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Rev Reviews EXPOSED!! What People Are Really Saying About This Work From Home Transcription Job?

24 770 views | 23 Apr. 2020

Looking for real Rev

Looking for real Rev Reviews? Find out if this work from home job is for you.

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In this video we are going to take a look at one of the most popular work from home transcription jobs out there. I am talking about Rev.com.If you are thinking about applying to Rev you will definitely want to watch this video. I have done my research on this at home job opportunity and share what I have found in this video.

Rev Reviews|Work From Home Jobs With Flexible Schedule|Work From Home Transcription Jobs


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If you want to quit you just stop checking into the jobs posted? Or can you close your REV account?

Chic Chick

These type of sites are for US citizens. If you're not a US citizen or do not have a green card, then it would be illegal for them to pay you.

J. Cardenas

Is this possible from an iPad ???

Kylie Zilimbola

Good to find a youtuber that doesn't glamorize everything to get views

False sects like shia are judeo ibn saba made

what is you type in the wrong stuff because you mix up the words, is there a penalty?

Hassan Nisar

how many hours a week did you work to make 40 dollars?


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Andrew Albertie

thank i wont go for rev

Puse M

Yoh. Hate the guy. Shitty review

Chic Chick

What you're not telling the people is, that if you're not an American citizen or have a green card, then it is not possible for them to pay one. It would be illegal.

richard walters

The simple truth about binary options which many of us do not know is the fact that it is mainly based on predictions. Without proper knowledge of what next can happen to the stock market, you are sure to lose your funds. That is why it is important to be tutored or mentored by a professional trader in binary options. During the few days of being mentored by Mrs Doris Ashley I've learnt much and also succeeding in trades and have been doing successful withdrawals and was able to recover all my lost funds. Feel free to contact her on [email protected] com or whatsapp her +1 (516) 494 0313.for positive results

Janis Dolan

Just another guy using other's platforms to push his own stuff.


Bro, nice video. But please buy a new microphone...

Shomail A

I've applied so many times, but they still decline me! Can someone please help me so that I can get accepted by them!

Puse M

Kaaak review. Shiity one


So you haven't actually looked into it yourself? You've only read the complaints? I've personally seen jobs on there that paid 15-20 dollars for 30 minute audios that taking your time you can finish in 45-60 minutes.
I think to review something legitimately you need to try it yourself. The people who do well on it aren't out there writing reviews on it...however someone that doesn't like 1 thing about it enough will trash on it all day.

Abrar Mohammed

I’m a teenager I’ve worked for rev for 3 months it’s worth it to make money on the side

dani cali

you average 3 dollars an hour for your hard work

dani cali

most of the audio is shit. so you'll get a bad rating, and it's not your fault. total bullshit.

Lie's Exposed TRUTH Restored

If you do it full-time?

Adonis Adeyemi

Thanks. I hope I get accepted.

Mic Powers

$100 a week is what I'm in it for.

Saddest Maybe

Dude who specializes in online work doesn’t even have quality audio or video, and hasn’t even worked for Rev. LOL

Sheila Migans

Realest video

Mari Schroedinger

So you haven't actually worked for them, and this "review" is based off of what you have heard from other people?

Julisa Stuart

hey hey, just wanted to say that I enjoyed your video. Good real talk stuff. I did want to give some of you folk some reassurance that it is possib;e to bring in about $500 a month. I don't push TOO hard but I am more consistent. and I have been about to make on average 480-500 a month. not bad at all. But this review was otherwise very accurate.

