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Johnny Depp RUINS the MEDIA; "getting even" BACKFIRES and WRECKS them!

42 871 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Johnny Depp RUINS the

Johnny Depp RUINS the MEDIA; "getting even" BACKFIRES and WRECKS them!

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Mike deGruchy

So tired of the lack of integrity in the media.

Stormer the misfits

Ouch!. That hurt for wacko media.


They made that article to smear him further.


I wish these activist clowns pretending to be journalists could be sued for every bullshit hit piece they run, they've turned their profession into an absolute joke. They think their opinions are somehow fact and count as news because the rest of the npc media parrot the same bs.

Tish Smiddy

Shame on y’all people are out of work loosing there homes and your talking about a Movie

Chad Plourde

So who's really after depp that wants to see him fail so bad when he's an actual victim who's behind the negative media

Maria Palomba

There’s lock down . Theatres are closed in this country. Whereas we could still buying sauvage, we can’t buy a ticket to see the movie.


The slow decay and defeat of a women in divorce court. -I love it!
Same as my own divorce the bitch thought she could say and do anything till the third appeal where the judge FINALLY asked her some critical questions and her whole case blew up in her face.


Sadly I won't be able to see it on Cinema thanks to all Cinemas here being closed.. -_-

Christine Alphen

It really very clear that NYT is a trash newspaper, just like the Scum newspaper in England. They are disgusting. Just another newspaper that lies and lies. Sadly people waste their money on this rubbish when it’s only good for toilet paper!

Morgen Glende-Michalski

I mean we all know the media is manipulative, dramatic, and bitchy, but this crossed a line. Depp is an amazing actor, a very respectable person, he’s done so much for charities, I mean come on his character is shining like gold. Fuck the media for their dramatic retaliation


15k and the movie isn’t out yet? Wow that Depp character sure sounds bankable.

Angela Richter

It works if you don't think about it. Just #believeallhashtags

Linda Ellingsen

You doing such a Great job putting in right! ? Thank you ?? greetings from the Norwegian bot ?


Journalists aren't supposed to become part of the story.

smokey 55

How could big reporter like nypost not do research first.... How much amber team pay them...?

Andre Boon

And here we are discussing this crap when that's exactly what these idiots want.

Hearts in Disneyworld

Depp fans are the reason I dont support him anymore. I'm gonna spam yoiur comments until you all stop sending abuse towards the fantastic beasts films the cast and crew!!

Pinky Bear74

we support him

colin ewan

If todays journalist's .... or better still urinalist's spent less on twitter spouting SJW crap, badmouthing fandoms & gamers, then they might have thought of doing some research for their hit-piece. Who know's they might even have been able to produce some journalism.
When youtubers are able to with a bit of common sense and following up on the facts, what else can they expect?

Helder Santos

Im just surprised how these "jornalists" are not held acountable for what they write... even their bosses concern about credibility on magazine... if i call someone a douche (even if true) going to court

Belle Melvaine

So Johnny Depp’s movie made 15k without even being released? Talk about a money maker! Bet WB and Disney are kicking themselves now!

Christine Lim

It seems that these media is being paid by the Turd. That or they just realized that people can see their lies and biases

Donna Poskitt

Hey there TUG, omg they just dont let up do they? They're so full of crap. Its quite obviously not out were in the middle of a pandemic! Dunno bout you TUG, but no idea when I'll be able to go to cinema again. I've just had my 1st vaccine. These people are pathetic ?✌

Celine Appeldoorn

Johnny never made movies for the money, he always makes movies not for the big boxoffice,but karakters he likes to play, his best movies never were mainsteam. And made lots off money after years,
Keep on the good work, ?

Patricia Barrera

How the media controls this, or any other narrative, is a disservice to our society with significant consequences.

Jenesis lopez

I was googling the movie as well when I saw that add. They are so silly if it was playing the would have given free promotion. ❤️❤️❤️ Johnny Depp


Flexing on them haters, and I see them in the dislikes!!????

Linda Cundiff

Covid took a dive for business but everyone closed because of a fake plandemic


Wow, can't wait to watch Johnny Depp's new film, ???

Jan Coomes

Frishberg you should absolutely be fired! What a made up lying piece of crap article. You totally made this whole thing up to hurt Johnny Depp and his millions of loyal fans- including me!!! Shame on you! ?

