Rei flash 45

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REI Flash 45 - Ultralight Pack - Zpacks & ULA Contender!

15 329 views | 8 Oct. 2017

Check this out guys &

Check this out guys & gals!

The REI Flash 45, at $150 retail is an excellent alternative to those who are looking at the Zpacks, ULA, or Osprey packs (Typically $115-120 on sale)

Give it a chance before you brush off this fine piece of gear.

Gorthain Matzerath

Don't really see how it compares to the Z-Pack when it weighs 44 oz and the heaviest monster Z-Pack makes is 27.5 oz. this claims Ultralight and your more than 1/5 of the way to max with pack empty?(UL still under 10lb ) its 45 L which is closer to the Z 50 L for 19 oz. I will grant you price this is cheaper than anything they have by half.

Kate Maier

Super review. Thanks!

Daniel Pardo

Nice video! Do you think it could be a carry on luggage? Im planning a trip to Europe and want to fly with low cost airlines without checking any bags. Thanks a lot!

Tuba Solo the Hiker

Excellent review. I owned this pack for a moment in time. It was nice except for one blasted thing. There was a buckle that just rubbed me when I was walking. Tried everything with my setup to have it not rub me but I just kept feeling it. If I was thinner it wouldn't be such an issues but alas it bugged me too much to stick with this pack. Good stuff none-the-less.


How would you put a tent on the outside?

Aaron Nygaard

Thanks for this review. I would compare this pack more to the Osprey Exos. The Flash is WAY more comfortable though. I bought both packs and after trying both I kept the Flash. The hip belt on the Exos could not compare to how comfortable the belt is on the Flash. I use a larger Gregory Baltoro pack in the Sierras when I need a bear can - it would be hard to fit one in the 45 liter Flash. I like the color (light grey) however it really shows the dirt. Btw watch for sales at REI for this pack, bought it last Spring for $110


Very good review. Very good informational. It helps me make a decision and give it a try. Would you consider this backpack more aberration resistant and then the Osprey -45? I liked your video so much I subscribed to your channel. Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.

Lawrence Soucie

I bought this pack in the late November of 2017 and have used it on 16 backpacking trips. This is hands down the most comfortable pack I have ever owned.. As you note, the best weight should be under 30 lbs. I agree with that; my max weight for a 5-day trip, with food, water, and fuel, is about 28 lbs, and it was very comfortable. I have a bad neck so I need to transfer the weight to my hips and this does the job very well. I tried the exos on in the store and this just felt better (plus it was less money). The lid is floating so I have been able to use it on a few winter trips by stuffing extra clothes under the lid. The material is holding up with no holes or tears. Anyways, it has worked out well and I expect I will have it for several more years. Thanks for the review.

Casually Camping

Is there any place to attach a closed cell foam pad on it? I don't see any straps at the bottom??

mike ganter

Great review

Huck Outdoors

Nice review buddy

Trevor Dulka

Nice review. I just checked out REI and they have it listed for 1/2 off for $80. It also looks like they added a side pocket in addition to the water bottle pockets. I'm a member but didn't know that I could try it for a year so that was great info! Thanks, looking forward to using my new purchase!


Great review i looked at thet pack


Very thorough review, thank you. Couple of questions please. Are the hip belt pockets big enough for an iphone7 plus? Can you get a small bear canister (BV 450) inside vertically or horizontally?


The only guy who doesn’t look like a busted can of biscuits when strapped in lol. Great review, just bought the flash 55 can’t wait to try it out!

Willy Winket

Outstanding review video. I loaded one up and tried it out at my local REI. Then just ordered one on sale from the app. Only had the gray at the store and I wanted the orange one. Your video figured heavily into my decision to buy it. Thanks!

Joel Flora

does this come with a rain cover?


Nice Video


Good review man

Jay S

I wouldn't call it ultralight at 2 lbs and 12 oz. No comparison in weight to the Arc Blast

Benjamin Brott

Snagged this pack from REI on sale for $79. Thanks for the comprehensive review!

Dj Waver

Great review! I had this pack for a month but once i needed a bear can this bag was no longer for me. This pack is great for the lightweight backpacker 12 to 18lb base weight. The price is excellent for this pack weight.

