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149 517 views | 1 Feb. 2019

♡ L i k e + S u b s c r i

♡ L i k e + S u b s c r i b e + C o m m e n t ♡


♡ L I V E S T R E A M S C H E D U L E ♡ (as of 11/27/18)

M O N : 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM (PST)

T U E S : 4:30 PM - 8:30 (PST)


T H U R S : 4:30 PM - 8:30 (PST)

F R I : 2 PM - 5 PM (PST)



*Sometimes I dont always stick to the schedule. Subject to change. Check discord/twitter for any updates*


L i n k s ♡ :

♡Origin: jazzzio1

♡Discord Link:


♡Merch store:


♡My Instragram: @jazzzio


♡Business email:

[email protected]



♡Tumblr/Website: http://morbidgamer.tumblr.com/


↬ F . A . Q . ↫

Q: H o w o l d a r e y o u ?

A: I ' m 2 4 y e a r s o l d .

Q: W h a t s y o u r e t h n i c i t y ?

A: I m 1 0 0 % M e x i c a n

Q: W h a t d o y o u u s e t o r e c o r d y o u r v i d e o s a n d

e d i t ?

A: S p e c s a r e a l l d o w n b e l o w .


S o f t w a r e ♡ :

+ Action! (to record screen)

+ Premiere Pro

+ After Effects

+ Photoshop

E q u i p m e n t ♡ :

+ Canon Rebel 8

+ Blue Yeti Mic

+ Razor Kraken Pro V2

+ logitech c922 webcam

C o m p u t e r ♡ :

SkyTech Oracle - Gaming Computer PC Desktop

Graphics Card: geforce gtx

Processor: 3.5 GHz FX-Series Six-Core FX-6120

Motherboard: AMD 970 Chipset Gaming Motherboard


& L e t m e k n o w w h a t y o u w a n n a s e e n e x t ? ?

Karla Hernandez

i like to watch carmen king she funny and morbid too!! <3

K Willi


Aydanur Köse

Hello I'm from Turkey :)

Susan Cambridge

I actually play imvu

phorenga vihe



What head did you choose ? ?


Is this the laptop version

لانا خالد

wow wow




can you give me a link to the game please?

Tæræ H

Yay I not only one who was like 11/12 years old on their acting like wiredo ?


I Like the video 75%

Luna Usagi

So you didn’t try it for the first time

2027 Alyssa Sargent

quick question! It would be a great help on what device you use to play. I'd really like to view things like that

Destiney Harris

What type of computer do u have to have to play imvu

Carmen King

omg queen

jayde morillo

You’re not for kids and I am a kid

hannah Robbins

Do u do tik tok !???! If you do I seen them


I made 70k Credits by using this Site: w w w .i m v u t i p s . p w

Tazzy Lowkey

Add me on VU @Dasanii



Gacha_fries Cutie

Yes queen

Jay T.4

play today we can collab

luca glitzert

who else doesn't know who the fck carmen king is?

Weird Goat

I love carmen!

Pix3ex TV

570 sec??

Tiberius Mcgraw

I sent you a Request on imvu

Francheska Exists

Buy an avatar so u don't have the default stand and sit. Buy smaller hand scale si you domt have jumbo hands. Buy shoulder scale so you dony look manly. Buy a large head scaler so your head isnt way to small for your body .

Just some beginner tips lol

This Tuana

I really thought this was carmen?

Red Rose

In imvu ,They give more importance to VIPs .....??????

Hanna Speaks

Omg i need the whole look details ?

Jaylen’s VU World


{Depressed Acc}

Eye hit me up?

steven satter

love this i have avi on imvu some one name is StefaJoyDukeofPaxton

Kelsey M.

What is this game meant for?


Me- “sees face”


I thought this was Carmen King

Jasana Hudson

Girl u are killen it

Milka Roblox

Hello, you are the best.

シGutta aka Time

Add me please my username is Tara

Nyiah Harmon

Karmen is so funny you are too lol ??????

Cindy Debine

What kind of imvu u is playing

gail Scott


Рославль 12 Микрорайон Красноармейская 13В

For me only this 1 works amazing IMVU . IHACK . CO ( without spaces) Added so much of resources to my prof already.

Ukiyo ୨୧

what is the link for this ?

MKcutie !!!

I hate add

•C H L O E•

Anyone else when she bowed thought they were gonna kiss?
Just me?

SM peace

Whats the face namee

Not in little space I think?