Rosemary Howard

Excuse me we're in a quarantine how are people supposed to be going to a movie


This video is painful to watch.

Karolina Karnkowska

I love your accent (and the content of this channelof course:), it's like Matthew McConaughey's (Texas, right? Forgive my European ears if I'm wrong) keep up the good work ? in the face of all the evidence JD's team presented and lack thereof from the other party the fact that this farse drags on is a disgrace to the justice system...This is an example of how feminism went wrong - a mere fact of being a woman a puts you in a privileged position and instead of having to prove him guilty first and then imposing the consequences, he is the one having to prove his innocence while suffering all the backlash because media already decided what happened. You are being the victim and they paint u as a perpetrator while the whole world is watching...Can't imagine the stress of sth like that while being in a public eye like he is and it's not just him, he has family as well...

Snake Friesia

some people just NEVER learn they are supporting the wrong case, in this case This idot writer supporting Amber Heard


Did AH pay him lol?

SoulsBorne Geralt

I'm watching this movie just to stick it up to these media channels... Lets fight the steal brothers and sisters

Daisy Rain

Justice for Johnny; due process goes both ways?

Pinky Bear74

imbred much?

Big Toblerone

It's crazy they can even get away with lie after lie like this.

Thunderbolt Wisdom

Johnny keep the heid. ✌️
This'll all be over one day and you will prevail over the evil dragon Anger Turd. Then you can have the last laugh. Mwaahahaha! ????????

Ian Mckinney

Many not all....................


The media isn't trustworthy.

Sanni Mcgourty

Do not mess with this chick

Sanni Mcgourty

Ever heard of me watch me rise

Gus Spur

they are just panicing now that they are proven false ....classic


Well, we found someone who is clearly living in a fantasy...

Linda Cundiff

The media is always lying shut down the media

Clayton Parris

Johnny might as well run for president after all this is said and done because almost everyone is behind him 100% Its all about the support of the people that make him a bankable commodity.


Id really like these internet bullies to be held accountable for all the lies they spread.

XdhD Xd

Media News (fake people) they laying wors then Pinokio ?‍♂️ if they have nose like Pinokio it would be longer then Universe for all laying they speak for Johnny Deep, Nummer of sick people from Corona virus and more and more lying ? . Don't believe most of what they said ?‍♂️


I can’t stand that Nameless Party

Miah Beighley

The media has been lying for years to us!! Boycott all fake news!!


I just recently watched Inglorious Basterds and I got an idea for these media pricks. Carve a swastika into their foreheads and see how many people read their articles. Make an example of them.

Didier Favre

JD is an embarrassment to the narrative. Its defenders are ready to jump on any wagon that could stick to him. AH is the victim and any dissenting opinion is -ist and -phobe. Therefore they have to be cancelled.

We are witnessing cancel culture at work. I hate to admit its efficiency. It is based on strong feelings like hate, contempt, blind faith. The assertiveness of the declarations made them believable. Reality comes far behind the feelings. If reality is canceled, feelings are free to roar and it’s often ugly. That’s cancel culture at work.

It takes work to dismantle it and showing its wrongness is often useless because it’s based upon facts (in the old meaning of the word, I.e. annoying and sourced with a strong reality based context) and they do not touch feelings or can be easily dismissed for that same reason.

The end result of a checked information (I mean the old way of doing it) and the gossip is the same amount of knowledge with much more less work in the second case to get it. It’s a great disadvantage for reality based people.

MSM has the « we’re the pros in the information business » or « we’re the authoritative sources of information ». It’s embarrassing to be denied that by facts. So, first step is denial. AH did give her money to charities. JD says no it’s a lie or a baseless accusation. Second step is rage. JD proves his point. He has to be an evil person and anything he does is bad. Third step is despair. They’re not that for aport from AH. Fourth step is moving on. No one is there now.

A great advantage for that slander is the protection big corporates can get from it. Their narrative « believe the victim » and it’s always a woman and the « we are the good ones » profit from that. The diviseness of the whole thing is also protected.

He is on the frontline. You’re on his back. I appreciate.

Martina Breda

Just so that you know. NEW YORK POST is a scam news website. It is 90% fake news.

Gawani Whitecrow

Non native merry cans are really odd in thier deifying of actors. Speaks to falseness and ego unfortunately, big shame. They should stick to thier Judaism routes.

