Jeffrey sprecher net worth

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Kelly Loeffler Net Worth All the Controversies Surrounding America's

143 views | 20 Nov. 2020

Since being appointed in

Since being appointed in December, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler has remained a controversial figure during her early political career. Loeffler, who has been named as the richest senator in the nation by a number of outlets, has drawn criticisms from her opponents for her financial records, comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, staunch support for President Donald Trump and conservative views. She was appointed to the U. S. Senate by Georgia Governor Ben Kemp after then-Senator Johnny Isakson resigned for health reasons. Due to her appointment, Loeffler was required to defend her seat in a special election on November 3. Unable to win the majority vote during the general election, Loeffler will face Democratic challenger Reverend Raphael Warnock once again in a January 5 runoff. The 63-day campaign will be especially important as Democrats could gain control of the Senate if both of Georgia's Republican incumbents lose their races. Here are all the controversies that have surrounded Loeffler since she took office less than a year ago. America's Richest SenatorAn evaluation from Forbes estimates that Loeffler is "the richest person on Capitol Hill" with a fortune worth at least $800 million. Loeffler's husband, Jeff Sprecher, is the CEO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. Before she became senator, Loeffler was a senior executive at ICE. When she left her high-paying job behind, she reportedly took $9 million with her in shares and stock options that she was set to forfeit when leaving the company. This was in addition to her 2019 salary and roughly $3.5 million bonus, according to a copy of her financial disclosure form reviewed by The New York Times."The Left, The Swamp, and career politicians will use my success to attack me – in the same way they've attacked our President and his family – because we reject socialism, champion freedom, and unapologetically support the free enterprise system that made this country great," Loeffler said in May. "The ridiculous accusations and desperate lies will be many, but I refuse to apologize for being successful and will do whatever it takes to help Georgia and shake up the status quo in Washington."Loeffler is a member of the Senate's Agriculture Committee, which has oversight of the regulators who oversee commodities markets—some of which are owned by ICE. Dan McLagan, a campaign spokesman for Republican Representative Doug Collins, said, "It's a great investment by ICE in the newest member of their federal oversight board who writes the laws that govern their operations." Collins unsuccessfully ran against Loeffler in November's special election. Loeffler and her husband currently hold a roughly $500 million stake in ICE. (says who)DOJ Investigation Into Stock DumpsIn late March, when the stock market crashed due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of senators who received early briefings on the emerging COVID-19 threat, dropped their stock

All data is taken from the source: https://www.newsweek.com/

Article Link: https://www.newsweek.com/kelly-loeffler-net-worth-all-controversies-surrounding-americas-richest-senator-1548785

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She is now worth at least $800 million.A cold calculating wall street
animal.She has no interest in "hard working americans",and her husband owns
the us stock exchange .

Jeffrey sprecher net worth

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BREAKING! IRS is CRACKING DOWN on Crypto Holders! Senator Bitcoin will NOT disclose Assets + Google?

6 760 views | 27 Jan. 2020


►BREAKING NEWS: If you own ANY cryptocurrency (BTC Bitcoin, Ethereum, ETH, XRP, ADA, LINK, etc.,) you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO. The IRS knows EVERYTHING about what you purchased. How do they know this? Is there certain assets we DON'T have to disclose? Watch todays video for details. NOTE: I am NOT an accountant! Please seek the advice of your accountant for taxes and financial services.

PLUS Senator Bitcoin Kelley Loeffler (R-GA) is asking for an extension on releasing her financial records which shows her assets that she is currently holding. We know she holds BTC, but what if she held a MASSIVE amount of XRP or Ethereum or DOGE?!?! (just kidding). ALso, Bitcoin Halvening is trending heavily on Google Trends + SCAM OF THE DAY!!


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Story #1 LINK - https://www.forbes.com/sites/shehanchandrasekera/2020/01/27/how-the-irs-knows-you-owe-crypto-taxes/#5bfef15b438e

Story #2 LINK - https://cointelegraph.com/news/former-bakkt-ceo-and-current-senator-loeffler-delays-disclosing-assets

Story #3 LINK - https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoins-halving-captures-growing-interest-among-google-searchers

Story #4 LINK - https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&geo=US&q=bitcoin%20halving

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The Trading Bar

What if you bought some coins but are holding them and not selling? What if you are not already filing taxes for 2019? Do you need to make a tax form just to tell them that you bought some crypto but didn’t sell any?

