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84 760 views | 11 Feb. 2020



➡ Amazon: https://amzn.to/38kcuur

NOBULL's are some of the most popular CrossFit Training Shoes currently on the market. We've tested and reviewed them multiple times in the past including the trainers and runners. We like them, we really do, but we also notice and get asked why they're so expensive.

So, being the mad scientists that we are, we decided to cut them in half and figure out for ourselves if there's anything in there construction that indicates why they're so pricey. The results may surprise you.

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If you ever wondered if Coop even lifts when you realized you wasted a few minutes of your life watching him struggle while cutting a shoe with a box-cutter..... go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Lifters go ahead and hit the subscribe button and check out the comments because they are filled with glorious and insane “does Coop even lift” comments.


Cutting the sole of that shoe looked almost as frustrating (if possible) as cutting a horse stall mat.

Dan Keppler

"I use box knives a lot to open boxes." Haha pure wizardry tip there, put it in one of those 100 home hacks you didn't know articles.

Joshua Hull

How is this your first pair of sneakers you ever cut open but yet you give an "expert opinion" on cut open shoes ? Asking for a friend .

terminate with extreme prejudice

Friend shows up. "WTF!!! I said you could borrow them 'til 2, not cut them in two!!!"


Lmao u just killed there business! Just garbage shoe u can get a better show off of Payless! Wow that shoe is worth 20$

Madison Adams

They're trainers.. Shocker to see the show not purpose-built for running isn't the best for running? Weird. Cut open the runners for running ?

Kelsey Klenklen

Korey had an old pair of nanos and metcons too ? would love to see some surgery on nanos and metcons ??


Just bought 2 more pairs of nobull shoes. I had/have 2 other pairs but wasn't too impressed. When I wore the previous two to lift in I like to tie my shoes.... you know.... tight, and double knot them so they stay tight. Well, I apparently went too tight and the shoestring ripped right through the shoe material. This was a canvas pair so probably not intended to lift in and more of a "lifestyle" shoe choice to go out and about town in..... but their nobull. They were listed under the "trainers" section of shoes. I trained in them. They ripped through like the 3rd time wearing them. The other pair I still have was their patented shoe material. I'm not sure what to call it. It's a fabric.... I think, but definitely has a plastic-y.... hard texture to it - you have them in this vid. Those have held up but I noticed slight tearing starting to occur. So why did I buy 2 more pairs. Well.... I made sure to get the shoes made out of the proprietary material just mentioned. Also, when I went to buy their shoes the first time around - the ones I wanted weren't in stock, trainer material in the black high top with the gum sole. They were in stock this time around so I got those. I also bought a low top army green pair. THIS time though..... I unlaced them when they arrived. Nobull laces their shoes..... differently, than the way I and I'd think most people lace them. Lacing them up, properly IMO, I have had 0 issues and honestly they feel A LOT better. Like you said, they aren't the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear. If you haven't I suggest relacing them if you left them the way they arrived. I have 2 sisters so I grew up knowing all the hair lingo and the best way I'd describe how Nobull laces their shoes out of the box is a French braid style. Think of taking a shoe with o laces and a shoe string. put the shoestring through the bottom loop at the center of the bottom of the tongue. Instead of passing the laces through the holes so the shoestrings run straight through the shoe...... like a normal lacing job, they pass it through the outside of the shoe toward the inside of the shoe, and do this throughout the rest of the eyelets. So it's like a woven lace job. At the end your shoelaces will be wrapped around the eyelet and facing inside the shoe instead of the laces just passing through the eyelets and flopping outside the shoe..... like every other pair of shoes and boots I've ever worn. So unlace them, lace them up like a sane person, and I think not only will they last longer, but they feel way better. I didn't think how a shoe was laced could effect how they feel on the foot.... but I was wrong. That said...... I've worn more comfortable or at least as comfortable shoes for a fraction of the price. IMO..... good old high top Chuck Taylor's from Converse for about $60, I think, are more than good enough to lift in..... and I still do from time to time. It's all you really NEED. IF you want to spend some money on lifting shoes - I'd say go with Good Lifts by Sabo. I got the GoodLift Powerlifting shoe by SABO off Maxbarbell's website. I see they're charging $130. I squat in those shoes. I've found I'm kind of a whore for lifting shoes which is funny because I pretty much wear my work boots the rest of the time throughout the day. I was in the military and just find work boots to be the most comfortable shoe there is. If you want my advice on those you can't go wrong with Carolina Boots. Not cheap either, but nothing is in the construction/industrial apparel world. Carolina's I'm rocking I think ran me $150ish..... and those are CHEAP for work boots. EASILY can spend $200-300 on work boots, either through Carolina but DEFINITELY through the overrated Redwing brand. I digress.

