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Why Machines That Bend Are Better

8 099 893 views | 12 Mar. 2019

Compliant mechanisms have

Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, easy to use, and the price is great. Check out SimpliSafe here: https://simplisafe.com/veritasium

I visited the Compliant Mechanisms Research group at Brigham Young University and spoke to Professor Larry Howell:


At the above link, you can download 3D-print files to make some of the objects in the video, plus learn more about compliant mechanisms.

What I learned about compliant mechanisms I summarize in the 8 P's of compliant mechanisms:

1. Part count (reduced by having flexible parts instead of springs, hinges)

2. Productions processes (many, new, different enabled by compliant designs)

3. Price (reduced by fewer parts and different production processes)

4. Precise Motion (no backlash, less wear, friction)

5. Performance (no outgassing, doesn't require lubricant)

6. Proportions (reduced through different production processes)

7. Portability (lightweight due to simpler, reduced part count designs)

8. Predictability (devices are reliable over a long period of time)

Special thanks to Patreon supporters:

Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd

Animation by Alan Chamberlain


they should really nerf this it is too overpowered

Eric Smith

any joint that rapidly moves will rapidly fail if it's a flex joint

Caleb Berry

thinkin bout that rcs tho...


Expert - Gets out half a sentence


I nerded out way too hard to this....

George Clinton

I made a neat little invention. shall we use it for nukes?

Head Chef

Those are nail clippers don't fool yourself lol

Solaiman Hossain

Fоr a week nоw, I've just been loоking at h0w money is dripping onto the bаlance, I d0n't even trаde myself. Everything is on the mаchine. I posted a videо 0n 0ne 0f these systems. Click here t0 watch the instructiоnal vide0




Strange compliance, although acceptable

Rian rushwood

There’s one huge problem with this entire video, he works for BYU

Dennis Olsson

Maybe an episode on why generalizations are better? ;)

Sad to see such a click bait:y title for a decent video...

Douglas Ward

Professor Howell ? Didn't he star on Gilligan's Island ? I'm old.

Basera Nina

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Steve Holt

So this professor guy makes toys for other professor guys


Hey are you from Viva La Dirt league?

N Jones

Is it just me, or does Prof Larry look like an older American version of Tom Scott :)

Anders Andersson

How cool is that! Actually most materials recover very fast from bending force, where you don't have fatigue or plastic deformation involved. The trick is to design for instance a tool where you can control the direction of the forces involved. If the tool is used as it supposed to be used it can almost last forever. Design and control the forces to work in the right direction and then make sure the design is used correctly. Nice...

Roman Tkachuk

Wait, is that Aphex Twin logo?


dumbest video title that tells me nothing. Bye...

Jay Uliana

Why does YouTube keep recommending me this video? I've seen this video so many times. I know everything in this video. It's a great video but please, stop showing me the same thumbnail every time I visit YouTube. That's all I ever want.

jose lopez

The interviewer is super annoying

Agnes Hunter

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Your excellent video is missing a critical piece: Why the designator "compliant"? I can guess and infer of course, but would like to know the provenance.



Solaiman Hossain

For a week nоw, I've just been lo0king аt how mоney is dripping 0nto the balаnce, I dоn't even trаde myself. Everything is 0n the mаchine. I releаsed a fresh vide0 0n such а system. It's up t0 y0u h0w much time yоu want to invest in it.


Sponsored by Aphex Twin

Pinned by Youtube

Im sorry but the host has 0 social skills. He talks over the guest and acts like a teenager showing off for the camera


That elephant
I did the math in my head I was finally right for once WHOO

Juan Hernandez

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TruNeighborhoodWatch TNW

is it only me who see's something SEXUAL in the thumbnail?

Aclay 16

Yeah don't teach him centrifugal force or anything lol, it spins and expands O.o


I find it really hard to believe that those tiny plastic parts (the parts in the demo models that actually bend) are more stable and longer lasting than a traditional bearing + axle. All plastic stuff I know of that was tried to replace "expensive" metal hinges/bearings broke after short time. And how about metal fatigue (don't know the proper word - it is the phenomenom that metal that is bent frequently changes its inner structure and becomes sort of brittle and weakens over time) - isn't this effect setting in faster than when using traditional (again) bearing + axle?

Nathaniel Bowen

It's called a spring.

Radicool Gaming

I'm not the only one who saw what I saw in the thumbnail right?

wiss kadri

Machines that bent are better

Except my spine

Aditya Nandy

1:36 hey boss about my sal- OHH.

Kanishk kaushal

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Hi there I couldn't find this professor in linkedin

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OH, like the nuke alarms that went off in Hawaii?
she's got 11

Akarsh Rastogi

No bender jokes?