Tru Core

Some of the top ten were not around, or were just finding their feet. This season will be amazing. Good show. Cheers


Most accountants don’t know anything about crypto currency...

Davon Thompson

This is Retarded ??? I just Donate my money to the blockchain

Crazy prayingmantis

The IRS can suck my IRS

Gino Kappadonna

People hide their profits, secondary income, assets all the time. If we don't see crypto in leofler portfolio it's planned

Jamie Paige

Thanks DAN!!! pretty crazy her date coincides with the halving. Happy green day!

Mark Mac

Great content as always! What are your thoughts on STELLAR? Price looks so bad, but fundamentals look strong with having the same brains behind Ripple, and IBM partnership. At 6 cents, with bitcoin halving about to move the market, surely the only way is up for Stellar?


i lost my wallet private keys :)

Crypto Vegeta

Do u owe tax if u did 200 transaction but u are down in crypto overall.

When Mullet

Hey DAN, thanks again for the info and fighhting those scams, lets help kill those spammers.

Robert Sroka

I dont think they know u sh... till you tell them any how few years back all crypto was scam bad for consumer now they want our hard making money and still crypto is no regulated . Thats why we all get in this in a first place

Jashim Ahmed

I received 1099k from Coinbase
It's showing 551 transaction and over $175K payment. Now question is I'm in big loss from my balance in 2018. I did trading and withdraw to pay my bills. They didn't show my profits or my deposit & balance.
How the IRS find taxable income from this figure?
The Coinbase advice to talk to my accountant. That sucks

:harold -leeman :hutchins

The IRS has no jurisdiction on any live man or woman, unless said man, or woman, consents...and therefore gives jurisdiction, and consequently acquiesces. Everyone must learn their rights, their natural born rights of sovereignty. Start by researching, Uniform Commercial Code 1-308. If one does not Reserve their Rights, they are then obligated and compelled to adhere to all CODES, RESOLUTIONS, STATUTES, PROCLAMATIONS, and LEGAL LAWS....of the corporation-AKA-GOVERNMENT. The “Printers”, own everything. Think you own your house, vehicles, land, gold, cash, children, freedom? WRONG!! Anything purchased (actually not purchased....as the debt was only DISCHARGED and not paid) with dollars-AKA- FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, is not yours. You discharged the debt with counterfeit currency. Do you believe that the name on your drivers license is you...the live man or woman? Nope!!! All capitals words are an indication of a non living entity, a TRUST. Actually, according to the Chicago Manual Of Style,(The linguistic medium for the City Of London) all capitals words are ASL(American Sign Language), and shall never have jurisdiction with any of the other words on the document. Therefore, the document contains fraud. Learning about this worldwide tyranny....should be the most important crusade for mankind right now. Wake up Neo!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jerry Fusilli

I really like your straight fwd concise approach
I just subbed ??

Thomas Landry

If they want it that bad they could physically come get it themselves.

Jo Hannes

I’m down 90% on all coins so I’m sure the IRS doesn’t give a crap about me.


What if your under 200 trades and under 2k

Saved One

@Digital News Asset: Your story of getting involved is exactly like mine. I knew of BTC back in 2013, but said "garbage". Then, I was introduced to the "frenzy" of November 2017, and couldn't get enough of learning about BTC and blockchain. Now, I'm settled and took time to learn about a coin/token's project-value, not just the white paper. I'm in XRP primarily, but also in VET. I'm curious: Why didn't VET make you list?

Asdgg Ghjhh

So if we earn gold in world of warcraft then gamers have to check yes on the tax form? Lol

John Dunlop

Catch me if you can I am Scottish ?


Breaking ? Hahaha


Reported two scams!! Thanks, DAN!! Keep it up...you're doing great work!

Davon Thompson

I’m down 95% and I lose my private keys ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

Paul Edgington

You don`
t need the IRS involved in this. Do you understand.

