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What is Sim Swap Fraud?

185 views | 18 Dec. 2020

Learn why sim swappers can

Learn why sim swappers can overtake access to your life and how easy it really is.

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Sim swap

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SIM Swap Horror Story

10 980 views | 20 Jun. 2019

One evening, Matthew

One evening, Matthew Miller from ZDNet awoke to discover that his T-Mobile SIM had been hijacked, and that was the beginning of the toppling of a delicate house of cards that affected his entire online identity.

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Host: Jason Howell

Guest: Matthew Miller

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Sim swap

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How SIM Swapping Works

1 320 710 views | 31 Aug. 2019

When you think of

When you think of internet security threats, SIM swapping probably doesn’t come to mind. You may not have even heard of it, and yet it can have serious consequences for you and your bank balance.

By convincing your phone provider to switch your SIM card to one in their possession, hackers are able to access your online accounts, sell your coveted Twitter and Instagram handles, and raid your cryptocurrency wallet.

Discover three ways you can stop SIM swapping in the latest explainer video from iluli by Mike Lamb. Making sense of technology, one byte at a time. Learn more at https://iluli.eu

wara wiri

im just subbing now!


Came here from the ads lmao


What is the background music name?

iluli by Mike Lamb

You can find more videos and articles from iluli by Mike Lamb at www.iluli.eu OR twitter.com/iluli_eu


I saw this video in a form of an advert... I'm happy that I didn't press skip... this channel's underrated.

Pranoy Paul


V-bucks Chan

Why this channel doesn’t have a million subscribers

Данил Богатырёв

Suspiciously underrated


Watching the advert, but without me waiting for the skip button

Joshua Thomas

First time I actually searched for an ad.

Ol Mek

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Ifroriza ADH B

Keep making this kind of vids please

sebastian devosi

someday this channel going to famous

Norwin Tuano

Hmmm good thing i dont connect everything to my phone.


Please make more of this, I really like the animation!

Ali Ch

Make more and Regular videos on SpaceX and space overall you will get more views

Andrius Mi

I got this video as an ad, but the weirdest thing was that no one tried to sell me anything?

Turt le

Damn, this is quality content!

Naveen Arora

I like your content extremely... But unless u try to make videos on extremely pressing topics and scientifically trending topics it will be harder to gain an audience.

Jesse Locke

What about the step before this one? How are these SIM Swappers getting enough data to pretend to be the original owner of the phone?


OMG This is a really good AD


LOL beamed


This is epic

Mark Tudtud Ambalong



a nice ad ive watched ,very informative .Subbed for this !

David Nguyen

Most underrated channel in Youtube. This guy is like the Kurzkesagt but for technological contents.


If only it was possible to listen the OST of his videos in it's pure form.

Our lives would be more lively.

Quotes to Live by

What are those two apps?

Ant Man

Ahhhhh got it, this channel post mainly ads to inform people.
I was very suspicious by the view to like ration.
But you can’t like an ad.
Quite nice of a change to see these apps.
Even though it tells you what tech to use.

Yoga Armuza

So, basically my number already ..........
Omg ?

Moiz Rafay

Amazing animations and audio for a really useless and boring topic


Why was this ad?

Potato The 3rd

I realy like these video because the explaining is simple and the animation is cool to whatch id say u'll get popular

Chester Nguyen

Underrated: 1000