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Ron Paul 'Surprised' With His Followers Resounding Pick of Bitcoin Over Gold

1 047 views | 8 Dec. 2017

Former Republican

Former Republican Congressman Ron Paul said he was "surprised,' when the majority of his devout gold followers, chose bitcoin over the yellow metal as their investment choice.

Earlier this week, Paul, the ambassador for the firm Gold Co took to Twitter to ask his followers how they would invest a $10,000 gift - but he offered this catch:

"You must keep the gift in the form that you choose, and you can't touch it for 10 years," Paul said in a tweet Tuesday. The libertarian's followers were provided with four options: U.S. dollars, gold, U.S. ten-year Treasury bonds and bitcoin.

Their answer? Bitcoin - 54% of respondents chose the cryptocurrency over gold at 36%.

In an interview Thursday, Paul said he was not surprised however, that only 2% would store away Federal Reserve notes. Paul, a well-known critic of the Federal Reserve, and an advocate of holding gold, had previously campaigned to audit the central bank and return to a gold standard.

"It was information for me to tell me what my viewers are thinking...[And I] was surprised that many people would stash away [in bitcoin]," Paul said.

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Matthew Alistair

So Kitco is associated with thestreet?


Ron Paul wanted to legalize all drugs, prostitution, was ok with slavery. I'm not surprised at all on his assessment of the bitcoin. I'm glad he's no longer in office. He simply doesn't think things through.

Matthew Alistair

He should buy some cryptos . why not !? Not like he’d have to buy crazy amounts

Ron paul coin

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Weekly Update --- Fedcoin: A New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty

9 432 views | 28 Jul. 2020

Ron Paul on the latest Fed

Ron Paul on the latest Fed scheme...


You're such a wise man, Dr Paul. Thank you for standing in the breach of tyranny and liberty of the American people.


It's a cycle of the century.what happened a 100 years ago is happening now. the 1% will understand that the stories they put out through out the times of life will once again happen but in a totally different outcome than they (1%) thought would turn out

Jenn West

Fed can go to the hell hole it crawled out of.

Political Theater

Next thing they'll want to do is put a chip in your right hand for you to be able to spend Fedcoins.


No stopping it. Thanks tho .

Steve Williams

Get your copy of "the Road to Ruin" by James Rickards. He describes how the worlds economy will be locked down during this crisis and how to prepare for it. How the dollar will be replaced and lose its' value similar to what the Mexican peso is now. The Fedcoin is the new tracking money that will enslave the world.

Mai Zimbleman

George W Hunt -attended the UNCED_Earth_Summit_1992 ..
George W. Hunt talks about the elite world bank called Banque Cedit Agricole that will collapse all other banks into it as a Global World Bank that owns over 1/3 of the Earths Wilderness.

George Washington Hunt 1939 – 2013
George Hunt passed away peacefully as he slept through the night in his Longmont Colorado Home.. Here is his restored website:
The United Nations Enters A New Era Of Authority
On January 18, 2012, a major United Nations event will occur. International water and food recommendations will be passed at the 2012 NCSE Conference in Washington DC that will devastate society. UN control of the earth’s fresh water will be recommended “for the welfare of humanity everywhere” and later passed into law by the General Assembly and the Security Council. More here:

Great White

This has to be resisted tooth and nail.




Can’t tell if this was a warning for Americans or an advertisement for all the tyrants, this is perfect for the tyrants


This is China tier

A King

@Dr.Paul: I have a better idea: let's implement FEDCOIN as the method of annual salary payment to Congress and ALL Deep State employees; let's connect FEDCOIN as the ONLY acceptable method of payment for PAC Contributions; let's implement the use of mandated FEDCOIN to the very professionals who have earned the right to be surveilled and under the thumb of the American taxpayer/voter: the old-and-nuveau-monied 2% Oligarchs!
It's a fascinating phenomena to observe the guilty in their efforts to suppress, oppress, and convict the innocent!
I think we call that "gaslighting", and as you know, it's a symptom of a
characterologically disturbed portion of "Society"; in this case, it would be the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. President Eisenhower recognized it as a problem 61 years ago, it has produced a fatal, toxic blight, allowed to synergize and potentiate over a period of 10 Administrations.
What kind of surreal society has the U.S. become? In the past decade, it has become unrecognizable!