Kat Kas

Even if the man isn't a "marketable commodity" he is a human being. What is wrong with these people?


Really doesn't matter in the end nobody trust Western mainstream media. Anything in everything they say you can pretty much consider the truth is the exact opposite.

Seeking Perspective

I just don't understand why so MANY higher ups are SO invested in her. Makes me wonder if they all have ties to Marina Abrovavic like the nameless person does.

janet airey

Please - I want to know when in NZ movies or any other way.. it looks excellent

Julian Carmichael

If it was out we all would have seen. Disgraceful, shady and underhand, rule one from the nameless one's play book though:- Rule 1.....Lie

Wendy Bryant

Justice for Johnny ❤️

jennifer bailey

Johnny depp ??? he's a legend

Killing Joke

He's a fallen star even though he's still making and acting in films and there's more to come and also has done neumerous tours and recording with his band.....yeah what failure!! Lol what's Amber done? nothing but coke-alcohol-adderall-mushrooms and LSD? ???

anna s.b

honestly i'm so frustrated that I live in Iran rn because I can't support Johnny and see his movie.

Dana Sa

This is classic identity politics. The far left are trying very hard to distort reality.


I don't go to movies, had no idea this film existed. Might go see it now.


Are there any movie theaters open to begin with????

kayes yeas

I didnt know Johnny even had a new film coming. And you better be damn as hell sure ima watching

Fox McQwerty

johnny depp is a fallen star.... like a morningstar? johnny morningstar.

Justa Guy

Seems like a pretty clear cut case for Libel and slander here.... Though to be fair I can't remember even hearing about this movie at all to this point. The marketing must be pretty low key.

Mimi B

If standing up for a man who has been falsely accused and had his whole life and career dragged through the mud makes me a fanatic, then so be it. You got me! I'm a fanatic.? I think it's hilarious that by trying to discredit JD and his supporters, they're only discrediting themselves.?

Cersei Sandalwood

So I stand by Depp 100 percent! I feel at this point even if he did slap turd around I would still stand by Him. Turd wont shut up, sometimes a bitch needs slapped about...LMAO The 3.5 million dollar lie is not shocking and turd should get used to being slapped...


It's the movie in cinemas? I couldn't find it in the cinemas of my town!

Ace Giron

Thats kind of NY post. Free advertisement.

Belle Melvaine

If Minamata was released in Australia and New Zealand, where all theatres are open, this movie would have made way more than that, guaranteed, opening weekend. This journo should lose her job!

Rocio Pazos Martinez

Ok, Now when the movie will be in the cinemas in Uk of course I will go to watch it, only because JD is in it, and then they can call me what they want, I will not care.

Westie Wear Dog Kilts

Haha amazing!

Michele Bartlett

These Papers Are In The Habit Of Talking A Lot Of Shit. I Cannot Stomach Them

Sunshine Day

I am a very BIG fan of JD. I am in Georgia and never seen an advertising for this film, and I buy EVERY MOVIE he's in. LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!

A. Westenholz

I think the problem is the low standards (if any) of journalistic reporting in entertainment media. They are in reality nothing but celebrity gossips, who make a name and a career for themselves by having the inside scoop on the latest spicy gossip, right or wrong. Facts don't really matter. The problem is in this case just about everyone in the industry went all in on AH early on because it looked like a hot selling spicy sort of gossip, that they could all report on in that faux self-righteous style. None of them bothered to really question any of it, they were too busy making a career out of it. Now though they are in deep danger of ending up buried in egg. And instead of doing the sensible thing and throwing in the towel, and salvaging what can be done from the situation by at least admitting to perhaps being mistaken, they will deny with their every breath that the ship they are on is taking on water fast and is sinking, choosing to go down with it.
Don't expect anything that even resembles journalism from these people, they never were. They reported gossip, which may or may not have been right. I'm sure people often forgot all the times they got it wrong- even if it did some damage in the meantime.

Raquelle Phillips

I really dislike going to cinemas (too cold, too loud, too uncomfortable) however I will make a point of going to every single film JD releases from now on. I also bought Sauvage, thank you Dior. I will continue to do this, as well as boycott anything with the nameless one involved, not because I'm a fan, although I am, but because I'm a DV survivor too and I recognise the difference between a victim and a perpetrator. AH is not a victim and demonstrates complete contempt for JD, for true survivors, and for the public at large and should be held accountable for this in every way possible.
Thanks for this TUG. Keep up the great work ?

