Why crypto market is down

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{HINDI} Bitcoin,?Crypto Market Down, All Problems & Informations

3 091 views | 2 Feb. 2018

Btc & Crypto Down

Btc & Crypto Down Hindi

Btc ban India All Informations Hope You Like...

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**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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Julfkar sk

Vahi 1 lack ka gata 2manth ka ander

Mad Boy

bhai log kon kitne price mein buy kia bit coin ?

Ringtone Wala

SIR Bitcoin kb Buy krun?
Kya iska price abi or girega ??
Maximum kitna gir skta hai iska price?

gurleensingh anand

Is this right time to buy bitcoin or should we wait

vivek verma007

Bro kb tak uper ja sakta hai bitcoin

Naika Majhi

Very good explanation bro?

rohit raj

Sahi kaha bhai kamjor dil walo ke liye ye field nahi h.. ❤?

Amar Singh

Good bro

ashish dwivedi

how to buy etherium


Hhh. Gir gya iss week BTC. 12lakh se 2lakh.

Akash Chandra Sonkar

Best video

Buddha Dey

Thank you

Darts Association Uttar Pradesh


Sonu Meena

Sahi h

Himanshu Rawat

Sir ab wait hi kar sakte hai etn coin ne bhi bahut loss de diya hai

anant tomar

long term k liye ache coin btao abi

Lalitha S

Polymath is live one coinmarket cap and can buy from idex.

INDIA incredible DEEPAK

Abe ek bt bta jb ab tk market se $600B gyb ho gye hai or ab kewal $400B hi rh gya bki paise gye khaha????? Abe bdi mchchli paise lekr Singapore ke rashte fur kr gye?????????????

Prasanna Gowda

very good information keep it up


Kab tak recover hoga bhai kuch prediction

gurleensingh anand

can i purchase bitcoin from zebpay and convert this into ETH from cryptopia

arc abuzar

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kapil singla

Bhai maine 60000 invest kiya hai rdd,verge,doge,electronium,Pac coin,ripple,Iota,Tron,cardano,Dent coin,Etherecash,Appc coin,bread coin,dentacoin liya hai...sabhi mein 35000 ka loss ho rha hai kya kru

Julfkar sk

Avi ka kare vahi

sur ka sultan

kya or down jayga Bitcoin

Ajay Kadam

Shall we buy BITCOIN at 8 k dollar???

Nadeem Raza

Very good information bhai
Bhai bitcion se trading karne se zada profit hai ya Etherum se

hiten jain

i have invested many in altcoins ,and I am getting somewhat losses now due to huge fall down ,will this altcoins will also recover in future and will give me profits?

Rahmani Islamic Solution

Umesh bhy aap apna Watsp nb dene se q bachte ho Mujhe bitlite k bare mai query krni h vahan mere alt coin or Bitcoin phasa hua Hai plz mujhe apna Watsp nb dedijiye

Brack One

2 लाख की मैय्या हो गयी है जितना पैसा रिकवर करने के लिए लगा रहा हु उतना ही लॉस हो रहा है।

Akash Chandra Sonkar

Good advice

Faizan Raza Official

Jb galat kam ho skta h to band kro india m bitcoin

JCB Wale जेसीबी वाले

Thanks bhai achaa he video

Ashis dutta

Good information brother

khan Bhai

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Deepanshu Dubey

Umesh bhai aap mere bade bhai jese ho mene 10000 etn me investment kiye the apni pocket money se bacha kar kiye the mene 600 satoshi buy kiya tha to me kya sell kar du please reply bhai please?????????????

All in one

Bro may i have ur number i wanna tlk to u


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Rahmani Islamic Solution

Umesh bhy plz Apna Watsp nb Mujhe de dijiye

Why crypto market is down

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Cryptocurreny News | Bitcoin Ethereum Xrp Ripple | Retracement - Dump ? Hindi हिन्दी मे

5 079 views | 11 Jan. 2021

Cryptocurreny News |

Cryptocurreny News | Bitcoin Ethereum Xrp Ripple | Retracement - Dump ? Hindi हिन्दी मे

Dear friends,

Cryptocurrency Market going higher high price but yesterday on Sunday we saw a down trend. Btc price going to dump 6000 usdt . Ethereum also down and xrp ripple and all Altcoins in usdt pair are going down to 10 to 20 % down move ,

Is this Retracement or dump starting????

In this video we understand that what is Cryptocurreny Market next move ..

Be careful guys... because Cryptocurreny Market is overbought zone ...watch this video very carefully and don't skip any part of this video.

Thank you !

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Why crypto market is down

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What to do when CRYPTO market is down | Only for experienced traders/enthusiasts [Hindi]

322 views | 13 Sep. 2020

Buy #Crypto #Bitcoin in

Buy #Crypto #Bitcoin in India - https://wazirx.com/invite/yrzttp9r

I am not a financial advisor.

Whatever I say, its for entertainment and knowledge (lol).

Whatever you buy/sell, it is completely your decision.

World is Here

Kya gazab ka style h bhaijaan ,maza aa gya ????


Bhai aap bohot duble ho gae yaaro! Are you on dieting? Biryani Nalle-Paaye dabaake khaao yaaro!!! ?