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How to make a corn mash for distilling

293 771 views | 14 Dec. 2015

This is our technique for

This is our technique for making a corn mash. We describe the method we use to steep our flaked corn (you can use corn meal) with 6 row barley to use the Barley's enzymes to convert the starches in the corn into fermentable sugars. After conversion we also demonstrate how to test your success in converting the starches. After all is done and tested we added it to our fastfermnet and finished up by adding the yeast nutrient and yeast.

Miguel Delgado

I can do this process with a mash tun correct?

Real Name

Man thank you! I know this from 2015 but frill THANK U, ima "kid" 28 n I dont know NO one who does this (And Im from KY!!!! lol Louisville ) but ya just thanks man, u a life saver id been to scared to try w/o this

Hammond Cheesa-angwich

Hi George, noticed you didn’t add Glucoamylase, if you had, would you have pitched it as the same time as you pitched the yeast? Thanks

Tom Sotiridy

Can you use stsrsan which is 95 % iodine? Just wondering
Thanks for your vids learned a lot.

david williams

This guy is a national treasure.

Quinten Omstead

Learning a lot from your videos tho your awesome

Vương Nguyễn

How can i get books from vietnam ? Thanks

Jay Griffith

If you used distillers malt, would the amount be the same as the amount of barley

Tom File

George, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your expertise !! I was wondering when to add sugar, if I decide to do so. Also, when to add amylase enzyme, if I choose to do so ?? Thanks again sir !

Fredrick McDonald

ok if making rum with sugar isnt it honey a form of sugar so if you distill the with the sugar and it makes rum isn't it the same as if you do the same with honey distilling wise? id think it may have a diff taste but still rum right? it's just I got all theses different thoughts on meads into whiskey i guess its the Scottish and Irish in me and i see videos all the time on distilling wine mead is a form of wine has anyone done it or tried it ?


Taking a quick break... The iodine test was slick and I got the correct result ? 1 more gallon to rinse the grains and check specific gravity... Then it will be time for yeast... I hope, lol. Thanks George !!

Southeast Defense industries

Can i used sugar cane grind instead ?

Lenore talon

Thank you


Just to be clear to everyone, making moonshine is a violation of federal law. If you get caught the feds can take your bank accounts, home, cars and what ever else they want to take. Plus you will be locked up for some time. I would not recommend making moonshine. If the feds dont get you you stand the chance of going blind from drinking home made moonshine unless you truly know what your doing.


So the recipe is:
2lb 6 row Barley
4lb flaked maize
10lbs of corn sugar
5gal water

Is that correct?

Eric Salidbar

I love your style and how you go alt your videos the one thing that gets me lost and of track is how long it gets too explain. I wish you made some new videos that you summerise Everything for us that want go watch and go at the same time.

Jimmie Smith

George...at what stage do I add amlase to my corn?

Farmer Cadman

Would I be able to use cracked cattle corn? It’s half ground half normal corn

Dennis Olden

Question: what was the Nuwave Titanium Pic model number you used on this video to go o settings of 5 degree increments? I would like to use it on a 8 gallon pot. Watts?

Rock Hunter

More detail

Jr Paquette

Hi George,
Is the Barley Cracked or whole?

x x

176F strike water in a 5 Gal. batch gives you a stable 155F conversion. So mix your grains dry so they all blend together aggressively, then add the water and stir. Remember stirring is from bottom to top, not around in circles. Circles = swirling. Swirling makes hot spots in the middle, messes up your conversion.
My mash: (5 Gal. batch) 7lbs 6 row, 3lbs flake corn, 5lbs cane sugar. Sparge. Cook 1 hr at simmer. Use a high % brewing yeast to make a starter 24 hours before, 1 quart water + 1 cup corn sugar mix. Rack once at day 7 and process accordingly.
Remember we never pitch yeast into any solution over 100F or under 75F. Also, don't abuse yeast by shaking them hard or placing them in any bright spaces. Happy yeast = great beer = great end product.
My best fruit brandy mash: (5 Gal.) 6lbs 6 row, 6lbs strawberry puree, 5lbs corn sugar...not corn or flake just processed sugar. Strike 176F, Sparge. Cook 1 hr simmer. cool and pitch using starter from high alcohol tolerant white wine yeast. Rack off fruit and all seeds into a secondary at day 3. Rack off tertiary at day 7. Day 10 process accordingly. Strawberry or honeydew, can't get it away from women. Other good versions of this formula: Oranges and Anaheim peppers, Strawberry and/or peach and habaneros, any pie apple and grapes, straight dark cherries, lime and lemon, straight bananas, blackberries and/or raspberries.
Remember to keep everything totally clean at all steps and never splash any fluid after yeast has been introduced, especially when racking off trub. Cascade your beer down vessel walls to let the co2 out and oxygenate the yeast naturally in the windless space of a clean secondary vessel, the co2 they release will drive off unnecessary o2. Take your time, good stuff never happened by doing it faster vs. the right way! Oxygenating alcohol with splashes produces iron oxides and ruins your flavor profile. Use copper for as much as you can, even your brew spoon if you're crafty...just remember copper gets hot fast and keeps it, don't brand yourself! Enjoy the process and have a cold one ; )


