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Football Field Valuation Chart with Dynamic Share Price Line [Tutorial Video]

10 134 views | 25 Jun. 2019

In this tutorial, you’ll

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a flexible football field valuation template in Excel, including a line for the company’s current share price that updates automatically when the share price changes – which is missing from most templates you’ll find.




Table of Contents:

1:01 Football Field Valuation Description and Typical Problems

3:42 How to Set Up the Basic Chart

10:33 How to Add the Dynamic Share-Price Line

15:49 Recap and Summary

Lesson Outline:

A football field valuation template lets you quickly see a company’s valuation across different methodologies, such as Public Comps, Precedent Transactions, and the DCF.

The overall results matter more than any single number or method, so it’s useful to get a view of everything at once.

If the company looks overvalued across all ranges across all methodologies, it probably is… and vice versa if it looks undervalued.

The basic setup is not complicated and requires just a Stacked Bar Chart or a High-Low-Close Stock Chart.

You can find many templates online, but they all tend to have a few problems:

First, most templates show the bars vertically rather than horizontally – that’s easier to set up, but less flexible.

Second, most templates do not support percentile ranges from different methodologies, such as the 25th, median, and 75th percentiles – but that’s what all banks do in real life.

Third, most templates do not include support for a dynamic share price line that updates on the graph when the company’s current share price range.

Our template fixes all these issues and makes the graph more dynamic so you don’t have to update lines or bars manually.

How to Set Up the Basic Chart

Step 1.1: First, we need the output of all the valuation methodologies across the different percentiles first – this step is not part of this lesson. See the other valuation tutorials.

Step 1.2: Then, we calculate the “distance” between each point, starting with the 25th Percentile minus Minimum; these will be segments in the bar chart.

Step 1.3: We create the Stacked Bar Chart by highlighting the data in Excel and going to “Insert Chart.”

Step 1.4: Right click the chart, go to Select Data, and Edit Horizontal Axis Labels and link to the labels for the methodology names.

Step 1.5: Apply some formatting to hide the bars you don’t want to see (we often show the 25th to 75th percentile and hide the rest), add labels, change the colors and fonts, add axis titles, etc.

How to Add the Dynamic Share-Price Line

Step 2.1: Create a “dummy series” for the Current Share Price under the main data area – link in the Share Price in the Min to Max columns, and then enter “1,000” or some other number in the column right after that, followed by 0’s.

Step 2.2: Right click the graph, go to Select Data, and go to “Add” under Legend Entries (Series) and select Name (Current Share Price) and Values (Min to Max range).

Step 2.3: Then, manually change the Series formula so that it has both X and Y values (the tricky part)!

Step 2.4: Right click the Current Share Price bar on the graph, go to “Change Series Chart Type,” select Scatter with Smooth Markers (Secondary Axis will be checked automatically), and click OK.

Step 2.5: Right click the graph, go to Select Data, and for the first “blank” series, change the Horizontal Axis Labels to the methodology names on the left-hand side, and click OK. This will restore the correct labels on the graph.

Step 2.6: Fix the Secondary Axis by right clicking it, going to Format Axis, and changing the Min to 0 and Max to 1000. This will make the share price line extend all the way to the top and bottom of the graph.

Step 2.7: Then, change the color of the line and remove the Secondary Axis.

St Aristo

great stuff! Very useful!


Thank you for this! If you’re given a football field in an interview and told to analyze it and tell them if there are mistakes, what are some things we should be looking for? For example, incorrect Ev/ebitda vs ev/ebit margins or copy and paste mistakes


Thanks! Really appreciate.


Great tutorial, thanks a lot!!

Vivek Varshney

Hi, can you tell us about how IFRS 16 would affect the valuation in financial model, like ROU stuff. and how would it change our FCFF calculations in financial models?
Thank you

Yousif Elmusharf

Very Useful, Thank You!

Bình Phùng Viết

Very useful, Tks a ton !!!

Paulo Eduardo

Dude, I really appreciate your work. Thank you.

Video price chart

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RATIO CHART In Price Action Trading (HOW TO TRADE)

15 722 views | 18 Jul. 2020


RATIO CHART STOCKS In PRICE ACTION Trading - In This Price Action Trading Strategies video I have explained Ratio Chart and How to Trade this in Price Action Trading. I have covered Price Action Trading in depth. Link to all Price Action Trading strategies videos is given below.


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Technical Analysis Video For Stock Market is released every Saturday 1030 Am IST


Title - RATIO CHART In PRICE ACTION Trading (How To Trade)

Playlist - Price Action Trading

Thank You for Visiting Trade With Trend Channel (TradeWithTrend)

Disclaimer - This video is for Educational Purpose Only. Not Registered With SEBI And No Investment Or Trading Related advise is given.

