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Trading Desk Setup Tour: Functional not Fancy.

56 751 views | 8 Mar. 2020

After 30 years I’ve

After 30 years I’ve worked on a minimal desk to not-so-minimal desks and lots in between. Here’s my current trading desk as well as software/platforms I use daily. Questions? Leave them in the comments.

Functional not Fancy! Fancy doesn't make you money!

Some are free, some are paid

***I don't recommend anything I don't pay for and use myself.***

F.lux https://justgetflux.com/

Focus At Will https://www.focusatwill.com/app/signUp/o1

Autochairtst http://chartviper.com/simplertrading/

Bookmap https://bookmap.com/members/aff/go/ragheehorner?i=19

TrendSpider https://www.trendspider.com/pricing.php

I did not discuss these but I also use Shift for email and Slack and CCleaner to periodically clean cookies, and such.

As far as brokers - it's a question I get a lot - I feel you should trade with a platform and company your trust, period. Infinity Futures, TradeStation, Think or Swim, TastyWorks, OANDA are companies I have experience with and tell my traders to check out and then go with who you feel is the right fit for you.

I think traders should be fluid and fluent in all markets since no market trades on an island. Currency trading the spot market, daytrading Indices, swing trading and trend following trading and in stocks, ETFs, futures, and options.

You will find that all will have their time in the sun and knowing how to move easily from one to another will serve you well throughout your trading career. I have lived by this: I should be as comfortable trading Apple and Amazon as I am trading the Australian dollar. I should be able to fluidly moves from an idea in the Japanese yen and move into the Dows futures or the DIA ETF or the S&P futures and SPY - because they are all connected and offer confirmation for one another.

It's all the same playground. You could spend your life on the seesaw but why not the monkey bars and slides and swings too.

And when opportunities like bitcoin come around, you will see it's not all that different than what you may have already been doing in the euro and yen and pound.

When you see opportunities in crude oil or gold or bonds you can as easily trade the futures contracts of those markets or the ETF or trade options on either. That's fluidity and fluency...and yeah it can mean you need to educate yourself on those connections and confirmations and that you may want a few more monitors.

So maybe now it makes sense that the real estate of eight 27" monitors makes sense. I can see it all together, moving together, the harmony, the correlations, or the lack of...

I wish you all the best in your trading journey. It has been one of the best things that I have ever chosen to pursue in my life and I am grateful to my ma who got me started in the markets actively at the age of 15.

Thanks ma and thank you all of you who have read this far and I hope it's been of help.

ayush aggarwal

Great setup. What inch monitors are these? and also what kind of video graphics card you are running to run multiple monitors. thanks,

Kit Townhill

veryyyyy minamal

Ross Ross

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Smith Welson

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tom yang

Nice presentation! You said "You will find that all will have their time ....." (BTW, I like it very much), but I am not sure about this and wish you give me your feedback. Of course, there are so many playgrounds, but you are just one person. Is there an old saying: Do one thing at one time, and do it right? Once you have the skill, then you can increase the size and get rich:) Sorry, this is from a new beginner and I may have a misunderstanding!

Savalis Adkins

Great set-up. Nice.

Shiva R

Nice setup

Motivation with GOD

does an old computer and an old monitor affects a trader? coz Im still using an old computer and monitor? will that affect the execution?

Anna Rita

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Grain of Salt Trading Cubicle

A Very Beautiful piece of Amethyst.
Your tilt angle of the upper and lower monitor rows will prevent Facial Paralysis.

Ramesh Voruganti

what is your monitor screen size madam ?

cool monkey

it looks like a spaceship


I heard each monitor adds +1mil to your trading account, is it true?


Nice setup dear FRIEND


what are the dimensions of your desk?

me first

what a mess! sometimes less is more. I bet your not very successful

Day Trading Nomad

Nice setup! I'm amazed you can run all that on one desktop. I'm running TOS on two i7 desktop computers with 6 monitors. That is the only way I have found to get TOS to run smoothly.

Jessie F

Very nice setup. I like you desk too. Where did you get it from?

Dylan Barrera

Awesome! This is my ultimate goal desk. I currently have 3 4K 27inch set up.


Hmm, Not bad at all. Defiantly a few neat tidbits in here which I had not heard of like the blue light software. I have put off redoing my trade desk as I had been considering even some of those ultrawide monitors. But after seeing what you have put together I definitely am going to go with the KISS principle and go with my original idea to do something like this. Well done and good trading !

Eric Creech

why are we not friends


Imagine gaming tho

Doug Ferrell

Nice setup! What graphics card are you using?

Perry Chen

Do you have an opinion on Streetsmart edge with Charles Schwab?


eight 27" monitors. optimized for viewing... VIVO stands. very nice.

Michael Jones

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Girish Bodhale

Nice eye catcher setup,
Can u please do tell about how did u connected 8 27' monitor's to one PC.


where can i get that deep desk that you have???? what is the measurement of your desk?

Eric Dale

What is your monitor mount??? please let me know~ thank uou

Pawar Basavaraj

How to connect 3 monitor to my laptop.. Can anyone help me. How to Connect and get different images on different screens .. splitter

Chandana Don

What is the monitor size please ? thanks


What is the desk\table you are using

Eric Creech

you handle stress with balls? hmmm

tin dinh

Love the table! can you please provide a link where I can get one? Thank you!

Obie Cano

I will have a setup like this one day, I will, I will!!!!