Good presentation. I'll try it. Thanks.


Wait so when you boil it to 155 you put the corn and sugar in the bag ?

mr thomson

How would I make a tequila mash?


I wish I could thumbs up your videos more than once George. Thanks.


George you are the teacher and i am the student and i love coming to your class

Robert Beliveau

I was thinking that if you bought a stainless steel strainer that fit inside your pot , it would hold the grain bag off the bottom just enough that you wouldn’t need to worry about the bag burning/ melting on the bottom of the pot.

Brad Kurilla

Cooked up 75 to 80 eara of corn for freezing and remembered what you said about. Us trying something and letting you know. Added 7 lbs to the 4 plus gallons of sticky water added just enough cool water to get to 5 gallons let cool. Checked the SG ,1.075. Just finished fermenting down to .9999. Happy distilling

Ross Darwin

Have you ever used turbo carbon and what exactly did it do please help

Deborah St Clair

Corn meal is expensive. Cracked corn is cheap ($8/50 lbs). Cracked corn will not stick a lautering operation. I'd like to see you do a video on using cracked corn as the principle augmentative grain. I found it best to mill it to a smaller particle size then add it to boiling water and when cooled to 190F add high temperature alpha amylase to prevent thickening. Rye can be added then. At 165F it is added to a mash tun and malt is added along with a small amount of beta amylase. After an hour this is lautered, boiled 30 minutes with sugar added, and cooled then yeast is pitched. The batch size was 10 gallons. 70% was corn, the least expensive grain. American whiskey became corn based due to cost initially cost drive that turned into preference. I tried corn meal and rejected it after a stuck sparge and high costs.


Is there anything I can do with the leftover/used up grains? I assume they are void of nutrients and not useful for livestock feed. Is it just trash at that point?

Tom File

So, I got a 24 quart stock pot with a steaming basket inside. I use that, along with a 200 micron polyester bag and it works great ! The basket keeps the bag away from the bottom of the pot. When I'm done steeping, the bag lifts right out with the basket. SO much easier than trying to separate the liquid from the solids by other forms of straining.


Thank you George , I enjoy watching your videos , I have learned a lot and I’m still learning

Jay Griffith

Will fermenting without the corn and grains effect flavor?

Brandon S

When does the sugar get added?

ex mcgee

where do you get the induction plate ?

I like sticky icky

What about beet sugar?

Jack Tyrrell

Hi mate when you talk about gallons are you taking American measures or European ones
Irish 4.5 litres in a gallon thanks
Ps very informative though

Jan Cornett

What kind of kettle are you using on the pic burner??

cox polye

Sir if I do ten liters of fermentation then only two liters of it get the next part of about 60 to 65 percent alcohol I get 10 percent alcohol from the group but this is why other fermentation waters I waste plz solution tall me sir ‘

Charanjit Matharu

hi is it posible only use corn

Andrew Leigh

Love your video's. Probably the most articulate and well produced instructional videos on the net. Well done Sir. Being South African, the term "flaked corn" is foreign to me. We would commercially be able to buy (a) milled corn (for grits etc.) but I think this has already been bleached? (b) whole yellow corn "popcorn" grade which is probably dried sweetcorn or (c) we could probably buy large grain normal corn that has also been dried.

So which is more appropriate in if whole corn form and then how could I flake it?