What is rev

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REV Beginner Tutorial: How to Caption and Sync Videos for Rev.com

313 165 views | 19 Sep. 2017

A beginner's tutorial on

A beginner's tutorial on how to caption and sync videos as a captioner or freelancer for Rev.com

My Favorite Tools for Captioning and Transcribing:

Infinity Foot Pedal - https://amzn.to/2LX2L4A

Ergonomic Keyboard - https://amzn.to/2Mu9WQO


Intro: 00:00

How to Press Play: 00:36

How to Skip Back: 00:50

Atmospherics: 02:12

Speaker Labeling: 02:27

How to Break Into Caption Groups: 02:49

How to Label a New Speaker: 03:16

Deadline to Unclaim a Project: 04:50

How to Sync Captions: 05:45

Playback Speed: 06:30

Editing Caption Groups While Syncing: 08:32

Fixing Syncing Errors: 09:41

Submitting Project: 10:00

Text Expanders: 10:14

Spellcheck: 10:48

Search Function: 10:57

Submit Project and Add Customer to Favorites: 11:30

Relevant Tutorials:

Rev Application Process and Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46QAMXWAJTc

Rev Captioner Workspace Overview: https://youtu.be/_y05wxEGa1g

#jennifermarievo #workfromhome #transcriptionjobs

Danica Dabasol

Did you passed the exam in Rev on the first take? Are you using a vpn?

Lena A.

What program you're using ?

Carol Ann

Trying to figure out how to caption overlapping.

Jomar Aquilla

what to do with an inaudible words?

Jennefer Bernise Viernes

Hi... may I know..If you pause with a certain seconds..thus it counts your counting minutes time?...

Karthik Korasaki

U're good at teaching mam ,it impressed me a lott now itself ive done it ,thanks kind hearted

Regina De Guzman

very helpful. thank you

Barty Crouch JR.

1 min video they pay 50 cent.
It took 10 min to make a 1 min video caption.
So it to be 3$ in an hour.
Wow it is very very low price.

Niqulus VIII

I would do this but, I'm not the fastest at typing. Decent but, not the best.

Terra Trepe

I love this tutorial. I just tried applying but I think it's the syncing I had trouble with. How do you usually time the captions? I'm not sure why that half second rule is bothering me. :(


Wow! Love it.....wheewww...I'd love to try it too.....

Siang Uklian

Rev Captioning account available for sale 100$
while Transcription account are going for 80$
call 1-347-450-3342 add on WhatsApp for business

itsGaming 9000

Thank you. You got my Sub, Like, Notification bell and Watch ads.


I started my application. No issues with the grammar part. Then, I realized that I would have to do a sample captioning test, I didn’t complete the process.
Since I didn’t go past the grammar part, can I go back after I feel a bit more familiar with the process, to complete my application?
I thought it was better to pause then to go through with it and fail.


You kept saying "I'm going to press pause", but I don't see a pause button.
Did you mean you just click on the screen as in a YouTube video ?


Thank u..


Hi Jennifer my laptop is windows xp model. Will it work on my laptop?

Sir Rey

Just wanna ask if you apply here in rev and not accepted is there a chance to apply again?

Mr Pineapple

How much do you get payed for an hour of work ?

ćhïïł bøī

How much money do you usually make from this?

Vincent Oyier

hello Jennifer, if I may ask, should you label speakers in every video you are captioning?
example - (mark) I wanna go out
- (aaron) Yeah, sure.

Frida Astorga

Thank you so much Jennifer

Starr Z

Ah no?, I did my test for Rev yesterday & forgot to add in the music caption?. I hope I still pass?. Update: I failed?.

Suzette Tabora

How to apply?


Thanks, looking forward to be working at Rev soon. Will come back at your tutorial again when I get hired.

Trenton Waterson

Thanks for this tutorial! I'm currently reviewing Rev captions for a feature film I produced. I have a 32-Character limit per line, and I am allowed up to 3 lines per caption. I am at a loss as to how to add a second line after 32 characters within a caption. Is there a shortcut key for this? I can't find it in tools.

Fernando Montenegro Segura

You made me laugh when you said "Some really strange name like Fernando." Thanks for this video!

Pamela Johnson

One question please, so if I am a Rev customer, will I receive my video completely captioned in any language? (depending of the plan I choose) Thank you in advance for your response ?

Marel Díaz

Such a helpful information!
I thank you a lot. I'd like to work as a subtitler with Rev and I'd like to know if once our account is created, whether Is one able to take jobs like a captioner or only as a subtitler?
Best regards.

