Stocks to buy under 10$

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5 Stocks To Buy Now Under $10

127 133 views | 21 Nov. 2020

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Today we chat about stocks to buy now under $10. If these stocks are not stocks to buy they are at least stocks to watch. It is very hard to find good stocks to buy under $10, however I definitely found some interesting ones here.

Would you consider these cheap stocks to buy or good stocks to buy?

LMK in the comments if you think these are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch in the stock market. Enjoy!

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Here are all the stocks I own right now.


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Financial Education 2

Jeremy Lefebvre Production

Jeremiah Roper

What do you think about TCS? The Container Store. Why is the short sell so strong? Short burn territory or not?

Ar On

Best time to buy BIGCOMMERCE & OVERSTOCK ?


lol dude you go on about planet like no tomorrow ;) i think you did this video just for planet. In any case i finally decided to get into it, bought 500 stock lol. up $200 on the day :) long term can see it making alot! might have to top up every month.

Mir12 momo

Thanks i knew about Michael Ross! He was my professor in Oxford and told us about Vectra!


Why are you watching this!? Read about the VectraCoin!

Arin Sarkar

Jeremy, what is the best platform to buy Planet 13? please let me know.

Disco Spyder

The biggest Zynga game is Words with Friends. That was a great game... 5 years ago. Mobile gaming is now capable of playing AAA games. There will always be a market for 'simple' games, just like there's still a market for board games.

Jonathan Chan

is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of VectraCoin?

Greg Guilfoyle

25 seconds in and first thought is can you buy some sort of sound proofing for echo that would be visually ascetic to your new house. Understanding the curve of getting new properties online just know you are 100% with and without. I just want you to be able to represent you. Echo is a distraction from your content. But much love and keep it up.

trance uno

Can't trade planet 13 on robinhood or webull. How the hell do i trade this please someone help meeeee!

Joseph Mikekemo

Check out Grande west transportation, they are a EV bus manufacturer and already have products and are making money. They are planning on listing on the Nasdaq within 4-6 months. Have the buy America compliance and are opening up a manufacturing plant in Washington. Make sure you do some DD, the company is so undervalued compared to the peers. Ticker symbol on otc is BUSXF.

James Rounds

What happened to no more MJ. See i go and memorize that Planet Sells Jack Jackson cause that's all we are using now then BOOM we back to the planet in the mj space.


What amazing production and audio quality. Bravo.

Paul O'Connor

The 5:

1. SmileDirectClub (SDC)
2. Planet 13 Holdings (PLNHF)
3. Del Taco Restaurants (TACO)
4. Zynga (ZNGA)
5. The Very Good Food Company (VRYYF)

Watch or skip through the video still... he's doing the work, give him some of that ad sense money for his efforts/work.


can you afford to buy a new Mic bro ?!

Wesley Crabajales

My BLNK & NIO stocks are up by 1,000% from over a year ago.
I don't sell I only buy.
From the $2,075 investment I did back in early 2019,
Im now up by $3,859 you do the math.

Tony Kang


Beleggen in Aandelen - De Beurs

Have you checked LGVW? Might be a disruptive market! Ark started a position...

Larry Smith

Jesus Loves You.(John 3:1-21)

Highest IQ

I've average $5 on $sdc, couldn't get enough during the crash.

John's UTV

Verygood food just double ?

Land of Flavors

If you still didnt buy GEVO yet, you will regret big time.

Shawn Hunter

this is where idk if smile direct club will take off. I have Invisalign's and with insurance I was out the door around 4k with came out cheaper then normal braces and the competitors cost that smile direct club has as of there un informed prices and hidden prices in the end.

Mark Madison

RADA MGNI are my home runs.

Garry Browne

Greetings to you Jeremy. I'm new to your inner circle and often listen to your video feeds. I like your style and commentary. I've been watching the electric car stocks and from what I've seen, I'm pretty impressed. There's quite a few great companies out here that I'm considering investing in but I haven't made a solid decision yet. From time to time I'll have a question or two for you if you don't mind so here goes. Thanks a lot!.........What's your take on: Arcimoto, Inc. - FUV?

Bell Man

your editing on the videos are so low. im suprised



Paul Janka

Nothing on palantar

Malcolm Pulliam

Bro you should come out with FE clothing line


Plus Products $PLPRF is one of the only names in the space to have significant institutional holders - Tiger Fund Management owns 14%.

Crypto savy

Most times human beings kill their selves

Do you know the difference between the rich and poor.