Amir Fahmi

The Fed is a Zionist banking cartel.

Jamie Wilcox.

God help us!

Satoshi Analysis


Chris Wick

It all comes down to mandatory Vaccines...


One of a number of schemes to get to a cashless society. A dream come true for the tyrants and dictators, ie our rulers 2.0.

Louis Brown

Now they just need to implement a social credit system so you spend it wisely.

i4Ni C

Can we also get CCPcoins in return for shipping more jobs to China.

Kenny G

Fedcoin is basically food stamps

Mark Kulyas

It's a shame that Rand Paul is not one of our politicians anymore or he would be speaking out about all this. I guess he sold his soul to the devil.


The goal is to make everyone dependent on government handouts (UBI), and then cut off funds for those who don’t take the covid tests, get vaccines, and obey.


Three problems associated with a central bank digital currency:


Here's the second one:

There's a second problem: the U.S. constitution, which has that curiously worded phrase that only Congress has the power to "make" and "coin" money. Clearly, a digital "currency's" fulfillment of this provision is at least debatable on a number of grounds.

Harley Rider

Purely Satanic.


I don’t see how this is not leading up to the mark of the beast type scenario, completely controlling buying and selling and turning individuals off if they go against the grain.

Co Ragoo

One World Currency

Cookie the Cat

Well said ?


THE WAY...https://youtu.be/txL8uFtNZs4~Maranatha~

Stu Bidaso

even bitcoin is largely traceable so you can imagine what Fedcoin can do

Pinehurst Floods


Signal Service

Fed Coin brought to you by the creators of 26 trillion in fed debt.

Bridget Korns

Seems like digital currency is inevitable. Reminds me of Star Treks Credit System.


Fedcoin! I thought this was a satire on The Onion. Then I realized The Onion is almost completely out of business, because it can't even write satire anymore that's as dumb as real life.

Adam D'arcy

Thank you bitcoin fools, why so myopic

Owen Pfaff

Fedcoin by my understanding is not a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are de-centralized that’s the whole point of them. This is just the Federal Reserve trying to completely control the banks and flow of money thus controlling the distribution of wealth. This isn’t really new. Just another slightly more high-tech way of stealing from people as well as depriving them of liberty.

Last Man Standing

but this is good news...
shit coins like Fedcoin and Libra(facebook coin) bring the public be one step closer to Bitcoin...
so in the long run it's good for the libertarian revolution and the free markets....

also Ron said: "Fedcoin will speed up the destruction of the fiat money system"
I say: "Again... good thing..."
It'll hurt... but the faster it happens the less it'll hurt...

fox mulder

Is this how their gonna do UBI?


Ron but what can be done by citizens to voice our concerns about this?

Craig Scott

whenever a section is dropped from a bill, it is always added at a later date through the criminal act of amendments.

John Grytbakk

Horrible times we live in. Twilight Zone.

i4Ni C

S#itcoin straight from the governments anus.

Freedom Seeker

Ron Paul 2020


isnt there a death sentence still on the books for counterfeiting money?


Buying Bitcoin

Roman Hashon

How much Fed coin do I need to buy gold and silver?

The Banished Jester

Love to Dr Paul

SeaJay Oceans

Ban BitCoin and digital money - make the greeback the only legal tender. Begin mass arrests of CryptoCurrency hawkers selling their wares.

Bantiarna Mac Rághnaill

Propose digital stimulus payments
Continue to destroy the economy
Gates acquires patent #060606
Delay assistance to people
Propose "temporary" UBI
Initiate coin shortage
Propose Fed Coin
Yet, many just can't see where this is headed and I don't know if we can help them.


The 4 people that thumbs down this are complete idiots.

