Flow Arts forms that make you feel like a super hero!


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Potential stunt double for Katee Sackhoff when Bo-Katan gets the Dark Saber?

Mobie Dyche

I think we've found our Mara Jade...

Leon Summers

Ok.its a jedi

Jayvier Mendiola

1:29 the only trick I will quote "NEVER" attempt with a real lightsaber ??


Damm ... I dont want to fight her Oo

Ethan Roque

Bro she’s cracked


Very impressive moves but I can't help but wonder how they would defend vs a simple thrust. Doesn't seem that hard to sneak one in there while she's passing it from one hand to the next or behind her back. Very cool moves but I doubt they would be very practical.

Frederick Garrett

So how come she not in a Star Wars movie now if she plays Mara ohhhhhh shit the hype

Garrick Jordan

amaaaaaazing! what saber were you using? or recommend?


Well I guess people really can be passionate when they like something.


Yup yup yup gotta agree with some of the other comments. Mara jade. Boom!

Talent without training is nothing!

Brandon Quintana

You may be a Jewish but I was once the deadliest snipernto ever walk the planet. You wouldn't last against my bullet. Sighted, target aquired.......dead. think on that


1:09 That's so inappropriate, people will get burn with a real lightsaber





Ray Anthony Brady


1978 32

I could see Disney calling her up to be a stunt dubble for Ahsoka. ?‍♂️


Many times did the saber touch, yet you are in luck, for you have a mandalorian melee shield. :^)

Sam Montano

Your good with the lightsaber

Ray Anthony Brady


Dariel Lopez

Impressive; very impressive.

Ras AlGooch



Should we tell that she's not allowed to touch the blade?

Peter Thayer

If there is ever a casting call for Mara Jade, call her and cast her.


This gorgeous lady would make the ultimate Sith Lord in a Star Wars film!! Stuff the Jedi’s!!! Bunch of lightweights compared to this amazing woman!!


Why werent you the one to take the place of Rey Skywalker...

Astorias GS

POG O____O

Tita Boska

At 1:30 cut the arms with shoulders and head off clearly.

Isambard Mason

She should have done Ashoka in mandolorians doing all those acrobats with a blade while killing troopers

Alex Eklund

Where did u buy ur lightsaber

green grimm


Ray Anthony Brady


Miguel Yebra

Holy s*** that was amazing

Dennis Møller

She is hired for the next stunt double


1:06 aight sweetheart...... Don't cut your own arm off now..... AIGHT showoff! Neat move whater you gonna do with THAT in a fight!?!?!.......... just gonna wander off now......

Craig Walker

Mrs Bad Ass

C Füchs

Put her in the next Mando season

Jared Totemeier

To this day I don’t understand why star wars doesn’t have quality swordsmanship in their movies

Aubrey Haynie

Yeah that's cute but can you do it when it counts?

Jesiah Rivera

George lucas is and idiot if he doesn't hire her.

Cristian Contreras


Dan Brown


The Gaming Cousins

1:10 Let's just say there's a reason why this isn't a real lightsaber move XD


Postule pour les prochains films ou prochaines series sur Star Wars et aussi pour des films de combats en tout genre. Si on te dit non, tu sais ce qu'il te reste à faire. XD

Ben Raeside

Impressive...most impressive


1:18 the moment she killed herself

Cheekey Squirrel

Let’s get hacksmith to do this for realz

Lemon James

you should be in a star wars movie

Márk Vörös

My lightsaber was get hard :D

Michelle Christa Smith

Thanks for watching! Love you all! Remember to hit the bell icon, like and subscribe!! <3

An aching Ski Walker

Pretty badass.

Jonathan Bouic

At 1:15 she cuts her own throat

Patrick Dormeus

From 0:35 - 0:45 is basically Ahsoka Tano ??

Louise Helgesson

It would be so cool to se you in a proper Jedi robe swinging that lightsaber!!

Muhd Izzul Maseri

0:59 holy sh*t

Aria Dirig

Wave of sadness knowing I’m never gonna be able to do this

Tonithe Goat

Move aside Rey

Daniel Faria


Rico Cicero

Why has George Lucas not contacted you yet! Seriously!

Micky 02

Touching yourself with lightsaber isn’t a great idea, but I loved the smoothness of this tricks. Good job!

Jamie wong

what is the use if someone throws a rock at her she'll die on the spot bruh..

Rangel Deodato

This is the best with ligthsaber ??