Deekshitha Rao

Hey Jennifer!! I'm from India. I applied in Rev twice and both the times I got the "not approved" mail. I really need some cash. Can you please tell me what to do?

Think & Brand

Thank you

Divyajeet Singh Fx

Thank's a lot, Your typing speed is very good.

Omar Ibrahim

How do I get into this to begin with

Allen Josh

Please I don't understand Rev, I got an approval mail then later got a disapproval mail, can someone please tell them how such happens, I understand Rev has a forum

Naomi Bonareri

Please explain the caret or no caret when doing a file.

Lynsketh Mae Abajar

Hi. To be honest, you’re one of the reasons why I applied in REV yesterday. Now I’m just hoping that I’ll get accepted since I really need this job right now ?. Anyway, I really like your voice. So calming and soooo soothing ?.

Shafqat Ali

Can you make video on translate language English to another language to pass the test

Julius Labra

You deserve a million subscribers! Thank you so much.

Pee Man

where the fuck is the dash button


I did not finish my online assessment on rev. I am afraid of errors. So I tried to find ways on how to be good about captioning. I will help myself in training and practice. This video is very informative. Thank you.


Im so pissed incould get approved but i wish i had feedback

Shaikh Rakesh Reja

Hello Jennifer! Greetings from India. Could you please tell me which among gotranscript and rev.com would better platform of earning?

Marlen Ortega

Hello Jennifer Marie, would you let me know if they contract people from Guatemala city?

Joshua Adon

So I’m recently getting into Rev. I was wondering if you could do a video on how this works. Do they send you the DASH to download? Do you have to pay for anything when your in Rev?

Yoo Mi

Thank you.

Blessing Ribeiro

Thanks for the tutorial, how do I add up arrow carets?

Rabiot Kipchumba

Thank you for the well explained tutorial

Musa Malik

Make a detail review on Latium .org .we r waiting

Barty Crouch JR.

wow it is very good quality video, thank you for share

MsHaydee Guevara

Hi! I just submitted my application in Rev, I tried their sample audio transcription. I don't know if I pass the exam or what. But they emailed me and it is still up for a review. I'd like to know how many days would it take for me to know if I pass or not? and can I re-apply? hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

Erekosima David

Can I use my phone?



Topper Bizzare

Jennifer Marie ?? execellent video ? i saw this is too good ? thanks for this ?

Fredo's Vlog

Very nice video i love it ?


Thanks ??


this was one of the best honest video tutorial that i ever seen on youtube,thank you,learned a lot,hope Rev accept me so i can be a captionist

Mickey Santiago

Fernando might have broke your heart before :D :P

Allen Josh

Pls Marie, I really need help on getting access to rev, have answered all the questions accurately, yet they not approving my application, pls what do I do, I need guidance, please.


Ur voice took me to paradise... Wooowwww....


Thank you! You're beautifully awesome!

Sagar Nair

Urgent guys: I am not able to move the subtitle bar underneath a time stamp. It only changes the the time, not the subtitle underneath it. I have been trying for 2 hours now. Please help!

Sirr Fredd

Wow! Great Content and explanation. ??

Nahid Hasan

you are the best youtube teacher <3 your vids are really easy to understand

Gen Audreyh

Can I put the speaker's sound on the same caption group? for example: "- You're funny (laughs loudly) you know that?."

Aravind Balakrishnan

If you continue the good work, your subscribers will surge 10x in the next one year

Mithuna K M

Mam could u kindly tell us the actual time given to complete a 2 minute project. Is there any time frame?

HappyDance KidsTV

Hello! Can you choose your schedule?

Keep On Gaming

Yay! I got in lol


How long does it take for about a 20-30 minute video? Also how would you translate from one language to another? Where would you apply for the!

