Massivly op

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NIGHT FAE + DEATH WISH FURY = SECRET OP?! :O - WoW Shadowlands 9.0 Fury Warrior PvP

27 264 views | 9 Feb. 2021


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WoW Shadowlands 9.0 Fury Warrior PvP

Edited by Sintinel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZOy4rw5IhT3M0ggDrVdNw

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/bajheera

Fitness Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRyTlNvD8vVCmaGgrBIUCbQ

Twitter - https://twitter.com/BajheeraWoW

Instagram - https://Instagram.com/BajheeraWoW

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BajheeraOfficial


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Music by Berserkyd


Music by Epidemic Sound



World of Warcraft


Join thousands of mighty heroes in Azeroth, a world of magic and limitless adventure.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment.

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Ahh yes! BG content. Arena is very technical, so it's always fun to see something more laidback.

Jonathan Poorman

So is fury the new warrior meta?

Dudeman Roman

I get the most enjoyment when the monk and pallys die ??

Randy Harris

Lol baj making me miss fury. What talents u running on this ownage?

Aaron Strange

chill. These people have families yesus...


you forgot to /rofl and /spit

Kaмil' з-_'-

Make warrior best again please blizz

Dillon Hayes Davis

If you have 3 pocket healers at all time this is possible, if not it’s a terrible experience

tristan 420

nice click bait having 233 ilvl shitting on people with way less ilvl being pocket healed in a bg lol

poop pool

BLADESTORM 100-0 ???


fury is back babyy

Bengi ツ

Im so happy that Fury are back, i use to play Fury the roll BFA expension, and Shadowlands just bring back Arms and not Fury ?

Edit: we need a OP OG new Legandary for the Fury, like 40% chance to strike again the Rampage with a 10% Bonus dommage, yes i dream lol, or something like this you know ?

Leighton Peart

Can you make a video on the fury rotation?


pvp looks fun again!!

Narwhal_ Dust



What dmg font are you using sir? Or addons for it?

azsumnikola nikola

nameplate addon ?

Mitch K

Actually sick of watching this guy with his bait videos. Unsubbed.


Great video man. Would like to see if you can make fury work in a melee cleave comp in arena, even if it's at lower mmr brackets. Would be interesting to see

ma lisa

what is that addon that shows when enemy use some spell like paladin bubble on enemys hp?

Sfatek Holloway

fury is insane
*****full geared fury clapping 30k hp ppl on bg

Bo Deskins

Bajheera @7:35 : "Parry this you filthy casual."


Hell yes, I decided last night to go Team Fern Gully. Switching after raid Saturday.

Maqnoa HD

The thing i see is "can it blend?"

Josuan Estrada

Try and do it on rated bg or arena, on pugs is easy

Caio Toscani

What is a "death wish Fury"?

Alfred Ye


G.K Storys

This is Love for Fury warriors ???// Gabriel from Sweden


ok so now try it in 2400+ rating lol

M. V.

I stopped playing WoW many years ago and have never felt better mentally and physically. I do not want Tourette's syndrome or ADHD due to WoW.

Tyler Whitehead

What is causing that massive knockup?




235ilvl fury with 3 healers target locked on you .... "dEaTh wIsH wORkS"

Tate Barnum

i love fury but why the shit cant u get haste on a pvp wep

Hmm Qui suis-je ?!

I forget it lol , from belgium :)

benjamin matthews

Nerf rogues!!


lol I love his sound effects... "oh he's dead EHHHRRRRGGGGUUUHHHHH HAHAHA"

Gian Tju

Got hit by 32k :(

Ty Thompson

'even he has a bubble' 2:19 lol

luis arencibia

Dude sick editing!

Nicholas Hillsdale

Please please please do a video with the Leaper legendary with Barbarian PvP talent.

I'd like to see someone with mad skill using it! I use it and it's amazing fun, and great for any BG with flags. Basically gives you unlimited mobility.