Prothero Enigma

Some of these maneuvers are So flashy but not really helpful if in a actual fight.

atif khan

i want to learn this

Brian Feuhtinger

This Is Daisy Ridley's New BFF


These tricks got be a lot easier with that extended hilt

Spudge Beethoven

Very cool. I feel that's the type of lightsaber I would want. Longer single bladed hilts is what would be good because it gives me more room to work and move. Thanks for sharing. Fun to watch.


Those spinning and weapon droppings are really useless except for show - in fact, would contribute to her defeat in a real fight/duel. Any real weapons martial artist, whatever form of combat, would say so. She's a good majorette...

Pascal Amonom

Please make your own movie.

I'm Hercules

Impressive. But you will be dead if you play with a real light saber like this


I would think that Jedis would have tons of burn marks or scars while becoming a Master Jedi. Just saying. GREAT VIDEO!!!

SaintKillaG Its Ame Santos

She is senpai ????

Gavin Kay

that should be the standard for the movies but it never will be.


Just wow.

Christian S.

Where do you get such a lightsaber with such a great grip ???

Emily Adams

you need to audition for one of the new star wars series!


But REALLY, -after runnign away from the Bar... That is an amazing amount of work to pull off a feat like that!!!!


I love you !


That is truly badass!

SupaDrunk XL

Nah screw Rey Disney hire this lady she’ll save ya.

Djonik Sonic


Christian Thatcher

I haven't seen physicality and skill of this level since Anderson Silva and Bruce Lee in their heyday, Donnie Yen in the Ip-Man movie series, Keanu Reeves in his roles as Neo in the Matrix series and John Wick, Michael Jai White in the Blood and Bone movie, Scarlet Johansson in her role as the Black Widow in the MCU and Yoda when he faced off against Dooku and later Palpatine. Absolutely incredible.

Joe Blow

Now if she way rey... I wouldn't even be mad

Daylen D Deane

This is insane I can do like two of the things you just did and then you made it ten times harder

peter pan

No comment...Chapeau
Greetings from Germany ??

Rodo Saab

Hello Michelle! My name is Rodo, I am a 3D animator and I wanted to ask you for permission to use some of your takes as reference for a Lightsaber 3D animation. Hope that is okay with you! Thank you very much.

Dominik Galczynski

Not a Jedi if u can only spin.

An aching Ski Walker

Most impressive. But please dont use too many spins in fight it can get deadly depending on the speed of it and it wastes energy. I may not have these acrobatic powers but I can block counter attack and feint good and you would get rekt by a kid like me.

Angel Stitch Music

Definitely the hottest Jedi I've ever seen. \m/


anakin luke obi wan yoda rey mace kylo ren etc were shocked to fight

michael hong

Star Wars Theory, we have a candidate for the Vader fanfilm

Aaron Lee

Omg that is epic! ????????

Freddylgl 1

Yo calm down u too Mitch in character

Mathew Phillip

miss if you like the darkside i will like to learn your skills in my life i want to achieve the dream in the future of making lightsabers real and descovering the force i want to become a sith and i will like to learn your skills

David Martin

Mara Jade?

Miguel Ruiz

0.0 WTF!!! ??

Anderson Diaz

deberias trabajar en la proxima entrega de star wars, te felicito

Awesome things 23

Has anyone else wondered if Darth Vader or Obi Wan Kenobi or any other lightsaber wielding caped force weirder has ever cut/burnt their cape?

An aching Ski Walker

1:12 Hehe you burned your shoulder there. Same for 1:19


Great job. This is the way.

Staff fighting poses

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59 723 views | 27 Oct. 2015

Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu

Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu COMBAT STANCES. These are my favorite 10 Combat Stances from Chinese Kung Fu also called Shaolin Kung Fu or Gong Fu. The List of Kung Fu Stances is Below:

1. Horse Stance - Mǎ Bù 馬步

2. Bow Stance - Gōng Bù 弓步

3. Cat Stance - Xuán Jī Bù 玄機步

4. Jade Ring Stance - Yù Huán Bù 玉环步

5. Monkey Stance - Hóu Bù 猴步

6. 7 Star Stance - Tūn Bù 吞步

7. Bird Stance - Niǎo Bù 鸟步

8. Front Split or Forward Splits - Qián Pī Tuǐ 前劈腿

9. Tai Chi Standing Meditation Holding Ball - Zhàn Zhuāng 站庄

10. Bat Stance - Biān Fú Bù 蝙蝠步

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Hooman Tavakoly

Do u have videos on Nanchika?