King David

Just wasted 5 min and 18 seconds of my life.

Milo Peck

Thanks for the unbiased view on these...guessing nobull would have preferred not to be the inaugural shoe cutting/review. But hoping the nano/metcon review provides some side by side comparison. As early on think you were comparing these to what your anticipation of runners was...curious as to what nobull runners have going on...

watts happening


Lets see Nano 9 and Metcon 5!

Fun Fact Of The Day

Someone is a Rose Anvil fan lmao!

J Squared fitness

If anyone wants to get rid of "extra" shoes I'll gladly take any 10.5 mens.
It is cool to see what thier made of but.....

Josh C

The haters on these shoes are real lol. I’ve been a vans & chucks guy but the downfall to those cheaply made & over priced $40-60 shoe is after 2-4 months they’ll ripped to shit just from walking around & training. These are expensive yes & probably made cheap too. However, they LAST! Much longer than any other shoes I’ve used. Trained in them weight lifting & HITT, done yard work in them, washed them with a pressure washer for shits & giggles after yard work and the fabric was perfectly fine. I can see how the shoes would be uncomfortable if you have fat ass feet (I don’t remember if the sell wife’s or not) or high arch do to the lack of arch support but even then some Dr Schols insoles and you’re set. Trust me I hate spending a lot money especially on something I know won’t have a long shelf life but these have been worth the investment for me. I wouldn’t run in these though do to the fact they aren’t really designed to be ran in just like chucks & vans shouldn’t be ran in. For me running shoes $60 Nb or $150 Brooks last 100-200 miles before the tread if usually blown out & shoe starts talking to me. Even bought Spartan Trifecta shoes (for when I was trail running before races) & those have a 1 year warranty & for $130 lasted 40 trail miles tops & 1 race before I blew out of them & got a replacement pair using my warranty. All in all different shoes will do different things for people. Just don’t knock something until you try it & if something’s currently working for you then stick to what works. Cheers.


"These are not the easiest shoes I've ever cut into" - r/brandnewsentences


Probably your most pointless video. Srs

Robs Channel

Sponsored by movie :bad boys ?

Jackie Chen

“air yeezy 360 boost” some secret collab??

Ricardo Garzon

Does anybody know how well these shoes breathe? With all that material I figure they would keep a lot of smell in or be a little hot.

Ryan McGuire

Will rep fitness bumper plates fit on a rogue echo bar?

Andy Olli

Abrasion resistance of the "super" fabric is good indeed, but I was disappointed to see how easy it was to cut through them. Was kinda expecting yo see Kevlar fibers or similar, but no. On the other hand no old Chienese newspapers found inside either. Thus not bad.

J Mac

my netcon 3s are so squeaky!! the 4's arent though. id like to see more of these videos!! maybe you could also compare them to a converse all-star!!

Gary Dunn Jr

How’s does cutting the No bulls compare to cutting stall mats??

Matt Bridge

To be fair they are meant to be a minimalist shoe ?, would not recommend for heavy running

bsmb091011 B

In todays video coop tests his pinch grip strength

Mr. Natural

Soooo an overpriced piece of cloth and foam assembled in Chinese concentration camps?