ATM - Amine Tech Energy

you are so fast at typing

Tilted Player

You're good at teaching this. I wish I watched this first before applying. I didn't pass but atleast they responded in 4 hours time. I strongly believe my fault was that I keep on labeling the visible speaker.

you_got_no_jAms chimmie

May I know what app you use to do captioning?

Jair Damián

Funny thing that I'll do this type of job on Youtube for free and just for the fun!!
What are the odds of that!! XD

Renee Pheonix

Why is this even done? I don’t understand the reason behind it.

Felix mararo

Hello kindly help me get a Rev account

Gomolemo Selebano

If you having any problem you can just ask Gomolemo Selebano to transcribe your video for under $5 @t


I just got "Not approved" response, so i'm here preparing before 45 days pass. I'm going to try again next time, after 45 days. Until then, here I go preparing.

Ibrahim F07

Hello dear, do we keep filler words such as ‘ummm’ while captioning ? thanks

Bidur G

Is it unnecessary to mention the speaker's name?

Syngh oanda

...of great help. Thanks

S.Gautham Sankar

Did Rev give us "Dash" to add captions
or do we have use our own editor

Raymond Hale

Whilst you were typing ,I did not see you put the speakers names in (or have I missed something)


Thanks so much for making this!

msset geebee

Thank you for this video. This helps me to convince myself to be a transcriptionist for me to be better in english.

Claire C.

hope you could reply, it is necessary that the email that I signed up in Rev is the same with my Paypal account?

Obese Giraffe

My 73 hours of typing.com have finally payed off


that was awesome ..... explain

Sweet Cicely

Jennifer Marie... This is an extremely helpful REV tutorial. Thank you!

Sultana Begum

Thank u sister ???

Nicolai Marquez

How do you use the "Up-arrow caret"?

ronin clark

How old do you have to be??


You are the best instructor..!! awesomely explained.

Carl Johnson

Lol,, this can be done only by English people, who daily use english, for other countries such as asian countries it's very hard, because we speak English very clearly and slowly, But English people don't do this because it's their own language they speaking it from childhood, so they can easily understand what the person in video is saying.

Divine Sabanal

I'm planning to apply. But how?

Umer Tahir

Guys I'm broke and my father is on bed for the last 1 year because of brain hemorrhage and my mum can't do a job because she has to take care of my dad and she isn't also qualified enough to get a job I'm also a University student I wont get a good job as well because our currency is too low I passed the transcribe me exams but the pay was too low and they blocked my account for no reason I need to pass the Rev test I've tried like 20 times from 20 different accounts but every time they fail If any one has a verified correct audio answer please can you give me the answer just for the sake of humanity and because of this corona virus things are getting even worse we don't have enough money to buy food please guys help me i'll give the guy 20 bucks who help me...please. My e-mail is [email protected]hotmail.com


Thank you

Jennifer Marie

Quick Reference Links:
How to Press Play: 0:36
How to Skip Back: 0:50
Atmospherics: 2:12
Speaker Labeling: 2:27
How to Break Into Caption Groups: 2:49
How to Label a New Speaker: 3:16
Deadline to Unclaim a Project: 4:50
How to Sync Captions: 5:45
Playback Speed: 6:30
Editing Caption Groups While Syncing: 8:32
Fixing Syncing Errors: 9:41
Submitting Project: 10:00
Text Expanders: 10:14
Spellcheck: 10:48
Search Function: 10:57
Submit Project and Add Customer to Favorites: 11:30

Rea Jay

So what if you have a shorter sentence and it's red?


Okay, I see a pause symbol to the left of the screen.
You click on that to pause ?


Thank you and quick question. Is the subjective spelling of a proper noun usually accepted - within reason (e.g. Christy, Kristie, etc.)?

What is rev

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Is It BAD To Redline Your Car's Engine ???

2 229 432 views | 14 Aug. 2016

Please subscribe for more

Please subscribe for more videos! http://tinyurl.com/hg7tg68

Is It BAD To Redline Your Car's Engine ???