Oml gurllll I thought chu were Carmen king lmao

Greatest Ever

People still play this?
Yikes. XD

Min Suga

Lmao I thought u were Carmen in the thumbnail

My Names Caity

omg this is my first time watching you but you seem soo fun and so entertaining!! Lol

Angelic MSP

new sub!! :)

Scarlet Webster

Can you play imvu again? Please


Plzzz tell me

Madison Byeee

I thought this was Carmen king XD

wesley Bonar

Do more Imvu videos

Mika Chan Yan Sim

Thought it was Leah Ashe for a second ?


My user is seafreckles on imvu uuu

BTW I love this video it's bomb asf?

Syeda Seemeen

Please play Avakin Life game same but is or vood


omg yass plz do some more imvu gameplay

CloWn tiNg z

U need an avatar pose and u need goto acesseries to get a twerk pack

Demica Farmer

U and carnen king should collab one day

Nicole Says

Your character's outfit, makeup and characteristics ??? #goals

Alyssa Gould

Im on IMVU and I would really like to be your friend on it. Search up TheBrokenSide and that is me please read this. And if anything can you please gift me from my cart! PLEASE READ.. you wont see this .. :(

Red Goose

Check me out : NicoleSimpson1


Vrchat is the updated version of imvu
just play VR chat lol


How did you get imvu on your computer


Who else thought this was Carmen king

Rahma A.M.S

I looooovveee u and ur videos

Ximena Medina

Fallow carmen in invu

Dogs Are Cute

¶ de la mañana y el ejército del aire en un mundo ?.

Cece MTV Vu

What video record u use to have your face on the video thing

Grace Gisel

IMVU is a sick chat program, developed for pedophiles, psychopaths, and criminals, and social disabled.


It’s very addicting ???


More vids playin imvu please

dante shepard

Can u do a collab with carmen king

Lazy potato

That is the fairytale song

Kaysha Hing

How can u get this game on ps4

Southern Hemisphere

"parental guidance needed"

My weave got snatched By jungkook is hip thrust

Omo when i look at the thumnail i thought it was carmen but than i saw that it was a different girl......

Gemma Fitzpatrick

could anyone please tell me the name of the head she was wearing? its the best ive seen and ive been playing imvu for 2 yrs now

Alexa Castillo

Do u guys gift

BeHappy Mommy

How did you make your intro with the girl who winked? Is that your imvu person?

Sailor Saturn

I just discovered your channel and this the first vid I'm watching and your so funny

Mark Pelkey

Why am I watching this i play avakin life


This does not look like Carmen king always I’m my opinion

Crystal und Stacy SSO

Your Outfit is soooo cute -

just an meme


Michelle Werner

If you want to reveal usernames on yolo just use *yolo spy. club * its the newest method atm!

Alice Stewart

You should do more! ?

シGutta aka Time

Please add me on invu my username is Tara

Jay T.4

lets collab ;)

John Rademeyer

Your soooo cute it meh first time on ya chanlle

Gino Herrera

If you want to credits on IMVU just use imvustar .club it always works for me

ムK丂๛Tousif Gaming

You are damm cute ???
I love you ❣️

Tiberius Mcgraw


#The How-To Tiger

Hey yall! friend Tony in imvu

Jay T.4


Kawai galaxy gacha life

I love your vid

Secure imvu

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IMVU Series? Secrets Season 2 Episode 1 "Goodbyes"

30 776 views | 8 Sep. 2018

IMVU series Secrets is

IMVU series Secrets is back for a 2nd season and we're starting it off with a BANG! I hope you guys are ready for some jaw droppers. This episode will tug at your heart strings, so keep the kleenex close by. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive. I truly appreciate it. Enjoy the episode!


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My Homepage: https://www.imvu.com/catalog/web_mypage.php?user=104321345


I do not own any of the music/audio featured in this video. For entertainment purposes only.

HowHigh Ent.

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Start a conversation below. Comment #Secrets if you're rocking with the series. Comment #NewSub if you're new to the channel so I can welcome you ♥

Much love♥

Fantastic Family Fun

I could've sworn I thought it was Davis he shot 3-4 times I'm so sorry roburt, even though it's just a game I feel so bad for the little baby girl


Soon as I saw this I hurry up and clicked!

itzmia boo

Yesss ?

Alvin George

Brooo the beginning got to me das sad

Yhazmin Robertson

does anyone knows the name of the instrumental towards the ending

Where Da Bleach At? ;-;

DickInDaBootyAssBoy Lmaoooo that got me rolling






Here I am a year later ?ts good??

Chrystasia Ledbetter

Ohhhhhhhh shit!!! Tracy like corrie

Angel McCray

??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ?? ??????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ???????? ??????? ????!

SKY Capout

Corrie my step sista name jenay my middle name lmao :D

sister squad

Yesss i love this

Jah2Breezy yy2x

Heyyyy can yalllll make some moreeee today please yalll my favorite

1BeautifulSky _

Bruh I fr cried at the dying scene ? and at the scene when baby girl was cryin ?