Kyle N

You going to review Titans new combo rack?

Mike Christy

Do a Nano and Metcon!

Sara Condit

I like my no bulls for lifting. I have running shoes for running lol. Have had mine for about a year. They do not come apart and the area where your toe bends unlike other shoes do over time.

john doe

Nobull is over priced


Don’t know why anyone would wear these

Cloud Nine

Heres a theory...you don't understand shit. A smaller brand cannot move the same volume as the heavyweights so they can't get the same manufacturing discounts in Asia. Dude, don't be so dumb. Understand business.

Michael Rivas

I've owned my pair of 2nd generation NoBull trainers for three years now and I love them. I get Metcons at work for $9 and after my first few training sessions, I decided to cut my (very minor) losses and bought a new pair of NoBull trainers. While there isn't "a whole lot to them", that's why I like them. They bend in the right spots and don't budge at all where they shouldn't bend either. Example: Doing calf raises? The sole bends near the toes when you press up. But try bending the shoes the opposite way? No. They are very firm and it helps stabilize/protect your foot. My Metcons were just stiff all around, with no bend in the right places. Good for strictly lifting on certain lifts, but not an all around good workout shoe. And yes, NoBull trainers are indestructible. My insole is definitely worn way down on my first pair, but I wear them all the time because the rest of it is still going strong and it just means my feet are working more. Which is a good thing. I even use my old pair for hikes. Anyhow, just thought I'd throw in my two cents. I don't own a pair of Nanos, but I'd give them a shot. Sounds like i'd like them over my Metcons. But I'm a far way off from needing a new pair of workout shoes, because these NoBull trainers truly last- the low top and high tops. Hope this was helpful. And to be clear, I love your videos, man. This isn't a rant. I'm a big fan. Keep doing what you do??

David V

Your either cutting the wrong way or the wrong direction.

Will Simmons

can you just cut to the good stuff please?


All they do is change colors. Don’t think they’ve updated the show in like 4 years. ??‍♂️


figured these shoes werent worth, ugly af anyway

StealthAssasin 1Day

Why its so expensive? Marketing..

Abraham Centeno

I like my vans for training

Ty Kam

Proof that you don’t need all of the gimmicks and gadgets to make some of the best trainers out there. Design, good materials and simplicity is better than gimmicky BS that the big store brand name makers use.

Christian Jones

I hate my pair of NO BULL shoes. Same exact style except like electric blue. They are hot as hell to run in and the sole is hard as hell. Imagine running barefoot on concrete. Thought they were mesh when I ordered them. That "super fabric" or what ever you want to call it is like pure plastic or fabric with plastic sprayed onto it. No breathing at all.


No Bulls are incredible. Feel amazing during training (I'm not a running so idk about that). Also I just wear them around, and get stopped all the time (at school) where did I get them and get compliments.

Korey Kivett

Gettin CUT in Coop's Garage gym!

Dk K

No bull didn't give you a coupon code after you destroyed their shoe?

Sam Johnson

Vans all day every day


wow, surprise surprise, they are a gimmick Instagram AD shoe...weird. They just made em look cool.


spoiler: they are cheap junk

Gary Bone

Garage Gym Reviews: Today we're cutting open a pair of NoBulls!
NoBull Designers: O__o What?


I would strongly advise against trying to put “those bad boys” through a bandsaw.

Don Vaillancourt

Eh, you were cutting it wrong and in the wrong direction. And something like that. ? ?