The rich invest while the poor save.

Don't be among the person who refuse to invest and keep working their whole life to live

Investment you placed today will definitely be a life changing one for you Even after 10 years today.

Dave Chi

I've been looking at taco for years. Never pulled the trigger. It never goes up

ALEX shaw


What your thoughts on Bloom energy?

Marion Cobretti

I bought 50 gamestop stocks i wann say around march for less than 10 and now they r over 60

Feelbeautiful Feelstrong

It’s going to be a good day on Monday for my portfolio thanks to this video lol ?

Matthew Westfall

1- $SDC (Smile direct club)
2- $PLNHF (planet 13)
3- $TACO (Del Taco)
4- $ZNGA (Zynga)
5- $VRYYF (The Very Good Food Comp.)

Connor McDougall

Hey, I'm already up by 65% for VERY after your recommendation along with my own research. Thanks so much for the info! Do you think it'll keep going up

Michael Phil

The Rich stay by spending like the poor and investing Non stop,while the poor stay by spending like the rich and yet not making any investment.

Bloomberg Quicktake

I think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security.

Kathy Tran

Sdc is the best stock ever.. I’m sad that I sold when it dip today


Read about Marshall Ross and his VectraCoin

Veterans Brotherhood

Noone else thinks the Beyond Meat Growth is strange?
How many of you are Vegans?
How many Vegans do you know?

Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum start talking about us eating less meat and suddenly all these corporations follow suit?

This shit is weird.

CB FIT Runner

WOW. Slack Technology up 40 percent in one day....................Thanks Jeremy got back my losses on Nat

Laisse Faire

So is Fuelcell considered trash?

Wren Invests

Forever frustrated that I can't access Planet stock here in NZ! Thanks for another great video ?

Hamza Alichar

Why dont you wanna talk about Nio and XPeng ??????????

The how to

Please do a video of best stocks under $5. thanks.

K MackTv

Best way to lose your money is listening to this guy

Helson Ly

Glad to see VERY on the list


??how many times he said “OKAY”

Ketti Arguello

NextTech AR , Ticker symbol: NEXCF. undervalued, strong balance sheet, massive growth coming .... Look into it.. You will not regret it...

Jennifer G

I'm surprised you didn't mention Zynga's agreement with Disney. That's what caused them to take off and start moving again after years of stagnation.

Skull Dragon gaming

Why do an analysis if there is VectraCoin?

lenny battaglia

I got beyond meat that’s enough vegan stocks for me

Nathaniel Andre-Peirano

From Vancouver @VERY stock. I myself have preferred meat over any "meat" in my life just to start off with. Just recently went to a hipster vegan store in our Chinatown district and found some of my own Very products (ordering directly takes a few weeks but since I found it in-store I got it immediately).The ingredient list as well is phenomenally low and each specific aspect is pronounceable. The taste is not "blow your mind" but rather natural and pleasant. I tried the smokin burger, the pepperoni and the taco stuffer, each product was strong enough on its own but really goes well with sauces or the obvious pairings. Personally, I think Beyond Meat is too artificial for my taste and overloaded with an essay of an ingredient list. The fact that Very is also basing itself within Vancouver, a hipster city with veganism seemingly as its fastest growing religion, is also really advantageous. Moreover, BC is close to a full lockdown and considering Very is starting to focus on their production line rather than in-store restaurants I see them growing in the right direction. Very might also capitalize in a few years on the dwindling restaurant industry here in BC considering many small business (many of them restaurants) have bitten the dust. There is plenty of competition for Very but there is also plenty of demand and if the management plays their cards correctly then I see it being a strong company. I remember one of the biggest aspects against Very was also their debt and the interest rates they had agreed to for that debt-considering they have reduced it almost entirely that leaves me with little downside to invest.

Gigi D

you bought PLNHF at 1.70 a share, its up to 4. and we are just seeing this video NOW? Is it still a buy?


Can you please make the video smaller, Like to watch your video but its too long.

The River Life

Invisalign is the Big Dog in clear aligners. SDC can only straighten easy cases. They don’t do attachments like ALGN. Product is inferior and a lot of bad reviews. ALGN has largest 3D printing side in world and best technology and AI.

Nihalreddy Gaddam

Guys! If you want to really go nuts, enter in google: VectraCoin

Cody Stephenson

Have alot Of MAC stock what you think about that one Jeremy?

NS Vinsmoke


Siim Karel Koger

Can't find VERY on etoro, trading212, revolut nor plus500.. where to get this ???