Yassss New Vid

Christiann Foster

Love it but was hurt that Roburt lost his baby mommy it shame she die.it was fare.

Fanta Conde

Damn i swear to god i knew since the first time i saw tracy that she was lesbian and she wanted corrie??‍♀️


danggg i was crying so bad tho the begin was sooo sadd

Mia Bargas

Who else clicked it so fast !! I know i did ♥️ gotta show love

Caia Blackman

Ayeeee she play alkaline .????

Effect me


Amani West

lit I missed them when season 1 was over I wanted to cry but they bakkkkkk. love the intro boo

at first I thought it was jenay

Tracy likes corrie I can't believe it they fuck one day ???

Team Davis

How did I know once she fell asleep

DearrasoClean Leave

Bitch ✋ hol up df im late

Verjasha Gayden

my fave movie was in here school dance

babydoll nasha

What's the Spanish song called


I still can't get over david not telling Alyssa, but roburt i feel for your loss ???


Like This Please

Creed's Imvu

that was great loved it cant wait for more

Itazienne Thal


Jnyia Walters


Ni's universe

I feel bad for Royce an all but is nobody gonna y’all about what corries ex’s contact is “DickInDaBootyAssBoy” ????????????


Good vid ?


Lmao at badda bing alkaline music was on??

Polina Freshman


BrownBaby TV


Tyaisha .J.

Tracey and Corrie needa hurry up and get together ?

Secure imvu

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IMVU Series? Secrets Season 2 Episode 4 "Blasted"

18 612 views | 10 Sep. 2018

Hey my

Hey my babies,

Here is 50 minutes of juicy juicy drama! It never ends in this series. So grab some snacks, drinks and your friends to kick back and enjoy episode 4 of this hit series Secrets. I hope you like it.

-Dashvrii MWAH?

Follow my Instagram @HowHighEnt.IMVU

Featured Swimsuit Haul Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shx31WXBrYE



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I do not own any of the music/audio featured in this video. For entertainment purposes only.

itzstace x

I hate jenay and tye is a good man

Dessi Ronai

My face when Lamar started rapping: ????

JJ & Niyah


shreksleftnostril :c

I’ve been watching for awhile this is my second time watching and I was wondering if you were adding anymore people

Creed's Imvu

really good one loved the talent show and at end i was tense to see what would happen loved it great job

catherine abrefa

I love this series


Thx for the early post!

Amber Denison

this is all Robert fault cause he didn't like his girlfriend talking to Roburt seeing how he was doing but all tho the episodes are pretty good good work on them now bring out the next one

theeonly __

#Secrets ???

Christiann Foster

Love it. I hope Rider butt is shot he get what come to him and Jenay need stop act like she don't need help because all this from he dumd butt.i like way you slide your other show in it I peep that nice speak of Mirror Mirror series when it going drop next episode I'm on pin and needle I got found out what happened you can't leave sister hang. Another great episode thanks sweet

Chase Lewis

All the fine Avis got the letter R in the beginning ? just realized that. I re watch this series every month!

Dessi Ronai

Wowwww!!! I’m just now watching this secrets series!! It’s crazy how I’ve been watching you since g.l.o.r.y first came out, and then I see that the show is in this show, and Mirror!!! Love itttt omgggg

T Tan

Yaaas I’ve been waiting for this

Dessi Ronai

David: woahh put the gun down you don’t wanna do this
Roburt: cocks gun
David: ok, maybe you do wanna do this, but you shouldn’t
Me: LMFAOOOO???????

Welcome to the Bffl sisthers

I can’t believe Tracy gay

Marissa Curry

what's the song from the boy & girl

GlitterLee's Twlight IMVU

I watched 12 episodes. So far I love 're watching all of it can't wait to watch the rest. It is a great series


tye make me want a boo


Jenay should've been more careful and less of a thotiana.. ...im just saying but nonetheless thank god for david and roburt or she would've been dead probably...

shreksleftnostril :c

There is so many things I HATE Jenay for but she doesn’t deserve someone like Rider

makaylah cleaves

The dance for the talent show had me H O L L E R I N G


Ca. I join

jakaria Netters

Woah???.He was talkin all dat smack but got shot.



The lifestyle of KyraJ

David and Jenay making me mad asl


forgot to comment new to the channel but i have watched all up season1 up to this and girl the teaa is hott thank you so much for giving me something to atch during quaratine

tavia davis

Damn I love the cast members you chose very good writing can't wait to see more n more ❤?

Amber Denison

he did it he pulled the trigger

HowHigh Ent.

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