Captain Glitterbeard

How?!? pls do a how to vid

Hektor Nullvier

Editor deserves a free arena boost

Joshua Dunn

Good god lmao.......ok....im sold, switching tonight!

Dustin Smith

holy crap you're going to get us nerfed haha


"OMG, FURY IS THE NEW META!!!!111". Guys, this guy is geared to fucking oblivion, and has been playing warrior for how many years, and is a bit of a PvP god, dare I say. Fury is probably not the new meta. Calm your tits.

acedc brown

my favorite spec

thedadbod thor

is that plater and whats your string for it, loves those enemy frames

Torgeir Øksnes

Warriors gets nerfed tomorrow xD

Jonathan Leon

Which addon do you use for those nameplates Bajheera?


i love ur interface all!!!! can i get your addons info plz? TT it can be useful for me to playing arena !!


Hope you guys enjoyed another healthy does of NIGHT FAE DEATH WISH FURY WARRIOR action w/ another fantastic video edited by Sintinel! :D
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sadly, when I queue arena as fury I get globalled through 25% vers and enraged regen by convoke/combust or randomly get one-shottet by an ele shaman without being able to do anything. at least you can have some fun in BGs once you are overgeared.


For the Alliance!

Kevin Lauterbach

So its looking like I need to get a new PC... Havent played Shadowlands because my pc is trash but this looks soooo fun! Maybe see what SMF is like?


As a former horde player I can confirm, Bajheera arrives and you will have the big sad

Jibbles Of The Black Harvest

I'm not sure if you use it but the Arms warrior legendary that uses MS on bladestorm also works for fury, fury's bladestorm deals it's damage twice as fast but still casts 2 MS's


Bajheera won't even queue for a big until he out gears everyone and has 2 or 3 pocket healers from chat.

This is not impressive at all.

William Key

Take a shot every time Baj says “Death wish fury is back”


That was sick xD

Greg Woods

Fun to watch!


Next: Hitting 5000cr with Death Wish on RBG!


23k+ critz.........!


fury no back ,you have very much itl in bg,its normal but good job

Matej Marincic

overhealed roflcopter

Martin Samardjiev

I guess I'm going for a new pc and start playing shadowlands ?

Carlos Eduardo Rangel Guerrero

Men wich addon u use for arenas? I love it your interface, your floating text and everything.

Ellis Secola

First comment! Grind em up brother!

Ano Nymus

Hi, first off loves your videos secondly i come with a tip that might spice your fury deathwish bg up a bit, probebly a unintended bug however.. Try using the unhinged arms legendary as fury and bladestorm .. yes really it works.


1 handed fury low key cranks in bgs lol. I was like oh look a fury warrior easy kill then got clapped ?


This was a blast to watch, the editor did an amazing job!

Joshua G

Nothing was wrong fury in the first place. Use dragons roar in pvp it hits sooo hard

Michael Meinzer

Let's see it in arena. I play fae fury in pve, so fun. but wouldn't mind making a return to pvp with my main spec after not pvping for a decade. what legendary is being used in this clip and talents?


everytime i watches your vids i wanna go back pvp with warrior but i only get stunned hexed killed unable to move fear and iam out :D

Jorrit v.d Kerkhof

Hey Bajheera! How do you make that icon for Death Wish at you character bar?


This is like what? 171 item level bastards with 10% versatility... how are these vids still gettin a watch? Lol try doin that at 2500+Cr RBG... they’ll melt you before you can spin... if you’re gonna make vids, do it old school with different characters... like Bajouthor or a new one... stop with these Swifty style video nonsense

Adam Solar

Oh wow...you know...this means fury Bajheera hungers....

Hmm Qui suis-je ?!

I like you Bajheraa , the best warrior !


Ahh yes...love the old school vibes with the editing.

Randoms: Does Baj still have it in him in 2021?

Baj: "Ohhhhhh Myyyy Gaaaawwwwwwdddd!"

Sikk Warrior

Who is night fae warrior right now? Real warriors are Venthyr right now

paul boerke

When u see bajheera in an bg u better leav ??