Its mostly branding and style, people will pay a premium to be unique or different from the mainstream. Metcons and nanos are very common but for awhile No Bull was a unique shoe. The price makes it even more exclusive so not everyone can afford to rock them.

lee green

??‍♂️ so it would help to know that the most popular gym shoes are chuck taylors. These and many other “trainers” have a similar construction for feeling planted. Confident, secure, and stable lifting whether explosive or slow, is the name of the game with these. Soft and cushiony shoes like running shoes can cause ankle injuries when lifting and these are not good for cardio exercises because they will cause unnecessary strain on the knees when landing a foot to floor strike. The flat and simple build is to help you feel “planted” for proper drive through the heels and feel stable during a lift. The price has to do with the outer fabric that doesn’t scuff or show signs of wear after extensive lifting, kicking plates, flipping tires etc. They are meant to last and even the pair the guy cut show no signs of wear in the outer super fabric. I personally prefer ryderwear on leg day than the no bulls but they are not far behind and take a bang easier. The ryderwears give better toe flex for calve exercises and anything that you need to be able to bend your feet with. The nobulls are a little too rigid in the soul for an all around recommendation for leg day over the ryderwears. But when doing stability excercises like balancing and single leg balancing or tik toks the nobulls have more surface area to connect you to the ground. Also your feet feel better protected. I think people need three shoes: runners, trainers, and if they want some more support for driving through the heels and quad activation...lifters like some Romeleos or even the overpriced nobull lifters(not the demoed trainers here)

Ryan Gerbers

Brother Coop,
I’m in the market for a lat pulldown/low row machine. I didn’t know if you did a review or could recommend one. I’m trying to decide from Rogue or Elitefts or if there’s a better one. I’m 6’4” so looking for one to where I can get a good stretch without bottoming out the machine

Michelle Sarabia

I really appreciate this video and the break down, but like they are called TRAINERS for a reason, to train. They aren't running shoes, No Bull has a whole category for running and those are more supportive for running.


Video starts at 7:00

Garage Gym 411

I believe Coop stated in the beginning that this particular No Bull shoe he cuts in half is an earlier version. Meaning, some changes to the design may have taken place since this version was released. The 'parting of the NoBull" is at 7:16 - I plan to get a pair this year, myself. I've listened to interviews (with one of the founders of No Bull - he used to work for Reebok) on several podcasts. No Bull recently signed a NFL player despite not offering cleats.. yet...

Ethan N

Of course they're not good for running they're not running shoes

Addo Kitto Kautama

I really enjoy your content, sir.
Would there be a "DIY garage gym equipment" series coming soon?
Here in Indonesia, olys weightlifting crash cushion (aka silencer pad) are quite rare and expensive, really wanted to DIY that stuff, wmwkwkwk.


couldnt you just add in a cushioned insole for running and take it out for lifting?


Next week's video: The TRUTH about GARAGE GYM Reviews (CUT IN HALF) (the knife slipped)

Simon Peart

The name implies no bullshit, the design being simple implies no bullshit, the price implies massive amounts of bullshit

Dave Rosser

Yes please cut metcons and nanos

KE Barrett

Thanks for saving me the 120.

Caleb Evans

Sneakwrhead lifters never gonna be caught dead with some nobulls

BeastMode Doyle

Anyone else have to skip through the 6 hours of slowly cutting it in half?

Joe Pilewski

An eyelet broke on mine...wasn't happy. Honestly I don't think it was ever riveted right, did not hold up, wasted money and went back to nanos

Robert Barchard

I bought a pair of Nobulls because I loved the look. Got absolutely hammed on boarder crossing to Canada and I think they ended up costing me almost $400 CAD. Super choked to find out how narrow they fit and I couldn't wear them. Gave them away and learned my lesson.

Ryan Beeuwsaert

I feel like I have seen this before... @ rose anvils channel...

Zach Fure

Converse for $40 or Nobull for $129...hmmmmmm. Such a tough choice.

J Lambo

Internet experts who have 0 abilities:

“I’ve never seen a shoe cut in half so wrong in my life!”

