Oldest american coin

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Top 10 Rarest And Most Valuable American Coins

69 395 views | 26 Jun. 2019

Here is where I got the

Here is where I got the list and the pictures: https://www.myroadtowealthandfreedom.com/top-10-rare-american-coins/

Thanks for watching!

Riaz Uddin

I have a coin of 1796 if anyone can take it, you can message me

حميد افكروش


Yusely Verdecia

How do I sell 0ne

حميد افكروش

Andiana 2002

Takdir Syahputra

I have ten d 1893 from in indonesia

Allimuthu Boojan

I have some of those

Ashok Kumar

Switzerland Helvetia coin L1935B 20fr gold indian price

Khairy Hairy67

Coin Edward VII king & emperor 1904

Salman Khan

I have one dollor 1865 for sale ma watsap numbar 03161840526 in pakistan

Fatima Villalta


Rosemarie Stafford

I have 1804 1 dollar where I will sell it

عبدالناصر مفتاح جابر جابر

يوجد عندي عمله عمرها ١٣٠٠سنه. ماهذي العمله الذي تعرضها انه حديثه

Benedicto, Jr Bonzon

Nice video

Rafeeksafrin Safrin


Dilipbhai Kharadi

AAP iandian lengve hindi banaye ple

Fatima Villalta



Nice video ?? interesting


Very nice coins, nice video.!!!

Lakhan Rathod

Watshap no 9834153679

Rully Ichsan

I have a 1906 1oz,fine silver-1dolar and a 1981 Quarter Dollar. From Indonesia.

Annita Baisden

Does anyone know how I can get a list of or may know how I could contact someone about an auction ?

Shipon Khan

Ama kace vaiyar ace jodi karo kace ..1794 emon doroner coin thake tahole amar sathe katha bolen...01676272181 ata amar imo number

Mourad Marketer

مرحباً ، أنا أبيع
العملات القديمة والنيازك:

Fatima Villalta


Fatima Villalta


Fatima Villalta


Bebie Nantes

1-20centimes 1963 coin

Ui Oj

Whether to buy silver coin 1804

Praveen Kumar

I have a coin of George King V of England and a Nepali coin ,I want to sale them .


Whatsapp,0106660620, old coin king edward and empero,1804 for sale

The Great British Coin Hunt

interesting video, thanks for sharing

Mithun Mevda

I have a 1795 1 dollar ,where I sell it

Les couleur des yeux Les plus Rare

Majestät the only one, Eror .Valeu.


حميد افكروش


Big Coin

Very nice coins?❤

Cataclysmic Squad

I guess I'm rich now....

King Been

Take my firstborn child


I have this trade coin wtffff

Martin Hernandez

Tengo una del ano 1889 cuanto. Vale en el mercado

Janice Almaden

I have 1221gold coin
How rare it is?

Les couleur des yeux Les plus Rare

Majestät the only one. Eror valeu .

Nour Nour Moustapha

عند وحدة من هادو للمهتمين اتصل



Rodney Kemp

I can buy all these coins from china

Bharat Prajapati

By this type I have many coins from the Mughals, Queen Victoria, you connect me, I want to send you

Bebie Nantes

i have 2- 20pence coins 1983 and 1987 for sale.09179593090

Takdir Syahputra

I have twenty dollar 1904

Bharat Prajapati

Rick I have a lot of old coins I want to sell between Queen Victoria of Ram Darbar and the Mughals, please


Nice video Thanks

Cm Ort

Bull shiiiittttt

Dan's diohrah official

Go to my channel pink squad and sub also sub for more videos

Amir Al-katib

2:45 Why does it say IN-GOD-WE-TPUST ? :s

warwar Khaing


Rafeeksafrin Safrin

WHATAPP ME +918111085015

Oldest american coin

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Oldest Coin Ever Found In America | You have to see it to believe it!

10 565 views | 3 Mar. 2019

Quite possibly the oldest

Quite possibly the oldest coin ever found in America was found with a metal detector. ?????? Finding GOLD Everywhere ➡️https://youtu.be/LDBqMOBg0b0 Three years ago, a Ptolomaic Egyptian hammered bronze coin was discovered by Mike Knobl while metal detecting on the East Coast of the United States. Minted by the Egyptian King Ptolomy III Euergetes in the years 246-221 BC, how it ended up in North America is still a mystery to this day. When you have ancient coins, especially a 2300 year old coin found in American soil, its a pretty big deal. This rare coin was an incredible treasure hunting find. This episode of The Weekly Dirt includes jewelry returns, international relics, and artifacts from the American Civil War.

