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16 959 views | 9 Feb. 2021

The Best New Penny Stock

The Best New Penny Stock To Buy Now (in my opinion)! CRTD stock is severely undervalued, and I believe the stock price will start to take off soon. Creatd (CRTD) Stock is an opportunity of a lifetime if everything goes to plan. Their main platform "Vocal" is a growth beast, while they also have a very exciting Creatd Ventures business segment that has already inked a deal with Plant Camp. Creatd also owns "Seller's Choice" which works with ecommerce companies.

This penny stock is undiscovered for now, but I have a feeling it will start to be respected in a short amount of time. This one could very well follow in the footsteps of TSNP Stock.

Vocal: https://vocal.media/

My Vocal: https://vocal.media/authors/rex-finance

Become a member of RexNation today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC67nITyfMJ7Rk1_3udd2qeg/join

I'm not a certified Financial Advisor and you should always do your own due diligence and research when Investing.

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Hi Rex I am new here and also new to the language of stocks. This stock CRTD you said you purchased it today, was it at $5.30? The 52 week high was $5.93 so you believe it will grow past this dollar amount of $5.93 any where in 3-4 months?

Allen Ho

Consider buying TAKOF drone delivery and EPWCF empower clinic EXPOTENTIAL GROWTH OPPORTUNITY


Straight GANGSTA MONDAY yesterday!!!!!!!! WDLF, MMEX, BLSP, ASTI, BOTY.& SING are ALLLLLLLLLLLLL rocketing!!!!!

frank Mo

You are the MAN Brother... most people in Wall Street don't even know half of what you know.... impressive keep up the good work!!!!

Malcolm Gillo

Good to see you back buddy.

Stephanie Ray

Thanks for another great video. Thanks for the TSNP info and I got in at 0.15 and holding 60k shares because of you. Keep up the good work. I saw you talking about CRTD last Friday on ST. As soon as you said you were making a video I bought shares in this company. GOAT!!!

R Rizo

If you like Penny stocks Buy MINE

Mathew Joseph

Was just looking through Linkedin profiles today. I wasn't sold on the team like I am with TSNP, CLSK, RIDE, etc. Most have been with the company for a while, which is a good sign, but they don't seem to have much experience before that! Also not sure if such a diversified company is better or worse. The growth numbers are certainly compelling though!

Brian Bailey

Rex, would love to join the family, but I have no “join” button. Any suggestion?


Buy the warrants....only $2.50.

Jin Palawan

Great revenue growth! Amazing

James Sullivan

As a guy that used to live in Alaska...I get the cold thing you're going through. I'm in the Carolina's now. If it snows here, it usually melts the next day. I think I'm going to wait and see how their next earnings call goes. They missed their earnings last time they reported back in November 2020. I know you said this is a much more long term play however, maybe there might be an better entry point. Enjoy your vid's!

This is from TD Ameritrade's news from the last earnings report. Creatd (NASDAQ:CRTD) reported quarterly losses of $(3.20) per share. This is a 392.31 percent decrease over losses of $(0.65) per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $424.81 thousand which missed the analyst consensus estimate of $430.00 thousand by 1.21 percent

Matthew Stone

(iongf) newly listed battery mining company check it out load up now


Dude, I've missed you! Joined Vocal, sent a tiny tip, and will buy a small position (compared to you, biggish for me). It looks like a simpler platform for creators than Patreon and I'm sick of FB as a vehicle to connect with my worm people, so will be exploring that, too. Can't find the Mac & Cheese on Amazon, or I'd try that, as well. College degrees mean nothing other than proof one can jump through hoops, NOT expertise, knowledge or the wisdom to use it. My initial position in TSNP is +1054% and I sold enough yesterday to cover my initial investment - some will go into this. You rock!

Casual for Joe

Thanks for TSNP!!!!!! You hit it right on the mark. I missed WKHS last year but i caught this one just when it was popping. Going for the long haul of a MILL.

Barely Adequate

Still holding your gik calls?

