Mexican richest man

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The Lords and Ladies of Mexico

151 628 views | 25 Jul. 2017

Rich citizens of Mexico

Rich citizens of Mexico break the law without consequences, but a new trend of capturing their actions on video may stop that.

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Paul Corona

Hahaha stupid kid drives an Audi, he aint rich.


The lords on Winterfell will not be happy about this.

South text

Pussy cops should have tased them.

Angi Rodriguez

most of the comments are probably just about how gorgeous the journalist looks

Johanna Munoz

This is quite interesting!

princess ariel here

Oh dear Lord not them yall not the Chico fresa??? like y'all they make rich American look good then themself.. It's very shameful y'all very shameful

Jesse Chingon

Rich people dont just beat up cops. In my hometown we like to say "if a cop bothers me ill beat his ass with his night stick then piss on it"

Thats what we do, we get drunk and fight cops. And were far from rich.

And theyre not pussy they take and dish out an ass whoopin. They have guns but they dont pull. You might get jumped then thrown in the drunk tank for the whole weekend but thats it. Pay a fine. Damn in my teens i even knew the judge i had breakfast every monday i knew his daughters.

I miss those days.


We have this here in the states too. It's called being white.

gisel Brooks

Omg they need to control the people u don’t see American citizens doing that they would get arrested right away ! I love America

Manuel Enrique Peña IV

Im from Mexico City, I grew up seeing how the wealthier kids in parties did anything and got away with anything, and live like kings. They pull up with their little groups of friends, bodyguards, and chauffeur. Upper suburban parties always have fights, bottle-smashing on heads, and chaos at some point in the night. Cops dont do shit because they know we are upper-middle and world-class guys and our families have societal, municipal, and political power in this city. I have a few friends like that. Never seen such contrast in privilege anywhere else. Its worth noting that its also a racial thing, the upper socioeconomic classes being Mexican white, our own type of white, while the lower lclasses are brown.

Valerie Martinez

Sad wish a Miguel hidalgo will rise and end all this bs Mexico should be a rich country for everyone and it's just sad what is going on

Mike Kalantar

I'm Texas there still just Mexicans. fuck your expensive car.


Estos policias pendejos se meresen eso y mas por dejados!!!
Les falta entrenamie to, oara manejar estos casos

vanesa Rosales

Where is the full Doc! These are the funniest thing ever #lordferrari #Lady100pesos #lordrollsroyce #ladycajero

Raven Von Kuervo

Mexicans suffer from an extreme case of affluenza being that besides being a racist country against it's indigenous populations it is very classit meaning that in Mexico, if you're poor you're inferior. If you're rich and did something wrong to someone who's poor it doesn't matter because they were a no body. Unfortunately that's how Mexico works.


the more I learn about the rich the more I understand the guillotine

E2 M5

Lords and ladies? More like snotty brats

Edward Ramirez

Mexican police should start pulling out guns and shoot at these lords and ladies like we do here in USA.

Tania Mendoza

And that's how corruption gets started


It's a shame that you are reporting this shit, I'm a Mexican and it is embarrassing that they are giving those kind of names to stupid people, they should be calle out by what they are, pieces of shit


"A life without consequences." I didn't know that Ethan Case is CONTAGIOUS! AFFLUENZA is universal?

Max Jerome

I hate when Vice does this. Show the whole video or dont show it at all. Nobody is going to subscribe to your channel on cable. Cable is dead in case you didnt get the memo.

celestial hunty

I'm so glad they're bringing light to this

Enigma Productions

Those fucking cunts

Iván Estrada

White Mexicans are a very small minortity (most Mexicans are mixed) and they're treated the best, get hired for the best jobs, are praised in the Latino entertainment industry, and on average have more money. It's sad. They're such a small number compared to the majority and the majority is treated like second class citizens. Fuck is this.

Lip 69

These kids are harmless yes very rude and delusional but not dangerous. The pigs in the untied states would have killed a kid for this behavior. Imagine Mexico doing a documentary on that subject.


for those asking for a source,

Harvard Villegas

That ass resting on the seat of the bike god damnn..!!!!!