The Weekly Dirt is a weekly review of some of my favorite metal detecting channels on YouTube and a showcase of their discoveries found using a metal detector . New episodes are posted every Sunday and are brought to you by Adventures In Dirt. Come end your week with me and the Weekly Dirt.

Please take a look and visit the following channels that are featured in this episode. Listed in order of appearance:

Michael Oliver


Mike Knobl Diggin'


Indiana Joe







Hopeus Maximus


Dig Dogs


Damage Control -DMG


Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt


WWATS Rendevous 2019


The Weekly Dirt and Adventures In Dirt Tee Shirts and Swag ... http://adventuresindirt.com/shop/

Thank you to all these channels for creating great content and being awesome ambassadors to our hobby. Keep digging and happy hunting out there.

Subscribe for more treasure, finds, events, history, and adventure:


Adventures In Dirt Info:

Contact: [email protected]

Business inquiries: [email protected]

History Hound Detecting

Great video! Nice to see the diggers and finds from around the globe! Appreciate all you do for the hobby!

Madison Maine

Ken its not nice showing Michael Oliver on the beach in the sun and warm weather when a lot of us are still hibernating. Great weakly dirt. HH??

Potter County Diggers

Thanks DK! Another good one.


gotta wonder about the "History of the Americas " we have been taught.

Martyisnuts Aboutdiggin and coins.

only thing i'm diggin is snow

Scott Seiberlich

Love what you do Sir !!! Keep em coming ??


Oops, someone got into Daddys coin collection.

Brice Young

Now that's an intro. Congrats on you coin win.

Vincent Suarez

I have a coin face is Leon yrs 1432

Mary Terrell

shut up


You never stop amazing me DK. I know I can count in you to find the best of the best and put it here on The Weekly Dirt so that we can catch up with our community,

Mike Knobl Diggin'

That coin was amazing to find. And I featured it in a couple other videos on my channel, Mike "Knobl Diggin' ". Thank you very much for bringing this one back to light DK!

Wendy Jones

Congrats on your find

Hee Haw

Pretty wild stuff going on out there. Enjoyed watching ?

Faisal Fz


Kelly Gagne

Dk check out West Country Clegg in the Uk. I'd love to know how that old coin made it to U.S. soil. If I found a coin like that I'd be back checking the history of the area. I think that is what makes this hobby so great, the back story behind the finds.

David Levine

Awesome episode - thanks for spending all the time to put these together for us!

5280 Adventures

Wow amazing finds and some new channels that I havent seen yet! Thanks for your show DK.

Jeff Nelson

Wow!!! Ancient history on U.S. soil. As always thanks for all you do for the detecting community.

Lincoln Central Coins

Thanks for Sharing my friend

Randolph Relic Recovery

I watch every vid Mike posts.

David Traves

A kid must of lost his dad's coin

Sara Corle

My brother found a silver penny from 182-something

Past Masters

Unreal! I just subbed ??


I found 2 Roman bronze coins in a school yard. figured son kid got into hid dads collection.

SniperSd Sid

fuck American and new English coins they are worthless now a aday to a point lol i like real old coins more then more modern coins lol but what is a Greek doing doing in the americas ? lol the story behind it maybe cool but we never know ;p ./

Jus’ Dirt Fishin’

Hello DK

Digging D Find

I don't know how you find the time to put together, week after week, such a great episode. It truly is amazing. I personally can't thank you enough and I don't want to know what life on YouTube would be like without The Weekly Dirt. Thanks again DK, really appreciated.


Super awesome episode. Thank you for sharing. Happy Hunting Everyone. ?????

Damage Control -DMG

I appreciate the mention. I am having a giveaway, yes, but I am having a BLAST with this YouTube channel. Thanks again, I did Subscribe here and hope to see you all on my next hunt!

Papa Spin



Is an ancient Greek coin ''ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ''

Dig Dogs

Awesome finds in this weeks show. Unbelievable finds and a lot of great people. Thanks for sharing...Ron


CAREFUL!! >> https://youtu.be/955bplnPwi4?t=366

Hoosier Hillbilly22

Great job DK! Some amazing finds and channels showcased in this weeks episode. Keep it coming man.

