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The Julian Assange Show Episode 1: Nasrallah (2012)

24 532 views | 19 Jan. 2017

The Julian Assange Show

The Julian Assange Show Episode 1: Nasrallah (2012): A freedom fighter to some, a terrorist to others, this is Hassan Nasrallah's his first interview in the West since 2006. From a secret location in Lebanon, Nasrallah gives Assange a rare and frank insight into his vision for the future of the Middle East.

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"This is exactly what America and Israel want for Syria", Nasrallah insists. He also blames Al Qaeda for "trying to turn Syria into a battleground". He's certainly not holding back, and with Assange throwing the questions the revelations keep on coming. He believes in Bashar al Assad: "I personally found that President Assad was very willing to carry out radical and important reforms. But the opposition needs to agree to dialogue."

But it's not only Syria that's on the agenda. He vehemently denies allegations of corruption pointed at Hezbollah. "This is part of the rumours that they wanted to use to discredit Hezbollah and distort its image. It's part of the media war against us." What about Hezbollah's violent past? "Hezbollah resorted to bombing civilians only to prevent Israel from shelling our civilians" he says. So what is next for Hezbollah's campaign against Israel? And what does Nasrallah really want for the future of the region?

Originally Aired on 17th April 2012

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Guess he's dead.

ItsMEE 5722

This is probably the only interview I've heard regarding Palestine's desires for peace from their point of view since the days of Yasser Arafat. Interesting this is JA's first video! Few realize the importance of peace between these two groups in the middle east! I'm seeing the puzzle ever more clearly! I've heard Israel will be last. The more I learn about your tenacity, intelligence and courage in addressing these massively complex international issues by exposing truth I'm utterly and blissfully blown away Julian! Bravo to you?? America, along with MANY other wealthy families, Corporations, and regimes around the world have grown increasingly corrupt! Most Americans are good hearted people. I've lived in Cairo, Egypt and they're no different! Two of my closest friends growing up were Jewish and good people. I believe most people are good but unfortunately, power, money, and particularly generational wealth along with a lack of morality corrupts many at the top of the pyramid! Transparency is key and thanks to JA, he's bringing light into the darkest of places! Thank you Julian Assange ?? Global Hero

Chris montgomery

Love it, and at least you are somewhere, looks real. Sorry I have believe it issues. Stay safe dear Julian  Chriz

Maria DelaO

He had his onw show?? hahaha

Golden Lion

Bush family have been part of Skull and Bones order for generations.

Beam Light

Nasrallah: Give us all a favor stop the hatred !!. Israel,has the right to have their land.

Imsook Yoo


collette anthony

whatever my husband wants my husband gets. he's the wisest man I know. I love my baby maker. he's my Apollo god man.mr.baby maker-eye love you.

TRC TurtleIsland

Free Julian Assange


Oh, this is almost 5 years old. Lots of stuff has happened since 2012.

Ahmad Amer

Edited subs are much better and way more accurate than interpreters...

Tony Murphy

brilliant. we don't get to hear enough from such people . bravo Julian !

Tsion O.

What sayid Nasrallah doesn't consider and take into account is that the Jewish people were forced to find a homeland for themselves, after many centuries of pogroms and persecution. They did it in a place that they are originally from. Unfortunately the Arab population which inhabited mandatory Palestine was a victim of this necessary step. It's like a very sick person who breaks into a pharmacy by force and steal a medicine that will save his life. The major mistake of Israel is its continuous reliance on U.S and being its executor in the middle east. Nasrallah should better push for a two state solution with reparations for some of the Palestinians refugees and their descendants. Israel is not going to disappear from the map. It is very strong and will use any means possible in order to assure its security and safety. You and many other people in the Arab world need to understand the simple fact that Israel is the necessary result of a people who were tortured and murdered massively during history and that it's not a colonial entity of the west.

For Peace

USA and Isreal created Isis and sent Isis Syria


leftists are so disgusting. The way they've turned on this guy. Disgusting savages have no principle.