:D Milf & cookies :D

I'm gonna go to Mexico and become a cop and make my own show called cop whooping rich ass :)

Coco Blue

There's no ladies and lords we are the same por or rich
We are dirt

Lazaro Diaz

In my country the rich kids do the same.

Ana Martinka

That is exactly what is wrong with Mexico government
Do not pay those cops well enough don’t train them either they literally have to be corrupt to support their families and they don’t get any respect from people no matter how good or bad they are
But when shit happen all this scum bags what they do Call Cops
And just saying why don’t you guys post some videos doing same thing with federalis I would love to see that

Angello! R.

“Because if your rich in Mexico you can get away with anything.”

Me: mam, are you delusional? If you’re rich you could get away with anything anywhere, not just Mexico.

Crisanto Del Real Davila

the solution to his issue is pepper spray....that simple...or electro shock guns.....

Alex S.

They should adopt the Russian way of policing

Danny P

I’ll slap the shit out of a rich individual thinking they can yell at me.

Antonio Hernandez

It goes back to corruption. These kids get away with shit because their parents can afford it. It's like anywhere else. Parents who don't actually raise there kids or who don't care how their snobs act... I grew up poor and if I was caught on video doing this shit and my parents saw it would be hell to pay.


The first girl looks like Belinda lmfaoooo

Joe Oreo

Oh we have a crapload of lords and ladies here in the US as well.

Janik B

Why are rich Mexicans white? Like every time I see a rich or well off Mexican they're white.

Miguel Alvarado

I had a rich Mexican Roomate in college, one night he got too cocky and I beat the fuck out of him and his friend. Dude threatened to kill me lmaooo all talk no bite


Ha! Do that to a cop in the USA and you'll be dead. I guarantee it.

Mr. Mostacho

All I got today is chingan a su madre to al those son of bitches

ÕjÕs KeNoVen

Ahi wey estos sapos escriben comentarios en ingles

Wanna B lords

Alan Salcedo

1:05 holy shit


Es un asco estos ricos pobres que hacen mirar a nuestro lindo Mexico lo peor.


This video pissed me off. Such assholes! Sorry for the middleincome people of Mexico... Viva la revolucion!


Besides the ahole who was driving in the bike lane, Mexico City looks like a beautiful place!

Alejandro Moreno

cops in Mexico are just as shitty as these lords and ladies, they stop you to hopefully get some cash out of you, then you're on your merry way.


this happen's because the people as WHOLE allow it, this is going to grow out of control. Mexico had a revoltion 200 years ago or so about something like this, Pancho Villa would roll over in his grave if he knew about all these things.

coolguy123 123

Mexican cops smell like poop though



Joe Schmoe

It depends if they are related to cartel. If not, you cant do anything you want. I'm related to some of the richest ppl in Mexico, and they have had family members kidnapped by the cartel for ransom money. They act nothing like this.

Carlos Ramos

Money changes people. A piece of mind, a piece of yours. A piece of kind

Alexis Palacios

*san Pedro *
Nuevo León

Luna Sky


Jesus A O

That is daily life in Mexico. The rich and influential get away with everything


damn she thicc

rt2018 always

Im glad my parents taught me respect and honor, not to act like a pompous ass.


You never know who's a cartel member, so people are afraid to fight back.

Ricky Bobby

Are Americans still tired of the police state?

Walks and Such

they should all get guillotined

ernesto Rodriguez

They all just need an ass whopping. Rodney King style.


I was about 14 at the time when my aunt and I went to go get street tacos and got pulled over on the way home In Mexico and the cop said you can give me a 20USD or I'll give you a ticket and she said no and gave him two tacos and drove off she is a somewhat successful business woman but this has been going on for awhile


Being a cop in mexico sucks lol.

Lily Cruz

The guy riding the bike is cute af.


The cops are crooked af anyways so who cares.

William Stumpff

? pics

Danasweeklypicks #

Pretty much all over the world

Divine God



These people live separated from the poor by 20ft walls because they don't want them near them. But they will virtue signal like crazy if the U.S. wants to build a wall. Their corrupt families are why conditions are so bad for the rest of Mexico and they love having the Trumps of the world as a scapegoat for people there and here to focus blame on. Notice they are white, full blooded or almost full blooded spaniards.