Sam Harris

Shoe is cut open at 7:01 if you wanna skip ahead

Justin Moss

I love my No Bulls. I have been wearing minimalist shoes (Nanos, NB Minimus) for over 6 years and these are my favorites, even for running. They are super durable and don't show the normal wear and tear like most shoes. They are very comparible in feel when walking to Chucks, but you can actually run (for me, up to 4 miles comfortably) in these. They are definitely minimalist, so if you are not into that, these are not for you.


tldr - overpriced

Ryan Molloy

Wow my metcon do squeek! Constantly! I thought it was just my pair....

Duncan Walker

bro they are the exact same price as metcons and nanos the pattern designs are the more expensive ones

Luke Tweddell

I had a pair of these 2 years ago and inside a month of use the insole would ride up the heel leaving a really uncomfortable lip where my toes would sit. Nobull sent out some new insoles and the new ones did the exact same thing! This exact thing happened to a friends pair aswell and since then i never recommend them and would never buy from them again. They must spend all their money on marketing because it sure aint spent on R&D

Anthony Randich

you didn't mention the "cool tax", but thx coop for the great vidya

Somara Son

I have wide feet and almost no athletic brand have made shoes that accommodate wide feet. Surprisingly Nobulls fit my feet well. I can say that they aren't great for running however I love how grippy they are. I also like that I can wear them on rainy days without worrying they will get dirty. I have the light grey Camo pair - a year old and they aren't even dirty. IMO they aren't the slickest looking sneaker, I prefer a slim look like the Metcon, I'm curious as to why Nobull decided to put a wide toe box.


Just a plain shoe dude

Candle Ankle

No bulls are terrible.


I think they're hideous, overpriced, look cheap and have lame branding. The one person at my gym who has a pair said she can't recommended them.
I'm shocked people are big proponents in the comment section. I guess I'll be open to putting my foot in a pair if the opportunity arises.

SooJin Cho

I've tried nikes, reebok and these and to me they are the most comfortable for my feet out of the three. The metcons were rough for me when it came to running in workouts and thankfully not with my pair but I've seen several friends who's metcons started peeling away in various spots within a month or so of having them on a few different versions. I like that I can wear them for training and work and have lasted longer than my nanos. haha I did die a little inside watching you cut them open hahahaha

Graham X

I have honestly never heard of any of the shoes companies you mention other than Nike and Reebok.

Jesse Arista

Do the runners have good arch support?

Jon Stewart

Yeah, please use a bandsaw next time. I'm cringing the whole time watching you struggle with that blade


5 minutes before he begins to cut the shoe. Seriously?!

bunny shortcake

Did you know that you are not supposed to wash the shoes in the washing machine? As per their rules, they are spot clean only!! Poor quality!!


Those suckers must smell terrible! Brave man for cutting them open!

Kevin OAK

When you're watching a video and randomly hear your name mentioned...

Eric Sanchez

"This feels rubbery. So it's made out of some rubbery material."

Jake Farnsworth

Shocker. It’s a cheaply made shoe.


"I use box knives a lot to open boxes."

Erik Dries Jr.

bro those Yeezy 360 boost though


That's a 20 dollar shoe.


basic shoe... no wonder they feel uncomfortable and hurt my feet ?

Atlanta Mustang 5.0

A guy with a huge underbite and doesn't know how to use a box knife at all... Good times...


wanted to like Nobulls but they are way too narrow and straight. feet aren't shaped like that and my feet are wide as hell.

Mike Weatherby

I thought they retailed for the same as metcon’s and nano’s. No Bull never runs any discount marketing.

Miguel Vazquez

Sugestión for next time, do a small edit with music and a bunch of brill of you cutting it as a small montage to make it a bit more stylishly

No bull project

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How NOBULL Built Their Brand Without Product to Sell || Chasing Excellence

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In this episode: We’ve

In this episode: We’ve got the co-founder of NOBULL, Marcus Wilson, on to talk about how to spot the right people to work with, why NOBULL had to build a brand before they had products to sell, and how it was that they had the confidence to go up against the big guns in the footwear and apparel business.

