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360 views | 19 May. 2016

Monitor Multiple Markets

Monitor Multiple Markets For Perfect Entries



Trade analzyer

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Webinar - Trade Analyzer Cherry Picks Software Enhanced Entry Signals

197 views | 8 Jun. 2016

Right Line

Right Line Trading


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Trade analzyer

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Fantasy Football Trade Tips

16 705 views | 21 Nov. 2016

These are our Top 7

These are our Top 7 Fantasy Football Trade Tips to help you achieve the ultimate goal of winning the Fantasy Football Super Bowl!

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Trading in fantasy football is unlike any other aspect because you are dealing with another opponent (a person). You have several choices on who to draft, who to pickup off the waiver wire and nobody can stop you from getting the players that are available. In a trade, your opponent and league mates' decisions is the only factor that decides if that trade is going to get accepted and processed, or if that trade is going to get declined and vetoed.

We did our best to make sure these trade tips and strategies covered all basis of trading, including trade etiquette and making sure you are the winner once the trade is processed.

The 7 fantasy football trade tips covered in this video:

0:14 New fantasy football podcast every Wed. morning http://bit.ly/CouchCast

0:42 1)Study your opponents' teams. Identify their weaknesses and strengths.

1:10 2)Know your needs and strengths. Only focus on teams that have what you want and vice versa.

1:44 3)Always try to buy low/sell high!

2:23 4)Don't propose too many lopsided, suspicious trades or nobody will trade with you.

3:02 5)Look at the upcoming schedule of all the players involved in the trade.

3:27 6)Try not to give the top teams more firepower--they just might beat you down the road.

4:09 7)Don't get too cute when trading. Trying to trade half your team all at once or involving kickers/defenses will look suspicious and might cause your trade to get declined or vetoed.


Kareem Motherfuckin' Hunt anyone???


Trade your bench/fringe starters for real starters. That's all

Merhwi .T

I'm new to fantasy and sum of my players are locked. What do I do?


Okay, I don't think you mentioned this, but what I absolutely despise are the idiots who try to rip you off. Such as trade you Zach Ertz for Jordan Reed, or Alex Smith for Tom Brady (shut the fuck up about last night's game. don't even say it!)
But for real, what's up with those people? Because I know I get at least 1 in every league, every single year. And I have 15 teams this year.
I offered someone Davonta Freeman for LeSean McCoy. A pretty even trade, right? Some people like McCoy better, some like Freeman better.
So the guy rejects it and attempts to counter offer me Mark Ingram and Larry Fitz for Freeman and Jordy Nelson. Like, who tf does this guy think he is? Was he actually hoping I'd accept it?? Actually, I didn't reject it yet, I wanna keep him hanging.
I understand that it's not easy to let go of any of your studs, especially before the season officially begins. And that it's tempting to try to offer someone the "lowest" player for someone 10x better. But come on! Some of these trades are way too extreme.
But, I suppose there's a few idiots out there who'd accept them. Maybe I'll give it a try.....
Kenny Golloday for Kareem Hunt! What'd ya say?


Dis someone say "Hussein the Brain"?
Hahaha!! Love that fucked up nickname!!!

Infinite Tundra

Should I sell high on Robert Kelley or keep him?

Nabil 368

should I trade Saquon and Godwin for Julio Jones and Kenyan Drake I receive julio J and K drake


Who should I start for my Rb 1 n Rb 2. I have T. Rawls, D. Freeman, J. Stewart, J. Hill #askthebrain

Kristen Smith

Should I trade mcCaffery for James Conner amd Joe Mixon ?

Luke's Got Jukes

Traded Brandon Cooks for Marshawn Lynch and Chris Hogan. What are your guys thoughts?

Michael Kissner

Okay so advice is needed. And you guys always have the best advice so maybe you can help. I am in a dynasty league and I just traded Hopkins, singletary and a 2020 3rd round pick for kamara and a 2020 1st round pick. My first question is, was this a good pick? Before you give your answer, here’s my team that I’ve built over the past 4 years in this league. It’s FULL IDP but my defense is solid and I don’t need anyone on that side of the ball. My team consists of mason Rudolph, kyle Allen, and Gardner minshew as my quarterbacks until I decide which two I’m going to keep. RBs are mccaffrey, Conner, Chubb, and kamara now. WRs are Davante Adams and Christian Kirk with the subtraction of Hopkins now, and my bench has no one worth starting every week as a certainty. My tight end is Zach ertz. We don’t do kickers in this league. So all that being said, my question is, since I have four good running backs and two receivers now, which running back should I try to trade out of Chubb and Conner and who should I try to go after that would be a fairly fair trade. Keep in mind my fantasy football name is now “the kamara makes u look chubby” so I’d rather trade Conner away but I’ll change my name if I need to if you think I can get more out of Chubb instead. Thanks for the advice in advance and I hope to hear some feedback soon.

