Isis hamas

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209 views | 21 Jul. 2016

Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas and Isis equal enemies of peace and Israel. To License This Clip, Click Here: http://collection.cnn.com/content/clip/37065574_001.do

Isis hamas

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Israel: Tunnel Attack by Hamas Thwarted

442 483 views | 18 Jul. 2014

The Israeli Defense Force

The Israeli Defense Force says 13 suspected members of the militant group Hamas attempted to enter Israel from Gaza via a tunnel. How did Israel respond? With a vast network of tunnels existing under the Gaza strip, are incursions by Hamas happening frequently? WSJ's Jason Bellini has The Short Answer.

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Egypt Tours

Indonesia suport HAMAS.. we love palestine from indonesia


This is epic, destroy Israel.

Ekadi Stem

And libaneses

pound corporation

they kill soldiers not civilians unlike israel

suman Kumar

Up with Israel

Mr.klowor Asoy

Their mission must be humanitarian mission to help israel people? Since they are all peacefull people with ak47 ?

Mohd Armizy

Stupid israel

Strong Man

Indonesian military vs isarel soldier I want it

Wim M

Israel ?? must pull-up their socks, 5 got away, unacceptably.

beep beep beep beep

Hamas was created by the Israelis. jajaja.

Hindustani Hindustani

Iove u isarail


Israel=terrorist country

Ir.H .Thanos

#save palestine

jean zay

Viva palestinia

Mel Rose

God bless Israel!


mission: to be hamashed potatomatoes in target practice by israeli precision defense warfare. accomplished!

Shubham Mittal



After you take their land then you call them terrorist ., where we're you before 1967 Jews ., Islam and Christian live in peace at Middle East .,open your eyes american people

Ronnie Toyco

God Bless Israel

najeeb bhat

Satanic state israel and pigs living in in this satanic state

arun Mathew

Allahu fuckbar

Joe Freels

God bless Isreal,

Jay Jones

It's lies

osmanlı yadigarı

terörist israil..free filistin


i know there to be a tragic loss of human life, but i also know there is an evil ideology (Islam) behind it all...

Samsudin Asngad

Free Palestine from illegal occupation of zionist Israel. Zionist Israel is terrorist and apartheid regime.
Semoga keangkuhan dan kezaliman zionist Israel beserta pendukung-pendukungnya segera hancur. Aamin

Eli Foust

Scrambled Hamas

Aloyce Kiwia

It must be too Hot inside that tunnel ??

Nafes Uddin


take a look

israhell should't on map

f f

Yes isreal death

Peter van Dort

in WW2 The Allies used "earthquake Bombs" - Israel should do the same, might stop the tunnels. Regular earthquake bombing would deter such raids by Hamas.

AdenRaihan 26

Free Palestine


mission accomplished! hamashed potatomatoes courtesy of idf precision target practice.

Knowledge Bones

It's funny that Christians support israel. One thinks the antichrist is the savior the thinks it's the devil. They don't believe he was a prophet, a messiah or the son of god. Talk about ignorance

Alif Anwar

Save Palestine....support from Malaysia ?

Felix A Macedo

Good job Israel!

Pro-Israel Libertarian

The UN Human Rights Council is driven by “hatred of Israel,” betraying its stated mission, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN charged.
UN Human Rights Council Ignores Hamas’ War Crimes, & Blames ISRAEL. TYPICAL UN behavior.

shakir jalal

Everyone knows very well Israel don't have power without USA everything and every signals technology is used on innocent Palestinians provided by USA because USA want to grip on all Arab countries but USA is just wasting tax payer money one side Israel has each and every latest technology and other side Palestinian are fighting just with stones everyone should know no one can take your land and your home with power


Good job israel we suport thank you

Asian Beats

Love Isreal ?❤️

Jesus Frelser

God bless Israel!!!


Hahahaha these hamas ants got a can of "BLACK FLAG" thrown at them and killed them all! God bless Israel and Peace to Jerusalem!

Bob Wallace Jnr

This comment section lacks the humanity i expected from keyboard warriors....shameful.


That's how you treat terrorists. Good job!


What a pleasant sight
They all got buried in the grave they happily dug for themselves.

viviane carvalho

Please desapear of the world little people bring only problem

shakir jalal

Fake videos no reality Israelis are too good to make fake videos like India

Bagas S

fuvk israel and idf

Vinay Kumar

I love Israel


what a wonderful day to see evil defeated. will the censors censor this comment? - how evil spreads via omission...