Follow Us on Instagram for behind the scenes! @VehicleVirgins

Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/vehiclevirgins

Outro designed by:



Umpire - Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer) [NCS Release]




Uzuko Zulu

He started contemplating life when the jeep passed

Nathan Johnson

Fuckin chirped em!!!!


Honda: Wait... what's a rev limiter?

Pierre Smith

why dude get so serious?

Chris M

"Italian tune up" ?

actually okay

Everyone's talking about the Jeep, but why is he so bashful when he revs for the trucker ??

Martinez MK

My car has 1000 rpm it’s that a lot




1:41 ????

sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ

What the fuck i dont even have a car why am i here

zackery hatch

Absolutely destroyed

otoot kol

Well if you drive good quality oil and the oil is at perfect operating temperature shouldnt be there no wear?

Meco The Husk

Rotary engine guys chuckle in the background

Kakashi Hakate

stops video smashes Chrysler beer can" *continues video. ???


Any other 16 year olds trying to learn everything before they break something?

Sal D Revolv

Temper temper temper


You should tell the my neighbor how over revs his honda civic every day at 3am


I only redline

Bullish Mike

I couldn't even focus on the rest of the video after that awkward fast and the furious encounter you tried to initiate...

Psylocybin soldiers

In a rotary it's necessary

The Spy Channel

The jeep looked pisses


Too long


* processes to yeet my 2003 Subaru Forester into the ketchup
Creates enough valve float to unsink the titanic

Dawnette Stewart

Comment section after jeep clip?

Leonard Anthony S. Ariston

That jeep part though

François Ouellette

Rule number 1: NEVER race an idling engine, especially if it is cold.
Also, all modern cars have electronic gizmos that limit the RPM even when you put the pedal on the floor.

Christopher Morris

I loved how he put that jeep in its place...hilarious!

Josh Harrison

The jeep entered his territory


Why did you stop making information videos like this

Undercover Trolls

3:11 that look you give someone who thinks ur car is cool

Blue Jupiter

Me: (gets passed by Jeep) ok. ?(GREEN) ?? FLOOR ITTTTTTTTTT


In initial D: AE86 going to the max speed and engine explodes
Me: ... Nvm ima go 100

Farhan Yuda Putra

Tap number 4 on your keyboard for the jeep bit




I bought the speedometer I'm going to use the whole speedometer

skyler bowerbank

First reason he mentioned.. only apply to interference engines. Sooo... only some cars

Sorin Tudor

Today I did a wrong shift on my new(it has only 2200 km driven) honda civic 1.5 turbo manual transmission hitting the rev limiter and I got scared. This explanation was very usefull.

Jose Roberto

lol max the rpms out like I do it's very fun I floor I left the engine running on the redline nothing happen


1:55 they way you jerked and bounced yourself back into that seat must have been wildly painful for the pedal too. Reckless and wild movements like that are VERY good for the libido and should be done as often as possible - hence revving and redlining is ALWAYS very good to do.

Lomit Grajeda

You can’t red line your car because your ears would be ringing for days

Jack Alderson

“Most automatic vehicles won’t let you redline”
Me in my 1994 Chevy S10 with a 500lb cast iron fireplace in the bed
“Let’s see what this baby can do”

Waifu Sama YT


Ryan Brandsen

Was always curious if it was ok that in sport my vw literally will hold nearly every gear to rev limiter

Norman Mallett

Lmao.. the jeep part got me.. damn jeep.. how rude

Avery Alexander

Redlining the engine is a hell of a lot less harmful than lack of maintenance like skipping oil changes.

Moises Melgoza

I redline my 1999 stock Honda everyday

Yashas Tarikere

Any Tesla owners watching this ?

Robin Ekka

I think Jeep guy was saying "why you bullying me" after you pass him

Desecration Smile

1:48 Yaaass!!!

Help me reach 696 Subscriber without any video

Video : redline
Comments : jeep

Michael Corcoran

Once the jeep had passed him, I had no idea what he said after that ???

No Name

my transmission is slipping so I have to redline


1:54 wtf

mikka blackwell

???????good vid ?