Steve Clunn

Thank you for all you do .

Smedley Butler III

Fractional Reserve Mania Coin

George Maksim

I tried to save your video on what America needs to know and Facebook took it off my saved videos would love to send it out in pm to all of America on Facebook

tadpole swimming

H double L NO!

John Roberts

Put a Commoner in the Seat, Take the POWER from the ELITE ! #SpeakerJohnny Time for Nancy to GO HOME and Eat her Fancy ice cream !

Kyle Koshiyama

This is a non-factor, just use Bitcoin


The United States of the Fed/ = You can fill in the blank


I'm part of a church that the local government is trying to shut down and limit our free speech. If you want a big story, contact me Ron.

Jorge Sanchez

U.S. The richest country on earth...light love and peace for the whole world ?

Rock Lover

European Commission signed off on Digital Va**ine Passport March 2019 .Search Google "Va**ination Roadmap EU " .

Jay _

The dollar, and all other major fiat currencies, are already digital currencies. The dollars in your wallet are paper tokens for a digital currency so I disagree that "Fedcoin", whatever that is exactly, confers any new ability to track purchases or impose tyranny that the current swift-based digital dollar doesn't already have. The thing liberty-minded people must focus on is to keep cash transactions free and open for all trades.

michael sabella

So it sounds like congress will pass this I’m quite sure. Sad to say. I’m not worried though cause us Christians have already won. It’s written in the book if Revelation. The elite will loose.


TyrannyCoin would be more apt


Love and Respect for Dr. Ron Paul from Pakistan. He is a true american who believes in no wars for corrupt financial system and no wars on behalf of the state of Israel which the US has been waging ever since it rose to power after WW2. Ron Paul is the most trustworthy political figure Americans could have ever imagine and get.

i4Ni C

Can I spend all my Fedcoin on cool COVID masks and Bill Gates yummy death vaccines.

michael sabella

Just another thing to advance the NWO. This has been planned for quite a long time probably more then a century along with Covid.

John Meijer

Can't wait for FedCorn. But not for the one that rhymes..though that is certainly not outside the possibilities. Politicians may want to control our intimate private lives


Revelation 13:17

Richmond Generator

We need a smart phone revolt and a return to victory gardens! And the barter system, that will teach them!

Rock Lover

Aaron Russo RFID chip warning video .


FedCoin...more like Fed Con or Fed Control. Free money folks. It’s the only way they can continue with insanity without most thinking anything out of the ordinary. Big Governments coming to every corner of our existence.... after all them and their friends know what’s best for us! REVOLT,


MASK = demonic Illuminati submission Prelude to whoa unto them who take the mark of the beast
To buy and to sale.

Inter-dimensional Lizard


Dennis W

No limit to their EVIL. If they can put money in your account they can take it out too

Avis Swope


Cynthia Sullivan

Feds already know too much.

Mister Man

This is what china does, butthey are the badguys?

Matt Guitar

The cashless society is coming whether you like it or not. Embrace it, don't hold your portfolio in depreciating fiat -- you never should have -- and get on the Crypto train.
If you want untracable money, use Monero.



Cody Vector

Go back to cash.

Rob Sommars

42 months this country utterly destroyed

Elphaba Thropp

Why can't I just take the fedcoin in cash, or put it in another account?

Great White

Fed coin would be a total disaster. Imagine how that would effect people buying prescription meds they need from overseas. There are so many ways it’s a bad idea,, I don’t know if I could list them all.

Steven Aleshire

Interesting how little media insight is given too this. Add, the 90% survival rate of COVID and the recent hysteria of doubling down on masks/lockdown and it is clear " Something sinister, this way comes".
Note the Cayman Islands have introduced a mandatory " Biobutton" which measures your vital signs and tracks your movements. If the participant spikes in designated areas, will be contacted for further investigation. This seems the forerunner for the chip Covid passport to be included with a mandatory vaccine. Add the FedCoin, you must OBEY or die. Nice.?


Crypto-currency will be adopted by all governments. This could be accompanied with a ban on private crypto-currencies. Cashless is another nail in the privacy coffin.

