Kids trade

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Peter Rabbit - The Trade | Cartoons for Kids

39 609 views | 5 Nov. 2020

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Peter Rabbit is full of adventure and excitement, tapping into children’s innate desire for exploration. It celebrates the themes of friendship, nature, discovery and adventure as Peter investigates the world around him.

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Kids trade

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425 152 views | 2 Aug. 2020

In this clip 13 year old

In this clip 13 year old investment superstar Christian Jones explained his journey into the world of stock options and how he made $78,000 on one trade. #investing #daytrading #options #optiontrading

Full Episode: https://youtu.be/tBRxTFqu6wY

Guest IG: @thetruth2024

EYL University: https://www.eyluniversity.com

EYL University 40% off Annual Tuition Code: EARNERS

Asanda Ndimande

?I had to wait till I was 18 to get a Trading account from brokers.

2kplayer 2020

This only worked cuz dudes parents probably rich as duck. I asked my mom for 20$ to try investing she wouldn’t give it to me

Robert Glen

I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Mrs Cassie Anderson, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

Feelgood Jr

True hustle


$25000 course though? Thank goodness they still managed a profit

Sylliasz Jamal

this shit hard bruh

KoKo FitFaded

Financial freedom ?
What an inspiring young man ?


Their has always been young thinkers like him in our community some chose another path this child is definitely cut from that special cloth. I’m not surprised,

Chimaobi Ukachukwu

Please how do I hire this young man to teach me stock?? Am so inspired


Kids can only be successful when they are raised with the full support of their parent/ guardian

940 AM



Wait until the vix is back up to the 50+ range...only traders around 10+ years ago know what that expierence is like. All these new traders will be wiped out before they even know what happened.

Money Robb954

I really wnna know if this kid was breast feed our formula he’s to intelligentt can’t be no process milk if u ask me the woman need to breast feed for many year till having my own kids these people play with formula this was the lucky one ☝️

Dirty Dan

How is this legal


There was a comment made that this has been kept from your culture. First time on this channel so maybe I am assuming, but do you mean to the black culture? I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not common in any culture. It is based on wealth. If your parents, be it white, black, brown or yellow, were in finance, then the kids are brought up knowing. I am white, my parents were of the "find a job and save" type. Never invested. I on the other hand am a day trader and am teaching my 13yo how to trade.

Jennifer Mark

The rich sees an economic crisis as a garage sale also the rich stays rich by investing and diversifying their portfolio with stocks, crypto currency and forex trading which is the wisest thing every individual needs to do and it's really profiting

Carine Caceuis

I love this. It is important that our kids learn financial freedom through investment and constant education.

Boone Trades

Damn congrats bro , I have to get my on shit ASAP , good inspiration.


They need to teach this stuff in elementary

the remnent One

Secure the bag officianato!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susan wilson

wonderful lessons for new trader like myself. Great details and modeling.

Teresa Spikes Hamilton

I am so thankful that you introduced him to the world. I understood his words so well. More people get it when it is explained in plain language- he is a blessing from GOD. Again, Thank you so much for allowing him to share his knowledge.

D Williams

Wow he's very inspiring to be so young. And a child shall lead them. Very intelligent young man. He's right we have to invest in ourselves.


This kid is the real deal

Shelz Bane

I'm here watching this for the second time

sania daniels

So proud of this young man. You go BOY! ?

Lil Dicke

This nigga 13 and he act more mature than most adults

david li

The staking thursday hooghly extend because ashtray seasonally puncture than a six spinach. squalid, snobbish reindeer

emeka mickey

And there are those who still hit the dislike button on a video like this. shame

Marc R King

Let’s talk about how this young prospers because he has a strong black woman driving him to success


Wow amazing!

Gabriel Desmarais

I’m 13 from Canada made 23k past 2 weeks investing into forex with 15k and leverage

luke ben

The real secret of building wealth is by having multiple streams of income, that's includes both online and offline investments. If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you are fated to die working.

Donald E. Clark Sr.

Man this is such an inspiration, thank you brothers for having this brilliant young brother speak on your podcast. It's great and to the 277 dislikes HATERS and shut we call the HELL Up thank you guys , good work.... Not my intention to be disrespectful in any way God Bless


swear u gotta be 18

_____dre_______ _

All the love to his Mom... She deserves all the greatness he will bring her and the family

Tabitha Crawford

Who raised this kid? I need a parenting book. ??????

Michelle Blackmon

Moma spend 25000.00 for a courseMoma made that money he’s not that special

Meme Daddy

how do I convince my mom to let me log in to my UTMA/UGMA account, she says no because she dosent want me logging in as her. What do I do?



Juliet Capps

my question is when will he get in on crypto?


Lil man built different! We need to pay attention to our youth

Maria Reyes

What was the book he mentioned ???

mika Dampeer

This is Amazing ?

Salim Dabundeh



Some of the comments are awful. This is inspiring and very important; however, this child has a financially stable foundation to be to even consider trading. Poor, or even most, people are not in a position to dish out capital, may it be $100, $500, etc., with the possibility of losing it; *and do so on a regular basis*.

