Raven score tonight

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Ravens vs. Texans Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2020

1 535 721 views | 20 Sep. 2020

The Baltimore Ravens take

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Houston Texans during Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season.

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#NFL #Ravens #Texans

Brandon Dixon

Good GRIEF Dobbins lol!!!

Ravenous Quando

Mark Ingram hell for that spinning kick I was dead

VisonzZ x

Baltimore is legit one of the op teams now for NFL

GasBaby GOON

Peters probably has some of the best hands in the league for a corner

LongLiveStanka 24

They need to trade for odell, that'll be hard ?


Here we come Chiefs! You're next!

Franco Barrera

Remember when they said Lamar would be a bust? Neither do I.



Travis Couplin

I hope and pray for the Ravens to make it to next years Super Bowl.

Harmony szn

Ravens for life

Luke Bowman8

As a ravens fan I want Watson to get out of Houston

O'Neil Leiba

If they keep this up with any major injuries they are a big problem. Seem like they can pull off close games

Oh Tommy

Ravens are so underrated and hated on its crazy.

Big Baby k

Levi that was dobbin

Slimez Yt

Imagine if lamar had darren waller from the raiders

B Real

4:36 Man that was a freakin awesome INT by Peters.

Marcus Herbold

6:00 HAAAAAHAHA!!!!!!!


Watson made a mistake signing the extension with the Texans. He is not gonna win anything with this team.
P.S.: The Cardinals 2-0


Revelation 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

The Broadway Special

Dat ngga JK too nice ???

Joe K

Dobbins is legit.

Paul Botello

I love the spirit of competition, it shows which group of men worked harder to collect victory. We’d be blown away to know the obstacles, trials and tribulations some of these men have faced throughout their lives. Praying for all the players, coaches and staff, God bless your journey in life, just as he has blessed mine ??

Arian Turnage

I Love you

Dark Reaper

I'm a cardinals fan and the Texans are kinda struggling without Hopkins but why are they not using David Johnson

راحله ابراهیمی


r schwarz

haha damn. you guys paid that qb, and traded dhop.

LMAO. sucks to suck.


Oh he broke his ankle. Now he's got lot to run and he's gotta touchdown. same commentator.

Dwight Lambert

Stay focus on turning season around and ignore all the negative comments.



Anthony Brown

Pittsburgh is better


James 3:16
For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.


Ravens just filthy with it.

Raul Ruiz

The texans did a good job containing jackson.??


Tough Decision could use advice... Full PPR Diggs, Dionte Johnson, Fournette, Woods, Gage, Corey Davis, Josh Kelly. NEED 2 to play


Slippery as a raindrop

Nyla Jean

i love lamar

Colin Trudel

that interception doe, had me goin :0 :0 :0

GhostA-_-22 FGC

9:06 has to be the best and funniest celebration

kingsley t

Poor Texans first two games vs Chiefs and Ravens

Lucio Lynx

Where was DJ??

Ty Money

I never seen lamar jackson get sacked so many times even though the Texans lost great defensive game between both teams good game

Dangerjanger Fanger

11:10 dobins is a monster

Jayson Garcia

2:19 lmao

Austin Ryan

Poor Watson... need a new coach and to throw $$$ at someone like Golladay



Winners Trees and Plants

Lamar Jackson is good at quarterback but proof by this game he isn't the only good player in Baltimore.

CJ% Almighty

5:34 So nobody gon talk about how my boy Peters got knocked by #48

Christina Alt-al

Texans suck ..??

Anthony Carter

How in the hell you trade Hopkins stupid just stupid


What the hell is this, British football?!? Come on go for the TD.


Feels like I’m playing 2k with the commentary

Alika Ostermiller

Some great kicking in this game. The field goals were pretty good too.




i feel bad for watson. n o-line. hes gonna get hurt. im a texans fan unfortunately

Fah Que

That spinning kick tho

James Saint-Surin

Texans first two game are against KC and the Ravens??? Rip bruh

Balboa 2Slick

Reid the only one putting in work

Jroc2k Beats

If the Texans want to see change, then you must get rid of Bill O'Brien.

LA Juan

Yea the Ravens too OC?they might have the best run unit of all time including Lamar

Snoop D go double g

Edwards pretty damn good

Jordan Kelly

5:31 cooks telling his teammate come this way the communication ??

Raymundo Perez

Ravens superbowl ready.