Can you try arena with the spec?

Amish Bearded Robot

I have litterally been shocked when flattening people out with night fea after shock, suoer hich grits, last night i got 3 people with one and it felt awesome lol they just sat there without releasing just like him what

Josh Goode

Them: WTF did he hit us with?

Bajheera: Yes!!!

They evaporated!

Alex Keyport

slaps a 29k buffed hp noob as a glad geared warrior. "FURY IS BACK!"

Vael S

Fun stuff hahaa. Gotta love the triple kill with all cds stacked :D

Jim Nguyen



Fair warning to anyone switching to night fae, I switched and enjoyed fury more than arms personally but due to the lack of defensives and increased damage intake it isnt as viable in arena. I was able to make it to 2k as fury but after that the damage taken is impossible to heal through, iv tried various combinations including prot paladin but to no avail, as for bgs and rbgs, its extremely fun to just stack to 10 and reck+cds into ancient aftershock for 30k per target... My highest hit (@224 ilvl) was 39k on a pve tank oddly enough with no vers... All this being said I switched back to venthyr/arms spec after trying both kyrian/arms and nightfae/arms/fury, simply due to the consistency... Dont let me rain on your parade though, as Baj shows it's a ton of fun and still viable in arms and if you don't care about rating and want to shock some people... try nightfaefury, just remember to stack to 7+ before bursting though...


i dont think fury is insane, i think you are insane


10:17 gotta love seeing that, move over convoke, here come Ancient Aftershock baby!!!!!!
i wanna see that with a salt water potion, flask and berserker rage buff lol xD

Koromházi Erik

Wtf more!!! :O i'm hungary and i love. :D

Max Anderson


Demian Silva

Jajaj the Fury is amazing master!! A machine of death

All Right

Liking the editing good stuff

Hank Solo Guitar

Is this like just you having fun with high level gear, or do you actually think fury is viable in bg/ arenas now?


"You guys are pissin me off"


Editor absolutely nailed this vid. What a sick watch

Bob The builder

i played fury in pvp since the begining of shadowlands and nobody believe me when i said it was good.......nobody wanted to believe, but when the truth finally dawned.....It dawned in fire!


Fury Bajheeeeeera!!


nice one baj :)

Massivly op

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Fallout 76 - Massively OP Weapons can kill Queen and Earl in seconds

9 065 views | 8 Dec. 2020

Today I will be showing

Today I will be showing you how people have been killing the queen in seconds! Using a number of methods I've previously shared a number of clever exploiters have combined methods to create a massively OP build. Check the video out for more info!

Unbreakable legendary weapons: https://youtu.be/lfVVwT6dKWw

Unlimited ammo exploit: https://youtu.be/TR3qbMlzRtc

Sneak exploit: https://youtu.be/lkqIcxmAObM

Channels to check out:

MR RISK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCtVW4s5jTQ7AwIjpWrjPRw

Glitch Unlimited: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcnkqkNWjiwLcDUx0WshOmg

Tags: FO76 sneak glitch, FO76 sneak, FO76 glitch, FO76 exploit, FO76 PVP sneak, FO76 PVP exploit, FO76 PVP glitch, Fallout 76 sneak glitch, Fallout 76 sneak, Fallout 76 glitch, Fallout 76 exploit, Fallout 76 PVP sneak, Fallout 76 PVP exploit, Fallout 76 PVP glitch, fallout 76 unlimited ammo, unlimited clip, FO76 unlimited clip, FO76 unlimited ammo, fallout 76 ammo glitch, Fallout 76 ammo exploit.

Chill Stoner

Man I can kill the queen faster with a normal lmg or certain types of explosive plasmas

Claire Balch

Not to be a bummer great video tho bloodied sneak commando build critical spamming with ammo glitch on can kill queen 40 seconds solo well I can atleast

Mark Laseter

Always some jackass making a video for his few seconds of fame. And we all know you didnt find this glitch on your own...only positive thing you did is increase the price tag on my dragons.