Julian J wentworth

You meant business at 1:39


My car doesnt have a redline indication on the Tac. I guess my engine is invincible

dani mishlib

Honda civic owners don't know what is a red line ?


Motor =/= engine


i keep repeating the jeep bit

Blake B

Bro that jeep don’t know nothing ??


1:45 AMAZING! ?

Damian Ryan

Im a technician and we did an oil change for her, we where going through our checks and got her to idle it up to 2000 rpm to make sure the oil filter is assembled properly... what does she do? She red lines it and blows her oil cooling line... trying to explain to her that the line leak was not our doing was NOT fun at all.
So yes redlining is bad.

Corvette McDaniels

Ctfu. ?

Brad Mace

So is it bad that when I want to go 0-60 I accelerate up to just under 30 in first gear, then second for 40 etc ?

Lord Grim

Jeep guy is me lol


Every couple of months I rev my carburated engine up to red line while on my way to work to reduce carbon

Jack Christian

I automatically liked the video why you wiped the jeep

Alberto Septien

So... I can revs :D ? Dual clutch in P or N

Roy Hsieh

well one time i downshifted my integra it was around 9.5k rpm... lol i was pretty sure the engine was a little out of breath

Jiro Weiler

As the saying goes.. one rev a day keeps the mechanic away...


I just can't focus on the context bc of that jeep




I knew a guy that accidentally went from 5th down to 2nd.... instant death to the engine, brutal.


haha that jeep part still good to this day

Five7 Phew

Aww Maan. I hate when people pass me from behind lol I gotta show em I know how to drive


Kawasaki Zx25R....Vroom....Vroom...

Yusuf Anas :p

That keep which passed your car was the Royalty beast from Royalty family yt

Quad Junkies

You don’t need all 8 cylinders

The game Best

“Rev limiter” also known as the governor, how ever the governor in cars is mostly electrically controlled on smaller engines the governor is mechanically controlled within the engine it self. How a mechanical governor works is a gear is next to the cam shaft that controls the valves being rotated by the crankshaft gear, the governor is a gear with little weighted pins the when exceed higher rpms will open pushing a plastic rod type pusher that hits the governor arm witch is connected to the carburetor cutting down the fuel intake on the engine


Great video very informative


Lol isnt bad i do it everday and my cars over 20 years old

꧁Axel Shark's Science꧂

Try to over rev it.? Unbalance of the engine is the problem. Higher rev = more and quicker wear. An electric motor in the other hand has no such unbalance. Keep it at low rev and your engine will live longer.

Wassad Happinau

1:40 bruhhh

Chris Robinson-Thomas

He was purely insulted. Calmly stops talking and dusts the Jeep lmao


most engines will experience valve float up around the red line.... lol !! then the engine will start to miss erratically. anytime you approach like 6000 or 7000 RPM, you are actually running your engine to its limits. keep it there for an extended period of time just to see what happens...!!

Andrew Smith

The look you gave the truck driver looked so sexual lol ????

Roy Hsieh

i think they should just stop using valve springs and use a cam like mechanism to force that valve back into closed position, at least at point thats critical to piston valve collision.


Looks at the 427 FE side Oiler that can be driven at 7500 rpm ?

Josue 7



1:50 I love it ???


Jeep Dude: boi u better get dat outta here 1:37

BMW dude: Hold my beer 1:47


I read the comments before the video started and when I saw the Jeep I started giggling ?

Redline Love

any girls here that like redlining their car or bike?


I beg to disagree anything V8 and up has the right to rev at stoplights, you may look like a Dousche cause your car sounds like a Vitamix ??

James S

1:37 ???


Is it me, or i am doing the same he did in 1:40?

crazy asian aidan

That is a fine car you got there

Leo Zendo

What about down shifting to slow down the car and reuse the energy for air conditioning while approaching redline?

Kärnan Fanboy

If my car Can run at 8000 RPM it's gonna run 8000 RPM

Kenan BG

Jeep be crying rn