Strawbexxy Faery

Justice for johnny depp!

eTAEreal scenery

Turd better change her name and her face cause she wont be able to go out in public again

Jodi Rambo

What is Heard, making up more lies? Stop Heard, you already lost. Stop the lies.

Am just a nigga widda rocket lawnchair

A movie didn't make money at the box office during this neitzche time in history where box offices are closed????? Wow

Salimah Abd Rahman

I support Johnny.

Joe Walawender

This is a blockbuster hit! When you consider, ALL move theaters are CLOSED! & it still brought in that much. ?‍♂️

Kelly Hayward

I read that article too and I knew it was BS. I don't understand why they keep going after him. Do they REALLY think we believe their biased crap? Do they really think we are ALL so gullible and stupid?! It's an insult! I will pay to see every Johnny Depp movie and will NOT pay to see Amber Heard! Sorry Jason Mamoa. I think you are great. Thank the turd.

Oh my god Becky


I saw this too!!!! Open google chrome on my phone and the first thing i see is a news article saying his “movie tanked”

You know i’m rolling my eyes

Sarah Kat

One thing I never understood is why the CHLA would wait 3 years to reach out to that nameless thing about her lack of donations.
I. Ean it couldn't have come at a more perfect time (maybe that was done on purpose, either way, I thank them)
But why wait so long between installments?


Good thing they tried to smear this film; this is the first time I've heard of "Minimata", and now I will be seeing it when it comes out.


Hm. A movie that haven't been released yet haven't made any money.. I mean, yeah? Makes sense.

Steeljaw XXI

TUG, this is a joke, right? No one in 2021 calls themselves a "journalist" with a single hint of honesty, neutrality, seriousness, or actual pride. Anyone who does, well that's like a 5 year old Eastern European boy in 1964 declaring that he's "proudly an 'A.H. Youth'". The amount of scum in the craw of that once occupation now turned to social media hobby of being desperate for attention hasn't been worth while for at least 5 years or so.


I checked its supposed released date and it was dated for february 21 2020. but there was a quote by MGM "Minamata was not released this past weekend. MGM had postponed the release due to the pandemic and no new date has been set yet." so the idiots are gobbling up the fakenews

Ewa Sadowski

Stupid is as stupid does LOL!

Cindy M

Seriously, they don't even want to give the storyline a fair shake..... I think that looking back at the devastating effects that happened so long ago (through outside eyes) would be quite valuable, in today's day and age. I also believe that Johnny isn't worried about how much money it makes. He never really worried about how much money that a movie made. He would take roles that spoke to him. His true reward is diving into his characters. That's why they always called him quirky. He made tons of money, but he was never chasing it to make more and more. I am positive that he will take more small movie projects and throw himself into them completely. He is timeless. I guess I will also buy the dvd, after it comes out.... which will be after the movie actually opens in theatres. A lot of places still don't have theatres opened up either. Oh wait, that's the excuse that Aquaman 2 is going to use when it doesn't make millions in the first weekend

Eliesteth Rodriguez

The media think , we are stupid lol


Well the title is technically correct. A movie that hasn't came out yet will make less than 15k.

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REALIST NEWS - It's because of Whitedove I was able to pay off my house. Theta $2.78!!

13 496 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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Hey @jsnip4 what is the indicator your using on TradingView?

Daniel Evilsizor

Don’t underestimate the value of peace of mind

sergio rivera

What platform can I buy theta from? Most platforms I’ve looked into don’t have it

George Hart

I still don't know how to buy it watched under 0.10 and couldn't get any hope to learn how before the dump

Samurai 001

Paying off your house with illegitimate means that help usher in the digital fiat mark of the beast system probably feels good now..????

David Davis



Can you talk about how you handled the taxes when you sold theta?


Come on JSnip. The Devil loves to suck people in by providing earthly stuff. It's the same he has done with the celebrities but on a different scale. All he cares about is distracting you from the truth so that you go to Hell in the end. He is the "god of this world" so to speak. Remember he tempted Jesus with such things. How is it we don't learn? Don't let the desire to 'have powers' or 'have wealth' or 'success' blind you from the truth already stated. It's simple but difficult for many to accept.


Can a coin with 1 billion in circulation get much higher?


