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Craig David - What's Changed (Official Audio)

74 639 views | 27 Jul. 2019

Craig David - What's

Craig David - What's Changed (Official Audio)

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Hey, baby

Oh tell me, babe

Why do you wanna play these games with me?

Thought you always wanted to be with me

Well at first girl, I wanted to

But things have changed between me and you

That's why I don't know what I'm gonna do

Lately, you say I been acting kinda strangely

Like I don't love you no more

You say "call me" (call me call me call me)

But I just can't explain

It's all so crazy

Between me and you, baby oooooooh

And even though at first you meant the world to me (world to me)

The time has come to spread my wings and be set free (be set free)

So I can figure out a place where I belong (I belong)

To find my way home now love is gone (girl, now that love is gone)

Now baby singing...

Why don't you call me no more?

It was every night you were calling me before

Given half a chance, you'd be knocking at my door

So, tell me what's changed

Baby, tell me what's changed

Why don't you give me some time

Tell me, cuz I can't get you out of my mind

But up until now, we been doing just fine

So, tell me what's changed

Baby tell me what's changed

Baby (baby) Baby

Since we met, I've treat you like a lady

But now I don't know what to do

I think maybe (maybe maybe maybe)

It's just that my well for you has run empty

What am I gonna do, baby? (ooooh oooooooooh)

And even though at first, you made me so happy (so happy)

My love for you has changed, so put the blame on me (blame on me)

Under pressure, it's too hard for me to stay (to stay)

And I get so guilty when you page me everyday, with hope

Why won't you answer my page?

It was you who said things were never gonna change

And it seems like lately you're acting kinda strange

So, tell me what's changed

Baby, tell me what's changed

Why can't you even pass by?

Spend some of your time, even just to say hi

You're not the type of guy who would make a girl cry

So, tell me what's changed

Baby, tell me what's changed

Girl, I know

It seems like I don't care (I don't care)

After all the things we used to share (after all the things we used to share)

Now I know it feels like I've done you wrong (done me wrong)

But the pain will heal the sooner that I'm gone (I'm gone, I'm gone, girl) (oooh ahhhh)

Baby singing...

Why don't you call me no more? (oh girl)

It was every night you were calling me before (I guess I shoulda told you, yeah)

Given half a chance, you'd be knocking at my door

So, tell me what's changed (cuz now I don't know what I'm gonna do girl)

Baby, tell me what's changed

Why don't you give me some time? (said give me some time)

Tell me, cuz I can't get you out of my mind (can't get you off of my mind, no)

But up until now, we been doing just fine

So, tell me what's changed

Baby, tell me what's changed (saying now tell me what's changed, baby)

Why won't you answer my page? (because sometimes things, they change, yeah)

It was you who said things were never gonna change

And it seems like lately you're acting kinda strange (don't you know)

So, tell me what's changed (tell me tell me whats changed)

Baby, tell me what's changed

Why can't you even pass by? (oh girl)

Spend some of your time, even just to say hi (don't you know)

You're not the type of guy who would make a girl cry (things ain't the same)

So, tell me what's changed

Baby, tell me what's changed

Girl, I never meant to make you cry (yeah, babe)

But its so hard to find the words to say (I wanna know what's changed, babe)

So I never wanted girl, to hurt you (mmmmm)

Oooooooh no, girl please believe me (ooooo

pocket \\ money Fili Men

ገለ ዓይነት ቀጽሎ!!!!!!!

The Seventh Great Seal

Craig David all day???

Stevenne Brightefieldhe


Nelson Kanh

Ooooooooooohhhh noooo girl please believe meeee

Stevenne Brightefieldhe

Stevenne Brightefieldhe


?? Une de mes chanson préférée

Stevenne Brightefieldhe

Stevenne Brightefieldhe

Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

The profile is very feminine. If Craig David is Gay, his value triples due to his manly power.

Wael Milano egitto

بالعربي بحبك يا david رائع جدا



Impossible Possible


Lisa Mcdowell


Liv Law


Arturo Williams


Ph'Ree Iz'i

Melodic !?!


One of my favourite songs! Just the other day I was playing the riff on the guitar ??

MATT G Selection



any chance to find the instrumental guys?? One of my favourite songs


Era 2003 ( best memories in this song) Best album of years (2002-2003) damn I play and replay , I spent my summer 2003 with this album ??

Itzall Madeup

One of my all time favorites. Love this song. My favorite all time singer. Snows in July is also. Where can I find that song Craig?

Shan K



one of the best track from slicker than the average..

Jamrex A

Here in 2020 baby!

Lover Your

David ??????

Arv Mittoo 100 & Out.

Craig David the man love is tunes! ???? ?

Gwen Doline

Please come back to Paris and give us the chance to have a real concert where you sing all the time, those perfect songs of yours, instead of a TS5. ??