Agues Aryoe

Israel idiot ...
Ilove palestine


hamas lose all the time israel is smarter and stronger than hamas.iran.syria.egypt.lebanon and israel is the best



Domingo Daw-as

Hamas sheeps are for actual practice demonstration for Israel military weapons

Na z

But it is fine for Israel to illegally fly over Lebanon. It is fine for Israel to illegally bomb Syria. It is fine for Israel to send killers to murder in Dubai. It is fine for Israel to sell weapons, bragging these have been tested on Palestisns, using them to test latest weapons. Ask yourself, if Gaza is under lockdown how can Hamas still get rockets, who is benefiting from this. People can't get even clean water there due to blockade. Wake up, see the true evil.

DoDo DiDi


Pakistan army zindabad

A real terrorists State Israel

Teuku Cahrol M Bayumi

Israel penjajah bangsat

ender iman

Why israel people doesnt have a heart?

Jan Saddam

Palestyna .


Why don't you read Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, 38 & 39. Then try to believe it.

Chas Sinclair

No one hates the Palestinians as much as Hamas and other Arabs.


لله أكبر‎

Michael Alexander

good job ..

Jay Jones

God of Israel destroying the united states of America governments and all the governments of the middle Eastern governments and all Israeli troops and all NATO forces and the fake Jewish state of Israel Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen

vike fon

I love the godless bare faced lying from Hamas. ...what was their mission.....oh,...helping with the farming at kibbutz.

Bagas S

palastina forever

John Vank Gogh

Idiot hamas..


Good job


Good job.

Ekadi Stem


Jesus era hum_mano



When will they show killing Palestinian civillains?

My Cats

Why the European Jewish people is in Palestine. If someone take my land forcefully. What do you want me to do. This is Palestinian land. They have right to do anything to take back there land.


God bless Isreal!

Aris Irawan


Hadrian Vetti

Pure Islamic Filth..

Dane Hart

want peace in the middle east ? take land from non jewish states

Anissa Aja

Israel fack you.
You is deat

De Gorie Child

Stupid media. Hamas is not terorist.

Armigeri Defensores

Lol stupid israel

Pilosopo Tasio, Jr.


jo phoenix

to bad Israel will get exactly what they have so Freely given



jaihind indian


Ekadi Stem

Stupid palestinians....hahahhah


Hamas in not a militant group it is the elected government of Palestine. STOP REPEATING WHAT OTHER WANT YOU TO SAY AND THINK LIKE A SHEEP. THINK FOR YOUR SELF ( ;

William Cancel

God bless Israel and the United States of America!!! William Puerto Rico (USA).

Times Change

lol Israel terminated cowardly terrorist Hamas

arif jr

syahid..InsyaAllah..we all will return to Allah..


Israel: Turning terrorists into hamburger for 60 years. I love it!

Rifki Firlanda

Hamas will be take israel mather lands....because that is not israel mather lands that is palestine mather lands ALLAHUAKBAR3X



Tom Cyr

I love good news

B 2

Excellent defensive ...attack.

Emmanuel Roosevelt

What's the binding rule in Islam? Answer is jihad...In any way u can propagate the Allah's religion. Shame on Islam!!!!!

xbox youhan

Fire more rockets at them hamas !!

Fahri Baba

Wooow. Very good. Free palestine. ????????

Terrence Simpson

Death to Islam

Isis hamas

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The Israel-Gaza crisis, explained in 3 minutes

646 193 views | 21 Jul. 2014

The current war between

The current war between Israel and Hamas is the worst round of violence in five years. Here's a quick video on how we got here.

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nyeinkhin ei


John Vank Gogh

These would not happen if they dont hurt Israel

Jacob Klein

Netanyahu’s only war in 16 years of office. If he can’t negotiate with them no one can.

Royals Studio

every action have reaction

Asolole Prut

Keep going israel, I support you

Rene Dulnuan

Wars of Eden WWW07 Godess Eve on Line ! Atang Rene sisters and brothers spiritual forces

James Halpert

Israel has always had trouble with Gaza. Just ask David. Or Saul. Or Samson.

Bin Laden

They dont belong there in the first place

Babeena_Gt _

Sorry but you're wrong, it didn't start from 3 Israeli guys being killed. It started long before that from Israelis treating muslims who lived in Israel badly .

Anwar Mahmood

Killing by Hamas is terrorism and Killing more than 500+ children is actually for Safety Purpose....What a hypocrisy??.

