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NCASH to modernize global retail? Nucleus Vision worth the hype?

4 610 views | 27 Mar. 2018

NCASH to modernize global

NCASH to modernize global retail? Nucleus Vision aims high but will it hit?

Please let us know what you thought about our review below! Are you holding any $NCASH coins? Do you plan to buy any? Let's start a conversation.

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Connor Sliney

What’s the data that the customer gives permission to Nucleus? Like what does the data consist of? And how does the data accumulate?

Sleepy Ninja

Just bought 1 million ncash ?


This is a pretty dumb idea.


How did I not notice your channel all this time? Say ur Ontology and Aion videos before this one. Subbed, bell smashed and waiting for more. Just for historic purposes: You have only 7.4k subs. We'll look back and laugh at this meagre number.


NCASH is late to the game. Google has been doing this for years....

Humph Schriek

Thanks for the critical micro specifics. Well analyzed on a professional scale.

Kel Matin

Beware peeps big brother will be watching you..

Lucas Cozart

A actual working product... I say that better than most cryptos.. this is a long term hold for sure

Richard Wuollett

Does anybody know what 10 stores they are actually in? I keep hearing "10 stores" but no names...

Vysakh Ar

Man good video , I have 7250 ncash coins in my protfoliyoo , after watching the video it's a bit scary right now , should I get out ?

Peter Pan

Are denim jackets back in fashion in America :-) - good video again by the way.

Bitcoin Newbs

Best analysis of NCASH yet. You're quckly becoming one of the best crypto channels.

Paul D

I did my research even told my cousin who is a Publix manager about it. It will change the way people shop in stores.

Ryan Prentiss

One could easily argue that EVERY crypto is a "social media crypto".

Anddres Torres


Patrik Ottolind

Hi guys, im holding NCASH and belive this will be big in the longterm.

Psycho Signals

Thanks for the honest review :)

Paul Salazar

What I am curious about is how the token is relevant to phase 2 when it is implemented in the physical security industry... Anyone have a clue?

Crypto Fox

Another great non-biased video. Just the truth and no shills, love it!


Great project! But there's a circulating supply of around 4billion and a total supply of 10 billion. Where are the 6b left and when will they hit the market?

Yung Split

Aye I see you looked more into it! Thanks for the review my man!

vance B

Great video thanks for the pros and cons

Matt for Mankind

They should put it on the roof or out front (as an option) and they wouldn’t zap power. Wouldn’t work for malls unless it was a whole mall system. Thanks again FUD.


Love the video man..ian balina is the biggest shiller ever what he did to TEL was shit
Have u seen STK? Def flying under the radar


You are super informative. I keep your channel in my "repertoire" for researching news. Also, you remain neutral. Biased opinions are more or less worthless when you're trying to find information on anything. Thank you, I will continue to recommend you to others. Keep it up! If possible, please send me a free TRON hat.

Jason Beck

I like the project in a theoretical view. I put $40 at .022. I don’t mind having such a little amount tied up in a project for many years. If it fails it’s not a huge loss. If it moons then I reap some nice rewards. I agree, there is plenty of time to pack your bags in the near to midterm future as the project expands. Thanks for your insights!

swarup guchhait

Everyday you are showing up with bull shits project but what happened to ncash? Investors lost 100 times?? No???

Michael Njuguna

Awesome video , very informative. Thanks ?

Crypto Fox

Seems for that feature to work, you'd have to opt in with your phone carriers admin user name and password. Since there's no app. My guess

shrey aradhye

Third ?


ok heres the question about hardware. i mean what's that kind of a unificated signal whitch every phone transfers freely and by which they are planning to track my shopping history??? neither RFID nor wi-fi nor GPS. so what the hell is it? Have they really created a single working device?


So ncash can identify people entering you're store or hotel or property ....what if the ion sensor technology could identify anything that should not be on you when you enter you're house, like ticks or bed bugs..A bio sensor of sorts.....That would be HUGE!!


Biased in the other direction. His brand.


Hear you - don't worry as soon as 5G hits this will go quick bro (NCASH) - late 2018 to 19 is gonna be massive..

Aby sindawi

How much do you get paid for promoting this Bogus and fake project?