Jonah Shelton

Should I trade Hopkins for Kenyan drake and will fuller

Sir Loin

I've been offered a trade maybe you can provide some insight. I've been offered Antonio Brown and Kyle Rudolph for Jay Ajayi and Tarik Cohen. I lost Olsen and I have fleener who isn't too appealing. What would you do? Thanks.

Hayden Bruce

thoughts on my team please? 8-team, standard scoring!
QB: Winston
RB: McCoy, Fournette, Hyde, Woodhead, Peterson, Cook
WR: Julio, D Thomas, Watkins, Crowder, R Matthews, Coleman
TE: Reed
D/ST: Cardinals
K: Hopkins

Raymond Maldonado

I have a question for week 12 should I start Carlos Hyde or Doug Martin? And should I start Cooks Thomas or Fitzgerald it's a ppr league btw


How long did that intro take to perfect? cause I was laughing so hard

Fantasy Couch

Watch all my fantasy football strategy videos ➜ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsDMMOjTHzBfTO2iUT-WrmeX9J9IZ9Gbq

Gary Meister

With all of Chicago's offensive woes is that better for Jordan Howard or worse? Considering a trade: D. Booker (Denver) for Howard. Whatya think Couch?

Clyde Macasero

I disagree. I just traded a-rob & t-west for baldwin to the current 2nd rank manager. Either player on the team has a good game. But looking at jags & ravens schedule... compared to seattle's tho?...

William Lee

Is Crowell for agholor a good trade. I have crowell

Mr VanFossen

Help! Haha
Okay so 14 man PPR league
I traded OBJ and Emanuel Sanders for A Jeffrey, D Thomas and Hunt.
Here is what I got now
Qb Mariota
Wr D Thomas
Wr A Jeffrey
RB CJ Anderson
RB Hunt
Te Doyle
Flex Mccaffrey
Flex Zeke
Bench M Jones jr, Vereen, Sims, Goodwin, Dorsett and Smallwood
Here is my question(s)
Been offered Dez for Hunt
Been offered Fitz and McFadden for Mccaffrey
Should I accept either one? Should I just role with what I got? Should I try and trade Zeke?
14 team leagues are hard haha


These 2 idiots are awesome and usually know exactly what they are talking about.
Way to go, you guys! Keep up with the tips, advice, and latest news on Fantasy Football this year!
Love your channel with all of my black heart...

Ed Cruz

Drop J.Howard and pick up Peterson? also start witten or Zach ertz? Thanks love your videos man!

WorldChampionzX PSN

Trade tips #4 & #6 are forreal' keep making more videos bro

Daniel Rutstein

Someone in my league offered 13 players for Leonard Fournette

Courtland Cantrell


Ryan Funky

Need trade tips to get better running backs I have Gordon but afraid he might not come back. Please look at my line up.
Qb: Mahomes
RBs: Sony Michel, C. Carson, Melvin Gordon, penny
WRs: brown and Edelman
Te: Ebron
Flx: Ridley
D: patriots
K: Gould

Joey Reichert

should i go through with these trades i have verbal agreements on? trade gronk for olsen (yes they know gronk is injured and I'm desperate for a te since my other te zach miller is done)and trade kelvin benjamin and j starks for mike evans(i need a elite wr option especially with my keenan allen injury week1)
so my lineup would be rivers, bell, ware,evans, tyrell williams,hyde,olsen, cards d, matt bryant bench djax davante parker,dalton, golden tate. the tradse take away depth but i like what I'm seeing. espn standard 12 man league


Latavius Murray for Michael Crabtree in standard league. Is that a good trade? I need a solid WR2 and this guy needs RB's.

SoCaLaker 909

should I trade D.Murray and B.Cooks for Julio Jones and Todd Gurley

Mr VanFossen

I traded D Parker and woodhead for Crowell and C Coleman
Smash or trash?

EaZy DuzZlT

Keep kareem


#7 "Don't get too cute whitchyo trades..."
Why not? My trades are always adorable...

Stevan Smith

How do I trade Keenan Allen? I have Alex Collins I want to get ride of too but I want another RB and I'm kind of lost on the whole strategy of making a deal that doesn't seem laughable.

Andrew Cornelius

How do you feel about trading off Brandon Marshall for Rawls since the Prosise injury? I have good depth at WR #askthebrain

Fantasy Couch

How to properly use the waiver wire: https://youtu.be/f-7rnsHlVmw

Aggro Frodo TV

My team 2019 is:
Kyler Murray, Alvin Kamara, Josh Jacobs, Emmanuel Sanders, Keenan Allen, Darren Waller, Ezekiel Elliott (traded for AB), Matt Breida, Tarik Cohen, Josh Gordon, Demarcus Robinson, Robert Woods, Mark Andrews, Greg "the leg" Zuerlein, Patriots Defense/ST



Hopefully my trade goes through T. Gurley for L. Bell!!! NINERGANG

Tim Bodung

who should I start for FLEX? Blount, Kelley or Allen Robinson?

And QB Wilson or Ryan?

Thanks from Germany ???