Nathan Sharp

That movie with Benidict Cumberbatch was probably pure propaganda.


Hisbollah is supporting Assad in Syria who are commiting warcrimes together with russia. Makes Assange look really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Azza Ghaidouni

Hezbollah specialises in massacring and killing Jews, Christians and Sunni Muslims, remember the six day war remember the yom kippur war, but most importantly remember Bashir democratically elected peaceful leader of Lebanon killed by Hezbollah forces.


So far these comments show people are:          un·in·formedˌənənˈfôrmd/adjectiveadjective: uninformednot having or showing awareness or understanding of the facts."uninformed criticism of conservation projects"synonyms:unenlightened, uneducated, unknowledgeable, untaught, unlearned, unread, ignorant

Claudia K

If unknowing, check into how much Assange has provided info to the public that is helpful to Trump and Repubs, not to mention any private assistance post trump election. Yet he is no in isolation in Ecuador. Does anyone believe that forced isolation would be possible if Trump wanted him to be free? You are delusional, if so. Why would anyone see Trump as a good guy given that betrayal to Assange/

Rachana Raizada

Great interview. The answer at the end was quite profound. Look at the corruption in the billionaire corporate kleptocracy of the free world and over in Lebanon they worried about takeaway, silk robes and SUVs?

elfo nero

Julian remember someone will give you an hard lesson


whats the name of the end credit song?

collette anthony

mr.babies Apollo's eye have my legs WRAPPED AROUND THAT WICK GUY. i'm madly in LOVE WITH HIM.

D Behistun


collette anthony

mr.babies made-I love my Apollo.

Jay Pow


Space Cadet

this was back when assange was legit. i remember those days

Pablo S-quiel

Pónganle subtitulos en español!!

Ela Neradim

Julian Assange you are a hero, but on this show you should be shame in yourself.
Giving Hezbolla place to rubbish the world with their lies - you should know better! dont you know that they lie endlessly? that deceiving is a must for them by Qoran?
You should have brought Brigitte Gabriel to confrant him. Maybe then this show would have some value.

ryan Angel

Well this about expelled wanna back , Israel got expelled 2000 years wanna back and they have their country now , Palestine got expelled wanna back also. This confused me.. Both have right to those land and govern the land , but still even two country not really solutions because humane are greedy demand to much. Maybe after asteroid mining and permanent moon base Mars base then there are solutions


One thing I can say for sure is that Hezbollah hates Isis. They are very effective at killing those head chopping rats. Assange certainly can get to the human side of this leader, but it is hard to trust the entire organization. I want to support their efforts against what the USA, in particular what Obama has done (that lying sack of shit, Obummer) in terms of creating so much devastation in the Middle East, but I do have a healthy fear of Hezbollah. They have been oppressed by Israel for so long, and the US has supported Israel for so long, that I think his foot soldiers see every American as their enemy. In truth, us Americans have been hijacked by a shadow government that has animosity towards the American people. They are really internationalists, globalists that want to destroy ALL nation states like obummer and killary destroyed Iraq and Libya. That bitch, that lying corrupt stinking HAG, killary, danced around and pantomimed Qaddafi's brutal execution, but she also destroyed a barrier that could have soaked up the hordes of refugees coming from Africa and the ME. She actively supported ISIS's efforts to fill the vacuum of a shattered Libya. SO GLAD YOU LOST THE ELECTION YOU CROOKED HAG! To HELL WITH THE WAR CRIMINAL OBUMMER AS WELL!!!

Crimson King

necesitamos subtítulos en español para toda latinoamerica también

Zack Klein

Julian Assange's brainpower surpasses this dude. No doubt.

collette anthony

mr.baby maker my Apollo god man-keep your hands away from your mouth-eye am not taking any chances with Michael's daddy-please.

Instinct Matters

Assange is undoubtedly a hero of mine for exposing the savage consequences of spreading imperialism. And Nasrallah is at least standing up to a whining bitch!

