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Bitcoin Over $9,700, Can Crypto Trading Survive in India?- May 4th Cryptocurrency News

458 views | 4 May. 2018

Market sentiment looks a

Market sentiment looks a bit brighter today Bitcoin climbed past $9,700 and Ether broke past $800. Litecoin also experienced some gains. We also check out sentiment in India right now, which remains pretty bullish, despite the government's latest stance on the crypto world. Please remember this is news, not investment advice.




Ashish Vanjani

Yes Crypto will survive in India .. it has to ..CUZ WE LOVE CRYPTO .. THANKS HAVE A NICE WEEKEND

Worldzone Gaming

Nice video

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20%ers believe in Bitcoin & 80%ers believe the mainstream narrative, CheckTemplateVerify, C-banks

280 views | 4 Jun. 2020

Asheville, NC- Welcome

Asheville, NC- Welcome to the 1 Bitcoin Show! A lot of people HOPE that the masses will wake up to BTC. I say that most 80%ers will continue to believe the mainstream dollar narrative and never consider BTC. They will end up liking BTC as much as they like CEOs! Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has high hopes for the masses. This has been a crazy financial year for government so it would not be that much crazier if one all of a sudden announced it was buying BTC. What is this CheckTemplateVerify thing?




Jesse Powell- https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/29/kraken-ceo-bitcoin-btc-would-be-worth-1000000000000-if-the-masses-knew-the-power-of-cryptocurrency/

Central Banks- https://twitter.com/kyletorpey/status/1266825450388668416

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Why can't bitcoin get above $10k??

R James

Massive money ‘printing’ continues ?

Bitcoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track .. ?

Anmar S.

Kia rio. no sorry, kia soul

John R Feeney

i’ve been trying to teach about btc to my patients for 3 years - Adam it’s not 20% - maybe 2-3 %

Bitcoin To The Moon

Great show. Thanks Adam. Strong hand. Like button pounded!

Just Murphy

The Miser barely made 20 live viewers. Seems like a whole lot work for a whole lot nothing!
Oh....it's called garage Miser... A Cabin ?


Damn dude what happened to your 16k subscribers

Titan Boss

Lookin like a unique beast my elite friend! Buy and hold BTC.....weekly. cheers

michel post

Keep it up!

The Halving Show

Strong hand ???

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641 views | 24 Jul. 2018

Telegram Announcement-

Telegram Announcement- https://t.me/cryptointelligenceindia

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BITCOIN CASH- qqtscteprwr68dgathcaapcs9r2dfc8we5uzan2u9x


Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. Investments can go up and down with cryptocurrencies being an especially volatile market. Always do your own research and invest only what you can afford to lose.

करण सिंह जादौन

Neeraj bhi in crypto world my most
Respected person is u. @neerajhodlar

Samaksh Arora

Hope, btc break all time high this year☺️

Traders Skooll

Will you please give link of that video of teeka??

Non Stp

Feniks was created specially for banks and going to replace swift technology

Dimi Mat

ty for review, what do u think about feniks.finance ICO? I suppose this is the best product in this year.

Murad Ali

potcoin , folding coin, burst coin, nxt coin, ignis, iotichain, trinity, telcoin, utrust, iungo, belugapay, etn,rentberry, aapc coin, ect,,

en sab mein fasaya u tuber no...............ab to muh se gali nikalti hai kamino k liye....5 btc ka pata nhi kha hai



Manan P

Awesome !!!

shakeel khan

Wao bro mai kya bolon aap ke bare mai bas aap Great Great ho


Great Bro....Very Nice information, from JAK.

Help for you


Rajendra Jitpura

Very nice information brother ???

Chandra Prakash Verma


Rakesh Chauhan

In last 4 months you inform about lots of project to us before their hypes. Even in few of them we join their telegram when there is only 30 to 40 subscriber.... its all Due to your early signals on whatsapp and telegram.

Thanks again

Rakesh Chauhan

Neeraj bro, you are blessing for indian crypto trader's, thanks for sharing your knowledge....


Awesome bro.. When most of the youtubers are proving to be disgrace to crypto-community by promoting shitcoins either to shill their own coins or to fill their own pockets from rewards by promoting SCAM ICOs , you're are on right track . Keep up the good work ??


what's your opinion on eth...future

Murad Ali

fake guru bole to money guru.....hahhahaahahhah
or money token

Jaibanti Yadav

Great great great this is called real info and analysis ....Sir you r best


Check his body line he is not confidence with his statement . . . .



Jitendera Singh

Always provide true and fact knowledge Niraj bro thanks I feel proud I m your followers thank you so much

Jim Monro

Thx for video, I think the best ico of this year is feniks.finance