Texans fans thinking bout possible first place.......................in next seasons draft

Ben Bateer

Bruh Deshaun gets like .9 seconds in the pocket :(

Mac Anthony

Lamar Jackson is a prime example of playing to a QB's strength and in turn he will gain confidence and actually keep getting better as a passer


im excited to see ravens vs chiefs week 3


Meanwhile I’m a falcons fan?


It’s hard to watch your team lose badly in the first two games of the season. Then you look at the schedule and realize your toughest opponents are already behind you.


Watson was running for his damn life

Henry Smith

it was slippery as a rain drop for me lol

Mustafa Suleman

Yo jackson needs to watch out for big hits

Matthew M

Lamar is always throwing to wide open receivers. I'm really not that impressed. Texans have bad secondary and O line.

Daniel Su

Ingram: Bull, more like bull Sh-
Ingram: Spinning Kick*

Ana G. Bedolla

Lemas jakson is the best player

GasBaby GOON

6:45 reminds me of ray rice

Serenity Wilson

After watching this I am more convinced the Chiefs are going to do whatever they want against the Ravens on Monday. It should be a good game but Chiefs will win pretty easily.

Maurice White

Dobbins for the end zone... "J.k. allllll day"

Gabriel Bevente

Watson needs help desperately

Rat Poison

The Texans played conservative trying to stop the pass and respected Jacksons arm and they got burned by the run. Good game Texans, y'all gonna ne good this year.

Mikal Derousselle

Texans garbarge freaking Watson don’t know what he doing cold blooded


7:04 you can hear how hyped these players are cuz no crowd so cray cray

Senor Escobar

Why did 48 do his manz like that I know how was in the way but still

Trevis Turner

Tht was hard to watch for the Texans


Texans have 0 offense. This teams struggles to score 20 points every week. Also, the Texans seem to do nothing in 2nd halves. Fire Obrian!

Mario McCoy

To the Ravens fans, since a lot of our games aren’t nationally televised, go to NFLbite.com and you can watch any game on there. I watch the games on my Xbox One, but of course it works on your phone, too.

doggy dog

What is miller still doing with the texans he's hurt every fricking year ! Hell !! what is bill o brian still doing with the texans ? He should have been gone years ago !!


Ravens played sloppy and still won by 17 pts. 4th in yards per play. This is the only team in the NFL that doesn’t have a weakness.

Wynn Burman

The noise at 2:19 is something else lmao

Kid Flashy

Happy for my boy JJ Watt but his team sucks

CJae Live

So no ones gonna talk about the guy landing on his head

Dakota Johnson

The Raven's blitzing reminds me of the seagulls from "Finding Nemo".

David C

Watson needs a trade

Jordan Bledsoe

I think that playoff loss to kc was the start of some dark times for hou

Reginald Wright

JK but he ain’t joking


James 1:5
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

nothing bt facts

Best QBs by fars


i had to watch that first ravens td twice. when he used the momentum from the slide to pop himself back up, it looked so weird!


Can’t you believe this that it not about this game but Aaron Rodgers has had no interceptions this whole season


Peters > Ramsey

Raven score tonight

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Lamar Jackson FULL INJURY Sequence vs Bills | Ravens vs Bills NFL Playoffs

175 435 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Lamar Jackson FULL INJURY

Lamar Jackson FULL INJURY Sequence vs Bills | Heads to Locker Room


Man they really hit the reset button on Lamars brain. He looked helpless out there.


Madden curse

Kingpen Games

Trying to pump up the crowd when a man injured. No class


Bruh imagine being the center and knowing it’s your fault that Lamar got injured and also being the reason to lose the game


I still don’t see how that’s not roughing the passer


the madden curse. Lamar got injured now mahomes just got hurt?

i ate at burger king

There were bad snaps all night

Dak Prescott is my Homie

0:35 nigga said 9


I find it so confusing how these refs don't know these players numbers. C'mon it's Lamar Jackson!


The madden curse has occurred again

Mr. SpicyCat

Fire that fucking center

Bean S

Who’s number 9?

Kenom Klemens

The Bills fought and earned this Win plain and simple, Baltimore wasn’t prepared and having their team built around Jackson was their downfall in this situation.


honestly, even as a ravens fan, we would have probably lost that game regardless. The offensive play calling was just too predictable, like in past weeks.


Dey gettin Rajon Rondo mixed wit Lamar Jackson

Gavin Beckenhauer

Rumor says he faked the injury to go to the bathroom ☠️?

Gary Jasso

So the madden curse is real


Number 9??


