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MMTH 'Paternoster' (Track)

306 views | 1 May. 2018

'Paternoster' is the

'Paternoster' is the opener of our debut-album.

It`s available on MC / CD / digital:


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/pat...

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Gc8m...



Juan Pablo Sierra Tafur

excelent song!!! |m|/

Pablo Luiz

I love this song!!!

Math & Post-Rock Covers

Very nice!


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MMTH - Paternoster

15 131 views | 7 Oct. 2017

Genre: Post rock,

Genre: Post rock, experimental

Artist: MMTH

Album: Paternoster (September 29, 2017)

Country: Aurich, Germany



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01. Paternoster 00:00

02. Big Mouth 05:11

03. Souvenirs 10:23

04. Impuls 14:48

05. Träumen Wale vom Fliegen 19:29

06. (It takes two to) Tango 29:59

07. Tidal Waves 34:41

08. A Thousand Years 40:50

09. Pogba is the New Zidane? 50:27

I don't own any copyright for this album. All credits belong to MMTH.

claudio boffa tarlatta

Pogba is the New Zidane? DEFINITEVELY NOT !

Prog Man

Perfect sound, very good guitar riffs...Great band, nice album

William Larzelere

Perfect timing, needed this one! 1.

Nicolás F.G.

Partenoyster's (genesis)

Francisco Hermandez

This is a great debut album! It's the first time in a while that I can play a record in a loop for hours without skipping any track. Your music is so enjoyable, so soothing and dark at the same time! Thank you very much for sharing your art to the world.

Josef Havlík

Very good!
8TH SONG -"Thousand years" is perfect...slow gradation starting at 40:50

Coman Elena

Magnifique sounds!!! <5 Thanks!


So much great emotion without a single word, bravo!

Leck Mich

Geiles Album. Da sage nochmal einer, Norddeutsche können keine Musik machen.^^

Berthea Leduc

#8 bon.

Chinmay Karadkar

Fantastic Reefs and Bridges @MMTH..
This POST ROCK sh!t is too addictive !!
Keep up the good work @Wherepostrockdwells

Do listen to.. Glasgow Coma Scale and Eleventh Vibration



Another great addition to the post-rock family. Just wishing more of these artists were on Spotify as well. Keep up the great work!


another diamond this channel showed me. Thanks o/

Raymond Barkhuizen

Wait..Paternoster, as in the Western Cape fishing village?


Hey everybody. We are really glad, most of you like our album. If you wanna support us a little, you could share this video with your friends or follow us at facebook or bandcamp. Thanks again :)

Pablo Luiz

Um dos melhores albuns de post rock que ja ouvi

Andrea Ciccone

Oh yeah! Something fresh and new. Great.

joyce sweeting

I like this.. I like this. This band plays the notes I like to hear!

In a manner of speaking this is lost and found

The album is good,but I read Pornstar at first

Sorun Var!

Tidal Waves ! Marvelous ! Thanks guys ! You re awesome !

Fréderick Kertz

Really I need this in Spotify!

Cáceres Mauro

it reminds me a little bit of Agalloch


This a great album all the way around!! My favorite track is 6 it takes two to Tango!! The driving rhythm is stellar

Axel V

Since a few weeks I listen to this album everyday, mostly : Paternoster, Souvenirs and Tango. I feel there is something magic, particularly with the mix between the two guitars. Great ! <3


The Turks make good music


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35 views | 11 Oct. 2018