James Ward

Fed Coin?? Sounds more like Fraud Coin to me!

Luna M.

Prior Choice Economics can blow all this to smithereens.

andrea debonair Freeorbit

AUDIT our money printing shop with the best selling name


Fedcoin allows them to enact enforceable laws to stop you from spending

luca liberati

Ron is great,thank you for share !

billgates isnt a dr

Sorry Ron, i disagree with the throwing money from helicopters thing, there will be a social credit system devised first and it it's proposed by trump, most of his supporters will blindly cheer it on

St Louis IX

So true Dr Paul. Thanks ?

Tim 0neill

the purpose of a political party is to pass unpopular laws.


If Fed Coin involves the Federal Reserve then it can only be assumed that it was created to increase their power and wealth. This statement is based on historical precedence.


this isn't twighit....it's NegaVerse !


Solution to tyranny: withhold your consent.

Do not comply.

Do not vote.

Do not participate in their corrupt system.



It would be inter sting to see how the drug trade which is run by government and corporations would handle this change. We all need our meth!

Law W


The Thinking Man's Templar

Yeah....um thats a no

Ron paul coin

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Ron Paul (Fed Audit, FedCoin, Cash Ban, Virus Response/Personal Liberties, And Much More!)

38 126 views | 30 Jul. 2020

Ron Paul reveals

Ron Paul reveals incredible insights ? YOU NEED TO HEAR! ? He's been campaigning to audit the Fed since 1975!! We need to see behind the curtain. Today we discuss this and the governments push to ban cash, moving all Americans checking accounts to the Fed!! This dystopian 1984 might be a reality in the US soon and everyone needs to be informed and prepared. I also talk to Dr. Paul about the Patriot Act and how that compares to what he sees happening with the response to the cerveza sickness. Unfortunately it's bad news for individuals who value freedom and liberty. If you're interested in free markets, free minds and the future of the economy THIS IS A MUST WATCH EPISODE!

✅ If you too are outraged at the Federal Reserve, click here to sign Ron Paul’s petition to Audit the Fed. https://www.chooseliberty.org/atf-now-c2007rbcs-fedinsanity/

✅ Check out http://www.campaignforliberty.org/

?THE REBEL CAPITALIST SHOW WILL HELP YOU ? learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship AND Personal Freedom.

For more content that'll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments check out these videos!

? Subscribe for more free YouTube tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvyOqtEc86X8w8_Se0t4-w

Do you wanna see another video as incredible as this?

Watch Peter Schiff (Economist, Investor, Legend) Rebel Capitalist Show Ep. 26!


Watch "Doug Casey (INVESTING LEGEND!): Rebel Capitalist Show Ep. 013!": https://youtu.be/ugTjJtFMkHA

Stay tuned every week for new content!

#WarOnFreedom #OrwellianFuture #RonPaul


God bless Ron Paul. Truer words cannot be spoken in this day and age. He still has a grasp on the pulse of this nation.


When you give out free money without production force will be used to produce.

El Bouzidi Amine

Even though I disagree with him on certain economical aspects, Dr. Ron Paul is such an honorable person that militates for personal liberties and works very hard to promote the ideas of liberty - the essence of success of every civilization. You are a HERO Dr. Paul, thank you for your devotion!

Dusty Dude

"Spread the message of liberty"... Ron Paul what an amazing American!

nick levis

Ron Paul is THE BEST American I truly admire him. This guy is a TRUE Patriot!!!!! God Bless You and Thank You!!!

Sao Liu

You disagree with masks and believe it to be total nonsense. Do you wear one at all? This is a way to control us? Lol. Wow. And people think he would have made a better President.

David E. Burden

Ron Paul is a great man. He has done more to educate and promote freedom in this country than most people will ever realize.
Thank you for this interview.
At 85, Ron is in better shape, both physically and mentally, than most 40 year old people in this country. My he live and teach for many years to come.