Why is your outro 37 seconds long

Mr. Flow

Worst snap I’ve ever seen.

jr m

Funny how no one cares that Lamar got hurt

Ivan Oyola

and thats on being on the cover of madden

Mr. Sharkeys Adventures

The madden curse ??

Javon griffin

Who else here after Patrick mahomes got hurt

New Year

Lamar Jackson is soft. Fake injury looked like soccer out there.


The Ravens need a new center.


It’s the madden curse


He need to be a Wide Receiver

Michael Semrau

As a huge Bills fan even I hated seeing him down like that. It looked like a clean hit to me and Trent Murphy didn’t try to land on top or hurt him at least or I would have been mad myself I can’t stand when dirty players intentionally hurt people especially QBs so I’m glad that didn’t appear to be the case. Huge win for us and 1 step closer to the Bowl game baby! Ravens were a challenge and had me nervous all week, the D hasn’t looked half as good all year but picked the right time to step up and that pick 6 basically ended it!


Bruh and lamar is on the cover of madden 21 too. It's this related to the madden cover when something bad happens to the the cover athletes??


Told people this would happen


Man center with that snap wtf he clearly was working with the other team

Ubisoft GamingYT


Zachary Vossler

the divisional round must hate Lamar

Michael Daly

I’m wondering if this affects Jackson down the road where he starts playing more hesitantly

Patrick E

Dude. If Jackson tore an ACL or messed up his throwing shoulder, that center would be crucified by Harbaugh. On another tangent, this injury was good for Jackson. He will think twice about running and tighten his pocket passing

7 Days

Lamar gave up. Point blank period ?

fiasco stew

Wow man that sucks


It the curse cover on madden 20 page

Peter Thomas

And now Mahomes has a concussion too...


The ref said intentional grounding number 9 it’s 8 dummy

Sean Venuti

First Lamar

Now mahomes

m del

Loser normally acting like this when they know they not winning so simple as that. Let go buffalo..


I'm sad baltimore is not going to the SuperBowl ?

John R

Madden curse

Ramos Softball

That dude quit on his team ba ha ha...

Gianpaolo Pazzini

bad helmet ?

Brandan Morris

Madden Curse Srikes Lamar Again ?

Ravens Fan

It’s the madden Curse


??????? get FUCT

Sports Fanatic

Can we talk about how Allen’s flop was roughing the passer and that wasn’t. If that’s Brady or Rodgers they throw the flag smh. Sucks to beat a team in every stat and lose Bc of the easy stuff liked a shanked punt.



Scotty Pak

Lamar had no concussion man. He knew he wasn't going to win and took himself out the game. He is not a champion nor is he Tom Brady.




I just don’t like the fact that they are begging for a safety when Lamar is laying on the ground hurt. I know it is a playoff game, but cmon

Tommaso Kessler

“intentional grounding number 9”

jimmy samdass

We coming for you Mahomes!!!

Mo Vo

When u baby these QBs, they get hurt easy


Cover curse is back ?

Jack Mehoff

Stop trying to sell Lamar as some other worldly amazing QB. He's not that good.


Another poor performance from a pass lacking QB. Lamar will continue to underwhelm as he scrambles and fumbles and turns the ball over in the big spot. That loss is on him.

Tedra Boyd

Did he say 9?

Shawn S

Crampgate 2

rbreezy 410

Dumb haters, try hitting the back of your head on the ground full speed & let’s see how fast you bounce back up.

Tim Moore

Tucker n the person that snap the football ? ball ,, is betting against the ravens,,frr ,, they make sure they seal the deal ?

Martha Asiamah

Just happy lamar walked off the field

C Willi

Should have a more diverse coach to win.

Jay Chung

Easy penalty call on Josh Allen being lightly touched. Meanwhile, 2 bills lineman crashes toward lamar's head and his knee after ball is thrown. No penalty. Typical NFL referee

Colton Peterson

Should of been launching on number 93 at QB. Dude dove through head. Fucc the Bills, Ref and number 93 can catch me outside.

Mr. Jasso Grows

Man this is Football if you can’t take a hit take a fucking seat! They earn enough money ?

Arnold Janikowski

Not bad for a running back..eh?

p m

And to think the only touchdown he would throw would be to the bills for 101 yards

Dirty Beef Curtains

Just another terrible playoff game for Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr.

Stevie D

When players get a concussion they don't "run" to the locker room like Lamar did. He quit. He didn't want to be on the field when game ended.