Very cool

Isso Real

Wow a glitched Weapon ist OP... Boring

Wyatt No

It's amazing watch people cheat, yet not being able to accomplish what they're cheating for (killing the queen quickly) faster than legitimate builds and weapons.

c wen

How do you not have to reload the dragon i am not understanding

Neck Cutter

Crit spamming a 2525 bloodied fixer with ammo glitch will kill her in literally 2 seconds


I love it how only GROWN ASS boomers take this trash ass game seriously ????


I don't understand why you need 2, two shot dragons to do this... is it to make it unbreakable?

Darren Witkowski

The recoil is real lol nice! I happen to have a few TSE dragons laying around. I'm gonna test it out with my rifle build!


Bloodied vats crits damage railway rifle is faster then that like It is really op anyone who has one should do mag glitch not 999 cuz not everyone has one but 500 mag it is crazy how much damage u do with it

Michael Wisnewski

I can do it almost that fast without useing duped guns and glitches but im good

Bobby B

Not to be a stickler but the title said “in seconds” so I assumed it would be 2 or 3, not 212 lol


Awesome video!

dark geno

Well that could work if I have two explosive flamethrowers one of them is a vampire and the other one's a furious but both of them have explosive effects or they have to be exactly the same perks cuz one's vampire one's furious

Shrek Fry

U should try it again but instead of hitting the sbq splash damage her head

Bret Backster

Actual title should be How to kill the scorch beast queen in 10 mins using very specific glitches and exploits.

Disgusting usting

If you go back into first person after doing The pa stealth thing and stand back up you can sprint while the glitch is active


Absolutely insane man!

Raucher Ecke


1,000,000 Views and Likes

What are the mods on the weapons. Do they say No appearance, No muzzle?

atomic Dank



Killd in Seconds ... lol yea in about 5 mins or so.
I can do more Damage without a single exploit so lol.


17 minutes long for the ammo glitch am good hahaha


That damage is really good though I still think my fixer could prob deal more

Team Mayhue

Very nice as always.


Great for the 2 people that have hacked nw guns and everything else...

Rhythm F.

You're kind of quiet, game is louder than you

Lues is food

Some quantums would really help here for the ap

kevin morales

Question for you psr-1986 is why doesn’t you AP goe down while you are in vats when you spam the trigger??
Is there something special going on here?
I have a bloodied explosive handmade but doing the 500ammo glitch with it, the weapon can break though.
How can I get these results by using my handmade?
I don’t have a two shot dragon for you information.
Nice vids!!!!

Massivly op

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1 rat armies are OP

187 017 views | 29 Nov. 2020

If you want to send me

If you want to send me your disaster campaigns email it here. [email protected]

Please only send campaigns on the verge of defeat. Modded campaigns are not currently accepted.


This link will show you where your save file should be located. Replace Legend with whatever your user ID is in documents.

Check out Instant Gaming for some great deals on Total War products. https://www.instant-gaming.com/igr/legendoftotalwar/ Remember to check if the key is region locked before purchasing!

Check out some awesome artwork at Displate and help support the channel https://displate.com/codelegend

Use this code "legend" for 15% site wide.

Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit http://www.totalwar.com

Brendan Worthington

When you lose two-thirds of your army for basically nothing.


Chaos lord: Captain. how many regiments does the enemy have?
Captain: Yes


I love that you can ambush an encamped army lol.

Kamikazi Spud


The One Being

It ain't easy-simple be-being cheese! Joyous SkavenLaugh.mp3


"Goooood... just sit there and take my plague..."

This is totally fetish porn for someone, somewhere. :|


Even if you;d inflicted Army Losses they had Chaos Spawn.

Hawkticus' History Corner

When the trees start squeaking.

Adam Henry

Enemy general comitted suecide knowing gods wont be pleased after learning 1 rat did all that

Jack Jhonson

The Lord of cheese strikes again



Shiloh Lee

Will this work with any ambush, or specifically Skaven only? (i.e. Is it most effective with Skaven, or only effective with Skaven?)
And thank you for your videos! I've been enjoying them and learning a lot!
Also, be well, and stay safe!