Naha Ktam

I discovered your channel after your most recent interview with Alex from Nugget’s News. Thank you for your amazing content - I love Ron Paul!! ?

lakomy danny

You are super george .

Alok Somani

Man, this is such a trip. I started listening to Ron Paul when I was in college, and so he was instrumental in shaping my political independence from the incumbent parties. Now you have been instrumental in guiding my financial independence from the traditional financial thought processes by teaching us to look more thoroughly and objectively at the macroeconomics of the situation.

You both have a huge part to play in who I am politically and financially, respectively, so thank you for giving me the best interview I could ask for!

Shawn Sweeney

If they eliminate cash, how does the CIA sell their illegal drugs?

Khaled El-Gammall

Great interview George


bitchute.com alternatve to youtube parler.com alternative to facebook corbettreport.com truther site.

Danny Trader

OMG, RON PAUL! Nice work, George! God bless, buddy! Jesus saves!

Eugene Hoffman Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

I hope to hear about the Exchange Stabilization Fund”

J Hawa

great interview.Dr Ron Paul is a great man

Tom Smaus

Look at CNN report about Gold

Dragan Radulovic

The Doc - (as always) brilliant. The interviewer - peer to peer.

Five Star Plumbing & Consulting, LLC

You never fail to bring it...great interview...but I still don't think gold is going up YET...it's just the dollar is going down like a cheap hooker.

No Censorship

I am so sorry THEY pulled the bogus race card on your 2012 campaign. I voted for you and Ralph Nader 4 yrs earlier. The world would be so different.



Swiperdave Dave

Step #1: Signed Ron Paul's petition 

Step #2: George, your interviews and the knowledge/financial education you give are invaluable. You keep a lot of us sane these days so we can thrive in this OOC world.

Step #3: Thank you George for another amazing show! Dr. Paul's work for liberty opened my eyes and continues to impact my life for the better in ways I can hardly express or thank him enough for.  With you helping carry his message and grow the movement, there's hope for America yet. #Gammon2024 #AudittheFed #ThankyouDrPaul #StopInsolventUncleSam #EnoughCORONA-Y-ISM

Cheddar Cheez

The GOP actually thought Mitt "RomneyCare" was better?


If Ron Paul would have been President , than he was now playing cards with JFK

Steve zelev

This is an absolute must read article. Covid was a planned event as is the economic collapse unfolding now. Who and why is answered.


Nicholas Prater

Best interview yet! So, much knowledge!

Barney Rubble

Awesome men on an awesome channel!!.. say no more ???. Thanks for your insightful knowledge ?

Gianni Procida

Amazing! Really nice interview. Ron Paul speaks the truth


I have been waiting for this one!


Dr. Paul woke me up in 2012 and I'm grateful?. How can this be denied? ?

Jerry Maitland

I have direct messaged a proposal to you on Twitter as @Mellamosticky. Please let me know if this is something you would or would not be interested participating in.

Tomas Nunez

Excellent interview

Marc Avante

For every American to have an account with the Fed, all bank accounts from every bank in and out of America would have to be consolidated at the Fed. This, in effect, would destroy the entire banking system and leave only the Fed to facilitate all transactions in the economy. It's possible, but would take a very efficient government to make it happen. And as we know, the one thing that the government is not known for, is efficiency.

Pawel Nature

Fantastic interview! Ron Paul for president!

Ed Rosenbloom

What a true Patriot! Thank you Dr. Paul!

Jen X

If there are always intermittent quarantine, it means unemployment is going to 90% eventually. Most companies will never survive that- nor can anyone under 65 ever build wealth with gig employment. Creates a 90% underclass by preventing people from even being allowed to support themselves and families. That is truly scary. Govt forcing educated people into impoverishment.

Kevin Schmidt

Seriously George I leave for a week and you land Ron Paul? Started from the bottom now we're here :D

Matthew Morgan

Ron Paul is one of the few statesmen who knows the true meaning of "Liberty".


Looks like almost every governor disliked this video.