Sohaib Mahagri

The man what can i see he's a giant amongst giants,such strong reasoning and morals it baffles me how people can be so stupid to not see the truth

gyan TV

shame on america for sprit hates

Masoud Aqil

#Fck_Nasrallah World's rudest liar



TRC TurtleIsland

Dauphin River First Nation Canada ??

Andreas Christian-Murray

What a wonderful retrospective.

Daniel Braune




Wikileaks ama

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The Snowden files -- the inside story of the world’s most wanted man | Luke Harding | TEDxAthens

1 081 200 views | 15 Dec. 2014

This talk was given at a

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. "We now know, thanks to Edward Snowden- that all of us, Greek citizens, Brits, Americans are being spied and that all of our data - whether its text messages, selfies, G-allocation data from our iphones that we carry around with us - is being collected. Luke thinks that Snowden has done the world a great service by revealing this and thinks it’s got profound implications for democracy – and for all of us – for anyone who uses Facebook or Google or downloads videos from Youtube and so on.

So that’s the big picture. On a micro level what we can do about this as citizens?"

Luke Harding is a journalist, writer and award-winning correspondent with the Guardian. He has reported from Delhi, Berlin and Moscow and covered wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine. Between 2007 and 2011 he was the Guardian's Moscow bureau chief. The Kremlin expelled him from the country in the first case of its kind since the Cold War.

His latest book "The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man" was published in February by Guardian Faber. In June Oliver Stone bought film rights. Luke is the author of three previous non-fiction books. They are "The Liar: The Fall of Jonathan Aitken" (1997), nominated for the Orwell Prize; and "WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy" (2011), both written with David Leigh. The screen rights to Wikileaks were sold to Hollywood and the film, "The Fifth Estate", starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Bruhl, came out in 2013. "Mafia State: How One Reporter Became an Enemy of the Brutal New Russia" appeared in 2011. His books have been translated into 20 languages.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Kent Grady

If one is clinically paranoid, or one uses substances which tend to induce paranoia (420, anyone?), one should not watch "Citizen Four".

Random Rangoon

Snowden is more along the lines of an awesome whistle blower and dare I say almost forgotten hero for "freedom"

Jacob R

much of what this man said is not true..

Marco B.

I believe the man to be the most dangerous threat to the rapidly evolving "authoritarianism" that is our beloved USA! The man has given his life , per se' ….and we all should have marched, protested AND voted! As uncomfortable as I am with his being in Russia, I suppose he really had no choice! It's a sure bet that in a country where "inspectors general" can be dismissed by a spray tan whim, had he stayed here (or ever comes back for that matter) he 'd probably be dead! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Thomas Jefferson: "From time to time, the tree of liberty needs to be nourished with the blood of tyrants and patriots!"  Vote every damn Republican (talk about misnomers) out of office! Then hold the Damn Democrats accountable! Strict term limits and NO CAMPAIGN FINANCING! Every candidate gets equal time donated by the media as "in the interests of a public service and duty to the country!" NOT such a terrible price for the immortality of a free press! Then you wouldn't need WHISTEBLOWERS like Snowden!

Donald Mitchell

It is impossible to have any privacy via any cell phone device! 20 years ago however, it was still possible. Now? Now...it is imbedded within the device AND the programs! Only way one can be "secure" in their communications, are via the "old fashioned" ways...like meeting in person. Perhaps encryption and on dedicated lines. Even then...


trust me, when KGB spies on you, theres no noise in the background

S Nelson

So if they have access to that technology and drugs they could manipulated any for framing anyone...

jon w

What saddens me is the lack of outrage and protests yet riots and outrage over George Floyd.

Richard Alevizos

I've been spied on my whole life, and Edward Snowden knows.......see my channel and find out why.


He's a hero ??????????????

Akash Patel

Last week on 22th oct 2020 snowden granted permanent residency in Russia.
Cheer for snowden?

Anissa Mercado

Hello. Im Anissa.

Victoriana Jayme

If it were that easy to get rich we'd need a guillotine.