Ravi Chugh

Hi Mentor... Thanks for this video... Kindly share the code for Relative Strength....

suranjan mhashilkar

Sir code is not Running , showing multiple errors

Kaushal Kishor

Does ratio chart available in zerodha


I am highly influenced by your knowledge and the way you present all topics so simple but highly effective way..will never miss your topics and learnt a lot from you..great job..

Dr Vinayy Gidage

Plz guide for period setting
Very well explained thanks again for teaching valuable information God bless you sir

Jayesh Chhikniwala

hi, now dont you trade with market profile? Why different techniques? Thanx

Ganesh Sam

This is the first time I heard about the ratio chart, i.e put callvratio chart

Sourabh Birmecha

where can i find ratio charts sir ?

Anish Kumar G

Hi bro, How to find trend directional bias for next day from history data ? When I buy , market goes down. When I sell market goes up. This is in case with Tata motors like stocks ? Others works better with chart patterns , trendlines stuffs.

Mohit Maheshwari

Hi Sir, can you please help me access the RS indicator on trading view? What is the indicator named in TradingView?

Jyoti kumar rai

Sir where can I get ratio chart line....It is not present in Zerodha kite...

Jampana Rajesh

Helo..could you rate ashwani gujral as i want to read it for its simplicity or else can you suggest some other intraday books for beginners .and do you think latest ashwani gujral.book works..thanks

Vineett Razdan

Which App / Site gives the Ratio Charts

Ghebre Ogbalidet

Hello. How do we get the Price ratio chart CODE link to use it on Tradingview? Thanks

Trade With Trend

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Thanks Raunak for wonderful video, my universe of stock is Nifty F&O so Nifty 50 will be correct benchmark or Nifty 500 ? Also let me know that use of daily chart will be effective or weekly as i am positional /swing trader.

satyen tolia

Request to make a video on hedging if u find it worth making.

janba waingade

Thanks sir

abhishek shah

Sir how to add ratio charts in tradingview ?

Vaibhav Shelar

There is error showing while joining the channel... What is next option to join the channel?


Thanks for the video. This strategy was new to me and I am sure, many of us have heard this for first time. Also, thanks for sharing the code.

Mario Treviño

As always a video with great content. I learned a lot. Thanks my friend and Greetings from Monterrey Nuevo León.

Swaraaj K

Thanks very much sir..

Santosh Paithankar

Hi Rounak! This time we got different content and excellent learning! One thing I have noticed is, volume increases for one or two days and then fades away. Then pullback happens. So, when to enter, because sometimes, false breakouts are happening.

pravin bardolia

ya, sirji thanks again very nice thanks gain and again

Surya Yadav

Dear Sir,
Kindly send me Excel Sheet of Trade Journal , R multiple , Risk Ruin, Position Sizing
S.P Yadav

Daulat Singh

There is not any simple way than this. Really super sir.

Vedant Sood

Hi Sir, Could you help me(brief) how to plot RS indiactor in tradingview,Watched your RS series but having trouble to select which indicator as there are various indicators related To RS.

Rajneesh Dadhich

Please elaborate how to use ratio charts. Please send the link if already explained. I viewed the code but don't know how to implement it on trading view basic plan

Makarand Damle

I am not able to find RSC indicator on tradingview. How can I get it?

swagath vl

your teachings are simply great.. don't know how to thank you for your time in teaching us sir. You're really a great mentor!!

Prasenjit Chowdhury

please confirm should i consider nifty bank as broader market index for ratio chart analysis in the case of icici bank share.


Ankur Periwal

Already incorporating this in my investment selection. Today, learnt that I could use it for trading as well. Thanks!

Gaurav Singh

hello sir great work...
do we have to look beta indicator these days i.e 252 days for swing trading or will increasing beta wil work?

MohanRaj Shanmugam

Simply superb sir... Could you please share relative strength code.. Zerodha / Trading view Platform.

Nakul Hathoja

https://www.tradingview.com/x/lbtiWuYN should we entre according to this strategy clear volume expansion with big bullish candle just Breakout of RS needed

Garima Daga

Want to know how guess price of the stock

Milan Kathrotia

Please guide about shake out candle please explain

Suparna & Konal

Wonderful video once again. Thank you so much.
You have not used a moving average line in this RS code but in some older version you did use 200 sma i guess. My question is, for this approach and maybe intraday approaches(if applicable), in an earlier video you said that RS better be above the sma. What duration of moving averages should be used for positional, short term and intraday ? 200,50, 20 respectively ?

Sagar Phadkar

Brilliant content!! Thank u so much. One question, zerodha kite doesn't have RS function?