Dave Odell

Gteh over 1,400, million shares traded today join the fun

Myles M

i want to let you know ive been a subscriber from when you first started and you changed my life man. you helped me change my reality as i knew it. keep going strong man thanks for the video.

ryan graves

must not have seen CNXS or BKMP GMZP

Frank Diaz

Bro you put me on to tsnp t first I waited jumped in at .21 now I’m up extremely much appreciated


Respect for not spamming stocks like other youtubers, Quality over quantity!!!!

Matthew Peters

not on wealthsimple :(

Simon Y

What about this company’s increasing quarterly losses?

David Khugatti

CBDL !!!! TSNP!!!!!


Omg I missed prayer God has spoken!!!?? Rex finance is try champion!!! Ty so much!!

Adrian Juarez

Wtf I'm late!


You are the ? for the tsnp gave me a lot thanks !!

Jeff Hines

Look at The Movie Studio mves and ask about the private placement.

Abu Ahmed

I am a member with your I do not receive any alerts in my discord Sale I’ll buy alert

Derek Sevcik

All great points. I love subscription service models! And I've been plant based for 5 years, therefore I know the trend well, and that 30% stake in plant camp sounds like a money move! So exciting


Can you update us on gik?

Gerard Geit

Great advice on this one! I think you should look at $CIDM, their market cap could easily go above a billion


If you don't believe in RexFinance, just go to check his old videos. I just can't believe he grew $5,000 to $220,000 in less than a year. Alll his stock picks are big winners

MenInBlu3 _

Why does Vocal not have a working app in the AppStore yet? Seems that they have a decent platform so I’m sort of shocked. I think that would bring a lot more exposure and possibly help them go viral if it was that much easier to access.

Joe P

Good luck with school Rex. Have fun and be safe bro.

Lewis Clark

How much is it for the buy and sell alerts?


the reviews of their platform are the worst, also financials seem to be really really bad (except for revenue growth but that doesn't do the trick). I'm out


TSNP gave me great returns thanks to you, thank you for your information shared youre the best.

Harvey Holloway

Well my ABWN shares are starting to move. This is good. ?✌??. Hopefully it will make me enough cash to take advantage of great tips like these.

Investing in the Stock Market with Jeff Rumas

Great to see you putting out another video Rex?


I love your picks Rex but left your discord because there was very few buy/sell alerts ever posted. Once you become more active again, I will certainly reconsider as I love the research you put into these stocks.


i tried to visit vocal's website to check them out but access was denied. anyone else same? i wanna know if its my problem or a service side issue, which doesnt bode well for their reliability


Do you invite $1 members to buy/sell notifications Discord? Can't the member of 1$ know the details of your sales?

Lin 711

You can get Mac n cheese for as cheap as 50 cents. Why would people pay $5? Even for those who eat healthy, I don’t think they are willing to pay 10x the price.


Good to see a new vid Rex, I recently bought some shares into INND, it almost seems like a no-brainer because their business model is over-the-counter hearing aids direct to consumer.

Donna Hill

Rex in effect always glad to see another Informative video. Going to keep my eye on this one.

Ding Huang

Thanks Rex. I have became a millionaire from your TSNP video :)

Old Lion

This one time at Plant camp....;)


Mr Rex , I’m trying to join your membership and I can’t

Eugene Jensen

I dont need more research than a video from RexFinance. Greets from a Danish retail investor.


Please make a TSNP video

Sephiroth x

Ok so I bought into the rexfinance discord and can easily confirm it is insanely cheap for what you get. And I get nothing out of saying that.
In fact, for selfish reasons, I shouldn't want more people to join.
Don't believe me? Just try one month! Dip your toes, you'll never leave.

Larry Pitts

Dang bro feel like I been ghosted

hunter d

Workhorse is getting up there now


Whats your opinion on HITI?


Thanks for your work, I am holding to my CLSK shares. Great company. Question: Do you know when they report earnings? I that they were supposed to do it yesterday.

Saravanadoss Devadoss

Next peek GTE????