Watch this guy's interview with Aaron Mate on his book. The only thing this man has ever done worth watching. Hilarious.

Leah Akel

He seems that he have not good good things to say about our President Trump who never have done or say bad things about snow but doesn't say anything about Obama ,when it was Obama whom put him out of the USA...and said bad things about him and so I don't think snow is a hero

HSO Dreamz

the sad thing is this info went in one ear and out the other for most people, smh.

dd x

The screeching technician formerly smash because supply disconcertingly disappear regarding a closed birthday. reminiscent, tedious sail


Five Years ON, and HERE is a LIttle Blurb FROM the Goverment that PROVES what Edward Snowden SAID was Going on. During this Covid Crisis, Many Levels of Goverment MANDATED *in violation of the Constitution) a Stay at Home LOCKDOWN of almost the ENTIRE National Population to "Prevent" the Spread of COvid. Just last week, the Last in April 2020, the GOVRMENT said BASED ON CELL PHONE TRACKING DATA the Majority of the Nations Population Followed the Stay at Home Guidelines. How did the GOverment TRACK CELL PHONES LEGALLY OF CITIZENS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION AS FOREIGN INTEL ASSETS OR ANY OTHER CRIME?! That little Govermetn statement PROVES what Edward Snowden SAID the NSA IS DOING, WHOLSALE MONITORING OF CITIZENS CELL PHONES!



Seb O

Snowden did the right thing, proud of you brother!

Spyware Detected


Sloth Finn

The greedy step-uncle directly damage because quince simplistically influence forenenst a rainy dock. embarrassed, seemly period

eJacob Cornelius

"Privacy is a fundamental human right." You must be the only journalist who holds that point of view.

Leonard Crites

Thank You !


big joke ...

Black Opal

If people weren't corruptible and, thereby, corrupt, it wouldn't matter which system or rules we had, reasonably speaking.

Tammy Braddock

Obama you can't stand people that done think like you

Harry ToyShirt

I hope this Brit writes better than he talks. Brits destroy their own language, which needs destroying, but more systematically.

Eberle Tyler

The teeny architecture aetiologically increase because unit structurally observe of a grotesque session. overrated, conscious eyeliner


"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."
(disputed) Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century. Imagine today...!

Melissa Waem

It's unfortunate to hear how Snowden gave his freedom and risked his life for speaking the truth and trying to protect people. He warned people that their privacy is being violated, hoping they would be more careful, and his award for taking this risk is being one of the most wanted people in the USA. It's sad how good people get punished for telling the truth, but people who committed a real crime are still walking around unpunished.

Elizabeth Diane

I get the impression Snowden was betrayed by the ppl he thought he could trust. Betrayal is like a crushed spirit. I got done the same way by my family 2018...LE..Lucifer Exposed


Ignore me, just on my lunch break from Flowers By Irene to look at the comments

Tony Alan Marchant

Surely some good must have come from the NSA CIA AN WHATNOTS

John Camacho

What did Snowden do wrong, did he break any laws? Did revealed things he was suppose to ; aren’t people working for our government suppose to reveal things that hurt America and is illegal? But, nothing new with not only our government but all the governments around our earth. The name of the game is greed and control. Darn they could all their energys for good

Rich Burglar

"i did have a xan 13 hours till i land had me out like a light" - Aubrey Grahm

Gillian Dsouza

Edward Snowden is a hero

Starmarine sonnywtloo

Snowden can talk & talk until the cows come home but what we wish to hear & learn is WHY & HOW he stole all the sensitive files when he was only a LINE Operator in the NSA? Let's have the cow before the cart? Great talker after he had access to certain files,, huh?


Where the heck is he staring at

Victoriana Jayme

Sharice is your dad out for the colored tv?


£30,000! That's one espencive microwave.
If I wanna kill anything electrical, I just stick it in a transform based microwave. Inverter based ones are a lot smarter and can sense if there's something's going on and shuts it down. Don't ask me how I know this.
If you watch Mr Robot on Amazon, he does the same and he drills through everything as well just to be 1000% sure. In my situation it's not that important as I haven't got anything to hide that'll get me into trouble.
All I'm interested in is learn anything electrical, electronics, welding, fabricating, machining and anything engineering based as I find it fascinating! ?