The goal here should be to encourage these type of people to establish stronger connections with communities to increase opportunities. More power to him and I wish him more success n happiness


Im pretty sure swing trading is the opposite of passive income right? Swing trading is active short-term investing because the buy and hold does not apply.


You’re going to be an amazing leader! ?

Gabe G

The good result reilly fail because question logistically drag toward a well-groomed education. rhetorical, afraid dessert

Neeuq Amilam

This kid is genius. Hopefully later he can be taught to invest in BOB instead of EUP only. It's still building into others wealth. Although he's becoming financially successful, hopefully put Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft out of business with his own businesses!

Antoine Davis

What is the best online brokerage firm for beginners

_____dre_______ _

Shoutout to this kid and how he was raised

Louis Bolton


Smart Money Cafe

Hey guys it’s Sean from SMC. Great to see you highlighting this young Entrepreneur! I forwarded it to the Day Traders I know. The Smart Money Cafe is watching ??

The Venusian Moon

I would love to read his natal chart

Charles Butler

I love this. I wonder how he does around other kids, they're talking about the latest bs and he's talking about trades. I hope his friends are learning from him. Each 1 Teach 1

Kyle Davis

Why would anyone thumbs down this ? People get on my last nerves


Me at his age shit my parents


You have pride if you think you can’t learn from someone younger

Danielle C.

Great content....I really enjoy your videos!!

Douglass Estates

Yes they hid this from us because we excel although they had a 400 year headstart


This dude says "we are the only culture this is hidden from". Why does every single thing have to be about race holy fuck. I'm also a minority and if that's the case then it was also "hidden" from me. So techniquely Ian is a liar and not to be trusted. You see how that doesn't make any sense? Stop bringing up race for every little fucking thing.

Ben Gilman

That would've taken an initial investment of 20k+

I hate CCP,天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日,共匪,五毛,光復香港,時代革命

F Lebron James. Lebron is a sell out and anti-American. Lebron endorses slavery of the Uyghur people and oppression of the Hong Kong people all for the Communist china money.


Big up to his family for raising him right. Money was the last thing I learned about and that was as an adult.

Christina Clark

Me watching this at 22 after losing $70 in options today ???


His mom ????????

Evander Underwood

Where does he do his stock option trading at?



Randie Rodriguez

Thought you had to be 18 tho lol


Please do not talk over each other.

Kevin Greer

Incredible young brother and definitely inspiring! Keep learning and teaching Christian!! #ChangingLIves!

Emmanuel Bush

I make huge profits on my investment in I started trading with Mrs Mary Johnson, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade


Wow. 13??? I wish I could've started that young! Whewwww! Thats amazing!

sir lemar

How can my son officially get any account trading stocks? He knows how to trade but we can't find a way to get a account for himself. A custodian account doesn't achieve an account.....so how or what did u do?



Michael Alexander

This 13 yr old make me feel old

Schandrea Pippen

??????????????? ???Yes, he is a Future BILLIONAIRE!!? ??????????????

Melanie Robinson


Grind Season

Dz Lil nigga up here talkin bout “I just do options” this shit make me so proud to see this call n put options is not a easy thing at all for him to be so aware and equipped with that knowledge is powerful and a beautiful thing 13 years young Come on ???????????


To open a brokerage account, the first step is to be 18 yr old, idk how opening accounts for kids work tho

Slide Five up

New sub ??

Andrée Candance

Not sure why the adults are talking at all....Christian knows his stuff. Let him talk. He is experienced at explaining this.

Adira Thii Nailah Ana

The Truth Jones you are an amazing inspiration. Keep it up!

Joe Eoj

so if it was in one trade isnt that considered lucky? didnt watch the video just read the description

Esky On the fly

I wanna know what he meant by "the only culture this was hidden from," which culture?


needs a bit more experience but he has a pretty good general idea of how everything works. i'd say going all in on long and short options is extremely dangerous because you're risking it all. if you really want to make passive income, you need to learn options strategies that cap how much you risk (but in turn caps how much you gain too).

Radio Hurricane

buy sndl stock !!


Amazing. Just now learning about stock options at 22. Keep up the great work!

Hannah Mitchell

Wonderful xx

Chris Mo

Teach me more!!!!

Rolando Mota

God dam I’m 28 and his mature then iam

The_true_nderue daved_q

He hit the stocks before puberty


Yoga Flame ?

Warren Graves

How do kids just trade stocks. he’s not even old enough to open a brokerage account.

Ron Rutan

""we're the only culture this has been hidden from" yall need to stop with that; poor people of any background aren't gettin hands up from those above them. FACTS. stop dividing the country

Jackson Wick

I have benefited greatly from forex trading, as Mr Robert Willson has proven to be reliable but hope to see more competing currency pairs for the market to be more healthy, vibrant and sustainable.

kelvin pete

I made my first million from Trading stock as a beginner, the expert who assisted me is Mrs Silvana Norman Hope, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I've had no course to regret ever since

Ruth Wright

Great video ! The truth 2024 is an inspiration!

Ken Crawford


Kids trade

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Slugterra | The Trade | Episode 3 | HD | Cartoons for Kids

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Slugterra | The Trade | Episode 3 | HD | Cartoons for Kids

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