Stardew valley lightning

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Stardew Valley - 1.5 Maximum speed (as fast as greased lightning!)

4 237 views | 1 Feb. 2021

Farmer's time is a

Farmer's time is a valuable thing and moving with turtle speed is a no go. Tag along and discover the maximum speed obtainable in Stardew Valley! Run, farmer, run... Enjoy! :)

Video timestamps:

00:00 - Speed mechanic

00:23 - Rings

00:44 - Buffs

01:31 - Mounts

01:46 - The conclusion

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NICE!! Keep up the good work bro!

Grand. ___

Был тут до сотни тысяч просмотров

Dark UwU

hmmm someone know how i get the void chicken?


ay That's what I wanted to see! Thanks!

Phuong Truong

I wish you did not know what stardew valley was so that you would only do terraria max videos.


What about qi seasoning???


i spilled tea on my keyboard few days ago so i cant buy the game yet i gotta save up for a keyboard

mindles _

"Wait, you made another stardew valley video??"
"Always has been"


Moon Lord


The Twins

Upcoming: Stardew Valley - 1.5 Maximum plant growing speed
(i guess)

Maya e Ted Gatolike e Gameplay

Gostei ???gatolikepravc!!!??? Stardew é tudo de bom!



goose not a duck

plz do maximum luck

Yap Ming zen

if you are done with stardew valley stats could you do minecraft?


Keep it up❤❤❤

Jullean Shann Yamit

Who else saw terraria 1.5 lol

King Crimson

laughs in CJB cheats menu


Nice horse name

Dibyaranjan Dehury

Try out surviving titan, a survival game and make guide videos


So No More Terraria?

Gabriel harry

Fav song = check
Noice build = check
Me who sucks at building = check
Fav ytber = check
now thats a good chart


Very informative and important, thank you!

Caroline Rolim

Hey Svings, please talk about luck!! I'm LOVING the SV content, keep it up!


SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED, Lol so cool, i didn't knew in stardew valley u can get that speed!, i dont know a lot of stardey valley but thanks for showing to us more of this videos the 65th time my bud!

A Half Trash Channel

This makes me want to buy the game.

Ruben Rikmanspoel

nice title, a good video to come bakc home to!

Франц Дерксен

Good content


It's time for another Stardew Valley upload! I was really hoping that roads could be used on top of riding a mount and all the buffs, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. While it is possible to wear two rings (as well as combine them with Cinder Shards), the player can only obtain a single buff from the Savage Ring. I hope you enjoyed the video and will stay around for more Terraria and Stardew Valley content! Which is your favorite season in Stardew Valley? Why?

Dashgeo YT

Lmao I read it wrong I thought it's Terraria 1.5 xD

Jonsku 666

I know we can math it ourselves with the info provided, but it would be nice if the conclusion also mentioned the total increase like with the Terraria videos

Stardew valley lightning

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How to get a Lightning Rod - Stardew Valley

3 279 views | 25 Apr. 2018

You need to have the

You need to have the correct skill level and materials

Jonathan Vreugdenhil


Professor Provolone

Why does this have more dislikes than likes? There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the video.

Black Death

Wtf is this

Stardew valley lightning

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Stardew Valley How To Make A Lightning Rod

3 265 views | 12 Aug. 2017

How to make a lightning

How to make a lightning rod in stardew valley

Created with Movie Studio

gamer guid 8

you had the same hat and rings as me


Do you need more than one in order for battery packs to be made?

ORION Hunter Dx

nice vid

Brady Punch

SO convenient. Thank you so much for being distinguished from others, and very clear.