MAT tomasko

If either the pack fit you correctly or you fit the pack to yourself correctly the shoulder straps would never have been an issue as once you pulled up on the load lifters there would have been no shoulder straps laying upon your shoulders!......hmmm...almost poetic....with todays full packs the only "pressure" you should feel is across the front of your chest as the load-lifters are pullin the straps up and back. I have the 45L Quick UL pack and I get 100% of the weight directly on the hips because of proper fit and load-lifters..... I'm amazed when I watch videos of hikers where the pack is evidently carried on the shoulders when it should never be at all....unless you have the wrong pack for your body....


REI ruckpack 40 Review please! thanks!

Veronica Ganter

Looks great babe! Looking cute!

Rei flash 45

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REI Flash 45 Backpack Review (Men's and Women's): Great Ultralight Option

439 views | 22 Jul. 2020

Tim reviews the REI Flash

Tim reviews the REI Flash 45 backpack and powers through the sounds of a lawnmower nearby. July 2020

Henry Brady

This was a really good review!!!!!!!!!

Buckley Science

Nice Review Guys I Like The Intro!

Rei flash 45

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Backpacking Gear I'm DONE With in 2020

12 680 views | 31 Jan. 2020

My systems and preferences

My systems and preferences have changed over the last year or two and there is some gear that just doesn't fit anymore. This is gear that isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't work for me!

Here's my favorite backpacking gear of 2019 - https://youtu.be/AXdT9hg0dmU



Garmin InReach Mini: https://geni.us/inreach

Trekology 2.0 Pillow: https://geni.us/TrekologyPillow

REI Flash 55 Pack: https://geni.us/Flash55

Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt: https://geni.us/enigmadown

Garmin Fenix Watch: https://geni.us/FenixWatch

Lanshan 1 Tent: https://geni.us/Lanshan1Pro



Website: https://justinoutdoors.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinoutdoors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinoutdoors


This video description includes affiliate links. Affiliate links help support the channel at no extra cost to you!

The Lone Ranger

You can get sporks with a spoon on one end and a fork on the other end. Best of both worlds?

Outdoor Therapy

Are you going for a UGQ -12 quilt?

Andrew DeWeerd

Are you giving up wearing your decathlon jacket? You've got on a Thermoball(?) In this video after you said you loved the decathlon almost as much as your ghost! Too cold for it?

Sean Feagan

Lemme know what compression socks you go with. I need new ones too. GAME CHANGER - I WORE RUNNING SHOES EVERYWHERE AND NEVER A BLISTER


Ya know, i have a few pairs of smart wool socks that i do love, but ive been wearing the same like 6 pairs of just cheapo walmart "thermal" socks for like 2 winters every day, at work, on the trail and every where else, and for the price point, they are holding up super great. I dunno. Like i said i love my smart wool, but i feel the same about moisture as you do with the darn tough, and these walmart thermals just wont quit, and they're not nearly as expensive. Food for thought

Jon Sanford

I had the exact same issue with Lone Peaks. I love the zero drop and toe box of Altra, though. I switched to Timp 1.5 in August, and they solved the things I didn’t like about Lone Peaks. They’re a little more cushy, a little stiffer, and haven’t compressed excessively after 300ish miles. The Timp 1.5 is also on clearance right now with the 2.0 just released.

If you don’t care about zero drop, Topo makes shoes with a similar toe box.

Yuri Janssen

Ahhh i just got in my Vesper 20 (long) since my Sea to Summit Ember II was a little too narrow and a little short for my liking, often leaving back/neck/shoulders exposed a little too much. Getting the Vesper in long (im 6ft 6") was probably a wise idea.

Temperature isn't really an issue since i rarely camp under 0c (western europe), but do like a big cosy quilt haha.

Cool channel Justin! :) look forward to some trip videos perhaps?

A.J. Hart

The spork is a wonderful idea that I don't believe has ever really worked in practice.
But I recommend the GoBites Duo. It breaks down smaller, adds barely any weight over a titanium spoon, is strong when assembled, gives you a full fork and spoon and is longer than those long-handled titanium spoons.

Agree on the Altras. Lone Peaks are good trail shoes, but aren't really hikers. A lot of YTers use them but those guys are almost all thru-hikers who carry only about 15# on their backs. And if you brush the sides of trail runners against something like granite, the cushioning that IS there will shred a bit.
I summit mountains w pretty simple Merrill Moab 2 Vents (not waterproof). Not sexy but they got me up Mount Whitney last year and will do the same on a half dozen 14ers in Colorado in July.