I live my life as a broke person everytime i go to Mexico...

Mincong Wang

Men.. this country is fucked up...

samajé Manuel

Euromexican privilege

Laurence Goldkamp

Beautiful Mexico, I feel safe already.

Benito Camelo Rico

Lady 100 pesos did apologize


They got money couse of drugs ..and there parents are all CROOKS


If that happened in the Philippines, the police would just accuse them of being drug lords and can now freely massacre their entire family regardless of their wealth and status.

Tommy Tibble

The cop shoulda blasted that kid in the audi with his gun

Joe Mora

this litterally could be a full documentary and its only 2.34minutes long?

Gucci Mane

I am the son of #elchema young #ElGucci


A good ass kicking will get their attention.


Mexico is horrible.


They need to send American cops down there to kick all of these brats asses!??

Andrew Lee

Don't get it twisted, Latin America may be unsafe but the rich there are quite a few


this happen's because the people as WHOLE allow it, this is going to grow out of control. Mexico had a revoltion 200 years ago or so about something like this, Pancho Villa would roll over in his grave if he knew about all these things.

Rodolfo Esquer Chavez

The untouchables who think they could get away by acting stupid. Really common. I commute both sides of U.S. and Mexico and mostly the stuck up are like that.

Angel Carrillo

Mexico has killed its rich and elite and Its not afraid to do it again lol


interesting video. thank you!

Gustav Malcolm

Really? An interview while ridding a bike? Stupid.


You're going to get him killed


sounds like India

Free world

All liberals!!!

Gil Absolute

That was good but I need more. I felt like it cut out right when it got informative

justsomeawesome dude

If your rich anywhere you can still get away with anything.


I experienced this yesterday


be positive


Is she trying to wear a Mexican top?

friendly chicken

lol it's Mexico just blast the little shits brains off and pay the police. no problem


Probably jewish. They do own almost everything.

Mexican richest man

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Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú world's richest man

40 360 views | 11 Mar. 2010

Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú

Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú takes the Number 1 spot on Forbes' annual list of billionaires as the number of 10-figure titans swells to more than a thousand.

Carlos Jimenez

shut up fuck off!Viva Slim


@lSaif LOL! are you seriously arguing with me about this? I've never heard that he lived in Lebanon, since he was born in Mexico city, and went to school there, college, and still lives there, etc. His dad left Lebanon at the age of 14. His mom on the other hand is Mexican of Lebanese descent.. You people immigrated here alot, so there's a lot of you here.


nut sht


Poor Bill Gates. Another honest hard working american has had his job stolen by cheap mexican labor. DON'T TREAD ON ME BRO O.o


@latequilera22 no mire el nombre, nomas lo que habias escrito.


hell ya Thats My carlos Slim!!!!

Ofek NY

invest in MEXICO...... MEXICO IS FIRST! us billioneres are awful too


He got rich on a telecom monopoly?Where do you think most of his money came from? Overcharging Mexicans illegal to call back home from the US.And most of the country still lives in poverty

Adryana Acosta

@darkxxking wtf are you proud of, it makes me feel ashemed the only reason he is the richest man of the world because of his monopoly, he buys politicans so that he can steal money from all the ignorants in mexico who use telcel y telmex todo es una mierda

Scottie Steiner

@aguilachrysaetos Yes, he is the richest man... but only because people decided to donate large sums of money. Had Gates or Buffet each not donated roughly $30 billion of their fortune to charity, Carlos would be sitting in 3rd place. And Carlos has lost nearly $11 billion dollars of his net worth, putting him at roughly $63 billion. Gates is now at $59 billion. Not as big of a gap as is wants was between 1st and 2nd.


@ezcko1 i like honey

Justin Rosario

how the fuck is one of the top mexican druglords on tho of the list of richest people in the world


@Nick718BkLyN 0/10


why r mexicans so happy??? Carlos Slim is their government he owns everything that in most other countries is owned by the government so its more like comparing mexicos government budget with individuals!! which still has a big chance of not making it in the top ten looool


Hey guys what are 10 figures?