Lonn Devoll

thank you for the tax info....keep it coming...I came into trading only in November of 2019

The_Other _Seto_Kaiba

auditor dental teeth(s)

PlusSize Boo

You can't even get a person on the phone when you need help, and that's AFTER waiting on hold for HOURS! who cares what they know. Yes, of course you should always be honest and report but they need to get it together so people who need help don't have to wait an eternity on the phone.

Jay Nguyen

you a real one !


Common Halving! Daddy needs a new island

Jon Crandall

Mine was hacked and stolen...wink wink


Correction, they are cracking down on traders. Hodlers are immune.

Bernard Macarius

Loeffler is typical of this administration, not that any are worth a darn. This is why we must take back the purse strings.

Forex Life

That's why Bitcoin was invented to avoid these criminals, be your own bank!?


While I love things like education police officers and government programs I don’t think crypto’s should be taxed unless they made the money for me..what if I just use a stable coin as a bank and you don’t receive any Dividends why should u report that ...what if you lose your keys ..the point of bitcoin is to break away from government not to find them another way for them to make money from you

Brett Plowman

Great content and I enjoy the pace of your videos. Appreciate the time you take to educate us all in this space!


If any of my alt coins gain significant value, I want to convert them to BTC without cashing out. But how will I pay taxes on potentially massive gains without cashing out? Sounds to me like I’m about to get REKT just from HODLing. I will need to pick up hours at my day job just to pay my capital gains taxes because crypto is so volatile and prone to rapid gains. I need Jeff Bezos accountant. He’s richer than god and pays less tax than me. ?

Mark Mac

Would be great if you could do a video focusing on Stellar , and similarities to Ripple?!

half unlit

I wonder if you switch around your exchanges if you can get around that 200 trade limit...Im now where near 20k and i have probably only made 1000 dollars over the 3 years ive invested in crypto


The IRS can SUCK IT! The "it" being my d#%@! They're the reason we can't have nice stuff.

Todd Gold

In the United States, IRS Notice 2014-21 defines virtual currencies as property. This means anything purchased using a digital currency is liable to be taxed as a capital gain whether short or long term depending on how long the asset was held.Jul 29, 2019

Max Towers

Guys do the smart thing and report everything. The last thing you want is to get a lot of gains then lose them because you didn't report..

Crypto Farang

Hey DAN, you inspired me to finally pull the trigger on my own channel. Any advice? THX!

Matt Brennecke

But, did you stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night?

Jeffrey sprecher net worth

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Bitcoin News Today 2020: Yale Study: Every Portfolio Should Include 6% Bitcoin (At Least)

144 views | 1 May. 2020

ICE spent nearly $300

ICE spent nearly $300 million to Acquire Loyalty Firm Bridge2. ICE, Starbucks, and Microsoft co-own the Cryptocurrency Exchange Bakkt. Acquiring Loyalty Firm Bride2 has positioned Bakkt to develop a KILLER Cryptocurrency App. Have you been Whale watching? Watching the Bitcoin Addresses with $88 million in Bitcoin can be useful to help you know when you should be Bullish/Bearish with Cryptocurrency. Do not miss a vital moment in this video. This video is packed with ideas to help you take profits and avoid losses.

Watch the video:

Coin 360 Live Crypto Data


ICE Spent ‘Nearly $300M’ Helping Bakkt Acquire Loyalty Firm Bridge2




Bitcoin Whale Addresses Hit Highest Number Since August 2019


Yale Study: Every Portfolio Should Include 6% Bitcoin (At Least)



Cryptocurrency News – SPECIAL REPORT - Software To Prepare Your US Crypto Taxes For 2019.

The IRS is getting serious about tracking down Cryptocurrency Tax Evasion. So how do you prepare your Crypto Capital Gains or Losses to report on them on your 2019 Taxes? Several companies will help you with your Crypto Tax preparation. We will talk about the one that I am most familiar with, ZenLedger. In this video, we will look at some of the things you need to know about preparing your Cryptocurrency Taxes and where you can find more information. This information could prove to be priceless for you and your family.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:


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