Theo 104 quiz 3

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Set 2019 + Set 2018 (100 questions in total):

1. According to our textbook, many church fathers viewed the Song of Songs typologically as a picture of Christ’s love for His bride, the church.

2. ___________________ predictively refer to Christ, the anointed messianic King.

3. Historically, the most common method used in interpreting the Song of Songs was to treat the Song as an allegory of God’s love for Israel.

4. In his response to Job, God appeals to creation as a demonstration of his unfathomable wisdom.

5. According to our textbook, the _____________________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

6. The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes Moses.

7. The ____________________ are expressions of trust in the Lord and praise to the Lord for the security He provides to those who trust in Him.

8. The Proverbs tell us how to live life successfully.

9. Bildad, one of Job’s three friends, suggests that God may use suffering as a means to

keep men from sin, to chastise, and to maintain a healthy degree of reverence before the Almighty.

10. Job states his faith in the resurrection when he says: “I know that my redeemer

lives…And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God.”

11. The _____________ are prayers of extreme emotion and anger calling on God to bring severe judgment on the enemies of God and the psalmist.

12. According to our textbook, the _____________________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

13. The __________ focus on the Lord’s kingdom rule over His creation.

14. According to our textbook, _________________ is one of the more popular topics in the book of Proverbs.

15. In the second cosmic test in the book of Job, the Lord allows Satan to take Job's health, but he must preserve Job's life.

16. The psalms are divided into _____________ books.

17. “Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.” (Prov. 16:18) is an example of

18. In a general sense the proverbs can be grouped into two major forms. One of these forms is

19. The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes Saul.

20. According to our textbook, Job’s three friends are commended for their companionship but are condemned for their false accusations and misguided theology.

21. In the __________________, the psalmist confesses his sin and prays for the Lord’s forgiveness and restoration.

22. Job accuses God of prejudice and curses the day of his birth.

23. According to our textbook, the value of _______________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

24. The book of Proverbs consistently presents the sluggard as a fool and the diligent person as wise.

25. Proverbs are typically based on education and knowledge.

26. The book of Job concludes with God prospering Job once again and blessing him with twice the wealth.

27. The Proverbs are wise sayings that express deep truths in capsule form.

28. In Proverbs child-rearing is a family affair but discipline begins with the individual.

29. Proverbs are general truths, not specific promises or guarantees from God.

30. Proverbs are written in such a simple way that they produce reflection within the mind of the reader.

31. The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes Solomon.

32. According to our textbook, _____________________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

33. Most English Bibles translate “Qohelet” as

34. According to our textbook, _________________ is one of the more popular topics in the book of Proverbs.

35. Job’s friends respond to his suffering by saying, “Why don’t you curse God and die?”

36. “Genuine righteousness leads to life, but pursuing evil leads to death.” (Prov. 11:19) is an example of

37. Job’s responds to God in faith knowing it is enough that God is in control.

38. “Good news from a distant land is like cold water to a parched throat.” (Prov. 25:25) is an example of

39. _______________ often teach practical lessons about everyday living.

and other

Theo 104 quiz 3

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Vanessa! I know you do not like to hear and thank somebody for some
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people, but I would like to give my and a lot of other people's
feedback in regard to your style. First off, thank you for your hard
work and time, but it would be very professional and beneficial for you
to maybe-change some of your style to get better results. We also know
that you are kinda trying to copy and learn from Ms. Lisa, the ESL
instructor on "Accurate English" who is very professional,
knowledgeable, and organized with much shorter videos and much more
audience which is good, somehow. Here is what you should think about: 1-
Please try to reduce your unnecessary and flirting-like annoying
laughs, they might be because of your stress!!! 2- Please make less
funny sounds and less funny hand and body gesture, and act like an
adult and stop acting like your audience is children, because your
audience is ADULT. "Teaching Adult "is way different with Teaching
kids!!!! You should know and apply this! 3- If you could make your
lessons length shorter and being less talkative, would make a much
better and much more modern-style result. Throwing 50 hard idioms in a
piece of video and laughing and over-talking about each single one is
JUST annoying and discouraging. This method is way obsolete and is no
productive, for goodness sake. You should share a few idioms/ proverbs
with a set of practice for each one, if you really want people to learn
and use them ...! Thanks for your time to read this! We hope to see you
changing the weak parts of your method to a stronger ones. Good Luck!

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