Scott Wasik

Sell this

Adventures In Dirt

Watch this next: Those Finds of a Lifetime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT4nF3XBhpE&list=PLsH14GYOyOeX9Ul6R9HiPmEYIGKvm6Gp8&index=1&t=0s

Tough Run Metal Detecting

I can't believe how big that bronze greek coin was! What a killer find. Great stuff all around. Thanks for sharing!

Finding America

Great show as always Ken. That was one nice hunk of coinage Mike dug up. Thanks again for what you do for the YT and metal detecting communities. ATB Greg


I’m digging this channel

Dog is my co-pirate. Relic hunting montana

Wow wow wow wow!

b o b a p a r f a i t

I’m trying to collect coins. So far my oldest coin is from 1941.

Nuggetbrain Peterson

We dig it all treasures are our passion

Dumpsite Digger

Wow Awesome ... the clips were great , Mike is awesome ... great week Take care DK

TincupTim Metal Detecting

You always do such a great editing job DK! More great detectorists again this week! Heading over to check out Knobls coin next! Congrats on the finds guy's! Good job DK! GL & HH everyone!

Missouri Mike

As always another great show D.K. keep em coming Missouri Mike

Peedee Sanddigger


Jack Gentry

Hello I’m
New to the channel! Can you suggest a beginning detector? I’m not afraid to spend so I want a good one. Also maybe something to read about how to start? Thank you!

Lego Videos For Kids

Bro I have a rare coin at 1736 but I don’t have a video of me finding it

Great U.S. Treasure Hunt

That greek coin was amazing! Ptolemy III was "the" Cleopatra's fifth-great-grandfather! (There were a lot of Cleopatra's but "the" Cleopatra is the one in the movies.)

MD Melbourne

Great work DK ..
it's great to see what the community is up too world wide...thanks for sharing brother GL &HH jim ?

Mark Kus

I found 2 of those coins!?

The life and times of Barney Taylor

Far out I want to find the next oldest coin ? see you later Brother and thank you I saw that you donated a metal detector for Jb ,that is a very cool thing you did .proves my point your awesome ??

Peedee Sanddigger

Sub some new channels, thanks DK. I got a few videos out, check them out. Thanks agin.

Philip Callicoat

Could be a burglar stole it from someone's coin collection and ditched it...If the cops found it in his possession; game over.

Flthunder Diggin' w/ Rob!

Ken, another incredible episode. WOW, that ancient coin was unreal!!!

Joe Brown

Amazing coin find. Always a great show DK.


that's incredible . to find it at all is amazing . to find it in the US is downright crazy .
wonder what that's worth .

Markus Rennelius

thats a chinese greek coin

Cain Beeping

Great shoutouts brother thanks for sharing. Good luck and happy hunting


Great show !!!!


Awesome Chanel s awesome finds, cool episode buddy

Robin Turnham

Hoover boys is a good metal detecting channel


skip past to 4:30 to see the coin

Diggin With Deej

Very nice show DK! Can't wait to see next week if you know what I mean!

Gene Green

I really enjoy your show perhaps you could check out this young guy from Kentucky who is temporarily in my home state of Ohio n give him a shout out he goes by the channel of Square Nail Squirrel thank you Sir

Indiana Joe

Slt l ami video au top et un grand merci à toi pour être passé dans ta chaîne. C super cool merci vraiment ?????☺️☺️☺️ a bientôt mon ami. ? Indiana Joe

charlie Alleman

Amazing. How did that ancient coin end up in the U.S?

J Three B

It was a great night for sure, Mike did a great job. And thank you for your donations DK You are AWESOME!!!!! And great episode this week!


Another great show enjoyed watching as always. some good channels and vids there DK .Nice work buddy ?????

General Dighole

I really like this channel . I appreciate the hard work put into this great channel .


Good show bud. Never disappointing.

Oldest american coin

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Pawn Stars: 3 Coins That Cost a Lot | History

3 152 689 views | 8 Aug. 2018

Rick and Corey try to make

Rick and Corey try to make heads or tails of the value of a handful of rare coins in this Pawn Stars compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison

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P.C. Lalramsanga

They are in business, i understand, but they always manipulate, they always ask ka mid of the price, coz they got the money in cash..they understand ka psychological of human mind..they said they donna take advantage they always do ?