Get some real insoles- problem over

Matty Outdoors

I had such high hopes this would be a video of Justin talking about all his tents, and how he was switching to hammocks.

Go Outdoors India

Hi JustInn Love from India Love you Man?Superb Quality Content n vdo?

Nathan Cragg

No more Darn Tough....blasphemy! Honestly if you get the lighter socks they stay really dry. The cushion and thicker socks are just excess


Shoe-wise I love my Adidas Terrex Free Hikers. They give flexibility and stabilisation at the same time. Had to climb on some hikes inbetween, they also gave me a great grip. I never had a blister in them or any problems.

Lexx S

I've been using the Humangear GoBites Duo spoon fork combo and love it.

Kathy Osthoff

Little stabbies... Lol


I never got sporks... maybe I need to try one, but the ridiculousness-culture of the spork always made me think it wasn't a legit option ??

(Lone peaks very very flexy, even more when the go flat on you)


Another great vid. Thanks, Justin! Regarding your switch from spork to spoon: I just did the same thing but found an awesome alternative. I had a couple pear wood spoons made by Starfire at handmaderecycled.com. I heard about them on Matt Shafter’s channel. They’re amazing spoons and actually lighter than my previous Ti versions. Something to consider. Kind regards and please keep the great content coming!

Tomy Hovington

Have a look at the Aerios FL from Arcteryx. I personally been wearing mine for almost a year and love them.

Molly MacDonald

You might be interested in a spoon like this: https://www.handmaderecycled.com/shop/ultralight-camping-spoon
Larger diameter and deeper spoon works well for soupy meals.
Not to mention it's lighter than titanium long spoons!

Backcountry Pilgrim

Those Dissent socks sound interesting, I might have to try those. I feel the same about my Altras, I look forward to seeing if you find good replacements!

Alwyn Van Der Linde

Awesome videos mate, I think I've watched them all now. Only recently discovered your channel. Big respect from New Zealand! Only a matter of time before you blow up

Rick From Virginia

Your gear review was spot on! I Just discovered your channel yesterday. Unbelievable, the scenery you film your adventures in! You definitely have one of the better backpacking channels on YouTube! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more soon!

Scott McCulloch

What about just getting a sea to summit liner for your quilt, I had the same problem using the quilt, I got cold. Look at these liners and let me know what you think- https://seatosummitusa.com/collections/cold-weather-sleeping-bag-liner/products/thermolite-reactor-liner


Super huge fan of the darn tough socks. Another decent one is point six I believe they are called.
Definitely agree with goin to a spoon.


Great wee update * Wonderfully done as always :-)

Callum & Tash

Try a merino wool blend for socks.. great vid!

David Marbut

I could’ve saved a lot of money and time if you would’ve just called me ?. Check out Swiftwick, Features and Drymax socks.

sebastian knudsen

I like that you only use the gear that works for you! Soo many use Altra even tho its not the right footwear for them.. love your content <3


Ok I subscribed because of sneak peek you pushed. Only ask to keep that to a minimum when possible.

John Brown

Have a giveaway.


This was my fave JO vid so far. ??

It's Good in the Woods

Congrats on 3k man !! Well earned ! Behold the power of the scoop ! Scoop power !

Miya Hosaka

I used a footprint a couple times and hated it. I think you will prefer life without it :) and hopefully your tents endure. 'A spoon will just get me where I need to go' is priceless (disclosure, I use a spork). Love it! Thanks for sharing!


Man, I love you! Can you do some videos on how to pick pants/ trousers please?? ??

Liran Y

? Darwin deja vu

Scotts EverythingOutdoors

I understand everything except the tent footprint! It weighs nothing and could come in handy for alot of things but to each there own!

rob pelton

I’ve been happy with my Lone Peaks, but yeah, after 12 miles or so my feet get pretty upset. I’ve been looking at Topo Athletics. We’ll see what happens. Great vid! Thanks for the update.

Paul Keating

I swapped out my Vespa too, for a UGQ. I was cold in the back garden in my Vespa and I’m in the UK, I ended up taking the Pathfinder Belmont Blanket when I actually took it out. For the price the Vespa is not a good quilt, the X-Therm pad I bought with it is great though.