Aimysha Kadyrzhan

Craig David very good singer! Like me, how he sing! I have listen his in live and with him sing. like me all his sings. I love you, my Craig David.

James Dodd

For a second I thought it said 2B views, but it’s 28. Right back to bed



Jose Castro sanchez

This is the real craig david i looooove this song when i listen this song i feel somthing special in my heart that transport me to the past since 2000s sorry im learning english :) craig david this is the real yoouu regards from canary islands ( spain)

Omar Mimouni

Honny words

عبدالله قطر

Very sad this once R&B top star in the early 2000s barely getting views


Love this song
Craig surely has a quite beautiful and smooth voice

Balint Nagy MUSIC

V quality as ALWAYS My Brother? Whos Dis Fantastic Singer Partner M8??? U sound so FANTASTIC BOTH OF U?


Ah memories

Kry's Colors


Stevenne Brightefieldhe


Kellance Young

Born to do it pt 2 pleez

lio lef



"Why didnt you answer my page" ?

When pager was still relevant

Fmr Ride

#2022 nice Craig

Jes Cor


Stevenne Brightefieldhe



Yes! One of my favourites ! #CD

J Kong

Thought it sounded decent in ‘02, sounds corny today imo.

What changed

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Derez De'Shon - What's Changed (Audio)

105 454 views | 21 Aug. 2020

Derez De'Shon - What's

Derez De'Shon - What's Changed (Audio)

Listen to Pain 3: https://DerezDeshon.lnk.to/Pain3ID

SUBSCRIBE to the Official Derez De’Shon YouTube Channel: https://derezdeshon.lnk.to/SubscribeID

Connect with Derez De'Shon

Twitter: https://derezdeshon.lnk.to/TwitterID

Instagram: https://derezdeshon.lnk.to/InstagramID

Facebook: https://derezdeshon.lnk.to/FacebookID

Donzail Musiq

I was stockin up while they was snoring ??

Jeffery Kincey


Ciaran M




Babe Nate

Boy you gotta keep this coming , North Carolina Rocking ???




this my favorite

ManMan 300

This is that 1st "PAIN" Derez ??

PokeDawg Outchea

This bih fi ???


Hard work pays off ? dedication is key now let's go lil q ?

Sam Young

He changed his flow a lil but I’m fuckin wit him ion think he changed his flow he just act different man

Joel Scott


Detroit Bige


Nathan Gunter

Check out my freestyle please

Yibanathi Sam

This slaps!!??




It’s completely criminal how under appreciated this masterpiece of an album is (whole series too).

Vlad Volcy

Really rode the guitar and moonwalked the beat????

Sam Young

Who here in 2020

Damion Mccrea

This bit hard my nigga bacc ???

seth ewart

This goes fuckin innnnn

Jess Hightower

derez deshon spittin that real pain. stay strong brudda



Mimi OnOne

Need more likes

Ciaran M

Who else hears what he did with the transition from verses to the chorus ???

vesz parcher

here before 1mill

Allen Mathis

Straight fire album of the year I can listen to you also I'm a zombie with a heart much love

Maraist Powers

Check out Maraist music on all platforms

Kyng Marshall

Derez dashon a fukin ?

Life of Cee mane

Real life shit....!????

Cia Hendrixx


Ian Goldberg

This and calm down best on the album


Money man/Derez Deshon most underrated rappers of 2020

What changed

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2009 vs 2019: What's Changed From YouTube to iPhones

327 339 views | 31 Dec. 2019

It’s the decades

It’s the decades challenge! Here’s how things have changed since 2009. Ten years ago, YouTube was a very different space. Dude Perfect and How Ridiculous launched their pages. The most watched video in 2009 was Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent.” This year, one of James Charles’ videos was top trending. InsideEdition.com’s Leigh Scheps takes a look at how Meghan Markle, iPhones, Jimmy Fallon and more have changed in the last decade.

Rosland Mohd

Hey sIsTErS

Kenneth Kuper

I was 6 in 2009 now am 16 in 2019

Baby Yoda

Everybody keeps changing


I wish I started Youtube 2013 March 27

dugchun kim

Samsung today so small with buttons today without bottoms and foldable


okay 2009 was the greatest year and 2009 was a great year for me


I believe the impeachment says obstruction of congress not obstruction of justice.

Meade Vlog channel

Im still stuck in 2004

Katlynn Milk

me in 2009 : just born

me in 2019 : addicted to YouTube and roblox

Hannah Lewis

Jimmy Fallon is and will always be the hottest man on the planet no doubt.

Avani Luce

I was born in 2012

Baby Jazzy

I am not even kidding I am in choir and we just started the song don't stop believing but the glee version ?