Jon Runyan

Love Ron Paul


Ron Paul is a legend and National hero. Great interview!

allen schmitz

Are there any non-jew's in the Fed.?


Love Ron Paul... thank you for having him on. He is the only "politician" that I ever really thought had the best interests of the country at heart.

Geoffrey Blake

Wow! George, you knocked it out of the park. Great questions and having the trust that his brilliant mind would expand on them in a way that really educates us. Dr. Paul, thank you for all you've done for freedom.

grace watson

Just finish watching your interview.. There were parts a bit to deep for me but was able to put it all together. Thank You


Ron has dedicated his life for honesty and justice, never got corrupted neither backed off, and still at hes +80 yrs of age is very active, sharp and fully committed to liberty and freedom. The US made a huge mistake in not voting him for president, i´m sure the country would be much better today....

Patrick T

Finally. Thanks. Ron Paul is a real fighter for liberty ?


OMG Dr Paul! You are really going down the rabbit hole!


the fed should be audited... it should be ended... it is a destructive force fueling the illegal and unconstitutional wars of the twentieth century and the size in scope of government ... in the last presidential election I voted for Ron Paul... it was the best vote I ever made ... no regrets... I never looked back... when Donald Trump was campaigning he called it a big, fat, ugly bubble. When he became president, he called it the "greatest economy" in the world. He promised to drain the swamp and under his administration the debt has increased at an unprecidented rate and the deep state is still there... so much for draining the swamp. The troops should have come home from the middle east... they still haven't come home. This is typical politics as usual... say one thing during election season and do the opposite while in office. The problems of the country are too great to make excuses for the politicians, Republican and Democratic... It goes without saying that I will do what I did in the last presidential election and voting for Ron Paul... no regrets... no looking back... our 46th president.

edward lee

The Federal actually destroyed people's wealth

E D Fernandez

George Gammon for president 2024 !

Yt Yt

Holy crap you got Ron freakin Paul! Couldn’t hit the play button fast enough.

cat car

I agree that you should not be forced to wear masks but those masks saved me in the crisis height in NYC. Those that did take extra precautions didn’t get the COVID. The unmasked and those that wore it improperly were definitely more likely to get it. I’m gonna mask for a while longer.

Johnny Boy

Yay I can’t wait for the Fed coin

Megan Ritchey

Yay!!! Ron Paul!!!?

Tommy Boy

Somebody forgot to shave! You just know George is wearing a bathing suit and threw on a white shirt! Lol

Jason Borne

DR. Ron Paul the only politician on this planet I can trust my life with!

Ed Bliek

Ron Paul is Okay on Finance & Economy, but on Covid-19 he's Tabula Rasa.!

Graham Rowan

Awesome interview on a critical issue, arguably the most important issue of the 2020s. We must all use our platforms to get this message across with urgency.

Jeff Goldsmith

Delusional- Masks don’t work? So many nut bags in this country.

Linda Pierce

Dr. Paul is a caring statesman and leader. We need more like him.


First time i voted down for your video: Ron is on point about economics, but talks BS about covid.

Oz C

That's one of the best guests you've had on your show lately George no offense in any way , you did ask some great questions that were right on George !! This one is one for the archives !! GRATITUDE TO YOU FOR bringing this quality content to the channel !!


We need to get rid of the golden parachutes for the bad CEOs (a good number) instead of assuming they are all like Steve Jobs.

angela leon

Great interview.

John Burris

Sorry, Dr. Paul. not EVERY single issue is about freedom. If you don't wear a mask indoors during a pandemic, You are INFRINGING on my rights to life and health. and I WILL get aggressive.

Barak Cohen

Pon Paul is my choice of president

Joy Ferguson

Hi George. This was a great interview!!!. Thanks for bringing quality pertinent podcasts to us. I have been a hard worker all my life. I chose to be a registered nurse. Loved it. It was my passion. But i have definitely paid my share in taxes. I was always interested in macro but w raising my sons alone and working never had the time to learn more. I was tuned in enough to do some investing. But, What is so disheartening now is after a life of working and saving i can loose it all. I thank god i found your podcast. If at the very least it gives me a path and some comfort that i can do something to save my savings that i have worked my life for. Thanks. Keep it up. Joy

edward lee

To the companies Federal goes with socialism in time of crisis

Pop Corn

One of the most influential thought leaders of this century.