Osama Binfartin

Free Palestine


?Defending your self is not terroirs ?

Mario Legend

God bless Palestine. Live long live strong.

حنين صباح

Conflict means two groups are balanced in power but here palestinians don't have any authority in front of isreali strong power.
What a shame report

Music s

Israil is terrorist country

Aqeel Khatik

Inshaallah one day Palasten azad hunga ???????????????????????????

Limon Aminee

free palestine

Dex Bushell

Sounds like it was narrated by B.J Novak

Amir Hagit Einav

Bad idea, 2 minutes is a bad idea.

The Storm

Did he just said that Palestine started the war ?

The Video Game Hunger 01

1:20 and 1:21 What is Unknown is that tourists.

aissa ox

The United States protects the Jews

נאצי מתון

Gaza are basically Egyptians , they are not Palestinians.


The police officers who killed the boy were arrested and sent to prison, while the terrorists that kidnapped and killed the 3 Israeli boys are walking free EVERYDAY. EVEN RIGHT NOW.

Fahmi VideoTV



Long live Israel

Josh Thompson

"When the Palestinians learn to love their own children more than they hate Israeli children, we will have peace"

Stu Crossland

It was called Palestine not that long ago. Its now an occupied territory.


Israel: watch the Egyptian Air Force disappear in 3 minutes or less. ?

Gal Marian

both sides are to blame period.

neutral paradoxical

Israel, hamas both are terrorism



Deanne kliene

Both should be ashamed!

M hitman

guess what evil won't last long even if the media and united state are supporting it with all of their power israel may seem winning at the moment but in the end palestine will be the victorious by the name of freedom ??✌️♥️✌️??♥️♥️

Roi The gaming YT


Richard Johnson

There's no such thing as a Palestinian it's an invention. Arabs fought 6 wars and lost. Get over it. Israel is here to stay.


More like 2 ¹/4 minutes


God aint a thing

but keep believing

Muhamad Abu Reda

Why do you guys show the israeli women Crying and being oppressed ?
While the Arabian woman holding a rifle ?

I love your channel but please stop putting racist things like this !

pandit mukul gautam

Best move by Israel , love you Israel ?


More than half of them live in poverty but they have money for 40 rockets.

ELZY OW Official

Juve are inhuman

kimtaki kimtaki

USA and ISRAEL is the real terrorist.

Ms Diaz

So well said so sad ? kids are dying there and loosing family left and right pray for them

sans girl

Gaada otak emang israel

Enyo Gottistgut

Jesus is Lord. Prepare to meet your Lord

Alan Heath

Send in the Clown`s

Mario Legend

0:15 it started with israli occupation!!

Jfifhdjdj Jjjjdjdj

CIA probably had something to do with this...


Israel is a state which is the west but in the middle east

Imperial D

the amazing thing about this conflict is for 70 years or so of conflict, this struggle might have the lowest body count of any ongoing war...

Lil Moshi

that is a big lie "3 israelis were killed " hamas is just a part of the resistance of palestine


The US government is the criminal

Jason Hay

Mattityahu Ifland Mattityahu Matti Peled


Imagine calling yourself people of god and turning his land into a battlefield.

Sami Achakzai

Cataract is 3rd biggest reason of blindness
Religion & politics are 1st & 2nd

Saqib Shah

Israel is one of the most terrorists country in the world

Datu Al Sheerad Unos

فلسطين سوف تكون حرة

The Mr. Man


ء ء

Israel shall fall

صلاح الدين مصطفى نصر

Not true at all , it all started when jewish travelled to palastine , and claimed it is their home..From there you know who is occupier and who is really innocent


Levels of death, hatred, conflict and mayhem in every country are proportional to the degree to which religion drives every aspect of everyday life, culture and politics in that country. So much for religions - all of them, that each hypocritically profess their own private brand of love and peace with their very own, special 'righteous' god. Religion is the worst cancer of mankind.


long live Israel

Tas loki

Israel is a terrorist state who illegally took control of Palestine against UN regulations and warning

Colonel Gucci

omg arent ppl tired. gee.


this is a lie

mukhtar a

people should learn to live together

Destinee Chiles

The children of Israel are not home

patrick murphy

Filthy IOF ?? ? illegally occupying a country that is not there’s ... long live Palestine ?? ✊

Tmg Clips

Isrealis r all racist

Zack Greenberg

One thing is factually incorrect about this video. It says that Israel starts launching rockets into Gaza after they arrest Hamas terrorists. That is not true. Hamas fired rockets in retaliation to the mass arrests and thanks to outlets such as this one there has been a moral equivalency drawn between a state that accepts every peace deal that Palestinians reject to a Department of State designated terrorist group that calls for the destruction of both Israel and the murder of all Jews across the world. It is like trying to draw a moral equivalency between Churchill and Hitler. It is simply incorrect. The Palestinians are about as much of a key to middle east peace as German East Prussians were during World War II.