Financial Education 2

uploaded this on the side of a public library for you guys because I have no good internet in AZ ATM lol
link to join StockHub for free https://discord.gg/SVWd2qq
link to apply for private group http://scaleyourstockportfolio.com/


Stopped watching after you said “ok” for the 19th time in the opening sentence.

Lucian Limbutu

Hi guys, what you think about BIO-key(BKYI)?


I own a good about of Zynga and the game market is going crazy!! So happy you talked about it

Neamțu Vlad Constantin

You forgot about Uxin. Check this out. Thank me later


I can never read your handwriting with the pen. What do they say in the top right? 10x? I can’t tell

Have Faith

The Planet!!!! Oh J I missed that at $1.69. Sucks!!


BBI $$$$$ don’t let this opportunity past

Daniel Geiger

Cant find it on Robbinhood???


Noobs please note: the raw price of the stock (share price) does NOT necessarily reflect how cheap/expensive the company is trading for.


Echo!, echo!,..echo

Umberto V. Cirillo

Hi guys if you are in for a 1000% return in 18 month give a look to this sleeping monster CHECK-CAP LTD current price $0.36 :)

Roop Dhillon

Bought Del Taco at 2.92 back in March! Major s/o to Jeremy for the heads up back then.

Persephone Dgheim

qhat about BIG lots?? BIG .... looks like a good stock low p/e low forward p/e and low peg and p/s

Have Faith

Yes Jeremy and Smile direct has gotten the ok to be recommended by dentists. Heard that on CNBC before the pandemic and it went up from low teens to $19 or so. It dropped $3 in March and it’s edging its way back up now.

antonio singh

?????? Virgin Galactic will reach $100 by the end of first-quarter 2021, inside tip, Life is too short so take care invest Smart and make big money, as soon as new Mexico Government open back up virgin Galactic is ready to launch, anybody who decides to shoot the stock Will be very sorry as a chance like this want to come by again, this is the only space stock that a normal person can buy unlike the other stocks that nobody is allowed to invest in unless they put down 1 million minimum so go and get a bargain now and put an order in for the only space stock virgin Galactic


VectraCoin algorithm everywhere :D


I knew the moment I saw Del Taco on the list that Jeremy only added it as a way to sprinkle In Beyond Meat.

Alon fertig

you the best


I found some very good information on your channel. Can you talk about EH, Ehang, They are a penny stock but have over 1000 pre-ordered taxi drones and flying in a few countries already. Seems like a disruptive technology. Do you think is an excellent buy?


stay away from anything china, just sayin'. trump can decouple china from the market then the whole china sector will blow up and there will be a beginning of the year crash.

Anna Gamer

Why are you doing currency analysis if there is Vectra? Dude google - Vectracoin


Jeremy, have you talked about Palantir yet? I like to hear your opinion on that one. Sounds like a home run stock

Matthew Heers

SDC is a gem ???

James Jackson

Why do you always wear OVO owl shirts? Is Drake paying you to wear that?

Py M

I miss the previous house audio ? I listen to your videos while I shower so between the echo of my bathroom plus your echo I can’t understand a thing ??‍♀️

Sam Shepherd

SDC, bois


Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know about VectraCoin!

Granger Salem

Great video. This is highly for beginners. I'm learning everyday but the munderstandableost important thing I've learnt so far is that with proper guidance and supervision you can really make the most of that capital

Yavan B

My DUDE, now that you’re up 50% on your stocks. You decide to recommend them? ??‍♂️ >>>>Renewables, financials and bio tech on my radar.

Ilmi Voice

LOL Vectracoin everywhere :D

Kevin Samuels

I recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago,can i get person who invested with her
Comment below

Justin Damron

With all the stress of 20w0 who wouldn't shop at planet


Nice try, but read about VectraCoin algorithm first

Lamarr G

Planet 13

Bret Tucker

So.....what was the 5th stock??? I missed it..

Meir Gilady

EOSE was 10$ a week ago now 14

Santiago C

Plug Power has done really well, I bought $3000 worth of it when it was at $4.30

Stocks to buy under 10$

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Best Stocks Under $10 You Never Heard of [But Should Buy Now]

42 046 views | 2 Oct. 2019

There are reasons why

There are reasons why inexpensive stocks provide higher returns and these are the best stocks under $10 you can buy. Complete list and why they could shoot higher.

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Stock price shouldn’t matter to an investment. The price is just the size of the company divided by the number of shares it has available in the stock market. A huge company like Apple could have a low price stock if it issued more shares but it wouldn’t change the returns.