Jester Maiden

"We actually killed the enemy general by them commiting suicide"

Or how the World War 2 ended


This is Skavens White Death, Grey Death.


I take it the Order/Chaos campaign balance is still off then?

Are the Dark Elves, Skaven, Vampire Counts and Greenskins still overwhelming the map by turn 80?

Philosophy Frog

Is this enjoyable to you? Because to me this looks like nothing but a huge time waster. If you're not enjoying the game then what's the point?

Ugo Lc

It is very interesting, and thank you for sharing that, but honestly there is no pleasure to play doing this ... I don't see what's the point with this kind of trick...

Друманин Дрин

Maximun CHEESE!

Goblin Blackberry

A local skaven stopped Archaon from destroying a world.

Anthony Santilo

Only a skaven one rat army involves around a thousand other rats


I do not enjoy Legends channel, but this is so god damn creative. I love it.

Verix Lin

"Preferably something slow...."
Picks the fastest unit in their entire army
"Wait they are not slow."

Nicolas Dunaway

Are we gonna gaze over the name of the grey seer?

Big Tricky

Its just exploiting realy, may as well full on cheat, least i would feel i had cheated if doing this.

Hannes Pöschl

I guess the AI doesn't believe in ratmen.

Jayhawk TD

Seems like to much work lol

Vincent Albers

Too cheesy for one rat

Saliman Latti

Chaos :We are getting abushed
Wait 90sec
Oh never mind my b my b


LOTW: Can I beat this full stack of chaos with 1 unit?
Me: How the fuck do I beat these fuckin rats on normal difficulty?

Big oof

This is just the warhammer version of the monty python rabbit


The chases need music lol

Омарали Букейхан

lol ultimeate thanqual experience

Ömer S

The cheese is strong with this one...

Stephen Memelord

I can smell the cheese from here, damn.


Incredible, he committed so much cheese the ai general committed suicide to escape this hell

Alex Jacobson

warhammer total war codename 47-47

Bot Botowski

Every second cast they move

Cthulu TheSpy

Casting doesn't reveal your position? That's some pretty silly design. I think CA is going to patch it out now :D

Dead one

This is literally the most skaven thing I've seen in this game


cheesing with rats. how fitting. =)


You deadass Metal Gear’d an entire Chaos horde.

Juan Hernandez

The acid copyright contrarily polish because verse bareilly obey following a garrulous india. nippy, eager turnover


The cheese has reached godlike levels


Legend turned this game into an infiltration game.


Wallace would be so proud

Emanuele Vitale



Aspiring champions at 15:53 is that new? 75 melee defense.

Jacob Sanders

I once was defending as Bretonnia against Mousillon, I won the battle with 0 losses on either side because the enemy refused to attack

Yordan Azzolin

we won, but what did it cost us ?



Me ambushing with 4 armies at my disposal: probs a loss

ten Busch

Only fights by casting spells from hiding, sacrifices Clan Rats to mask his escape and spends half the battle running for his life

This has to be the most lore accurate Grey Seer I've seen in TW:W


Had a laugh when I discovered that Gor-Rok can 1v1 the entire chaos horde on his own on legendary. Give him some items that increase his physical resist, weapon damage and a health potion and unlock his health regen and boom he's unkillable.

Brad Pitt

Its basicaly same mechanic like if you do bitcoin scam, you can keep ..ck people up if they dont find you ...

Durake no

I really hate the Skaven aggressive Ambush specialty. It felt so cathartic when I baited a rat army into an ambush in the middle of 3 full tomb king doomstack Armies.

Tom Pasquill

think you could have taken that if the last few distraction 'menace belows' had been used towards their rear on weakened units

this guy

your so lucky sometimes at this game


All hail hornet cheese... HORNET CHEESE SEE US!

Nearly Evil 665

i tried it and messed up becouse i forgot to dismount my grey seer...