Jestivius Jovial_Emperor

The wind was pretty strong in this
game 16 mph from one weather
report I saw. Can’t really judge
either QB for accuracy in those


Get this man 10 subs so he can get monetized

Kevin Lopez

Get a center

Mr Shetlar

Number 9

Joshua Braeden

Well I’m still trying to figure out who number 9 is


You hit 1K subscribers!!!! Good job bro


Madden is responsible for this Thanks for all the likes guys!??

Random BS

Lamar Jackson will be the best quarterback to never win a SB Ring

Tiana Bankhead

Madden curse

master jimmy722

The madden curse is real

Jason Eaton


Tøtal Ecłipse

I mean I’m a bills fan but I still feel sorry for Lamar that look like it hurt

Ddee Ddee

He is trash. Come back as wr.

Kapri Rush

For all my real FOOTBALL ? WATCHERS, They Ravens a good probably a top 5 team, they have to play there way that’s the problem.


We not gonna talk about how said Intentional grounding number 9

dannyy Callahan

Number 9? Lol

Julian Estrada

He had to take a big ollll shiittt

James Reed

I don’t get how that wasn’t roughing the passer? Judon has gotten that penalty for lesser hits with better timing

Steve Starscream

U got knocked the f out


Madden Curse

HoodieGang JAY


Gin N Juice

Lamar Bruh take some Tums before you go out. Taking another Poop during a game not good Bruh. We all know what you did when you played Browns.

Max Lu

I can't fucking believe when Lamar gets a concussion people are making jokes and saying "I told you so" but when Mahomes gets a concussion everyone is scared shitless and saying "hope he gets better"

Maritime Ronn

LJack is nothing more than a gazelle. Nothing much above the shoulders as he clearly proved yesterday. His neck must hurt as he looked around all game with total panic. The Bills exposed him for what he is.

James Waterhouse

did anyone here the ref say number 9 when Lamar Jackson is number 8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

BigBody_ENT55 YT

Man y'all don't know shit bout nothing where y'all teams at prolly sitting at home. Yea my boy needs to be better in his decision making but at the end of the day this his second full season. He's done move in his career than most in his draft class. He has never had the throwing mechanics necessary to be that type of qb u can rely on passing. I get that but neither did vick and I never ever iny life seen y'all give vick this much hate like y'all giving Lamar. Vick also had the receivers to throw to as well and just like Lamar they had the troubles in the playoffs. So before y'all bitch niggas judge my qb for his style of play just know that yes he has to grow but it's a part of being young so chill tf out u clowns and enjoy the game.

Raven score tonight

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Ravens vs. Chiefs Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019

3 146 990 views | 22 Sep. 2019

The Baltimore Ravens take

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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#NFL #Ravens #Chiefs



stevee c

Tom Brady, John Elway, and cool Joe's DNA was infused to grow Patrick Maclone, this is why he plays ball like he's at home instead of at Mahome lol

ImChino Man

We won again btw.


First of all, let me make one thing clear, Mahomes is without question a better passer than Lamar right now. Lamar is the better playmaker, not QB. But to all these people declaring Mahomes God and saying Lamar can't throw at all or is overrated, get a clue. You don't throw 36 TDs and 6 Ints by accident. And the dude sat out about 8 Qtrs due to blowouts and playoff resting. His ball placement is not as consistent as Mahomes, but the kid has a cannon and can fling it. On the flip side I'd love to see Mahomes with Lamar's WRs. The injured Hollywood Brown was the only Ravens receiver who could possibly make the Chiefs Roster. Not even mentioning Kelce and Williams. Watkins, Hill, and Kelce are all better than Lamar's best pass catcher which is a TE. Hardman and Robinson would be the 2nd best WR on the Ravens roster, and that's if Hollywood Brown was healthy. I'm real curious to see how Mahomes does when he doesn't have players who are able to get the separation his receivers get and make one hand and contested catches on the regular. It's a lot easier to be a gunslinger when you have all the confidence in the world in your pass catchers. Your confidence and decision making can change if that's not the case. The greats like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have all shown they can make average receivers better, Mahomes was gifted a 10 - 6 team with top skill position talent. Let's see what happens when that team breaks up. Taking nothing away from Mahomes and what he's accomplished so far, truly amazing, but let's not act like he's a one man team out there. Lamar took over a team that had not been to the playoffs in 3 years and was out of the race when he took over at the halfway point in 2018 before he lead them to a 6 - 1 record and division title. He too is amazing in what he's accomplished.

Sullay BJ

Come on Lamar this time ???