That’s what is supposed to happen. The truth is that stock price does matter and cheap stocks outperform the market. It’s a fact backed up by data and there are two reasons why it happens. First is that more people are able to buy stocks under $10 than can put down $2,000+ for a share of Amazon. More people buying stocks means more money into the shares and a higher price.

The other reason is more mental but no less powerful. Investors just assume a low price stock is undervalued. Whether it is or not, doesn’t matter. The fact that the shares are cheap makes it look like they are also valuable. I know, it doesn’t make much sense when you say it but it’s almost a subconscious law of investing and it means more buying in these inexpensive stocks.

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In this video, I’ll not only show you why stocks under $10 or $5 should be a part of your portfolio, I’ll reveal my favorite stock picks to buy right now. I’m investing in these stocks myself and they have the potential to take your portfolio higher fast.

For each of these low cost investments, I’ll tell you why I’m buying and back it up with real analysis. These could be the best stocks to buy right now but you won’t know if you don’t watch the video!

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Ammar Napata

I'm gunna have to look into that farmland stock.....??

Michael Pallini

Damn... When I saw the title of this video I wasn't really interested. Now after looking closely at these 5 stocks I'm very tempted.

money gamer

Chris I had no Idea you were from Iowa. I live about an hour from Des Monies and its great to see someone from Iowa being a well known man in finance

Investing Engineered

I’m always skeptical when it comes to low priced stocks...

Because generally there’s a reason the stock price is below $10 - and it’s usually not good!

kevin kidd

Watching in May 2020 zynex is around 19. Ten dollar gain. Solid advice. I wish I'd found your channel sooner

Jack Buchanan - F.I.R.E. and Personal Finance

Always forget you're also in Iowa! Great video, keep up the good work!


I dont like any of thess

just a pekin duck

I will be having an initial public offering on all my pekin ducks. But I wont tell any humans when

Leo Contreras

How should one invest I’m putting a side $20 daily to invest should I invest on a daily basis or once a month once a week. Why and why not.


Corey McLeod

This is the kind of stuff I like. I trust you man I'm going to invest in these ?

The Inevitable End

Webulls wobble but they don’t fall down


Canadian Solar

Michael Pallini

I just bought a fractional share of NIO

Bre H

I just got myself some Ryerson at $8.22 ?

Butch Einsel

I watch almost all of your videos , great work ! Can you give suggestions on the cannabis industry ? I've made some $$ but took a loss on 1 stock , currently own HEXO .and was hoping to get your thoughts? Thank you Joseph

MINDS in Motion

Great review of these companies. I never heard of any of them. I think I will paper trade them on webull also to see what happens

Robotic Dock

Awesome video!

Carl Widell

I started in Aug. With Centurylink because it was at a 20 or 30 year low. Then Abbvie after it dropped 30 a share. Sept. I dropped 14k into USDP after selling the corvette because it was not making me money. Next will be one of those stocks.

rickallmighty Jones

Great information, how can you invest with just a little money? Most places require a few hundred dollars for investing and my budget is very limited.
I enrolled in the suggested link. Hope they give you credit

Christian B

Unrelated but I am 15 and you have really helped me! My parents have a Fidelity account to I use dad with them to buy stocks. Hoping that they go commission free like Schwab and TD

Tyler Johnson

Hey Marine!
Is GRBK a good buy?

Casey W

Thank you Joseph this helped me find a missing link much needed in my portfolio.

Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA

The stock market crash is coming! ? Watch this video to see how to prepare and protect your money! https://youtu.be/3U-e_xevq3M

Lawrence Thompson Jr

Question could you talk about the Jobs Act title 3

Kasey Woody

A stock I picked up at $1.48 I believe is flying under the radar is Office Depot. I am curious of your thoughts on it. They are moving away from a bricks and mortar store and into a co-working space, which they call "workonomy" is a shift in the right direction.


I thought “penny” stocks were stocks under $5. Now its stocks under $10? By your definition Ford and GE are now “penny” stocks.


You broke these down great but these picks haven't been very fruitful. All except one has done ok

Dave Lessard

Arbor Realty Trust (ABR) is another one to keep an eye on. GameStop (GME) will continue to go up, especially with next generation consoles being announced, and released in 2020.


Oddly enough many of these stocks are in the positive despite the markets turn.

Right now I'm down about 2.8%. I felt I took some risk out my portfolio this weekend by selling some tech companies and buying more into medical and utilities.