What happened on September 11, 2020? Price of crtd dropped from ~$9 to ~$3. Sounds like a decent stock, but ??‍♂️.

Ryan Graw

Rex is back bringing the heat in the cold. ?
Man homie you got a bedroom I’m So Cal whenever you may need. ??
TSNP update... so much growth here. It’s a tricky one... I’ve dug deep here

Amado Diaz Jr

Made 68k in tsnp thanks bro


I hit the link that won’t work

Jin Palawan

Short and sweet!

veronica sullivan

About time! ?

Dennis Anderson

Welcome back Rex!

courtney stewart

i want some of that plant camp mac n cheezzz

Klara Johansson

Where is your discord /patron can you link?

Nicolas Rumboll

Ok so your video just made this stock jump to 6 dollars a share pre market... I'm gonna wait till a better entry point. Let all these other Rex fans in first...

Nadine C LeGrand

Currently, CRTD isn't looking too good NASDAQ: CRTD
*Nasdaq FSI: *Deficient: Issuer Failed to Meet NASDAQ Continued Listing Requirements

Ari Ar

Are you still holding GIK?

Vis85zx V

I should have bought TSNP ☹️?

yang mio

Any price target for crtd?

David Byrnes

thank you for the awesome DD on CRTD. :)

Immortal Beast

im gold member, and I don't get notification!!!

Lor Kuku

Thank you rex!! Do u think it is too expensive to buy now @5.35?

M Nice

Thanks Rex, gotta think about this one. I've bought and sold sgblocks twice so far. That was my first trade on your advice. Good profits both time and still watching for a new entry to go longer term now.

ben edison

you have expanded the way i think and helped me become a much better trader. god bless!! (you guys should join the discord, amazing community!)

isko vee

damn rex, i saw jmac investing interview with tim reeser!$GIK ! when are you going to talk to him in your channel ? lol

Wren Invests

Got in last week, so much potential here! Great to see you making videos again.

Timelapse And Chill

You need a neck-beard to complete the look with that hat.

Jay T

Good to see you back!


Shows them "deficient" per the NASDAQ. Can you explain please?


rex what's up brotha. I'm back again. I've recommended eng, gevo and tell to you when they were all under 1 dollar. I have another high conviction pick for you. $tanh that is all.

Sephiroth x

Some Rex stock picks so far:
CLSK - 9x
WKHS - 14x
TSNP - Over 10x
GIK hasn't popped yet but will (patience pays).
Need I go on?



Jordan Bowen

Do you think it’s still worth investing in at $5.70 ??

Sushi Meatball

Is Cleanspark a buy now :)

Ramūnas Vyšniauskas


Roy Flores

Looks solid as a growth stock. Looking into it.

Nicolaj Ravn

And now you are hoping we buy, so it rise a bit and you draw it out.


Rex finance go hard

Wes Nicholson

Isn’t CRTD losing $3/share?


Market is damn high right now. What is the Short% in this stock ?

Jack Abernethy

Heyyy Rex, great work mate!! Have you got an idea on how much you expect the stock to grow in the coming months?

Michael Chandler

interesting company, do you feel they are involved with too many ventures? so far it seems they are on top of it but I hope management keep a very strong hold on it all + hope CFO stays on top of all these financials!

Desmond Webster

it's great to hear you took a couple of weeks off. self-care's important in investing. you're smart and dedicated, so i have no doubt you'll make your money and be successful. but please remember that taking breaks makes you a stronger investor over a career. best of luck to you in 2021.

Jaime Hincapie

Rex thank you very much I bought Tesoro enterprises at .23 cents now it’s 1.51 .

G Marshall

Rex, I will be buying a hobby farm and some land this coming Spring thanks to investing big with TSNP. My first farm animal will be named "Rex." Thanks Rex, much appreciated here in Wisconsin.

Jonathan 69

@11:50 i don't find Plant Camps product on amazon. Can u give me the link please?

Sang Lam

does anyone has issue signing up? Hi Rex, how do I contact you? Thanks

Mike Bicer

Can u get to the point quicker!!!!!!!