CG Ranger

The Ravens have looked better but you can never count out the Chiefs. I’m going Chiefs 31-24

Yael Karlinsky

I think they tried to do the 2pt conversion 4 or 5 times

RedKingdom RunItBack

Ravens Chiefs part one: 4th an 9
Ravens Chiefs part 2: A New rivalry
Ravens Chiefs part 3: MNF (coming soon)


4:58 Did anyone else see the beach ball in the bottom right?

Ray Incognii

Patrick Mahomes: the best NFL quarterback ever ;)

Julian Gonzalez_Rocha

if i was a captain ill take mahomes

Isaac Hopkins

Ward gave Jackson a ringer for taunting


มึงเล่นทั้งดาว4 ทั้ง 2 pt att ตั้งแต่ q1แรกฮ่าๆ บ้าดีเรเว่น อยากเชียร์ซะแล้ว

santino vaughn

Tony Jefferson and Brandon Carr lost us that game, both of them bums are gone. Judon gets a penalty every game. I will be happy when we trade him and give Bowser his minutes. Campbell, Wolfe and the rookie Justin gives us a pass rushing defensive line for the first time in team history we won't have just rely on olb and people don't understand that. Top 5 sack team now. Malik Harrison can do everything CJ Mosley did and can actually cover better which CJ is overrated because of that interceptions against Baker. Tight ends use to abuse Mosley. Queen will be all over Kelce ass and this was before we got Peter's. Decosta was focused on improving our run defense while also building a team to compete against KC. Tyus Bowser and Miles Boykin are my breakout candidates. This is our year. Raven Nation.

I Christian Brown

11:34 what kind of pass was that


I clicked on the video thinking it was this year lol

Glen Harrison

Been a fan of the Chiefs since 1989 ???

King Kabongo

Whos winning tmrw?

Joseph Registe

What did Jackson do at 4:55 lol

Kaleb Hawkeyekj1

Who's here before they each drop 50 in 2020

Pharaoh Charles

K.C. got 2 much fire power


1:23 wth are you running from? The pocket was clean.

Danny W.

Can't wait to see them play again ..that's what we do here in Houston, wait for " the good teams to play"...

Bethany Feil


Space Cowboy

Hill didn't even play this game..

Stephanie Mitchell

Did yall see when jackson was in the poket he broken a ankels alk resy

Cooper on my head

the chiefs started to crumble in the 4th quarter

Sports Dude The Third

july 4th im here

xx Pain

You know you a favored QB when you can manipulate a referee’s decision to throw a flag or not.

Diontae Daughtry

These teams are ready to takeover the league for quite some time.


Mahomes is just to op in Madden and football

Angelo MTZ

Watch mohomes slide for no reason just something I noticed??4:00

Dee Turner-Mootoo



Who’s watching this anticipating there week 3 this year

Shitty Sports Highlights

Can’t wait for week 3 again this year

Jayden Lesser


Andrew Bondurant

I still don’t understand why we went for two on the first touchdown so dumb play calling

Sherrie Colangelo

More NFL bulshit

Joshua Langston

Mahomes v. Jackson is the new Manning v. Brady. This is going to be a fun 10+ year rivalry to watch!

The Life Expert

See how many times lamar got bailed out by his receivers running back and getting the ball.

Evans Darien

damn shame cause we ain't even have marcus peters


Something tells me the ravens done a Patriots move....setting up the chiefs for the playoffs....ravens win...
Watch this space

Ian Conness

The score indicated a closer game than it was played. That 4th down heave to Roberts was all sorts of lucky with a missed sack beforehand. And the next drive that 3rd and long to Snead. Then on that same drive Mathieu drops a pick in the endzone.

Nosy Rosie

Jackson has to remember to throw the ball passed further yards when , he's losing more than 50% of the goal points.

Maurice Alviarez

Lmao Ravens been playing all these sorry teams but finally they play a real team and get smacked on like they stole something

Chui Throwaway7

The courageous fragrance eventually instruct because margaret morphologically tease of a sticky friday. wanting, fuzzy skiing

Will Ashby

1:25 makes me a little upset with Chris Jones giving up on the play. He is a hell of player, but it looks like he gave up on the play

Carl Patrick Muse

Chiefs gon win the Superbowl again

YHWHFearing Guy

4:50 so we just an ignore what he did to that mans ankles

Shadow Spire

Mark Ingram punching the chiefs logo is the best thing I’ve seen all day

55 Cent

Should’ve cracked Lamar y’all soft on him

Matthew Redrick

Damn, this game is so devastating a year later


And Tyreek didn’t even play this game ? Chiefs are just different ?⚪️

Faleash Triunfo

12:32 bro look at the bottom of the screen mecole broke that man ankles

Sammy Mandan

I am not a I taxas fan But Just hat the chefs so much chefs suke

Afterthoughts of Solitude

Who's here after Thomas got released by the Ravens? ?