Is it a fair way to judge my success by comparing my losses to the overall market loss?

So if I'm down less than 3 but overall it's down 5, should I reinvest into those companies or still look to diversify?

M. Ali

Thanks for all your help

Mister Freeze

PAYS is my favorite here. Check out FPAY. FAPAY has had quarter after quarter of 50% sales growth. It's just turned profitable.

TheCanMan Can Since 1990

Under 10 is subject to pump an dumps in market manipulation good luck

john snag

crazy..i know you can answer this question joesph . i am looking at analyst ratings and fair value ..how is this possible that ticker symbol (ten) has 2 price targets in differnt zones. morningstar has a fair value at 74 dollars but j p morgan has it at 8 dollars...so whacked. thanks


Tell us the companies that you bought and tell us that we should make our own choices.

Madeueat RSPS

Love your videos man. I always do my own due diligence before buying stocks. But your recommendations are almost always good!

Shawn Worrix

Hello everyone..im not rich by no means and im new to this and wanting to learn more and really try to make some life changing money..Im staying a float now taking care of my but not a lot left over..Can I open an acct with Webull for 100 dollars and pick some stocks to invest in and fund 100 or a little more every 2 weeks?? Can someone please help me get started Ty.


One question. Couple of your suggestions have a high P/E ratio ... What importance if any do you give to he pe ratio?

GW ETF Channel

I have been researching small caps. I think I will stick with an ETF, I like DGRS

Veera Sareddy

Very few are like you, sir. Thank you


Large cap companies are my preference for individual stocks. Use ETFs for small cap diversification or will invest individually, but put in a lower amount of money.

Sujay Ghose

I have some questions regarding filtering penny stocks.. Can I msg u and clear my doubts?

Shavar Mumford

What do you think of INSG?

Russell The Rawman

TD Ameritrade announce commission free trading today .


I watched this entire video taking notes. Thank you!

Brett Ifill

Excellent presentation Bruv. Merci for the search results and sharing the trading site. I’m hesitant about the market just now - up today and down today!!

russ sherwood

ai checked out thet webull, bein on disability ai cant afford thet,, thank ya fer the video


I buy actual “penny” stocks for fun. For the price of a cup of Starbucks, I’ll buy 4 shares in a mining or gas exploration company. Most of those stocks are down the toilet, like the coffee. But what if one of those mines does strike gold? Sure it’s closer to gambling than investing but it why not?

ron whiteleo

Joe, I thought surely you would say LJPC, a biotech stock with an amazing future, especially after 2021... this is a game changing stock under $10, but its a long-term hold..


More small cap stocks, please.

Clarissa C

Once we buy these, what is the price we should sell at? Thanks!!


No one who actually knew how to make money would have to prostitute themselves like this

eugene redding

Great info

The Dream Green Show

Great companies at a Fair price or a Fair company at a Great price???

Greg Kamei

Thanks for sharing the idea of investing in smaller companies & for the screen criteria. One issue is liquidity with smaller average trading volume associated with some smaller companies. Are there any special considerations in researching smaller cap companies in contrast to larger cap ones?


I jumped onto the Cannibis hype train. Aurora, Zynerba, GW, VillageFarms, OrganiGram. I didn't put too much maybe less than 5% of my portfolio and at first, it was fine, and it was giving a return, but of recent, they have fallen quite hard. It attributes to most of my losses of my portfolio. If anything, it would have been better to wait till now, but should I hold onto them for the long haul.
Its not like Cannibus usage is going to disappear and hopefully in the long run I will see a return. I guess it was just bad timing.

Trey Rattray

Great Video! Thanks for sharing.

Taalibah Corley


Van Keo Investment Journey

Hmmm... the very least, it’s a great exercise to take a closer look at these stocks.

Ammar Napata

Green Brick is now over $23 a share a year later. Good call!!


Penny stocks are generally very low priced stocks ($2 or less) and/or market cap under $100M, and/or thinly traded. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are doing this because this is what works on Youtube. As you know, stock price is meaningless. A multi-billion dollar company can have stock worth far less than $5, but certainly is not a penny stock. The price of a stock is simply market cap divided by number of shares. There are $500 microcaps out there; it would be better to simply focus on market caps and fundamentals.

Sweet Lou

Hi Joseph, thank you for the content you create. Very helpful! Any thoughts on ticker ADMA?

money gamer

Joseph* sorry. I was reading something while i typed that

Luis Francis

Thanks Joseph, I really appreciate all your free very valuable content!