Khan Afridi

Main bhi to Queens American 1991...

Gil Vand

They always have to have to price lowAF to make up for all the screwups they've had


Corey is as stingy as the Old Man.

Landen Landen

You know the appraisers aren't actually real


Pawn shops are hyenas ..they want to "eat" as much as they can off your backs and leave You with as least as possible..so no matter how funny Rick ,Corey, chum are and how they put on a "human face" during the negociations , never forget their only objective is to get rich by trying to take advantage as much as possible of their clients..
Not judging just stating..


800-1100, the gold should be worth more than that.???

Ahad kidwai

I have a rare coin


sales history not listings

Jeff Veron

I have a rare car worth $65,000. Can I sell it to you for $28,000?

Timothy Davis

Ricks go to "I'm taking all the risks here" so $2.75 thats as high as I can go."

dedi afriadi

Hallo ... Guys, how can i Contact you .... I want to show something!

Maxy Mnbl

This pawn stars are all scammers, will never go in there and selling anything bro them very greedy

luna contreras

This was great, I have been researching "how to coin collect" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Wonenry Sonucas Approach - (just google it )? It is a great one of a kind product for uncovering a proven options trading method to get fast results minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate at last got amazing success with it.

Jim Conaty

Who in their right mind would take anything to a pawn shop to sell it. Especially pawn stars. They are without a doubt trying to rip you off. Always with half assed excuses why they won't pay what the item is worth. excuses

Ken Caisse

“Things can come up, I end up
Assuming all the rest” ? scammer

reysork tasong

I need a buyer for my old coins

Kelsie Auger

❤❤❤❤❤❤ my fav the history and pricing I collect coins old Canadian coins it's a blast .


The 3rd guy with the silver doller is has been checked n the show many times he was the one who sold out he old man bags of silver in the last season for 115 thousand dollars and a months later he is haggling of 400 bucks such a staged show

OSCAR Martinez

They make it seem to eazy fake

Greg Mace

Another person screwed!

Piedad Stoffel

He should have got 10,000 for it

reysork tasong

Good morning sir I have an old coin , 1972 and 1974 PHILIPPINES Marcos time

Jacob Lalmuanpuia

The store fake experts are trash

Duong Quach

I also have many coins like that

Sergej Keser

I love how when I watched this show as a kid, I always tought that (for example) 200-500 dollars for something people found randomly was A LOT of money. Now when I am actually working for a living I realise how insegnificant that money really is...

JoseLuis MariscalReyes



Sir I have 2000 d Sacagawea 1 doler 17 star coin

peter weiss

The covid 19. Is spreading out

Evil blaze crew !

Gota frame it knocks 7 thousand off
Has 10000 frames in the back

Alex Xander

Nice fingernails Corey you gross SOB. By the way, stop being such a jerk to your customers.

Sultan king


Misael Dignos

Sir good-evning. I have 1897 Alfonso silver coin. How much of this? And also I have a coins of any other country. F you are interested sir, just add me of my FB account, and I will sent you in messenger.

Sabeniano Galopa

I like pawn star..

Mc David Caparas

Liberty 1964 D. I can sell. How much

Vinay, gaming

I want to sale Indian coin old rare coin


500 isn’t bad for that trade dollar, a regular au50 straight grade sells for about $450.

Camp Krusty

Bro he should of asked for 10 grand or leave

Ed Bennett

Can I get change for a dollar
Rick: let me call someone to see if it’s real first

kurda slemani

That decadrachm is wayyyyy more valuable specially in that condition, it at least 150k or more..

Chris Russo

LOL, putting Jesus on a gold coin says it all

Piedad Stoffel

That guy was hard up to sell that coin for 8000

thiru Mahadevan

I have lincoln coine year 1975/1974/1964/1958/1992/ how much value sir

JoseLuis MariscalReyes


fadaa zahira


Jack Boyer

More people should tell them where they should shove there low offers. That's why they are so wealthy all pawn shops are rip offs

Ghulam Mustafa

I have a coin 1400 year old almadinashereef

Sean Kashiwara

Hog Riding Hoss has insulted the pez community.

jrizzle drizzle

And straight back to the casino they go

Deepak* Tiwari

Sir I have a 1989 D one cent liberty coin
Can you say her price


This show should be called "rob someone legally"

Pinoy Bassist

3:51 the nails tho ?

kamrol kamrol

My have old coin of American 1sen penny 1968.1962.1990.1988.1944. I went to seel you call me.0166467037

Jho Hagino

Hi , i have so many coins collection ,i want to sell some will u help me ?