TSDamiano G

This is why i prefer a jewish state instead of a palestine state i dont wanna a radical islam state

Ashley Chanderpaul

I wonder how Gaza word came to the Caribbean

Sharas Adrianna

palestinians always start it first smh

faez sh


Ankit Srivastava

Fauda season 3

William Burnet

explain in 3 minutes thousands of years....and invasions, genocides and take overs ongoing today by the islamo fanatics. This explains your stupidity


Don’t mess with Izrael, only 3 deaths and now a big conflict

Dor bar shmuel

The Israeli army is giving medical help to palestinians even at war. They dont aim rockets at innocent people but at hidden hamas bunkers and missle launchers while the hamas in respond launches rockets to cities and directly to innocent Israeli citizens. The hamas uses schools and houses of families in gaza for launching missles so that Israel wont be able to explode them. They absolutly dont care about the citizens of gaza and in fact most people in gaza support Israel and not the hamas as the Israelians provide them with medical treatment and electricity and water and they are just poor innocent people that have to through this horror. in order for the wave of wars to stop the hamas needs to be taken over and theres got to be a new group controlling gaza.

Sakhtlaunda real

Good job Isreal ?

Friends Masti

We are all Muslim all time support in gaza hamas,,,,, Palestine is a real and Israel is a puk country

Hassan Escobar


Hassan Naveed

Please send the Israeli soldiers to Kashmir then Israel will be come Palestine

slade tuner


Obada Odeh

The kidnapping of the so called young israelis was revenge for mohammed abu khadir who was burnt alive by the illegal israeli settlers, and stop painting the conflict as if it was a conflict between two armed nations, as if the Palestinians had the power and weapons such as israel, because its a struggle imposed on the Palestinians by the israeli horrible occupation.. and by the way, according to inernational law any people whom fall under military occupation the have the right to resist their occupiers by all means including armed resistance...

Urszula Gromadzka

Gaze humu

Rahul Mehra

I for india and Israel
P for Palestine and Pakistan


Israeli and Palestinian people are not guilty, it's all about government and movements, Israel is washing Israeli people's heads to be against Palestine and Palestinians, since Gaza and Cisjordan/West Bank do not have government/have a government under control of Israel, Hezbollah and Hamas have to take control but do the same as the Israeli government, trying to wash Palestinian people's head to be against Israelis and Israel, this is how war works with dependent territories during civil wars, It happened the same way with Kurdistan in Iraq or Turkey. Just don't fall in this trap, Israeli and Palestinian people are not guilty, love them, from Turkey, and I love Armenian people, the world should be peaceful if UN was something serious, make equal decisions and does what it was supposing to do: keep peace and stability in the world

Neeraj Krishnan V M

solution is important than sentiments...

anis di

Imagine. Just imagine how the situation would be if the Europeans stayed in Europe


الله يقويكم ياحماس الأبطال
أمريكا والأمم المتحده واسرائيل ماتصل قوتكم

Micha Bell


neta sharon

You did not say that in times of Gaza, Israel is being fired upon with missiles for killing, Israel is attacking them once as a deterrent. We Israelis are sending to the same building we want to attack because we suspect that there are members of the Hamas terrorist organization, sending notes to the same people who live there in the building. Because Hamas has no God, they hide in kindergartens, clinics, buildings and more, because they know that Israel is moral and will not attack there. Write in Arabic on the same notes from the helicopter "Evacuate, the building will explode in two minutes."

Primitiv252 Bulo

vox has interesting videos but maybe this guy could learn how to talk first? He is mumbling and you can't understand what he says


So confused whEre do Gaza get their weapons from

Rene Dulnuan

Benjamin Satanyahoo

Capitalist Insurrection Chile

Free Palestine.

ajiut aeft

Since humans came from Ethiopian, is that means all humans from every nation has right over Ethiopia?? Israel scientists said so ?‍♂️


Israel is and was open for peace, but like the last time we tried to make peace we only lost more lives. Hamas is nothing but a terrorist organisation.

Mortal Films

Lupe Words I never said