Richard Pratt

You the Man Joseph!!! This is my price range. I start my scans for stocks under $20 div yield 3+%.
P/E <25 PEG <3
ROE10+% just to start. Watch them until the slow stochastic fast line crosses over 20+.I buy!
I'm already in MPW,IRT.
I got FPI on the watchlist now thanks to this video!
Jim Rogers is always saying buy farmland. It's always a good idea to take advice from billionaires and smart feller's like you!!!

Nafrini Ali

The stock market is bad right now tho

business pro

Great info, thanks.

The Gaming Dividend

Zynex is flying today

David Halbleib

I'm liking MGI MoneyGram, they've partnered with blockchain company Ripple and plans to roll out some revolutionary technology in the fourth quarter. International remittance with high fees and days wait to send money will be a thing of the past.

Ben Kasper

When I was starting off and was learning to trade, I was taught to pick stocks with prices under $30 per share. I like stocks $10 per share or less but run into trouble with voliatity or them going bankrupt. Your screening method is great! Thanks for sharing.
Another reason I like cheaper stocks is to diversify. I can pick 5 or so and get a few hundred shares of each.

Jeff Fite

Hi Joseph! Would you mind typing out the search criteria you put into the stock screener please??? I've tried following along and pausing the video when you're giving the next steps, but I'm still having issues for some reason. Thanks, and it would be greatly appreciated!


Hells yeah, this is great.

Walt Hodgson

Is farmland a smart move given the hammerblow that the tariffs have given to farmers?

Passive Income Tom

Very interesting stocks Joseph! ?

just a pekin duck

Great video sir

Tim Kowalski

Good call on ZYXI. Checked it out and bought 1 share this morning and it shot up +20% today.

3ternal Vigilance

I like to swing in and out of the "pennies" ( I call them nickel stocks, if between 5$ and 10$ ish) .. the more volatile the better. Then, Ill take part of the profits and put them into mid to upper level dividend stocks. No FAANG stocks. I use the majority of my profits to stack cash, and wait for the coming correction to buy the dip.

Treydon Gui

I like getting small caps making the transition into mid cap. Although i wish i followed this rule more strictly. It almost seems to have a bit more safety getting over the $10-$20 mark

ozan bakır

All the stock you suggest you can buy for yourself 8 months passed and prices keep even lower :)

kalarn mark

when you look at these stocks in 2020


John Guillory

Love the intro and thanks for the golden info.

Investing Education

Will take a look tks

krachin lertsiritrakul

thank you

aj jones


Stocks to buy under 10$

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79 726 views | 23 Nov. 2020

In this episode, we go

In this episode, we go over 5 cheap penny stocks under $5 that can bring explosive returns. The 5 undervalued stocks are: gambling stock, fintech stock, psychedelic stock, cannabis stock, telehealth stock, 3d printing stock. Most of these stocks are still under-the-radar and undervalued stocks that can potentially 10x from their current levels.

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Cheap Penny Stocks Under 5$

1. FansUnite, ticker symbol FANS on the CSE and ticker FUNFF on the OTC markets

2. Peak Fintech, ticker symbol PKK on the CSE and ticker PKKFF on the OTC markets

3. Numinus Wellness, ticker symbol NUMI on the TSX-Venture and ticker LKYSF on the OTC markets

4. The Planet!, ticker symbol PLTH on the CSE and ticker PLNHF on the OTC markets

5. CloudMD, ticker symbol DOC on the TSX-Venture and ticker DOCRF on the OTC markets

6. (BONUS stock): ARK Invest cheap penny stock! This ARK Invest stock just dropped 25% on Friday.

Until next time, take care and invest smart!


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XxxSNake SlayerxxX



(Tighter PT since the last one MARA was 2 cents off its PT)

This ticker is a BioTech ticker that deals with Robotics and Medical Devices rather than COVID-19 as most BioTech penny stocks are related with. Great momentum based Swing here as TMDI is up nearly over 100%+ this quarter and continues its climb with no signs of stopping. The Q3 results were outstanding from TMDI and since the sell-off of the 1.70 high today, this ticker is left at a very cheap price point to take advantage of as a climb right back up should happen this week. Bullish uptrend should continue.

Potential Entry: 1.52-1.43, Looking for a PT: 1.70 (PT 2: 1.90+)
Buy now

McKayd Garrison

More psilocybin videos please
I’m very interested to see how this market will grow and maybe some timelines

Hayley Bennett

Hi does Mywealthsimple trading platform list all of these stocks?