Dr Ron Paul is our hero! A true PATRIOT!! #EndTheFed


would John Galt please step forward? John Galt? Anyone?

Sam Knobeloch

One of the VERY few men of integrity in politics. Maybe the only one.

C Puzz

Ron really looks amazingly great after all these years.

Jennifer Featherly

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I have met both Ron Paul and his son rand. They are blessings to our country that we have such people, I would love to see Rand elected president.

Zombie Woof

Vague, rambling answers to clear direct questions - too bad.

i4Ni C

Earth would be a nice clean planet without humans. We argue about money and crypto currency...yet our greatest assets like water, air, and soil are neglected. All the money in the world won't matter when you can't breathe clean air or get a cup of clean drinking water.


Thank you, Gents. Much appreciated in Australia.

Hosie Carmona

Awesome George and Dr. Paul. Let’s get some facts strait!

Gold And Silver

George what is MMT, is it BS?




So great to have these two together....

S Zee

Get rid of Federal Reserve, not audit. That's like saying label GMOs... no, ban GMOs! Was sad to find out he is a Freemason - Controlled Opposition. He's rigbt about a lot though. I would have voted for him but now I don't believe voting does anything - the system is too corrupt, all candidates are controlled by invisible powerful families.

Glenn VonK

How in the hell did I miss this one? Amazing interview between some amazing truth tellers.


Hey George, you've got a great macro channel and views and that's where your strength is (based on depth of understanding in that specific domain). You are doing yourself and this channel a disservice by going into discussions around the society and how it works, the points made on that topic are extremely shallow and trivially countered. For instance, wearing a mask being a choice of an individual completely ignores the fact that our society has built these healthcare systems that are not maintained nor directly nor indirectly by that individual. It may be an obvious choice for an individual to not wear a mask, but when you factor in the risks for the society the question becomes much less obvious. Another point that you often bring up is that everyone loves free markets and they are the holy grail. Well, not really. Certain aspects, such as protecting the environment to ensure sustainability can only be implemented by adding policies on top of free markets. There are long-term impacts that free markets will always choose to ignore, until it is literally too late. There are individual choices and then there are group behaviors. We decided to wear clothes in public and made a whole bunch of other rules as a group. It's not all about your personal liberty. Your freedom ends at the point where you're hurting others.

Daniel Rainsbury

Thank you ?

exponent mantissa

Once you get them on the FED Coin you can sell them FED dope -cocaine, fentanyl and pot.


I liked Paul when he ran for President, but he has turned into a "rights and freedoms no masker"

Damian Bowyer

Gr8 Discussion Ron and George.

david knapp

Ron Paul,,, the Thomas Jefferson of our time!
Listen to Ron Paul carefully...
Ask yourself why we don't hear this kind of information on the Networks??
Makes me ask the question,,," who's conducting this orchestra?"

Daren Truax

God Bless Ron Paul!

Nelson G


My Local Agency Video/App Marketing

https://michiganfreedejurestate.us/files/History_and_true_storyNESARA.pdf. The truth will set you free, the Fed https://youtu.be/8Kt2De98Bck


What most people don't realize is that the military of the United States is a socialist system which is funded by the fiat based Federal Reserve system. That's why we are the world's police force. We are already living under a quasi-socialist/fascist system. Ron Paul is an American hero for exposing the Fed.

The Common Capitalist

I love this man

Kimberly Brodhagen

Ron Paul for President. Yes Yes Yes!

KL Liew

It gives your channel lots of credit with this interview!


There are many true Patriots that will never succumb to tyranny. We are with you Dr. Paul. I am invested 92 percent in Gold Silver and miners. The rest is guns, ammo and cash. These are the only investments I want to own in these times.