Mohammad Farzan


The Beast

Sir sorry to say n thnks for ur efforts, I love ur breakout strategy which u given last week n most of ur videos r related to breakout only bt sir many time I practiced tht strategy wd volume , it doesn't work in tht way as u always shows in ur chart....Sometime volume is extremely high bt stock coms down sometime volume low stock move up badly.. Sir if possible u can give live exampl of previous trading session ..which stock gone well wd this strategy..so tht v wil gain confidenc ...Rather thn post new stratgy...I believe to stick wd one strategy only.

tarun satwaskar

Sir I can't able to join channel through card.. please guide me

vd singh

Sir aapne jo excel sheet bheji thi wo open nahi ho rahi winrar me bhi

sreedeep trd

Hi Sir, As usual one more informative video.... Can I get the tradingview code for ratio chart....

Gautam Kumar

Sir, I watch all your videos, these are just superb and no one shares these high level knowledge for free. Thank you so much sir. Glad I find your channel.

Ajay Agarwal

Sir what is difference between relative strength, comparitive relative strength and ratio chart

Mahendra Patel

Thank you for this video.

Ravi Shanker

Sir Your videos are excellent, i watched many of your videos and learnt a lot.
I have one question, there are many old market profile videos by you. Why you abonded the market profile usagae ? Any pro and cons of using that system. I planned to use, Appreciate your response.

Viral World

Make videos on stock selection for next day trading

shalin kapadia

Thank you so much sir ji for this video.

Pravin P

Can u make option series...??? It would be helpfull for us...

Varun Mehra

Was talking about this one on twitter... Thanks

18BBI025 Karthi K

??? Awesome brother ?❤

rajesh kumar

I really love the way you present the topic, it can be understandable by any layman.

I have a question. If I purchase Reliance partial paid shares now and sell after three months. Will I be chargeable anything extra? Please clarify

Lakshmanan R

Hey man thanks for the video !

Somnath Das

What will be preferred benchmark index for Index trading i.e Nifty and Bank Nifty ?

Shaheen tm

Which site shows STOCKS RATIO CHART, please inform.


sir i have this question for very long time...whether there are traders who earn money day trading..or its all fake?Many trainers gurus who are selling courses are the only ones who are encouraging people to do day trading...what's the truth..i am currently studying engineering at one of the top institute in india..but never found passion in engineering..i started learning about market in these 3 months and finally found something interesting in life for first time ..but i am discouraged after looking at small traders losing money..so am i getting inside a wrong field or should i spend time to understand how things work??I am from upper middle class so losing money isn't issue...but if i follow disciplined learning curve(2-3 yrs) is there a possibility that i earn my living just by trading

Praveenps Ps


Gaurav S

Sir, is it same as RS indicator we get on Trading view? If not what's the difference? ?

Daulat Singh

Sir for swing trade can we observe RSI on 30min TF and buy in between 20-30. Is that ok? Or do we need to take care of anything else?

bhoir arun

Highly impressed by your precise and accurate presentation on each topic, though I haven't studied your all videos. Started few days back only. I must admit that simplicity, clarity and understanding impartef by you is incomparable, that too free of cost. You are giving all secrets of trading, which is rare. You have been giving various strategies and are seemingly very useful, however, without proper experience, a trade can misfire hence fear of losing is much. Risk management is very important.
May you find some time to present a bouquet for swing and positional trading. I find it challenging to select a strategy from your huge repository of knowledge. Which to select or which not is confusing. May be not for many. But you can appreciate perhaps.
Regards and best wishes and health to you and family.

Radhe Krishna

Thanks sir for another great video to learn. Sir i know going through each stock might be good but if you can suggest some scanners so it will be easy to identify 10-15 stock & then tracking them daily will be easy . Also finding breakout if any scanner is there ?

Sanil Kumar

Awesome as usual!

pankaj kumar

Can you please tell about the exit strategy in this setup.

prakhar singh

Sir the RS code which you shared is different from previous one. Previous RS code shows two lines but here it shows only single line

Rana Paul

Hello Sir. the Code you shared is for Nifty - 50.In case I need to add Nifty 500 in the code in such case shall I replace to Nifty-500 option in place of N-50 in the code. Kindly suggest pls.

Mohit Singh Puri

Hello sir, I hope you are doing well.

I have a few doubts relating to trendlines, it would be great if you share your experience.

Does trendline trading provide you an edge?

Like a breakout or a rejection is a good idea or not?

My experience is mixed on this, still trying out in trial account as you say.

Your word would definitely help.

Thank you.

martyn Gaming winner

How to put ratio chart in the chart..
Which website are u using

Sudarshan Wankhede

Thanks for video...Will practice this concept as well.