Ejaz Alam

will CloudMD ever expand to US anytime

Lana Darghali

Jay, look into TSNP, looks interesting and a spec play.

Maxican American


Lopez Samie

Can't find fort 2 on my trading platform/robbinhood

Val Keaton

I wonder what the best opportunities to invest now are. There are opinions, but a little later I find out these opinions don't matter, as a totally different turn of events play out with the stock they discussed therein.

Kick Starter

This is cool but not as cool as www.gift-feed.com/collections/geeky

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mmm cover stocks months after you buy,,,mmmmm

Kimberly Kim

Mr Steve Donald is indeed a genius and an expert in stock trading. He has proven to be trustworthy and reliable.....


Are these only available in Canada ??

Wilfred Arockiasamy

How can buy these stocks in Europe? can someone recommend me a app/platform.

Dan Trutron

Nope, not "smashing" any buttons. An original button subscribe request will likely sway me, and perhaps others who are tiring of the same "smash" entreaties. Good video.

Curtiss Jody

Let the truth be told stock are very good no doubt, but investing in Forex and crypto market is not a bad idea with its current status, I was skeptical when I started investing but no more, it's has really proven to be very profitable


Glad I found your channel Jay! I like your picks! got into ESE.V today and thinking about FANS now too.. I know they are at their highs so hope that they keep going up :) I'm in Canada so I like the Canadian stocks :). I also got into CBDT.CN.. Fingers Crossed! I don't understand warrants/options and stuff like that yet but hopefully one day..


Which app could I use to invest in theses Canadian stocks??? I'm in robinhood and webull now

Steven Shumaker

Jay new here. Where can I go online to learn Options and Swing Trads? There must be an online platform that teaches this at a high level

Phillip Harding

Why have Kathy Woods Photo on !it’s Bull shit !

ken truong

Is it too late to invest in Numi ? :( i missed the bus ?


Good info, except your extremist view on the Canadian medical system

Tatang Onyok

some of them are not on WealthSimple Trade

Great Life

Please check this out LKCO$, very cheap and great company

Anand Vardhan

@jayconomics : Hi Jay! I am new to your channel and found it very interesting and informative. I tried buying shares of Fans and Peak positioning but couldn’t find it, I use wealthsimple to trade. Can you suggest which other website I can use to buy these stocks. Thanks


I wish I seen your page sooner. Some on your picks have already gone up

Kealan Fitzgerald

im new is there any point of buying 1 5 dollar stock and just see if it goes up

the wicked wither

I dont personally like how you smell but to each their own i guess

Power_full DaVinci Investment LLC

? Hi Jay
Whats your price target and time frame for CloudMD.

Saif Mahmood

Fans is not in ameritrade as of now

Leah Kiser

I already have some shares of nndm. Found the humble one the most interesting. Love your intro music. Thanks for the info, Jay.

Basdoroz Prime


Ronald Williams

Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise


any update on NUMI? Should i enter for this stock? its 1.20 a share


buy SGMD........ $0.008

Shan Mirza

Titan Medical Inc TSX: TMD Nasdaq: TMDI BUY!!!!! HOLD!!! Buyout on the way by Medtronic!


HOT STOCK... @EH can be 20 X .. It is more disruptive than EV cars. This is flying taxi drone and got more than 1000 pre-orders. EH, Ehang, is a leader and looks to be ahead of Tesla. The current market cap is still amazingly low and attractive. They are flying in many countries and you know the future wave will be flying taxi...check out the cities www.ehang.com


What platform/app can I use to buy fans stock? I currently use robinhood.

Alexander Salazar

You guys should look into AALP. It’s been running so hard lately. Super underrated. They just signed US government contracts

Vivien L

Please do a video on numinus and its warrant. I was invested in mindmed and sold it at 50%gain which i regret very much now lol. I din't know Mindmed has warrants. would love to learn about its warrant as well!

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very cool


thanks for the vid. will add these to my watchlist

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somebody give me a penny stock that I can put $1000 in right now that will get me out the hood.

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Could you please tell me should I purchase cineplex stock and Pfizer stock. I want to invest $5000. Please reply me whenever you get a chance ?

Nikola Stelkic

Hey man, if you’re going to do a video on psychedelic research companies, I’d like to see Cybin Inc. covered. Ticker “CYBN.NE”. It’s another Canadian company and seems like a great investment opportunity.

9Life Media

dam doubled ur subscribers awesome!!