Renan Tolo

Sir if you like to own a 1975 dime you can find me in facebook Philippines coz I'm a pilipino but I got this coz tita stay in new jersey almost 30years

Dinesh Rajpurohit

Good skripted show

Jovil Viola

I have here one dollar coin 1776 to 1976 please help me how to sell this.. Thank you God bless you.

Raju Bharvad

I have 1 dollars coin 1851 Indian hed coin

Edward j j

P.C.G.S still exist today Just get them coins grading and take them out to the action Much better results then Papa John's Pawn shop

Marissa Durban

Can i sale..??thank you..


More people get screwed in that shop than in all the brothels in Nevada.............

Muanpuia B.K OryiNn

Why Russian man is very Russian.

Orly Francis

I have a 1804 liberty how. Much buying

Roz Sa

I can't stand it when someone says their bottom line is a number and then they accept much much less. Feels like these are rehearsed.

Md Ali

Mare pass coin aur note hai mujhe achchi buyer ka number do mara number 8777306506

Vijay Thakor


gabby guanco

For all those who doesnt know what a pawnshop is. Pawnshop will never pay the right price because they will also sell it. He got robbed. That guy that robbed. Funny how lots of people say that. They are stupid for selling it in a pawshop thats what they are ahahaha

Berlinda Moustafa

What that guy do ? Run to the pawn shop .

Mick’s Automatic Contradiction

Corey.. “can you sell it to your computer” ????

Illyria Ancient Treasure Hunt Archeology


Leonora Joaquin

I have 13 Jose rizal 1972 1974 1 centavo United state of America 13 pieces quarter dollar

Dave Mohan

People are really stupid to go there

Eric StormDragon

The chop mark was added by a merchant after determining that the coin was good silver, genuine, so if the coin came back around in commerce the merchant would not have to check it twice. The mark was his approval of the coin. Edit: It is not damaged, it is part of the history. However some collectors are looking for coins without chop marks for their sets.

Life in the 413

The 3rd guy was on before, he had a ton of silver.

kevin ryder

Love the way rick handling rare coins with his fingers

Eric & Colleen Trinkle

Pawn Stars are ripoff artists

Sumit Sancheti

Why do i get so happy when rick gets robbed. ???

I amcarbonandotherbits.

Can see now why Ricks got no hair, seems every day he's taking risk after risk, after risk.

Delia Garcia

1969 penny cion it sell 1 pcs

Spencer David

“Were you able to sell it to your computer” lol


Welcome to the “I’m assuming all the risk” show.

king james488

"there's a debate on if part of the history of the coin I just told you is damage or part of the history of the coin."

Brandon Stephens

L.A./SD Chargers ⚡?? Superbowl 29


Were you able to sell it to your computer?
Computer says No.

Danilo Somera

sir good evening howrare d one dollar coin of usa a during d 14th president franklin fierce ayear of 1853 to 1857

Eric StormDragon

I have that second, Byzantine coin. Wish is was worth a grand.

Rob C.

Uhh This is pretty amazing...

ww2 history boii

I don't understand how Rick always pulls the "I gotta send it off" it doesn't take 5,000 to send a coin to PCGS its a few hundred at most

Chip Reuter

The Byzantine coin symbolizes that both Constantine and Jesus Christ got along famously with Mr. Brown...


I would like to know the story as to why that coin wound up in the spine of a book....

Javed Akhtar yaden

I have 3 such one cent coins 1971.1985.2001

Gerald Acompañado

Hi hello their rick , I sell the 2004 1piso error coins.its rare ,that coin is only one since 1993 .when look like their no others.



Mark Evans

Big hoss makes me ill.




Hello ?

Marissa Durban

Hallo 1776 1976 one dollar..united states of america..

james lodoe

I have old Tibetan silver coin...

gabby guanco

If you want fair price go sell it yourself. Not in a pawnshop. I mean its a pawnshop what do you expect?

Brandy Y

Have any of these people tried to sell at one of the online auctions instead of a pawn shop? I mean you can send them a pic online