Shirley Foo

I've never seen this much BS in years you're gonna go to the hospital if you use these "stances" in a real fight

Gary Turbo

Can you do a nunchucku video

Rich Martinez

instant favorite video. thanks, Jake.

bates by the blood

you're so peaceful, god bless you


@that front split, though - would you really put yourself in that position when someone wants to attack you? Haha. Maybe all stances aren't for combat.

Nytro Dralyg

Obviously Jake the fake doesnt know what Kung FU stances are actually for

GamingFlash TM

Hi Jake!


hey jake I gave you a question on direct instalgram can you answer me please?

James Anthony Loudermilk

the first stance looks like he is trying to lay an egg

GM Chess & TaiQiGong Academy

Monkey stance is toughest to hold and horse after that, at least for me. I also practice San Ti (trinity) posture as well as others. Yes they build foundational strength w/o which ones kung fu will be weak or for medicinal purposes only. Thanks for posting and for the motivation. Yes love

coral musi



most of these are transitions that have names and NOT actually stances you may only use for a fraction of a second to counter s trike from side or take down attempt. but unless you tell people what each stance is for and wether its just a transition they useless... yes people use horse stance as a leg building exercise but its rel use is to keep you balanced for strikes coming from side, and its basically the wizard of kung fu ie the stance you should make when some trying to lift you up. the front stance ( you called it jade ring) is for take downs, bow stacne is for low blow counter etc. Its so sad that no american kung fu actually teach this stuff. Ths is is why kung fu is outdated all the bull crap people focus on is actually just ways to teach basic concepts of fighting. that holding bal stance is clearly a clinch stance and stupid to do in a stand up fight.

Quendy 0087

I don’t know Kung fu personaly, no offense but these stances just looks as if he was doing a dancing choreography or something ?


Jake, how long have you been doing this?


It's the cat stance for me. Especially when trying to get it low. Great job man, enjoyed the camera work as well.


make snake style kungfu

Aldyn Ortega

Beautiful Kung Fu, great video.

myles Wu

i thought @2:34 it was a praying mantis stance.


I love the dance / choreography element to it. Beautiful

The Hand Turkey

The first one you are literally restricting all motion and a kick between the legs is easy


1 is not horse stance it is mafu and 2 one is kung fu 3 one is shi fou

Michael Tsagarelis

great video as always.

Nick Huerta

are u sure these are COMBAT stances because i dont think i would do well in a fight from doing these. Just my opinion


Holy crap you're at the Lakes! Thats basically our backyard! Keep up the great vids!

Terrell Dennis

I love the stances, but most of all the BASS SOLO?? sorry guys, I'm a singer/musician.. Anybody know the bassist on this?

Tyru Tenishien

These look dumb but only two suck there were was a to get around it

CadeThe Toad

I probably will never use any of those


Can you make a video about crouch stance training like horse stance video you made

Erik Langos

Maybe the most revealing video yet. It shows that you have no Foundation in Kung Fu what so ever. Every stance have flaws. You have no idea what use they have or how to practice them. I sincerely feel sorry for every single one of your students and anyone who spend money on a tape or online lesson. Sincerely.

Komlem Mladen

Hi Jake,please can you make a video about Mawashi geri.All greetings

Wallasse Valero

gostei muito

My Penis is unbelievably small, but

So today I was in a street fight and I did the horse stance... long story short I lost


manequin challenge

CadeThe Toad

And I really like your videos they have really helped me to get active

Aminah Myers

is this southern style?

Vikas Kumar

very nice and good video as you are always making videos

Charles Huynh

I know these because I do Kung fu


The hardest stances are horse and bird stance

Uks,sksms Beaslekswd

no mantis? oki

muay thai for life

the onlything good in this video is the back ground

thewarheroh 20

on the number eight the guy looks like he's humping something


Are you gonna do a video on your garden yet maybe an arm workout

weasel peniz

Its a shame you dont know good kung fu, seems like youre keen to do the work. Go find a good sifu man and youll be away

CadeThe Toad

Ok I'll try them but I really like Crain tiger and viper stants

Tasos M.


Obnoxious Trends

i would love to see him use these stances in a real fight

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

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can i use these even though i dont do kung fu?

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu COMBAT STANCES. These are my favorite 10 Combat Stances from Chinese Kung Fu also called Shaolin Kung Fu or Gong Fu. The List of Kung Fu Stances is Below:

1. Horse Stance - Mǎ Bù 馬步
2. Bow Stance - Gōng Bù 弓步
3. Cat Stance - Xuán Jī Bù 玄機步
4. Jade Ring Stance - Yù Huán Bù 玉环步
5. Monkey Stance - Hóu Bù 猴步
6. 7 Star Stance - Tūn Bù 吞步
7. Bird Stance - Niǎo Bù 鸟步
8. Front Split or Forward Splits - Qián Pī Tuǐ 前劈腿
9. Tai Chi Standing Meditation Holding Ball - Zhàn Zhuāng 站庄
10. Bat Stance - Biān Fú Bù 蝙蝠步



And where the dragon style ?