Lee Torreto

No profit/loss hype, no click bait only pure quality content. This is what makes this channel unique. I know for sure I will see this channel grow upto a million.

Rushikesh Mandage

Stock specific query:
For Equitas, after a good breakout, it is making new lows from 5 days, so should we enter considering it as retracement or it is a false breakout?

Sandeep Shivani

Thanks for concept clarity one of the best educator I ever seen thank you kindly!

Samarth Pandey

One of the few people who also shows the failure of the setup instead of saying 100% accuracy
Love your legitimate work ?
Thanks for the video


Where Can I find this Ratio chat can anyone suggest

Venkatesan Shanmugam

? Very nice Video! Please tell me which platform Ratio Chart is available. Thanks. How to get details of joining Membership?

C kranthi Kumar Reddy

Bro l loved your videos I have setup could you please help how to create scanner in chartink

Sidhu Ram

Hey is it possible to please share the code for the RS chart ?

martyn Gaming winner

Sir make a playlist of short term trading

Abhishek chandra

I have a question ratio line and relative strength is same or different?


sir iwant learn lots of you aapka bahut bahut dhanyvad
because pehle me jyada intraday karta tha & jyada sher se usme jab tread ulta chalta tha tab ghabrahat me loss ho jata tha aaj kal mene 3 tread liye aur i am make profits now i understand that ke me choti contity me tread karta hu ti muje daar nahi lagta aur knowladge bhi milta hai thank you so much sir ?????

Dr Amit k

Very informative
Nice explanation
One thing I want to ask is about ORB setup.
You said that ORB setup works well when vix is more than 20.
So does it mean that it works in high volatile stocks all the time? Thanks

chan meh

Ratio Chart? First time I heard about it. Tried to find in Zerodha, no such indicator. This can not same as RSI which is momentum indicator while you mentioned Ratio Chart is relative movement of stock Vs given index. Please guide me how to find it in Zerodha/Investing/Moneycontrol. For your kind attention please. Thanks for doing a wonderful job of teaching chart analysis this way, Sir you are a gem.

Sumeet Katariya

Hello sir, I drew a slanting support trend line on Nifty daily chart on log scale.. And then switched to linear scale.. There seemed to be a big difference in the TL.. The price action followed the log scale.. However there was no major change in Bank Nifty and other stocks charts.. Can u help on exactly which log/linear scale to use it drawing trend lines?

amit chauhan

Excellent very well explained .... Basis the understanding I see similar trend developing in Cipla on daily time frame .... I know the breakout has not happened yet but looks like potential opportunity ... Pls suggest if analysis is correct


Ajay Agarwal

I use spider software I use relative strength comparison indicator for RS . Can you guide which indictor to be used for ratio chart

prakhar singh

Sir it's request please make one video on trap also. How market traps the retail investors/traders and how one should deal with it

Boopathy Vishnu

Sir pls make video on point and figure (pnf).. I'm waiting for it..

Saurav Banerjee

Very nice and informative video on ratio chart, will watch again for in depth insight. Thnx

Shubham Lakhera

hello sir,, a mail sent by me on last Friday regarding pullback setup (permitted by u on Twitter) ,, plz review,, thnk u sir?

manvendra singh

Sir , is it possible to make ratio charts in Trading view ?

Nakul Hathoja

ioc daily chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/xbQDs714/ what should be our entry point sir after breakout or when price break range in intraday if we enter after breakout price pass away approx 5%

nijad nm

Sir i have been watching your swing trading strategies. Is not a stock having PEG ratio >2 (overvalued) and stochastics being at or below 20 (undervalued) contrary to each other?
Thank you


How to draw ratio chart

Shriram Kale

how to change index symbol

study("Comparative Relative Strength", shorttitle="RS")
a = tickerid
b = input("NIFTY", type=symbol)



pratik mody

Hi, you had made a video on range contraction, for example a big candle is formed and for the next 3 to 4 days candles are formed within the big candle or mother candle, but i cannot find that video, u had also given a scanner in your video, CAN YOU PLEASE PROVIDE THE LINK TO THAT VIDEO?

Vivek Sheth

A big thank you to you sir for unfolding each a every aspect of trading to large community.

martyn Gaming winner

Lovely voice you have li5t
Grateful for your time

Video price chart

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Trading101: Price Charts & Technical Analysis

14 views | 9 Feb. 2021

In today's video, we took

In today's video, we took a look at the similarities/differences between a line chart and candlestick chart. We also discuss which one I, as well as many traders prefer to use.

Thank you so much for choosing to watch my video. I encourage you to like and subscribe if you enjoyed, I would mean a lot to me.