The grace of gratitude is always heartwarming to see. Also remember Joe, what you were given you also gave to others. So thank you for being one of those voices that got me into Theta and quite possibly intergenerational wealth.

USA First

That is Epic Joe! Congrats!

Zepher 360

THETA will be between 30 - 80 in 2021

Melissa Bush

I am getting so close to paying off my farm! Thank you Jsnip, Whitedove and others. It’s gonna happen (well, if I cashed 90% out I could right now, but have to leave bread in the basket!)

Church Lady

Why does Woowoo dude have a different vision of XRP than Michelle?

Wave Runner

Thank you Joe. I’m a huge fan of TW

Katyas AniWell

Besides those print of them posters, I want those songs on a CD! ?

Provocateur Astrology

How DO we get it? Tgeta


Snip have not noticed any serious scare porn since Saturday. No Trump smashing or throwing supporters in camps or rights taking ......has the military taken over effective Saturday Feb 6th?


Joe where do you buy these crypto’s. Don’t laugh .....but my Webull doesn’t have Theta? ?. Just from another FLA boy



Willy Wonka

Jsnip your a fool! Like the devil won’t buy your soul ? You’ve sold it

El Presidente

Hey @jsnip4, when you say you ask spirit, do you mean your higher self, Holy ghost or your guides?

Duncan Gamble

At some point this year Joe you have to do a crypto karaoke livestream like the good ol' days, they got me through the bear market!


How did you cash out into fiat?

stephen wylie

Hi lad fair play to you now I am going in xrp first stop an xlm next coming from nothing an I mean that ...

Nabi Napster

What a wonderful pledge! Proud of you?

Jim Zen MacKay

You are wise beyond your years, so woke

rex t

For me it was the crypto viewing guys, particularly Hitomi’s remote view on theta that inspired me to buy Theta. Thank you spirit!

Dazben peter

$3.87 ausd

William Thomas

I got in at 30c. Thanks Miss White Dove!

tk bommer

2.84 now!
Im so happy for you Jsnip!!

Tony Bustamante

Congratulations Snippy! Go get 'em

Rafael Reyes

Theta $10 by end of the year.... No way, that's less than 4X from here and we are at the beginning of this super cycle. How about $100 Theta by the end of the year. That seams more realistic to me. LOL

Peter Barning

I still don't know how to get theta...lol

Carrie Bishop

Now that lady was right psychics are like the devil and sneaky they will give you some right readings and a few good things so you believe in psychics but in the end you're toast



Bobby Garner

Theta going to 10 bucks.

Moon Lambo

Bloody Hell Theta @ $2.83

gary rindt

I paid off my house in 2010 the hard way

Church Lady

Yes!!! Love to help Michelle Whitedove too!


Highest 2021 price for THETA will be................$27.13, imo. FREE

Admin Admin

Thank you both!

kiMuni the first Real Crypto Money

Your a legend jsnip


What if.............you did the right thing. Owning your own home is most of the battle


Joe, you can count me in, also. My average cost on the Big T is .235/e. & not selling any of these until it hits $100 or more. SNX, DOT, are treating me well & I have lots of FREE shares of ADA, LINK, XLM, & ZIL so I think I could help out as well. Thank you Michelle & GOD Bless. FREE

Jelly Melodies

You tried to say that feb was gonna be a bad month for theta and to sell off for XRP?????? Good thing i didn’t listen


Chickenbones thrown on batshit is never wrong for those who knows how to read into it.

aII Iivesmatter

whitedove is building the xmen school


pirate chain, monero thats where you will never be tracked by the establishment. way better!

Mary Jo Ognibene



Can anybody tell me what she has said or is saying about dogecoin


Theta 2.85

Josh L.

You are meeting the definition of the following. Market manipulation is the act of artificially inflating or deflating the price of a security or otherwise influencing the behavior of the market for personal gain. You should stop while you're a head.. before someone reports you and all your Patreon members to the SEC for organized manipulation of crypto assets like theta and xrp.

Denise Groves

I wish I had been following you back then, LOL! BUT it is all ok bc I am now!!!!! :) I get whitedove's patreon and I highly recommend it!!!!

Steven Lattimer


Abbas Bazzy

So happy for you Jsnip!!

P. Mac

Remember to take Profits! This is crypto, anything can happen.