Please God protect him????????????

Freo Freeze

wow. A real life 21st century journalist.
I would love to meet you my good man and shake your hand!

John Alfano

S=nowden was agent being groomed to be a total distraction. this is all he was meant to be., and this is why he lasted this long. He was a double agnet spy that was being used.

Brent Little

Grinding all for show. That stunt was irrelevant.


Ah um ah ummmmm

Justin Tyme

snowden is a real hero in a country run by crooks &pedofiles. our country is so corrupt its sickening


You heard it, didn’t you?

A man from government walks into a newspaper HQ (The Guardian) and says, "Stop publishing this material, otherwise...we'll shut you down."
Welcome to "democracy."
But...which "democracy?" It sounds like...Orwellian one, right?

Sean Divarco

The information is out with out judgement the information should be studied


Snowden is the man

will humphries

Seriously though, if you watch the film you realise that "you needn't be worried unless you have something to hide", does make sense. Maybe if I were a spy I would care what I am seen doing but what would any government agency a) get on me and b)us it for? Those of you who feel 'freaked out' by this need to realise that you're probably not even being watched - the sheer amount of data would take a couple of hundred quantum computers to sift through. If you're bothered about your freedom then don't give in to targeted ads telling you what you 'need' and instead buy carefully, save to invest and don't impulsively buy its not hard - especially when you've already acquired the skills of cynicism, skepticism and critical thinking.

N. L.

Beware the Deep State. They are changing things and will eventually take over the country. Our rights will be taken away.

Aman Sharma

Privacy is a Fundamental Human Rights. Spying is ok if someone is a high-value target. Bu† that data needs high Security to.


Not even 1 million views, Americans don't care, they thought they have internet but in fact they are on NSA's intranet.

Glenn McGrew II

In the US, if you see that your employer is doing something criminal, you are supposed to go through a specific sequence of efforts to resolve it internally. If not, then there's external resolution.

But what if you work for someone who you know will likely kill you if you complain too vigorously or too often? What if you work for the government which is deliberately breaking laws for "national security"? What can be done, especially if you are like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and others? You get labeled a criminal and have to run to a hostile nation for protection for telling the truth.

How is this democracy? How is what the UK gov't did democracy?

The level of spying is far worse than the average person realizes.


Thank you for such an entertaining and informative video. Snowden must be commended for his tremendous courage and The Guardian for their solidarity.

Greg Payne

Believe it or not the CIA does operate domestically in the US which is against their charter which is supposed to be strickly overseas!!!!


The US government has Sanitized war.. They have isolated The American Public from the reality of war. Currently there is about 5 US lead interventions..

Jessie Con37

I prayed for president Trump to grant Edward Snowden full Pardon. He was doing his Rightful duty as a American. He was totally in the right! A True Patriot. There are law's in the Constitution that cover whistle blowing and rising up against a non just Government and the broken system. Obama and his administration SHOULD BE IN PRISONED. ESPECIALLY HILLARY CLINTON!

DogCat Party

March 17, 2020 Luke Harding: Who do you believe Bernie Sanders should choose for v.p.? How about Tulsi Gabbard (see her video '8 seconds people search') Who do you believe Bernie should choose for other top job posts? This is extremely important because it could persuade millions to change their planned vote to Bernie Sanders. Using Skype may be one of the best ways to slow down the Pandemic. Hear Shaun Attwood describe how a 12 year old girl with lung problems was refused help from the NHS. This could quickly happen in the USA. The number of Coronavirus victims is supposed to double about every three days. Please take it seriously everyone. Please stop shaking hands forever and just smile and say 'GREETINGS!' or another hands off routine to help prevent a similar outbreak, year after year. Vegans have no cravings for meat, dairy (in dozens of common products) so this helps keep the shelves stocked for everyone else. Please consider going vegan!