@tech4156 and not only that, we pay taxes that would not have to pay 16% of everything we eat, we work tax, estate tax and vehicle ownership.

manuel ramos

yeah she's hot

Thomas Silva

@kurozaki45 i didn't read what u wrote but, im not mexican or any like it o.o BUT SOMEWHY CARLOS JUST MAKES ME HAPPY :))))

Lyle Lanley

he cant spare a couple of hundred bucks on a professional translator,


@lSaif I read the quote wrong my bad.

manuel ramos

yeah she's hot


No te molestes con este idiota. You soy estaudidense, hijo de Mexicanos, y crème que vivir en este pais no esa tan bonito como lo pintan alla en Mexico.

Ofek NY

invest in MEXICO...... MEXICO IS FIRST!


@tech4156 simple, is that the Mexican government is very protective and inquisitor, there is much intervention in the economy and citizens' rights, not to say that Mexico's most precious resource, oil, does not control the people (private) but the government itself and the money from that oil will remain the Pemex union leaders, the government does not give legitimacy to private property when it is a treasure, a private person it can not be whether or not Mexican, but it is the government,

Scottie Steiner

The only reason Carlos Slim Helú is the world's richest man with a net worth of 74 billion dollars is because Bill Gates, who has 56 billion, has given away over 30 billion dollars of his personal fortune to charity, and he's the only man to have a personal net worth of over 100 billion. While Carlos Slim has still pledged several billion dollars to charity, his efforts have been a small fraction compared Gates'.


Mexico has the richest man and Miss Universe You can feel the hate for Mexicans


@joillusions9 Me descansaron. Trabaje duro. Pero duermo tranquila sabiendo que gane mi dinero honestamente.


@lSaif Well I am of Spanish, Italian, and French descent, doesn't mean France, Italy, & Spain will get credit for what I do... Only Mexico :)


These people are so ignorant and fail to realize that the majority of Mexicans are very mixed. Indigenous Mexicans are not the majority, so are those Mexicans who are mixed with every single thing not really Mexican? If that's the case, Mexico would have a very small population. It's similar to the US. White/black/Hispanic/Asian-Americans are not Native American, but they're still American. White/black/Asian/non-indigenous Mexicans are still Mexicans.


@darkxxking Yeah and you know he did live in Lebonan? Plus he is not off "lebonese descent" he is 50% lebonese.

꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂

Slim is the thief lord of Mexico. He has a telecommunications monopoly in mexico extended to south america. He wants no competency, thats the way he performs his grand theft. If he has some competency it should be no more than 5% of it. He wants to compete on TV but he does not accept competency on thelephony.


@kurozaki45 ohhhh some jealous that hes not half spanish or half indian = Mexican =)


@latequilera22 ay eres mujer!, aca yo te doy trabajo mija.

j luis E



Very true. What does it take for a foreign person to become "a real citizen" from a given country? Carlos Slim is a THIRD generation Mexican of Libanese extraction; Libanese immigrants to Mexico have been very successful at any field. Cierto. Cuando empieza un extranjero a ser Mexicano? Nacido en Mexico es Mexicano; al menos eso es lo que yo entiendo. No creo que haga falta decir que es Mexicano de tercera generacion; ademas tiene cara de torta ahogada - eso ya lo califica en alto grado ;-)


@kurozaki45 I think Mexicans are just like everybody else, but I just want to say Carlos Slim Helu is not a Native Mexican. He is ethnically Lebanese.


Tiene un chingo de dienro para comprar un taco para todos de Mexico. Pero no lo hace,


Hi I'm Mexican but I moved to the US due to work. When I hear that the richest man in the world is Mexican, far from feeling myself proud I feel ashamed. This weasel has make his fortune buying politicians and lawmakers to keep his monopoly untouched. He is not like the other rich guys in the world that make his fortune in free competition, he make it in unlawful game. Poor my compatriots, this money this thief has belong to them all. This sir has nothing to teach us about success. Shame on him!

Asutosh Sahu

Carlos Slim is Indian.
Don't trust Wikipedia blindly because anyone can post anything on Wikipedia.
Listen to Carlos Slim Speech properly
At beginning of his Conversation
He is Speaking Hindi
"May Yeh Baat Nahi Karti"
Then Carlos is speaking English which doesn't make any sense and an English or Spanish Speaker will never speak such wrong English.
Again his speech continues as:
If the Rates were not good now
And with the Recession in Materials is also down
You will so easy
You will no easy
You will Cheaper
Low Cost of Construction
Low Cost of Financing
Of every one doing with their main with their own resources is still of having
"nahi karti" with the rates.
This "nahi karti" is again Hindi
Guys,Listen carefully to each and everyword in this video and you can understand that,I am speaking truth.


