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Rune Will Mega Moon w/ LP Token Integration | Bepswap Will Become A Magnet for Liquidity | $RUNE

2 953 views | 14 Nov. 2020

RUNE Price Target:

RUNE Price Target: https://cryptoonestop.substack.com/p/defis-base-protocol-layer

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⏲️⏲️⏲️TIME STAMP⏲️⏲️⏲️

Intro to LP Tokens [00:58]

Uniswap Mania [1:52]

Bepswap Lp tokens [4:56]

Liquidity Magnet [8:55]

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andre menger

every time i open uniswap i get in the right side of my screen a box with An update is available for the token list "1inch" (v1.0.0 to v10.0.0). with alot fo tokens how do i update those any idee

Coin Hound

Those XAG's are fantastic. I have never seen those before !!!

Will Quick

Dude, bang on! I am fully in agreement. You're not even touching on how "governance tokens" have artificially inflated the market insanely.

1) taking $UNI (although lots of other pure governance tokens). The token has a $6bn market cap. There's $4bn total liquidity in Uniswap. Already that screams over valued.
2) the value of $UNI token is in no way related to performance of uniswap. The token has no utility. Its just for governance. Even on the "governance" angle, most of the coins are owned by founders and investers.
3) These coins were printed out of thin air and distributed to gain liquidity back from Sushiswap
4) value-less governance tokens used to yield farm and to supply liquidity to other pools

This is going to end so badly...

Thorchain though... Single floating liquidity pool. Doesn't matter whether Eth, Cardano or DOT win the Web 3.0 race. Backed by binance (hello liquidity injections). A single protocol to get signed off by SEC, then no defi platform will bother setting its own pools up and getting sued down the line.

Edit: just finished your video... Seems like we're both on the same page!

my_kitchen_ your_kitchen

awesome ? rounds brother.great video too ?keep up the good work


so bringing chains like $ADA wont be integrated in 2021? I also thought they would integrate ETH at the same time as btc

4nines Fine silver

Very nice contribution thank you ???


Hi I tried a few channels to get answer to my question, nobody was able to answer yet. When you provide liquidity in a pool, where can you see your rewards received for that. I’m not talking about LP to HODL ratio and %, comparisons Im talking about a clear view of the clear numbers of what you received.like in Rune Vault I used to received 6 Runes per week. How can you se that here, in what form the reward is shown (apart from %)

Silver Taniwha

WOW what an awesome SCORE..... would be awesome to own just one piece that has a mintage that low

Cooter Pooter

It’s pretty obvious rune is low key ran by binance


Awesome ?

jaya krishna gelli

Thanks for the research, I am gonna throw a small portion of my portfolio

Freddy V

I've put 10% of my btc stack into Rune, looking for a 5x in 18 months

Matthew Baumann

How do you stake it?

Rune token

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THORchain Price Prediction 2020 2025 Thorchain Rune Binance Listing News Today Explained

1 080 views | 24 Jul. 2020

THORchain Price Prediction

THORchain Price Prediction 2020 2025 Thorchain Rune Binance Listing News Today Explained


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C Masteez

Can someone confirm!!! Is Cardano (ada) going to partner with Chainlink? Is Cardano going into Defi?

Tom T

How to make profit on ankr platform? I saw chainlink on ankr platform which says $9 a month, i wonder how much can u make from $9 you put in?

Coin Dish

Bro Stake your $Theta on a Guardian Node and Earn $Theta Fuel. Silver for hodling gold! Stake 10k $THETA and earn 5k $TFUEL/YR


I 100% guarantee RUNE will be significantly higher than all these predictions. I'll make sure to publish a video explaining why.


How is the price prediction from Jan to jun 2020 was more than 1 while the coin trading less than $.4

dassad dassad


jt 12

Your price to low man where get this shit from

Coin Dish

Watch alts. . After big money buys btc then eth alts pump. Research leads to value projects like $Theta and $Bat.

Crypto Millionaire Academy

What is your Price Prediction for THOREChain RUNE?? JOIN KNOCKOUTCRYPTO.COM

Ron Maman

Check out ENQ......

Dom Tube

Which Exchange can I buy Thorchain Rune? Thanks in advance!

Tom T

Can you make a video of running node on Link please

Rune token

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Is Thorchain (RUNE) A Good Crypto to Buy? | A Top 10 Market Cap in the Making

1 144 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Thorchain (RUNE) has been

Thorchain (RUNE) has been on my radar for the past 6 or so months now. Prof K was the first one who came to LeoFinance and started talking about RUNE and why he thought the Thorchain project had massive potential to be one of the core projects in all of DeFi and the crypto space.

This clip is from an interview with Prof K back in late November of 2020. We talked about Thorchain and how they are actively building one of the most important projects in the crypto space.

Show Notes: https://leofinance.io/@khaleelkazi/is-thorchain-rune-a-good-crypto-to-buy-or-a-top-10-market-cap-in-the-making

At the time, RUNE was about $0.60-$0.70. This was shortly after the DeFi boom/bust cycle. As RUNE hit $1, many of us thought it would be our last chance to accumulate on the cheap. Eventually, RUNE came back down to $0.40 (in a similar timeline to this recording) and I managed to buy heavily into the project.

Needless to say, Thorchain is one of my most bullish investments. I believe that this project can become a top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap not to mention all of the real-world value it brings to liquidity providers and cryptocurrencies themselves.

I've written about Thorchain (RUNE) in the past. If you want to learn more, here is a great article to start with: https://leofinance.io/@khaleelkazi/what-is-thorchain-and-the-rune-cryptocurrency


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Trinh Music

Crazy cause rune is bouncing between $3.4-4.20s ath!

John Doe

RUNE maximalist might get in front of many others. Great opportunity!!!

Evan Garbutt

how can I buy RUNE in the united states ???

Capitalist Insurrection Chile

Guys you should use the lbry partnership progr4m with this channel. It will reupload all of your videos to a crypto platform.

Sarey Dost

It is a BINANCE secret project. That is why it got listed on it so easily. It will be $15 in next 4 weeks...just like UNI.
Same applies to 1-INCH ....It is also BINANCE funded project & will gain 3-5 X in next 4 weeks. Binance CEO told in an interview that centralized exchanges will fail very soon due to high fees...( & that is why..he's launched these 2 projects to get rid of all regulatory bodies)......

Jerad `Blazek

I've been LP since start of Dec. on Chaosnet after getting burnt out on day trading. Return on liquidity so far is about 2% over just HODLing my pairs.
I'm a pretty firm believer in the white paper and goals for this DEX. So I put my money where my mouth is. Happy so far. Better than any central bank, that's for sure.