Raul Escamilla

Congratulations Joe , been watching you since before we all found those secret federal reserved accounts , God bless ,I’m glad your doing great

Pandora’s Box

It reached 2.90 fro what I saw. $3 tomorrow

Kevin Dixon

Do you sell that script on your Trading View chart? I would like to have a simple script that works like that. I thought I heard you talking about once.

Wooz News


joe domingos

As I type it is $2.888 I'm up 1800% from your tip you gave in 2018. Thanks Jsnip.

Cordovan Bee

Yes we do Thank WHITEDOVE ????????


I hear ya Snip. My husband wants me to sell my ETH to pay off my student loans. This is hard...I believe bit boys prediction of 2500$ by valentines. Anyway.... thanks for your tips on Theta..congrats on generating generational wealth for your family! The things you can now do for your family being debt free will be EPIC and felt for years to come!

Ronald Ingleby

Great things coming out of Tampa - Brady / Buccaneers won, Theta, Snippy, Whitedove. Plus new hope as psychics and Polny say dirty Xiden & deeep state will be out by end of April 25th.

Virginia Cosmides

Rock out son...


Congratulations Brother


Anything white dove ???


XRP will pay off my house and 10 of my friends houses. ????

Wendy Eader

Happy Wife, Happy Life, LOL


You bought back your rights, made the bankers rich, WHAT an achievement! NOT

William Lester


Bewitching Charm

So, if I can only put $100. I wouldn't get much?

pat montalbano

You keep it a secret until the price started going up.


Paypie is next guys! get yours ASAP!

Odd Ball

watchin DGB like a hawk now

Justin Rogers

CONGRATULATIONS Jsnip And everyone else who got paid! ???

American Man - Cambodian Woman

maybe i can get a house


Trusting you. Have a small bag of THETA. since 0.50 days. Wish I bought more then. Gonna add to my bag now and dollar cost average into it. Goal is 1 mil or more from my bag, at $1k, however long it'll take.

Dee L

hers another gem for you...SNX. DYOR

Stacey Hergy

I know Whitedove. She hasn't mentioned the election at all. She stated Trump months ago but nothing in the last 2 months. She is Very accurate though!!

Rick Shain

Your house just cost you more

[Swamp Azz]

I thank you, and you can thank her, lol.


Your a funky guy! ????


Hi, what trading view heiken hashi do you use? thank you!!!!

Robin Barnett

Where do you go for all this information


Added to grayscale?

Crypto Baby222

Is there a new whitedove report

Won McShame

4:56..."That is, my largest bag...." said snip...??
..8:57.."It was my biggest bag"...rofl..


God bless you Joe & God bless Whitedove. Im right behind you. ? I WILL be donating somehow. You let me know how when I contact you in a year or so.

Edo G

THETA N E W ATH 2.97 Usd!
* * C O N G R A T U L A T I O N THETA Labs * *

Torsten Schubert

Love you bro

John L.

Great job, Michelle Whitedove . . . Count me in with your school . . . ?

Dave Henderson

I had a coin base account and now can't access it.. what is the best crypto wallet location?

Provocateur Astrology

Love your intro song!


Buying investments using woowoo is nuts... Better than any system I have tried, though.

Adrian Ford

check the move Akropolis made a few days ago, its come back down, might be worth picking up a few (thousand)

Tim Kasey

Thank you Elon, steady as she goes! (...as the cryptos move higher).

My New Life

I sold my courage and brought bitcoin. Then I starred in Wizard of Oz.


Congrats ? Congrats ? so nice I had to say it twice.

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REALIST NEWS - You may want to join Crypto Viewing's Patreon...

6 151 views | 24 Feb. 2020


Join my Woo Woo Crypto Patreon https://www.patreon.com/jsnip4/memberships



silver and gold Portugal

Of course I am going to patron C. V.... Opps spent all money on btc.


it could be Bernie, and you just made a video saying how believe it's just another propaganda "Virus"...what gives? ...oh yah, one word...."Battleship"....rest my case.

Dont Bugme

Haha! “Gee Zing Ping”. That’s funny.


Rates go down, whats going to happen to the price of everything?!? Money is super cheap right now.

Bob Leonard

"He knows he is lying"
Can't be Trump. Trump is a pathological liar who can't discern true from false.

