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Sacala en el jeep ( Jabao J-hook )

44 860 views | 23 Oct. 2020




Sacala en el jeep by Jabao J-hook

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4axrZNN8TsvBQ1ID5FIWz5

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1536120305?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/sacala-en-el-jeep-single/1536120305

iHEART Radio: https://www.iheart.com/artist/jabao-j-hook-31995364/albums/sacala-en-el-jeep-114643188/

Dezeer: https://deezer.page.link/8tEA4JEf6d5Ua6Y18

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jabaojhook/?hl=en


twitter: https://twitter.com/jabao_aka_jhook

oscar david zavala liendo

Siempre rompiéndola mi hermano @oscarbartender


Durooo ❤️????????

David Perez

Dope video brotha ?

Sianmi Silva

Great Job 33k views in 1 month, Im proud of you ?

Chris Natera

Durísimo muy buen tema ???????????


Muy bueno man??

yari nails inc

Muy buena canción... ese jabao está de muerte lenta... ???❤️

edwin garcia

Duro mi tío me gusto el tema samantha tio

Papi Gueso0330

Duro mio ???

Espy Villalba

I love this song Jabao.. Great job muchas Bendiciones... Lil Romeo loves it ????????

Rallye RBR

Duro duro el vídeo JABAO ????


Hola mi amigo. ¡Felicitaciones por lo trabajo!

Ninel Mocanu

????????❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️Oleeeee tu hermano

Llanca El de la Patagonia

? ? ? Mucho flow???

Jando Style

Duro duro

Lionis Lopez

Bamo Alla Manito duro bendiciones el Negro king de estee lao RD

Axiel junior El travieso


John Berroteran

felicidades hermano rumbo al exito saludos y abrazos desde venezuela

Vanessa Echeverria


Walter Z BABy

Bro otro level Honduras ?? en la Casa
Me gusto mucho ??

Jose Alonso


Oscar Films

Se fueeeeee?????

Irlan Solano

Waooo de Verdad, Que el que Nacio pa’ eso ahy que Darsela.... Versátil en to la Baina muy colorido y natural ? organico eso fluyeeeeeee y de verdad. Que tu jeep se ve monstrosky ? De aqui pal exito con papa Dios en los controles ??????

Sianmi Silva

Great Job , Ilike this Song ?

Jabao J-hook

Gracias a todos por el apoyo de parte mia y todo el equipo... Suscribete para que nuestra comunidad virtual siga creciendo y no te pierdas todo el contenido que viene en camino.

Thanks to everyone for the support... Subscribe so our virtual community continues to grow and so that you won’t miss out on all the content that’s on the way.

Marxlen Paula

EL jabao esta durisimooo !

Nathaniel De Leon

Muy bien áh ??????

Marxlen Paula

Te guta eeh!!!

Kairo Sevilla

A lo profundo con bases llenas brother

michael weingarth

Dope video ???

el dramaticord

Palante Brot metele mano que eso ta super Un exito asegurao y mundial ??????????



Calalu 79K

???✊ buena música todo el éxito del mundo bro

Genius Lab Inc

Durísimo ???? ... El tema pal verano ??

el flowcuQ El Dios de la tierra.

Fire. ????⚡️?? El flowcuQ.?????️

Jose El poético

Asi es bro bendiciones saludos de colombia


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How to Install a J-Hook Liner on Your Above Ground Pool

65 102 views | 1 Sep. 2015

Gary from Leisure Living

Gary from Leisure Living takes you step by step through the process of installing a new J-Hook liner on your above ground swimming pool.

J-Hook pool liners are designed to hang over the top of your pool wall, beneath the top ledges and top caps. The J-Hook provides a nice clean edge at the top of your pool wall with little effort. J-Hook liners do not require a bead receiver.

Before starting, know the dimensions of your pool:

--Diameter (or length by width for oval pools)

--Pool wall height

Liner installation is recommended for outdoor temperatures of 70-80 degrees F to allow for the proper stretch and fit of your new liner.

Shop our selection of J-Hook swimming pool liners at:


Use promo code YOUTUBESHIP75 at checkout for FREE SHIPPING on your next order of $75 or more at poolsupplies.com

Shop for all your pool needs at https://www.poolsupplies.com/


http://www.poolsupplies.com - Shop for all your pool supply needs!

https://www.facebook.com/Leisurelivingpoolsupplies - Like us!

https://twitter.com/poolsuppliesNOW - Follow us!

http://www.pinterest.com/poolsuppliesnow/ - Check out our boards!

Yomi Bello

Hi, is the Jhook liner same as beaded liner? Thanks

Honesty & Champ Milland

Beaded liner requires additional parts. J hook is all in one


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Snaps With The J-Hook

2 450 views | 4 Aug. 2020

Hiiiiii, hope y’all are

Hiiiiii, hope y’all are doing great! Today I’m take two snaps using the J-Hook and the Sovereignty AC, I got pretty ruined a bit fast and that second snap took some effort.

Glass: Grav J-Hook

Glass: Sovereignty Fixed4 Ashcatcher

Instagram: Luke_Fondleburg2

Snapchat: Luke_Fondleburg

Lauren Katz

Keep grinding love burning to these videos

Ty Dawson

LMFAO didn't you and raw talk about doing that in another video??? Lol when they did the ranting video

Rob 78

Love that piece!! Never seen one like it.???

Lit Kobe

been waiting on this one?

Thereal Sonlyve

Hey im just starting my page looking to collab


Your welcome for the patience my guy but damn it I’m running out of it ??upload more ??‼️

Fresh Prince

Try & keep it regular, would be nice -From nobody

Alesandro Batista

Love the videos man ?


Stay on that YouTube grind homie?

Nolan Downey

Hell yeah a new video!

hawk a fat loogi

Came from your snapchat to watch this

omar khan


Dan Meszaros

snapping with you my dog!

Michael prather

Ya boys back keep up the good content


Ayy been a minute man, glad to see you back!

mthd s

Best content creator
hands down, I said this to you on snapchat and you replied, your the best dude.

BeefDawg LaFlare




Alex Elkins

That thing slaps

Mc Whitey White

Damn, I was tryna see the j hook with no ac on it just the hook like in your snapchat

Storm Gamble

Keep up those videos man


Love getting this notification, positive vibes from Canada brother


the chip is for a snack

Aiden O

yessir luke back w the banger


Took me a minute to find the channel lmao worth the wait ??

Makayla Johnson

I love the j hook it’s such a unique piece ??


Been waiting⭐️?

Nathan Hammond