William Warren

Sounds like a good time to invest in the company making the ion sensors....


Good unbiased review mate! This is an overlyhped project imo with newbie investors fomoing to the promise of 1000x plus gains

Peter Pan

Another site to add for latest news and events: http://coinpriceprediction.com/coin/neo/

Fitness Stacks

My sentiments exactly!


why your hair looks green?)


Do wanchain. Let’s see if legit.....

jstormtown 13

Nucleus vision will go far once it hits the security phase, those retailers that have the sensor installed also have eyes in the night when stores are closed, so if they are vandalized or stolen from, law enforcement won't need your consent to be identified. So many possibilities, even identifying sexual predators and keeping them away from schools. If retailers don't eat this up, them major corporations will use it for security and employee identification! Thank you! Great video though!

Peter Pan

I wouldn't normally recommend another youtube channel but this guy from the Uk is worth adding to your list of people to follow - He doesn't accept payment from ICO companies. Therefore no sponsored videos, which is a major plus for me. He mainly does ICO reviews so he's not treading on your toes. He reviewed Nucleus Vision 2 months ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03DZfC5nto8 He knowledgeable too.

Joshua Jones

While it is true that they will not be the only player on the field, they have set up an interesting plan (that, for now, seems to be on track) for implementation. They are not planning on turning their attention to the North American market until 2019, currently, Nucleus Vision is only in India (we should all realize that India is one major player in the crypto space) with plans to scale across Southeast Asia. This is not a short-term hold, rather it is for those with a long-term holding mindset because the real power of Ncash won't be realized until 2021 (at least this is my take on Nucleus Vision).


hands down favorite crypto channel. good work man


FUD TV, please do some research on Tone Faye and let us know whY you think about his opinion on the Market.

Brandon Pugh

Can you do an update video

TT Cooper

Is their concern that if someone piggy backs the ION network, they could hack into people's phones?

Three Hares Media

This might be your channel ... but as a writer I can't stand content theft. Your XLM video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk0LqkU5Glg

Paul Rouleau

Great unbiased analysis! I am holding some of this coin. Interested to see where this goes in the next year or so.

Ken Anklovitch

Excellent review - pure information.

Ncash crypto

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TP Productions

Buy 1,000 $ Ncash .. hold five years .. retire

- NjjX

Hey i have bitcoin on binance. What do i click on to buy ncash?

David Bermudez

Try 100x sweetheart

Ncash crypto

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NCash Scam? Bitcoin - Litecoin - Ethereum - Walton Chain Price Analysis

499 views | 22 Apr. 2018

NCash Scam? Bitcoin -

NCash Scam? Bitcoin - Litecoin - Ethereum - Walton Chain Price Analysis

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This video covers NCASH or nuclear vision regarding whether it is a scam or not. Thanks to one of my subscribers for bringing it to my attention. The answer thus far, is NCash is not a scam, but needs further evaluation.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum price trend analysis. Thus far, the price trend has moved exactly as I have been predicting for weeks now - a local bottom in April occurred around $6448, with a move toward the $13-$15k area. Not that this will mark a top, just a place for careful trading.

Please like, comment, subscribe and I will continue producing videos.

Wally Snackbar

Ncash is a great project

Hum Shak

'Trusted by 100’s of Brands' lol what a lie. also not a harvard project that's another lie. The ceo is a harvard drop out, that's where they make the connection to harvard

TP Productions

Nuclear vision ? Wusss daaat .. Ncash is legit $1000 today is 50,000 this time next year

Aaron S.

Any thoughts on QTUM/usdt as a hourly trade? I've been using it for a day or so making 3-4 trades a day on it.. seems to have lower volatility

Disappointed Steve

I'm "Invested" in NCASH... F the FUDSTERS!!! ?

Aby sindawi

why not talk about their bogus claims of intel partnership. do you believe Intel will partner with a company who have no code on github. why they use Harvard as a bait to deceive people? check their fake links on the website. Intel partner? EOS and CARDANO and other big projects did not partner with Intel. come on gues stop the lies

Joeri Vrijdaghs

ncash is not a scam

Comando Marando

I appreciate your video sir, looking forward to future videos