I learned more from the comments than the video


Snowden is a national traitor and deserved much worse than what he got.

Kath Macdonald

Snowden is a hero.
But is'nt Luke Harding the man who published the names and passwords that put Afghan lives at risk, that was all blamed on Julian Assange, and he has not defended Julian at all. Yet he promotes himself as a force for truth & freedom.
He also seems to be stuck in the past and does not seem to realise that the KGB is no longer, is he not aware that the Soviet Union broke up years ago..

Arubuola Ebenezer

Here during the covid19 era, hmmmm


Snowden has taken all the Risk. And how do we thank him? By still using Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and carrying 0 about privacy. Soooo sad.

Alan 2j patchell

The topic is good you are a wast of space

Andrew Koshelev

This man either never been in Russia before, or he's making this up, - Russians never spy like this. If Russians spy you, you will definitely notice. But only when you will loose any options left to escape... )

Bongo Gaming

আমি আপনাকে বন্ধু করে নিলাম আপনি ও আমাকে বন্ধু করবেন

Angela Baiers

President Trump needs to give Snowden, Assange & Flynn full pardons then watch the DNC, Obama, Biden, Killary, Pelosi, Dems, highly paid Corporate DNC Media Mouthpieces heads explode. That would be a great October surprise!!


Snowden’s residency in Russia ends this month.. being wanted in the U.S. I really hope he makes it out alive.


Snowden for president!


Ultimate power corrupts ultimately! How do you defeat a battleship? Answer... With a bigger battleship!


Another decent site/channel that is starting to get flooded with conspiracy theory ads by “epoch times”and similar And they likely don’t even know.


17:47 that's why you use Linux, Windows and MacOS are privacy voids. I use Arch btw.

Cat Von Done

Umm i am the most boring person.. goodluck finding anything useful.. may the force be with you

preeth rao obley

people with no money , steal food.....corporate's with ton of money steal data. who is the thief here ?

Rohit Baisane

Truth is out there


Interesting topic. Horrible presenter.

Kate Cardell

Trump please pardon Snowden



Gulitz T

50% of the world is democratic and 70% of that is illiberal meaning no freedom of speech nor freedom of movement. we have been thrown around with the illusion that we have privacy, we have freedom of speech.

Black Opal

The French Revolution.

S Nelson

Remember on Batman he had the device created to spy on everyone but he said destroy it so it would not fall into the wrong hands.

Blue Wolf

Tired of ads.

Use adblock + image-block for pc.

Use lightning browser for phone.

Michal Čiula

Jses škaredej

Ebi Island

When you need to stretch out your presentation & the teacher lets you use a video

Errol Guard

Agree 100% Edward Snowden is to be saluted.

Tammy Braddock

Yes Obama would and More

Y. Shaked

15:18 - "The Germans are furious because..."

And I was half-expecting him to finish that sentence with "...that's just what they do."

Luc Pellerin

such a cheerful croud. Pathetic


it"s funny how Snowden did not get a Nobel Peace Prize? Yet, Obama gets one for drone bombing the middle east and killing innocent people.

Bella Bear

I think the footage of them destroying the files is a good way to look at how freedom to speak is getting hammered.

Google and Facebook gave permission for their servers to be looked into. Snowden said they were deputised.

S Nelson

Snowden sounds like a goodman. Can not wait to meet him...

Eric The Viking

This has been going on forever. There is no privacy, it is all an illusion.


We need more people like Snowden

Amlan Sarmah

Well what is democracy it's people's government, if it's all by people for people, there is no point of accessing data of normal people. Well such measures shall be taken to those who have criminal accounts.


“Do you have cocktail shakers in Athens?”... wtf

bibek mainali

He didn't had to say who was snowden's girlfriend.

Black Opal

It's all a distraction.

Tere Ypil

2020 anyone?

Wikileaks ama

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Entertainment News - The story of Wikileaks

168 views | 11 Jul. 2013

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