Queen_ Anna2238

Me in 2009: I was 1 years old or less

Me in 2019: I was 11 years old or less

Deena K


Jete boi

Lol every time they bring up trump it's always something bad.

raheem_ gameing #AD


Unni Krishnan

Who wants start YouTube channel ?

roblox but not really

Uhh this is 2020

itswolfgang 09

Who was born 2009


0:21 they used imovie wow! :O

kitty gamer59 edits

The iPhone the reason why I sent did not come out in 2009 that came out in 2007


Um mister..can I ask why do you have that ad cough 0:38

Mike_ bg

Lol that's the dude perfect doing the trickshots

Bread stun

I started 7 years ago

Voizane Creed

0:38 The YouTube Ad

potato pistol

oof this was recorded before the thing

keegan linardi

2009:1 year old
2019:a 12 year old who almost burned down the house trying to cook bacon

Ruby_ Xynex

Dies anyone notice james charles move his hand and his head alot


0:09 DODIE??!


This video was one day before 2020 or COVID year

John zuna 1980s

Most viewed video
Then: actual talent
Now: some idiot talking

mg mg

I still have that 2009 phone and I still use it

• Annie •

I was born at 2009
Edit:i dont remember waching this video


Its aready here stupid

dragon beast

Aww man );

Nott Drizzle

"Now let's see Michael Jackson in 2009 then 2019"

WeebChild Anime

Me born in 2007: 0-0 2020: 12 year old me 0_-

Archie's World

Ha my name is Archie... pretty cool


Dam a day before 2020 a day before disaster


Lmao i have the FIRST Generation iPad that is still usesable!

Adrianna Destiny

2009: born
2019: 9 years old lol

Leo the chow and Derian guaradado

I’m srry I disliked becuase I saw James charles

Pipo bruh



Me in 2009:BIRTHED
Me in 2019:Ugly

Cracker Snacker

Trump your really old like 73 years old

Jacob Chips

A video phone


Bill nye the science guy
2019 Click baiters

Trainee Network

2:36 I thought they lost their minds.


I Like 2013 to 2014 2015


In 2009 I was a baby now I’m a child that is soon to be a pre teen then teen


“You’re fired”- Donald Trump 2009

New Customer

?? 209 vs 2019

Zovin FN

Did anyone else seen the ad on the inside edition website?


Susan Boyle’s video getting taken down for a copyright strike is the epitome of YouTube now

Laura Anderson

I was born in 2009

daniel morgan

I was 1 when youtube came out

De'Quinten Pritchard

2012 was the year I was born

SSS warrior cats is Good

Then Came the Corona Virus.

Venice Dai

I don’t have a YouTube channel

Jay D

Don't forget he was on home alone 2


I am happy dude perfect geta respected

Ashley Cool

2012 when I was born and my year

The Colour Green

Glad they ended with impeachment

Super girl Ilana

not impeached thank you very much inside edition

I’m Goose

I'm disappointed in society for picking James as the best video of 2019

Huncho The goat

I was 2 in 2009 10 years later I'm 12

Amélie, Boucher Malloy

“I just wanna go back.. back to 2009”

Krissada Leelachutidech


Jac Studios

YouTube then: good
YouTube now: to much dumb fortnite videos and clickbaits and comment bots

Mia Hernandez

2009 I was born 2019 I was 10

jeffy jeffy

I'm to poor to get a iPhone


0:37 nice ad

joshua figueroa

Pause at 0:38

Thank me later

Panda love

Today i got a i phone

Luca Moore

Donald looks the same

Christi Putt


lily love

Is that Terry of Brooklyn 9-9

Samuel Adams

I saw james Charles face and my finger started to naturally creep towards the dislike button

sunny schleich

Isn’t inside edition gonna get copyrighted because they played an copyrighted video?

Funny Kiwis

I remember when I got my first iPhone ?


Trump was “impeached”, for “obstruction of Congress”. Not a crime

Thomas Di Pretore

2020 sucks right now

Barry Allen Secret Service Agent

Trump then: Obama doesn’t use words he uses force against Iran
Trump now: it had to be done.


rip decade

Spectacular Spaghetti

Of course Inside Edition had to bring up Trump

MegaPixel 466

The time when people think what happens if it 00

Nate Wilsey

Of course inside edition “was impeached for obstruction of justice “ couldn’t leave that out , gotta make sure you push that agenda ya know !

David Maxwell

See you guys in 10 years when this pops up in the recommended


The first iPhone was made a 2007

Benjamin Anderson

Honestly If those earlier phones had more gigabytes and YouTube music I’d take it


0:38 the dating site XD


But the ad on 0:38

Littlepanda Minecraft

Did anyone else see on the old iPhone that it had Google?

Bre Ibe

Pov Your 10 and you watch what was trending when you were born


sees James Charles
clicks off

Owen Chua

Lea kinda aged badly

•\emon water•

We all wonder when troom troom came along

queen thiccy nicki

0:37 ummmmm look at the ad lol?

Vung Cing

That's when I was born

hey its me!

INSIDE edition:2009
Me:I was born that year