Corey Falls

The problem is MAGA hats are made in China, getting very expensive now!


awesome video

Pat Sweeney

Where's clif? He posted a bunch of stuff on his channel and then hasn't posted anything for almost a week now.

Crypto Tone Loc

You’re a little too far out there on this one Snippy


"I know what Dick can do."


We're probably better off spending money on supplies instead of Patreons. There's enough info where you can read between the lines...well judging by some of the commenters on here maybe not.

ssdd Kar

XI doesn’t do speeches lmao


I encourage you to not use google products as much as possible. I know some things is difficult like youtube. But things like your search engine can be easily changed to duckduckgo

ernie jazz

Ya! remember the 3k ltc submarine??? LOL

Michael Cummings

Yikes, the Dow Jones is down over 1000 points as I watch this. I would love to send Dick, Yourself, Bix and Ben and all of you guys $20.00 a month but I just can't. If I have 20 bucks left over at the end of the month it is going into crypto so maybe someday I can afford to show my support as a financial contribution.

Z Smokey

you think since cryptos have picked up a little your going to be able to sucker in someone? People need to know before they pick up not after the fact.

Bhunpinder Dhaliwal

Kinda like Dick said EOS would be 250?

Randy C

I was a patron. It was worthless. Dick is a MSM reporter and shill for cabal.

clizard ofaz

or its on the paper money as in its spreading the virus

The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

GOLD to $6,666 | SILVER to $100
BITCOIN to $100,000 by Christmas 2020

Jonty Bonty

Thanks, but no thanks... Dick had 144 ETH in his donations wallets last time I checked. I think he’s ok ?

Tiger Bond

Lyndsey Williams stated years ago that after the EU collapses !that the NEW world order will come in and Your money WONT be worth the paper it is printed on!

kevin joseph

someone in joes comments once mentioned a small blockchain crypto out of texas that had great technology..small company asking for donations....does anyone know its name?


blah blah blah.../. ur full of shitttttt


All bad news brings opportunity, as well. New businesses will crop up & quickly lead in their fields be it Public Access Bldg. Disinfection & Sterilization, Certified (Free Fr/ Pathogens) prep. & catering everywhere. Letters, packages, & product Disinfection & Sterilization, & much more. These types of operations will BOOM in the next decade paid in BTC! imo. FREE


Woohoo finally crypto will take over


Nahhh I'm out of here....

Marchas Silver Recliner Report

Sure as hell won't be the coronavirus. Crowds would be a NO-NO Use your head.


Crypto Viewing is the absolute last page I would ever follow. LTC $3000 in 2018 hahaha. Also, this most recent “viewing” shows a politician talking to constituents. This happens all the time. You can just plug in any speech/scenario that you want.

Rege Gonzales

Thumbs up Joe !


I read an interesting article on Zero Hedge about the Chinese worker if they unionized during this virus and starting demanding things from government. Now thats spooky

Glenn Jones

speculation on remote viewing - aren't you stretching a bit on this one?

ssdd Kar

Trump may win second term and that video might be in 2023 jabroni

Canuck Sevensevens

This exactly dovetails Penny Kelly's free RV report a few months back! I took notes of her month by month predictions to see if she's the real deal.

Her January 2020 predictions: "People wondering. Looking for assurance and security (future of US - political + financial). Not good in Dubai. Saudi's not good."
Her February 2020 Predictions: "Sticky gooie mess (substance) U.S. Trouble, exodus & disruption. Financial markets still working, but in suspension. People affraid to make a move. S.W U.S. riot. Dollar quivering. Bonds going down slowly."

Liese Smith

Joe, there is no sound!!

Crazy GreekFreak

Remember the battleship picture? All bullshit

Bob Baker

Did months sgo, well worth it


lovely video


There is a quarantine in Alabama now for the Corona Holders

Earl Koropatnick

Yes pain comes first or change wont happen.

Z Smokey

You are a CLOWN snip!

Cory Cooper

Trump did it in India today.

Ethan Dao

Order out of chaos..but this time for the better...lol

Jay Rocco

No leader would want to cause a panic Marshall law would have to be fully instated. Even Trump,if it is him, would have no choice imo Chinese dictator has held things when speaking as well as prime minister Boris...just a thought.

Tracy T

Trump will probably soon come out and attempt to calm the public when banks have a sudden liquidity crisis ("bank holiday"). This will happen soon after, and in parallel with, empty shelves. People are going to want answers!