Trend line graph maker

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Trend Line & Making Predictions

13 522 views | 11 Dec. 2014

Trend Line & Making

Trend Line & Making Predictions

Rossinno Philson


James T

3rd comment lets go

Andres Granados

i am 11



Max Burkhead

This is a great video and very thorough.

Trend line graph maker

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3 minute Combo Chart with Excel for Mac 2016

147 316 views | 10 Nov. 2016

Creating a combo chart

Creating a combo chart with both columns and lines takes a few extra steps. This video walks you through some of the most common problems.

Scott Haldane

Great help thanks

Anh Pham


Peter Dunkle

This video is awesome, it explains everything very clearly.

Fatema Marzooq Alkhabbaz

thank you , you have saved my life

Derek Saenz

You have changed my life.

Ibraheem Hasan

This is why you should never get a mac

Daniel Ruelas

ive been watching videos for like an hour and a half trying to do this, and this showed me how in 3 minutes. THANK YOU

skye chor

THANK YOU! This is so frustrating and even Coursera videos won't tell you about this -- really ridiculous

David Feldmaier

Nice tutorial! I just picked up a MacBook and installed Excel on it. This is something I knew how to do on traditional PCs but didn't know the steps on a Mac. Appreciate you putting this together.

Kevin Bidgood

Well Done! I spent an hour today not being able to do this. THANK YOU for sharing!

Kyle GKilgo

jesus christ thank you.

Stephen Jury

been trying to do this for bloody ages. Thanks for the vid

India Gaming Times

Thank you.. very useful


What do I do when the data sets I want in my combination set aren’t next to each other? How do I select multiple sets of data that are in seperate areas of my spreadsheet?

Brett Harder





Thank you

marie herbstein


Katarina Sladoljev

Awesome, super helpful, thank you!!! :)


Thank you so much! The fact it's this tedious to do it on Mac is ridiculous.

William McNeil

Thank You Sir, I've wasted the last 2 hours trying to figure this out.

Dave Platter

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information. I've been trying to figure this out for months. I am grateful.


This is great, really helped me thank you!

Brent Christensen

You, Sir are a genius. I looked EVERYWHERE to try to figure out how to do a "combo" or "secondary axis" chart in Excel 2016 for Mac, and NO ONE had the right answer - even on the Microsoft Excel for Mac forums! Thank you for posting this!


Thank you for this 3 minute video! I spent hours trying to update a combo chart created in Excel 2013. After your video, not only was I able to update the chart, but now it looks much better than it did in Excel 2013....in 3 minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Amy Sparks



My legend dosen't have any text, any fix for it?

Melanie Satterthwaite

Hi Is it possible to switch the y axis over so in your example percentage would be on the primary axis and values on the secondary?

Richard Kirk

Thanks - very clear and helpful

Aki Stepinska

I have a Excel 2016 for Mac and have been searching for this solution a bit. This tutorial is exactly what I needed - creating a combo chart and displaying percentages. Thank you.

Joana Andoh

Just what I needed, thank you!


Thanks! It's really useful. I first look into the microsoft help and it couldn't help at all, until I got here.

Nathan Rowe

thankyou so much i was having a meltdown because i couldnt do this

Manu Boudewyn

Thanks! Really helped me out!

Amelia Harper

Thank you

Patrick Fitzgerald

Yes yes yes yess!! Thank you also. It's been so frustrating!


suggestion: add in description or title "how to make a secondary axis in mac 2016 excel"
thats what everyone searches and seriously the only correct answer after looking for hours is this. thank you so much

Rose Ann Zamora

Thank you. This is very helpful


Rarely comment on videos, but thank you very much!

Chi Tran Hue

Thank you for this short and effective video!

Tom Au

Thank you so much! Excellent post!

Marcus Chaknova

thank you so much couldnt find any other videos to show how to do this!

Neno Ahmed

you have no idea how this was helpful , thank you very much

Jessica Thomas


Tim Schwettmann

very nice explanation thanks a lot

Thomas Kirk

This was perfect- thank you.


Thank you so much


Awesome, thanks! Like my Mac, but there are some things that are much easier to do on a Windows machine. This trick will let me carry my Mac for those long road trips. :)

samine 19

ur brilliant i looked so many places and u saved me thx u sooooo much


thank you.