Mat J

The whole time I was imagining a parody of this, where I'm in horse stance and by the time the camera comes back around to my face I'm already crying after holding it too long. Haha.
Nice video though, especially liked having the pinyin and characters to match! Thanks! :)

Nathan Boyer

#9 fav, easiest to hold. Horse stance--hardest, as in feel more of a burn than the others, although Splint stance--impossible for me. Need to work on that one...

James Billingsley

can you do a episode on katanas

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

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mr. jinks

Jake...love your vids! You are extremely skilled. Was wondering if you ever heard of Alan Lee's Kung Fu Wu Su system? I studied it many years ago. Thanks.

thewarheroh 20

have you noticed that on number nine it looks like he's humping something


I may be ignorant, but this stances doesnt look very efficient. More like you are looked into one position.

Mo A.


Thai Express

Ma bu is wrong

Sam Deacon

Thanks so much this was great practice for my gesture drawing! (not the best but only been drawing a couple of months)

Amazing 3d rotation really helps ??


nyc lee

That's 7 star mantis???


Could you do a vid on the practical purposes behind stances? The why. There defensive, offensive and movement logic. I know some stances are transitional.

anime obsession

I like the cat stance


I remember these were in mortal Kombat


I think the awesome demonstrator is a former practitioner of Taolu... a more acrobatic-oriented school of modern Wushu..
Every stance seems nearly prefect.with a bit overstretch and less combat ready...

Anthony Hopkin

Hi Jake - nice video, as always. Only thing, your jade ring stance looks nothing like the one I was taught (20+ yrs ago) which was also then called the 'three footed' stance.
Jade ring wasn't any variation on the bow stance.
'Back in the day' we used to start every session of KF with 30-40 mins of 'basic stances' in three sets. From hard to killer ;¬)} Then it would be strength and flexibility (with some sparring) and then, finally, forms, weapons etc...
Keep up the great work! Basic stances are the way it was (and is still I hope?) taught in China

James Willie

I’ve never seen someone go down that far during a horse stance.

funky 4 days and day's

your stances look great. if you have weak legs these stances will expose u quick. good work.

Ignis Immensus



As a person who admire Kung Fu but have not a slightest idea about it, I gotta say some of these look ridiculous, useless and extremely unpractical.
But as I said I know nothing about Kung Fu.

Avatar Yangchen

Nice stream/lake in the background, and even better video! :) :P

nyc lee

Jade ring stance????bird stance??? shaolindo


Hey Jake your videos are awesome check my videos, and please let me know when you are doing a new video on your garden.????????

Darrien pennington

ya'know this is very important for me. I need a reference of the stances for good measure. next I'd like to see application of the stances. please and thank you :-)

Marki Present


Marcia Twiggy

When you think of the cat stance as a cat its not as cool??


Is called... "Taking a dump stance"


Nobody fights in those stances hence those are not "combat stances". In fact in authentic kung-fu they are used either to symbolize a hidden kick ie a knee kick(such as is the case with most Deng Shan Shi/GongBu postures in taolus) or to emphasize a tactical principle (ex: Han Ji Shi posture >> strategic principle of decreasing the contact surface during a fight, principle which is also used in modern day boxing). No kung-fu master would ever use those in a fight except maybe in a movie.

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace

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Tapan chandra Chandra

Whice is better for street please tell me sir


How's the golf game Jake? Did you give up on your dream of playing on the PGA tour?


You are SO flexible, Jake!
I have got to practice this stuff so I can get more flexible too!

Staff fighting poses

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Wizard Action Poses

1 821 views | 4 May. 2020

This video shows you how

This video shows you how to draw a variety of wizard action poses. The character is simple, so you can adapt him to any character you like, male or female.

Music: Willow and the Light by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4628-willow-and-the-light

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Intro animation by Matt L. His Instagram: @maftidoesstuff

Frank Watson

Can you do a hand to hand poses


Cool, I will try to draw it

Mahendra deepthinath 23

Hey love ur vids can u do hand combat poses

Dennis Lund

I like this kinda videos. So plz do more poses videos thank you?

Dino _EKK

Who else is from SMS

lexi zhu

Love the intro