JW Williams

Please take a closer look at mind meds

Crypto News Alert

Trading online I will say is one of the most risky business one can embark on, but Mr Steve Donald online trading has convinced me today. I am proud to say am a real definition to success, as a matter of fact am a refined product of his winning strategy.

Klarnet Taksimi

nndm and cloud are my favourite

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I've made quite a bit of money off of your picks Jay. Thank you for all that you do




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OCLN penny stock in the water treatment area.Just jioned your channel.

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I own cloudmd. Tried to look up the others at my broker but cannot find any. I am from the Netherlands and trading through trading 212.

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It’s now allowing to download the app. Says it not available in my country. I’m in U.S.

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Jay what do you think of DKNG vs FUNFF?

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Our Pastured Farm

Another hitter is BABYF and VRYYF check these companies. Else Nutrition and The Very Good Food Company

The Roof Man

I'm new here hope to learn Subbed, what is the best app to use I feel like alot is missing from Robinhood.

Money Grip

Why do you care about low stock prices in 2020 since most brokers offer fractional shares?

Dana Salerno

Great for Canada, leave it at that! Please do not pay a transaction fee for OTC stocks, simply because there are so many other exchanges, NDX, NYSE, DOW. S ome of these can be bought for the price of the FEE! Dr. Jimmy Stocks

Vadim A

he sounds exactly like Morphologist

stock today

mdrr Div yield 22.12%

Julie Bloomfield

Progress they say shows when hard-work is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Maria Leda Goebel, she turned my life around, I'm so grateful!!

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Thank you for these stock picks!! What do you think about WELL HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES? I been holding from $3.

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Vikram Singh

Do look into FUNFF - fansunite entertainment. Its a hidden gem in my opinion, tones of upside potential very strong shot to be a market leader in B2B solution in the coming years with legalize betting boom. They have very strong management team and already posses all the major licenses. They have made inroads in USA already, and their platform will be live in couple of months. I strongly think FUNFF will make many early investors millionaires once it up-list to a major USA stock exchange in couple of yrs or maybe sooner.


You know what a good stock is? Greenlane Renewables! Its going to be HUUUUUUUGE !!

Hoang Nguyen

For planet 13 it isn't offered on webull. Can I just buy the Canadian. What's the difference

Michael Lisle

Can I order fansunite on robinhood?

Rich Ireland

Jay, agree on all but one Nano Dimension and the reason being. Well read the news yesterday before you buy. Get used to it they are relentlessly ruthless with dilution. Thats very evident in the filings. You can say it's Covid related sure but is it Covid induced or business plan induced. I was in this @ $4.88 when another tuber alerted me to management's penchant for dizzying dilution. I got out with small profit fast. You might like FRSX as an alternative. Far more SENSIBLE stock IMHO Good trading?


Planet 13 and Nano Dimension ??????

Anna Shearer

Amazing video, thank you. What are your thoughts on IDEX?

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Great video, thank you. I love your platform, which one do you use?

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Love the video!

Marching Larch

hi. I am writing to you because I would like to interest you in a Polish CCC company whose shares are systematically growing. Apart from yesterday, it was green for 7 days in a row. Yesterday a psychological barrier of 63 appeared and I am writing to many people to help me overcome it. Many people will probably help me, so the shares on Monday will increase in value. The company enters new markets in Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia, and is dynamically developing e-commerce and its augmented reality. I highly recommend. It's this company.

John M Jennings

Thank you for the information and video. I’m American. Is a warrant the same as what we call an “option” ?

2Fast MyReflexes

Hi! Where can I invest to FansUnite? I use revolute and etoro but the stock is not available there.

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Thanks made some dollars at nano Nndm


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https://www.finanzen.net/aktien/carnegie_clean_energy-aktie Relay Medical, Citic, Delta Drone, DynaCert, Alibaba Pictures, Velocys, GBM Resources, Carnegie

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Where abouts in Canada are you based? I also like CloudMD but I'd say that your claim of the Canadian healthcare system being "completely broken" is ridiculously exaggerated. Sure it has issues that need improvement, but let's not use wild hyperbole..lol


Could use some help. How do I set notification so that I get notified immediately when somebody post a video?

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Awesome video! Investing are the stepping stones to success, investing is what creates wealth, however Learn how trade work and break them down to science then construct them you will be surprised with what you will come up with

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Thanks for another well executed video!

There is such limited info on TSNP, maybe you could do an interview with the CEO Brian Foote of Humbl Inc.

You could really add a lot more substance to this SPAC for your subscribers.


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