Self - ParterNerd

- Rat loves cheese. Nuff said. Didn't need to.

Diego Iván



Chaos army: Tis' but a scratch.

Jerky Murky

You thought his siege cheese was his final form?


When your patron god hates you so much they despawn you for failing to kill one sneak-sneak boi

Bojan Brkić

Still too weak, I hope they release a new Skaven DLC and fix it. /s


best cheese player all time, it looks like beta testing for bugs

Michael Connelly

does this still work? been trying it and ai just keeps marching or will reveal my hidden unit that is still shown and treated as hidden.

Lachlan McKinnie

"We need to cast a spell on something relatively slow... like those Chaos Knights there... oh wait they're not slow."

I love it.

Lieuwe de Wolf

"By the dark gods why are we stopping?"

"I have no idea"

Alex Zetsu

This was very entertaining. I wonder a few questions. Could this be done with a different faction like Brettonia, only in ambush stance on the AI's turn instead of attacking (since Skaven attacking on their turn as ambush is their thing)? Would this work if you brought a small army of the general and 7 units and hid the extra units until you were ready to use them? Does this trick work if the enemy has lots of ranged units?

Mavio ninnin

This is what happens when AI trigger fails to respond

that guy

"Must've been the wind"


Reminds me a bit of when Thanquol and Lurk was running about all alone in Troll Country on their own in the Beastslayer book :P

David X. Rae

what if you used the tube just to thermal siphon air rather than water you might not need a pump then just have a big tank of water as a thermal mass to maintain the heat

Matthew Drake

the cheese god in his native habitat

Lukas Lawrence

Would this work when I’m using one unit of (for example) elven warriors and just hide in the bushes for 20 minutes?

No Shade

Exploiting the game like this ruins the immersion and fun of the entire game IMO...

Der Adler und seine Falken

There needs to be a screen overlay that shows things like forest, water and other things on the map than affect combat and movement.

Richárd Krajnyik

"Leader of the community, the deadly disease is on us! It's attacking in waves and even takes out our healthy people!"
"It doesn't exist. Just continue as normal."


Could the enemy general have used Forbidden Rod, it damages the user every use


VC players are frothing at the mouth seeing that formation. Imagine how many kills a good wind of death would get?

Lefinno Kwok


Gabriel Rodriguez

not for the lactose intolerant


LegendOfTotalWar: Shit , I've to run into the forest and hide.
Chaos Lord: I'd fucking suicide rather than chasing a fucking rat and watching him kill my entire army solo.

Christ Hovhannisyan

Chaos lord committed suicide LMAO

Ravan Pee

Cheese for the Cheesemaster


"WE KILLED THE ENEMY LORD BY HIM COMMITING SUICIDE!" Did you though? Did you Legend? Did you reaaaaaally? I think the General just alt+F4'd

Tom Yorke

I can smell the sweat from here


is this Vermintide 2 of Rat version?
hahaha =)


17:15 - enemy lord: "aight imma head out"


Awesome Video! Mind is turning, I see stealth exploitation in my future in lots of situations!

Undead Synth

Me: Imagine having a battle disaster at the day of release loool
LoTW: Chaos legendary difficulty..
Me: Understandable have a great day.

Simone Mancini

Legend do you play chess? yes yes, i love cheese

Gareth Delaney

just 47 more kills would have got you a victory

андрей андреев

Странно, что войска хаоситов стоят на месте. Обычно, когда ИИ не видит врагов, он перемещается по карте.

Kroko lektor

ohohho omg


why do your clan rats look like slaves

sebastian larsen

"This was a Defeat" Officially yes, but "I see this as an absolute win" if you ask any of us!

John Tedonneraipasmonnom

Fuck this game and its shit AI. I won't buy another game or DLC until they fix it.


This battle is pure truth about state of this game, and why i stoped buying DLC's. B4 doing something new they should fix huge pile of shit they got.

Ryan Smeraldo

You can actually hear Legend’s brain becoming more ratlike