Kyle Pastarov

Woods from Black Ops is actually a YouTuber

Jose Lara

I can't unsee the plastic tool as Aphex Twin logo.

iGorka 935

Machines that bend are better
Pulls out his hardcover most-cited book.

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Yeah thats cool and all, but what about machines that fart?

Aadee Malavade

The clutch thing that is an application to use in seat belts man?!?



Maher Wahhoud



is it a coincidence the name of the professor was "Prof. How?"

Kris tian

1:35 Please.. we're filming here.



Athena Torris

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Keith Wilson

The fatigue-testing machine didn’t have flexible parts.



Niels Madsen

You americans: Pounds is the unit of mass, not force!!!




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Astro Soul

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Iconic Props

Silica, wihch is as brittle as glass. OR Which is glass.


maybe they broke into your neighbour so that you accept their sponsor!

Mwangi Kimani

Nature discovered this millions of years ago by installing elastic ligaments in all rotating joints.

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Yes very nice but I need skateboard and bicycle alternatives

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Damn the amount of info

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wood. exe

oh is this that dipshit that talks about money yeah that dipshit??

viraj shah

The elephant is really trippy!




4:57 lol he crying

Victor Fastavets

Great video. Make you want to know more about science in general.

Luke Rowley

Me, after a week of resisting: Fine YouTube algorithm, I will watch the video about bendy machines.

Alison Glynn

And it was all just a giant ad for the android flip-phone

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YoIts LemonBoy!

i love this video

Ego Equus

B. B. Rodríguez approves.

Philippe Laferriere

1:39 ?


"Flexible machines are bad"

Me: Prints TPU


I suppose we need smooth transition from plastic to metal compound materials


<How flexible machines could save the world>
It would be enough for me to save me from certain nonsense published on the net

Redwood Madrone

A vise grip is compliant.


I love this video so much. These products are amazing.

Prashant Mishra


Serhii K

Красно Дякую, дуже цікаво каво!!! Особлива подяка за субтитри українською мовою!!!

patrick roeill

Great video and let's hope and pray that hole never meets the laser

Tamara Henry

Welp more plastic on the ocean

fish boi


T Man

Bender would be proud.


Really cool!

Colby Harris

Next time you are at BYU you should check out the creamery...it's good

Justin Dong

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Eager Aurora

1:10 if he shutted up, the man would have /told/ him how it kept nuclear weapons safer, sooner.

brag Fox

is book doesn't bend :O

Danilo Gonçalves


metal man

This video is Bender approved !

Darren Hodgkiss

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Price of veritaseum

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Veritaseum - VERI a look into the next 6 - 12 months.

872 views | 13 Aug. 2020

A look at VERI currently

A look at VERI currently $3.84 on CoinMarketCap. What's unfolding for the future. This is not financial advice, please check your own TA, FA, and intuition before investing in any cryptocurrency. If you enjoy my work please donate at www.http://www.goddesscreative.com/product/donation/ If you would like to put in a coin request - http://www.goddesscreative.com/product/coin-request/ Note* more detailed information is given privately in writing to coin requestee. All coin requests and donations can be made in cryptocurrency or dollars through Paypal.

The Dinarian Gone Crypto

I hold some Veri as well. I am a learning intuitive. I dont trust my intuition, but i do trust in my guides and the universe. In saying that, the universe has led me to you. My holdings are THETA, ZIL, BCH, ADA, XLM, XRP and a small amount of Veri. The universe has also guided me to each one of these as well. There are so many people i can help down the road as we head into these exciting times ahead. Peace, Love, light and prosperity are ahead for all that choose to accept what the universe is offering them. The chosen ones will make a huge difference going forward into helping make this world a better place for all humanity and life. Thank you and spirit for all the guidance on this journey.

Scott Lee

Veri and Reggie story makes me very sad; same as Meta1. I had very big aspirations for both. Mahalo for the confirmation Jule. ??


Thanks Jule for the reading.

Josh Weiss

If we want to fix broken markets. We need Veri. The good guys win. We enter sci-fi world with veri. As the underlying economic conditions continue to deteriorate, we will need the markets to be fixed. Reggie has the patent now that he didn't have before. The time is now to fix our broken financial system. Would love to see an updated reading.


You should do this one again. There’s been news, I won’t say positive or negative.

iBerry Boi

I ran VERI all the way up to over $500 in 2017 and then all the way back down, it was quite a ride.

John L.