Show Notes:

04:35 - Marcus’s background before NOBULL

06:00 - How Marcus & I started working together

09:10 - The three-headed monster of excellence

14:56 - How we think about building strong teams

19:20 - When Marcus decided that it was time to pursue footwear and apparel

23:16 - How I knew I made the right decision to partner with Marcus and Michael

25:37 - Why NOBULL had to build a brand before they had product to sell

35:03 - Why they were confident they could go up against Reebok and Nike

38:14 - Recognizing that product spec isn’t enough

46:23 - The big things Marcus has learned along the way


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On Social:

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Patrick: https://www.instagram.com/pscummings/

Marcus: https://www.instagram.com/speak2marcus/


Wendy Magee

NOBULL are my favorite training shoes. Their marketing strategy definitely works because every time I receive an email, I'm ready to buy another pair. I live in NOLA and its not well known unless you are in the cross fit arena. By me talking about these shoes, so many people are now believers in the product. Can't wait to visit Boston so I can go to an actual store.

Brett Hall

I like the look of the shoes but will never be able to buy them until they come in wide sizes.

Cliff Musgrave

Am I the only one who thinks Marcus could be Freddy Camacho's brother??

Gregg Seltzer

Bought in 2015 when they were having real supply issues

Bryan Edwards

Supply and demand........you have the demand but dang I can never get the color/size I want when I want them. I personally believe you could be 3x more successful if you would continually stock some staple colors in all sizes at all times.


I have a pair of NoBulls, but personally don't like how they fit/feel. Tried to like them, but I LOVE the nano 6. While I'm not a die-hard NoBull fan, I loved this podcast as a business start-up story. I really like the business model used, that they were able to build a brand initially without product because of how they created their brand identity. As someone who is looking to create their own brand/business someday, I'm definitely listening to this one again!

Scott Heimer

Your shoe designers deserve a lot of credit for the success, too. Sellouts aren't possible without a really cool looking shoe that is also SUPER comfortable. Love your brand, love your designs, love your products!

No bull project

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NOBULL Mesh Runner Review | That Great for Running?

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NOUBULL Mesh Runner

NOUBULL Mesh Runner Review

FULL REVIEW: https://barbend.com/nobull-mesh-runner-review/

0:02 Pros

0:48 Cons

1:33 Price

2:04 Performance

4:06 Size and Fit

4:28 Construction

In this review, I put the new #NOBULL Mesh Runners to the test to assess their viability for running, working out, and daily wear. I was curious to see how these performed compared to both hardcore #RunningShoes and NOBULL’s cross-trainers

Overall, I was a fan of #NOBULLMeshRunner and enjoy wearing them for my runs and day-to-day activities.

On shorter runs, I loved these shoes. Their lightweight construction made them a joy to have on and they breathed well, which is big for myself since I’m often running in an urban area (NYC). I also enjoyed how reactive the midsole was for shorter and quicker bouts of running.

I don’t know if I’d recommend this model for longer runs (13+ miles), but I think they would do fine for them. I’m just not sure if they’d be optimal and provide enough support for some athletes due to the flatter outsole.

I wouldn't recommend training too heavy in this model, however, for light days I think it will be just fine for most athletes.

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can you compare it with the knit version?

Greg Keyes

I’m a 8.5 in the nobull suede shoe. Should I go with the size 8?

Danielle Hv

This is super helpful! Thank you !

Raising Our Roots

Please review the Ripstop Runner


I have to admit I've not seen these shoes before! As a fellow runner and YouTuber I know how much goes into these videos! Keep posting - I just subscribed!

Edgar Cheung

It actually pained me to see you wearing the clean white shoes outside while it is raining

Frank B

Hey Jake, welcome back! Good to see you! Great review, nice shoe and it looks really good on you. Thanks

Chadmasca Svay

I don't understand why he was saying the shoe was good for long runs but the con is he doesn't think its good for long run...