@tech4156 the government spends too much money to give to public education and health services, including governmental utilities should be private.


jajaja I love his accent is funny

yuo to notuno

This for the 1 Who said tienes bastante feria i contrata alguien para que te enseñe ablar inglés para que sepas el no necesita ablar inglés el es inteligente i sin saver inglés es el obre más rico del mundo el puede pagar asta millones por el puto inglés pero sienplemente no le interesa podria pagarle asta $15 dólares por traer alguien consigo i pagar eso por cada media ora que lo traducen pero en su mente no ay espacio el tiene la mente yena de proyectos i como ser mas exitoso el inglés lo necesitamos nosotros a el le vale un comino el no está necesitado como nosotros hes good Men hes spent all hes money in mxc he lo ves mxc


@kurozaki45 You're misinterpreting what I said. I am just saying he is not a typical Mexican like your example of most Mexicans being half Spanish half Indian. I am just saying he is not the typical Mexican of that heritage, as his parents are immigrants. I am not saying he is not Mexican.


@Marlin0865 because of the crime and a low wage pay.. tell me would you prefer to earn $1 dollar an hour in Mexico or $4 to $10 in the US??

Lucky Mark

@holypoop88 You're correct sir, Carlos Slim has not giving a lot to charities and non-profit organization compare to US billionaires. The concept of giving is an American one and American are the most generous people in the World. Example: after the earthquake in Haiti last year, the whole world donated money, but the US people donated far more (regular citizen). The wealthy in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean need to do more for their poor. They could build school, libraries etc..


@kindom2009 u dont know that fucking gringer his mom is mexican so. He was born in mexico in Lo´s Angeles Hospital. why dont you think he is mexican ??? Do you think that north american people is the only inteligent population in the world??? fuck you, and fuck your shit copied culture¡¡¡


We always come on top! Viva México! <3

jorge fierro

how did he get rich anyway? i need to learn more about my beautiful Mexico

j luis E


Jennie Nguyen

@ezcko1 watch ur language!!! goodness.....


@ezcko1 Mexico is a poor country? Hahaha don't talk through your ass cause you make yourself look like an uneducated moron. So go educate yourself before you make such stupid remarks. K? Ok good :) sheesh the envy!


@Nick718BkLyN you may be right last time u checked. you may wanna check again.


@darkxxking Also give some credit for the Lebanese ;p

Scottie Steiner

He had 74 billion according to Forbes in March 2011, having added 20.5 billion to his fortune. By October of 2011 he had lost 11 billion, leaving him at 63 billion. As of March 2012 he has 69 billion.

Armis Game

Did Carlos Slim create Armis?


@Krisnadhuaja No that makes him a mexican with arab roots. If you born in the usa you are an amercan if you born in china you are Chinese, if you born in italy your are italian. Easy right??

jorge fierro

@tech4156 mexico is one of the richest nation in the world....the people are poor not mexico


@000simsim000 not know well who is Carlos Slim, I believe he is a survivor who managed to succeed in a nation economically Infex.

manuel ramos

yeah she's hot


@Claviale the only Lebanese who get credit are his great grandparents who immigrated to Mexico. Lol.

Sam Aka Vlogs

What a slap to the americans. You guys ain't the only ones in the world.


@casino227 It sad to admit but Mexicans are growing in the usa and not really in their home country mexico. But Mexicans we still got longgggggggg waysss to gooo man. very few mexicans complete high school and extremely few enter college.

Daniel Lo

@AnotherYankee Whatever bitch


@holypoop88 Carlos Slim has donated millions aswell.. and put phone service on very dificult rural towns of mexico, central, and south america..!!

Valeria Jimenez

@holypoop88 Carlos Slim Helu is the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD. period.


@darkxxking No No, it's the Lebanese gene that makes him a great business man ; ) Hey can you blame me for wanting to relate to such a person... Don't get me wrong LonG LiVE MEXICO!!