Great reading . . . Everyone wants to know about Veri . . . Thank you

Dave L

I still hold over 200 Veri. Had them since 2017, not giving up as it is still trading for a reason.


Could you do another one about Veri?


Veri will be huge very soon!

Qlean Life

Law Suit Settled. 9M + fee. VERI could make a come Back!

De Voluntarist

I am still holding Veri, shame how it all went down. I see it as some sort of symbolic coin now, so even if it will never get back up, I am happy to hold it as a symbol lol. Just noticed a weird thing in my Exodus. When it is set on USD it is worth like 8 bucks more or less. But when I switch it to Euro, it is worth 24,5 euro? There is not even a trading pair with euro lol.

On coinmarketcap it has gone up 60% and is now trading for $9,77 :P
Anyway, nice to see there are still Veri enthusiasts :)

Price of veritaseum

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Veritaseum & Reggie Middleton are BACK! (Bix Weir)

7 948 views | 21 Feb. 2020

Check out Reggie

Check out Reggie Middleton's latest videos about the REBIRTH of Veritaseum!


Alchemy of Art

If it goes to zero I don't care - the evil corrupt sec are not getting their hands on mine.

Jet Blake

Spain group?

Dj Crazy J

Held my veri.

Allan Gibson

delusional if you think this is going anywhere but the bin , like his last attempt it is a one man band

Jim Rodgers

Reggies back???? Circa $400 to $7.80. Sorry Bix I like you a lot but why this unfounded support of RM while simultaneously telling gold bugs they are idiots for holding gold severely undermines your logic. Here's my prediction, anyone who holds Veri are absolute dreamers and this token will never eventuate to anything substantial.

Tony Mangnall

Hey Bix, doing great work, thanks for all you do. Wish I could have made it to Anarchopulco this year. Def going next year. Love that you make music about the criminals. I made a music video about the financial criminals too, hope you check it out and like it https://youtu.be/l_Vh7yzHGcg


OMG! veri will be huge!

Luke av

those criminals are republican

Michelle Battistone

I use coin base, how do transfer to another holder

Jonno Wild

Where are the "good guys" you consistently speak of? If they exist, it's probably time for them to step up.

Jasp n Sar

Veritaseum was a token with no use case, no road map, no liquidity, and that offered no financial or technological innovation whatsoever. It was a vanity token tied to a blustering con man (Reggie Middleton) who literally owned 98% of the outstanding supply (LOL!) and whose claim to fame was a brief appearance on CNBC. Anybody who was following Veritaseum knew it was a scam all along, and nobody was too surprised when the SEC finally came after this crook. Reggie is a con artist. Anybody who still supports him is either an idiot, or on the take.

Michelle Burrows

He settled probably because his life was threatened

donald warren

Please no music at end I have to change the channel to keep it running

Gavan Hillebold

Love Reggie, used to watch him run circles around Max Keiser and that’s not easy. Gold/ Silver are on the move. Corona spreads in Japan, South Korea, India, China and not much coverage because the Russians are meddling in our election ? The same Russia we depend on ( 150 Billion paid ) for their rocket engines the last 20 yrs. to get to & fro from the space station. Or how about the 20 million barrels of oil a month we buy from Russia to makeup for the sanctions loss from Venezuela?

Daryl Hackett

I should post the sec filings and the fact veri token no longer belongs to Reggie Bix get your info right. Also posted on the veri telegram has the actual statement that states veri token can no longer be used, so the only reason veri is increasing is bots, and scammers. The token is dead.

Melissa Bush

I am HODLING mine! I Bet there is a door opening for Veri. An NDA is a clue! The government hopes we get scared and sell our Veri......DON’T sell! ???

Kevin Macleod

Reggie was smart to buy that $2 million worth of precious metals (hard assets in his possession) but what does that say about being a founder and believer in crypto’s? When things got tough, he reached for the metals. Something tangible. But hey, he did that while under investigation and warned not too spend any VERI-earned money, but he did, and they seized all of it. What a terrible time to have that happen especially when gold is on fire.


Even if this coin is not used for its intended function, it will have crazy numismatic value someday in the future. Think about collectible fiat notes that are worth way more than both their intrinsic value and their face value. VERI will never go away as long as ETH is around since it's an ERC20 token. I'm HODLing!

Crypt0k1ng USN Ret.

you can chat with Reggie on Telegram. Link is on Reggies video in description


50 years from now the guy who created veritaseum and changed the world will be a white jew lol

todd trost


Loren Pearce

Gasping for straws. Crytos are making you desperate bix. God help you and all of us

Bamm Bamm

Veri = BTC coming :)


2020 is the year of INCREASE!


Welcome back, Reggie!