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Charles Luther Sifford by Brother Bruce Blue, Epsilon Iota Chapter of ΩΨΦ

6 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - 74th Charter Day Video

426 views | 9 Feb. 2021

On Sunday, February 9,

On Sunday, February 9, 1947, the Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was born. Happy Charter Day to all of the Gamma Iota Brothers across the Globe!

*We do not own any rights to this music*

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Iota Review - with Tom Vasel

34 695 views | 15 Nov. 2012

Tom Vasel takes a look at

Tom Vasel takes a look at this mini card game from Gamewright

00:00 - Introduction

01:24 - Game overview

05:36 - Final thoughts

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P Murph

It has a similarity to BLINK!


Dominos, maybe? Great video, you are so interesting to listen to and watch. Thanks!

Leigh Selahle


Love 4dro

I haven't heard of the games mentioned below... But it reminds me of uno/dominoes/scrabble making a baby and BAM, you get iota lol. Can anyone tell me if its fun to play?

Chad Daby


Dawn Seely



66* cards (2 of them are wilds)

Bread Forshay

thanks for the video, I tried playing this for about 10 minutes, constantly saying "no you can't do that," and "yes you can," while referencing confusing rule after rule. This is why youtube exists. I get it now.


The game he can't think of is "Set". Of course it also feels a lot like Qwirkle, but he said Qwirkle in the video, so it's not that.

Unbox it

the game u had an idea of was UNO i think :0


Yes I'd say Set, too. It was a Mensa Game of the Year winner as far as I can remember. But there was another similar one, sthg with tiles (different colour & icons). I played an iOS version which originated on a real board game.

Clay Witt

A bit like Kuuduk

Marc Kolb

It's totally Set!


I'm just being honest...I only picked this up at the store today cause of how small and cute cool the tin is.

robert H


Michael Hart

Pretty good game! The cards are small not as just a gimmick, but as you play, they take up a lot of table space as they spread out like tiles. Good design, but a bit hard to shuffle. Also, the printed rules could be clearer as regards both game play and scoring, but videos like this help.

Jason Glover

Qwirkle is my guess as well.


I think Ryan have reviewed something similar (shapes and colors) not so long ago.




Tom, I was looking for a review on this game, but I couldn't find it. In my country White Goblin released it as "Kwatro", might be handy to mention in the title of this clip?


I agree it's a slightly more difficult qwirkle

Jason Glover

Should have waited 30 seconds and he mentions Qwirkle. lol


Reminds me of Rummikub.

christopher carty

Quarkle is pretty similar to this

Jonathan Meyer


Jessica Gagne

Are you thinking of "Blink?"

Board Games Everybody Should

I would say it was "Qwirkle" meets "Set"


Good review thanks


Is the game you're thinking of 'Set', by Marsha Falco, Tom? This sounds like it works on a similar principle, i.e. a mix of common and/or distinct characteristics determining what makes a set, or in the case of Iota, a valid row.


But imagine that you have been planning some move, discarding many cards and skipping turns and then you finally play and someone says "no, you can't do that" :)))


Quarto is very similar.

Angela Hatton

I had to look this game up (how to play it), cause the instructions that came with it were so hard to get. but I like the games

Regina Peters

Qwirkle inverted to a card game.

Chris Obregonn



Thanks for the review!

Spreadthe Love

The game that you’re thinking of is set or Qwuirkle

Greg Roberts

Very similar to SET

LK Henley

This game reminds us of Chicken Foot (which is played with dominoes).

Mike B

blink -is a kids math game,very similar? ?

Robert Mullins

It’s fricken uno y’all. Hehehehehehehehehehehe

Helen Huynh

Definitely Qwirkle. Just played it, and it's almost exactly the same.

Jonas Vanvolsem


Juan C

I just played Rummikub and this game just feels like it for some reason!

Sugar Pill Studios

The dice variant of Set is the one that you add to the board like this one (instead of picking out sets from a random set of cards). I think I like the attributes of the set cards better. It's hard for me to not see three when I look at the triangle shape (as Tom might have done when recording this).


Smallest gamebox. Play and similar card design Qwirkle & SET. There are better similar game like "Swish" and "On the Dot". And I think "Spot It" and "Pick-a-Dog/Pig" are better than the latter games.


Qwirkle.... ?

Karen Fortson

I do believe that the game you could not think of is SET. I would describe this as SET meets dominoes or SET Cubed


Its reminds me of quirqle