Mexicos Richest man???!!! , that news Bulletin at the bottom should say WORLDS RICHEST MAN.


@kurozaki45 Listen Kurozaki, you seem like you have a lot of time on your hand filling the page with your nonsense. If you recall I did say long live Mexico. And me saying that it's because of his Lebanese roots, is just as though I would laugh with a friend about it. So grow up because your comment is ridiculous. I never said anything about the Mexican's not being good, in fact they are great. But what I did is simply take pride in his Lebanese side. Get that through your thick skull.

joe biden

He should buy the weinmann house wall builder then everybody in mexico would live in news houses.


@joillusions9 jeje claro, pues no ves el nombre la tequilera?

M Ezzat S B

just the STFU, u guys fighting over who is suppose to be the richest man is not gonna make YOU any richer.



luis romero

I, m going to foolow his steps, he is very smart.

Valeria Jimenez

@holypoop88 okay so Gates could have been the richest man in the world but he didn't so just accept it don't get me wrong i know he donated a lot of money to charity and for that he has my respects. :)


idc if he the richest man on earth im mexicano n the usa still belongs the the native americans n mexicanos so yea even if people say it aint it will always be ours no matter what cuz we keep it runnin para siempre n no people who cross the border aint illegal people who cross the ocean r illegal that shit needa change already


@kurozaki45 LOL. Mexico is much more homogeneous compared to the USA. The overwhelming majority of Mexicans share a common ancestry, culture and religion. That is nothing like the USA. One can look Mexican, as they do have a distinct look, and they also have a very distinct culture and traditions. Is there a distinct American look, culture, or even ethnicity? No.

Wally Poo

Slim my uncle. Last year he sent me a red lamborghini. I sent it back because I wanted a black one. But I still love him


@kurozaki45 no no no buddy not indian u r so wrog native people the word indian came from columbus called indians cuz he was thinking he was in india but he was in the american continent.................some history here :)


Im proud about it.. because some Americans think they are the best in the world... and discriminate people from mexico while mexicans work hardly to find a better life .. sometimes i think is ridiculous to see american or african american homeless ... they have everything on his country to be successful.. mexicans without a greencard of a visa... work temporarily go back to mexico.. and get a house.. bussines.. etc.... U ALL USA PEOPLE tap into what you have .. and stop being lazy and obscene


@darkxxking Dont forget! He is also Lebonese!!


@latequilera22 haha , ponte a trabajar duro guevon ! y si no aunque sea roba un banco, alcabo en el banco hay mucho dinero, y esta asegurado! asi que no hya pedo.

Antonio Maldonado

Yep, He is Mexican. Although his family is Lebanese, I still consider him Mexican. Like in the US, Mexico's identity has been changed over the past 500 years. Anyone born in Mexico, married to a Mexican,born to Mexican parents born in a Mexican military base, Mexican aircraft, tank submarine, etc. Is Mexican. The wealthy elite in Mexico is not big, but they are reeaaly wealthy, while there's still a good 40% who are poor. I think some of that money should go towards the poor indigenous folks.

Scottie Steiner

@aguilachrysaetos I did accept it... I did say, "Yes, he is the richest man."


hum..you're wrong friend, money isn't static, you always win and lose, and win over the debt, that's how money is made .So, you're saying that Gates gives money to charity and doesn't recover that amount with his income?, that means, he is not earning enough money. Slim spends in charity too, but he recovers the money because he gains more, his income is bigger than his spending, so he's richer.That only means Slim is richer because he gains more..................you contradict yourself.


@Nick718BkLyN You don't even know what America is.

Mexican richest man

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Richest Man in Mexico TOP 10

1 119 views | 5 Sep. 2017

Who really is the Richest

Who really is the Richest man in mexico? Looking up on the net I found names like carlos slim helu, carlos slim companies, carlos slim house, carlos slim helu & family..The I thought out loud that Carlos Slim helu must then be the Richest man in mexico. The I decide to make a video about mexico richest man and their networth. The richest mexican in the world in obviously carlos slim helu, however who are the other Richest Mexican? Take a look at our top 10 richest mexican in the world.