Paulina Siwak

Great explanation. Very clear. Thank you!

Sean Braun

lifesaver, that was a brutal Process trying to figure that out

Siti Mahgriza Sinaga

thank youu it's very helpfull❣

drew griffin

Enormously helpful! Thank you so much!!

mrv IOO



How come such a simple and useful function isn't included in the Mac version is anybody's guess.

Lois Tozer

Amazing, clear and precise, and as Brent below says, better than MS's own hopeless solution, that directs you from Excel into Word. I mean... tut. Thanks so much

Alexis Rodrigo

Just what I needed. Thank you very much!



Alejandra Rivera

Genius! Thanks for explaining it so easily!

Sarp Dora Cebeci

What a great contribution ! Thanks a lot

Rishabh Sharma

Jusssssst can not thank you enough for this... Thank you.. ? ?

Hobbit Fan

I love you

abhishek yadav

Thank you.

Matt Hutchins

This doesn’t seem to work on 365 on a Mac.?

Tom C. dos Santos

Thank you so much! My master's thesis just got way better because of you.

Pocket Maai

Thank you very much, you made me so happy


Thank you!!!!!

Kasper Kubica


Eric Bowes

Thanks for the help! Great vid

Mariana Alarcón Retana


Parts Plus

I only like and comment when there is a deserving video. Thank you. This was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for.

Will McTavish

Thanks for the great video. I've found this only works with the 2D graphs. When I change the data series to line graph when I have the chart setup as a 3rd cluster, it changes the whole chart, but when it's 2D, it works. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



Madhu Dilru

Thank u sir

Trend line graph maker

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Making Scatter Plots/Trendlines in Excel

264 717 views | 2 Sep. 2016

The title says it all!

The title says it all! Check out my Channel at www.burkeyacademy.com for more videos on Statistics and Economics.

If you like what I am doing, please consider supporting this effort on Patreon or buy me a cookie through PayPal!




Mike Song

Question: What if you want to know which car a particular dot is attributed to? So for example, can we add a label that somehow references the source of that data?

Refl3x Pie

I did what you did but i always got a plot with nothing on it


Whenever I choose a graph and click on it, it always show me a blank page/chart it annoys me so much and I try to put stuff in but I can only change the colour of the page....

Syed Zaman

U sound exactly like sal khan

Anna Dmitrieva

Thank you so much for the tutorial. However my Excel sheet doesn't save charts. What can possible reason be? TIA

Molly Thompson

these video tutorials really saved my bacon at work! Thanks for the tutorials

Wounded Soldier

Thank you

Guilherme Charrua de Sousa

Hey, when I try to make the scatterplot the data gets mixed up and the one that said "HP" on yours (the red square) is one of the numbers and everything gets mixed up. What do I do? Thank you!


r u Andrew FLOST? OH MY GOD!

Odari Angule

Kazi safi bro

Nimrah Saeed

You sound like tom hanks


You seem like you know what youre doing, how would i make a brinley plot in excel for age variation?

Avirup Das

can I please have the data set?

Fat Goaly

No No No, you're all wrong, this is definitely Sal from Khan Academy

Anusha Goonasekera

OMG u sound exactly like John Quiñones has anyone told u that ?

Freddie Wooten

Can a shape be added? Example the USA country.

Thomas Cho

When you plug it in, the left side becomes highlighted with purple, then the right side is blue (title is red). When I plug it into a scatterplot the points become highlighted horizontal purple and blue not vertically. For example, when I graph it, instead of getting all blue points, I get like 40 different colored points. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Emmanuel Garil

how do we edit the scale? I want to adjust the space between points in my scatter diagram

Juli Danae

thank you!

Mehta Pratik

Thankyou so much sir, this video was very much helpful for finishing my University homework

leto B

You instructions are so clear! Thank you very much.


I don't have a design tab :(

Yasir Shakeer

hello sir ...please I have a question ...if I need to know the x and y for specific point in scatter and know the exact location of this point (x,y) like the row number and collum....how can I do this??


thanks a lot

Tony Wheeler

This video was very helpful! Thank you.

Ruoyu Zhang

4:07 add trend line

sandesh ratnayake

Thankyou very much .... this video is very useful