Chris Rios

Just wanna mention this game was before Peters came, Jimmy Smith & Tavon were both hurt and The ravens best corner missed most of the 2nd quarter when the chiefs scored 21 so... just watch when we have our corners back


Who here waiting for Monday ???

Santiago Lozano

Jackson - Mahomes is the Brady - Manning of the next 10+ years

Kurt Eric Munroe

Man, the Ravens gave these guys that work. This was a great great game. Action-packed football fury.

John Williams

4:52 ohhhhh video game


Who here pumped for the Monday night rematch

Al Brown

I just realized Lamar Jackson is not playing football,bro is a 2k character and somebody is hella good wit the sticks...??‍♂️

Killa KD

The only way to stop the chiefs is if you avoid them getting hot. Once they get hot, Mahomes throwing 5 TDs, the defense is gonna be lockdown, and you basically lose all momentum for that game

Michael Turley

Crazy how it's week 3 in 2019 and 2020

Christopher white

Tony jefferson, maurice cannady, anyjony averett Brandon carr god our secondary was awful with the exception of thomas and Humphrey

Jeff Chu

The part where he was punching the chiefs logo had me dead.

Bev bee

This is gonna be a fun rivalry


Mahomes is still 2-0 vs Jackson ?? and this year it will be 3-0


If you pause the video at the very start, the Ravens logo becomes ten times as aggressive.

Dan Muffoletto

Lamar and Patrick are elite. We have an elite Te made by a naturopath for bands on tour.
Don’t Die! Eat more tea! www.psychicteaz.com 8 antiviral herbs, plus a CBDZ line

RedKingdom RunItBack

Who's here after mahomes got snubbed from number 1 on the NFL top 100?


KC no joke!

Steven Richardson

Why is that stadium full of people?!!! What happened to social distancing? Pandemic over or ? more important than life itself?

DeadAss Alex


Sam Rosendahl

This game wasn’t that close. The chiefs had them by the neck nearly the entire game. If the chiefs defense came through in the second half they would have had a three score lead for most of the game

Nick Gaming

This is Nick Lamars son

Winners Trees and Plants

I am here after the Ravens will beat the Chiefs this Monday

Andrés Peña


Xavier JOnes

That is a good play to do in the game only okay.

Jesse Orosz

Week 3 Baltimore vs KC 2.0 happening tomorrow any body else here


Lamar looks just like Russell Wilson I'ma Chiefs fan but that dude is insanse.


This game features Mark Ingram & Gus Edwards (with some assistance from a certain L. Jackson and other players) versus the Kansas City Chiefs!

Devon Bray

Who else here for week 3


Battle of The Greats

open secret

Championships are won by quarterbacks who stand in the pocket and make consistent connections otherwise you're just the southern League or media hype like Bears Super Bowl run from a couple of years ago

Connor Al-Ashkar


Superbroswerloagan burner account

Beat em again

Julian Gonzalez_Rocha

21 on ravens toxxicccccccccc

Dan Nelson

Game was all scripted , Acrobatics , Circus plays between the two teams , 3 failed extra points, Next time they play ...Ravens will win the Scripted game in similar fashion. Shrine Circus/WWF all in one package. Just saying.

Big Smoke

This game was a lot more lopsided than the score indicated

Jason Latham

$500 million for a lead foot? Just because the Chiefs won their first SB in 50 years? Meanwhile, the Ravens have 2

Peter deWolf

Wow, the crowd simulation has improved a lot since cardboard people! hahaha

Lemon Juce

this Monday game is going to be wild!!!

BrocktheBoxer Pup

Mahomes is so clutch during huge games. I’d never go against KC in these big games. If you want to make money, take KC straight up on Monday Night. 38-31 KC

Free Darth

5:17 riggeddddddddddd. KC cheats


U should watch 5:19


AFC Championship sneak peak for the next few years. lol

20k sr

This game was like the ravens super bowl against the 49ers, they came back about like 89% and basically dominated at the end, but still lost


14:26 #23 on the Ravens went back down after that tackle attempt in William's hmm.