Ken Walker

This is an excellent video thank you


I use stone ground Indian Head corn meal and cane sugar wash. After distillation add charred oak chips. Excellent explanation and review

Quinten Omstead

Hey I’m starting to learn and iv Ben watching a lot of your videos I just tried to make my first batch of corn mash for distilling and I was wondering if you would consider Makin a more specialized video for me Im trying to make a sweet but strong clean batch and I’m using a vevor 9.6gallon still and me and my dad have Ben doing this together for a hobbie and would appriciate the advice

Drake Nicholas

Is the barley milled when you add it?

Rajulio Loco

How do you use nuwave when running still what temps

Deba Radovan

Great video, especially the iodine part, like it. Can you tell what kind of yeast do you use, is it have to be beer yeast of it can be wine yeast or baking yeast? How much is it matter? Everything else is perfectly clean.


I usually make rum from molasses, but i want to try an all grain vodka. If i have 2 kg of malted barley, how many kilos of other grains could i convert? I can malt it, but i really don’t have the time for all that. Lets say i use wheat, can i use say, 2 kg of malted barley to say 4 kg unmalted wheat? Where could i find out more info?


i know this is probably a stupid question before i say it but if 6 row barley converts starch to sugar why not just add corn starch to it , or is corn starch more expensive than sugar ?

Tim Myles

Thanks for the video , George !

Bruce Brown

George, thanks, is the glycerin you used just regular food grade? Brand? Specifics?

Terry Harris

will 2 row barley work

Paul Carder

Thanks from a rookie for this helpful video . Do you have a 5 gallon all grain mash bill using no sugar?

Kirk DuVall

I'm a first timer .......... I am making my first batch of mash, so sorry for the simple question. The fruit has sunk to the bottom of my fermentation bucket, and no more bubbles, is it ready for distilling ???

Robert Beliveau

George , could you do an episode on the different yeasts and which are best for gaining the highest ABV and what the limitations are .......
That would help me a bunch. Ty Sir ......... Happy Brewing !

American Hot Topics

I wanted to order some supplies from you, ie a new still and some grains but the website seems to have some issues. Is there another way to get an order through or have you stopped selling? Thank you

robert miles sr

when buying glycerin or glycerol what kind.So many different kinds?confused

Andre Harrison

Can I use regular tap water to make a mash

Doc Hawke

"I recommend if you got nothing else to do, just go ahead and read."

James Dartley

Can I use 4 lbs of corn meal instead of flaked corn? Can I use amylase instead of barley? Will that cooktop support a 5 gallon still? Great videos, knowledgeable and entertaining!


George, the cheapest I can find corn dextrose online is $1.31 per pound. Using 10 lbs in your recipe at a cost of $13.10 just for the sugar in a 5-gallon batch seems costly. I use dextrose too, but not that much. I use 2.50 lbs for a 5-gallon mash in a recipe with barley doing the most of the work of converting the corn starch to sugar. I never use table sugar (cane sugar) unless I'm making rum. What is the benefit of 10 lbs vs. my 2.50 lbs? Is there a major increase in ABV with that extra 7.50 lbs? Thanks

Jason Miller

George how can i get 3 quart alcohl out 5 gallon wash

Luciferian Unleashed

Hey George could you make a video on making a wine mash using fresh berries?

Grandmaster Hobbyist

how does that fermenter work for you said opening the bottom and letting the yeast out? thanks.

Kim Sutton

I have a question can u add fruit to the corn mash as it ferments

Dan Theruggedman

So I bought 6 row malted barley but it’s not crushed. I guess I can just crush it myself?

Also would brown sugar change the tase?

After I found this channel I have so many questions!!! Thank you so much!

shaun wilkinson

Hi George, I'm pretty new to all of this, but find it all fascinating.
Ive just taken early retirement from the airlines, I'm in the UK.
Bored like a lot of people during lockdown etc, I set up a drone business, but this distilling etc, has really got me buzzing.
Can you please just tell me what the electric cooking stove is that you use.
looks a lot safer than my aga.
Anyway's many thanks for all the effort and time you spend educating many of us out here.
Best wishers to you and your family.

Kirk H

I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! ❤️ But stop welcoming us back we didn’t go anywhere!! ??

djdimi gaming

Can you show us you making it?


George quick question, in the corn meal vs flaked corn video you boiled  the water to gelatinize the corn and you said that if you keep it at 155/160 it wont gelatinize. here its the opposite, is that because the 6 row barley is present ? I believe ive heard you say that if you boil the 6 row you kill off the enzymes.... is that correct ?

George Allen

Do I need to do a acid rest & a protein rest if I use all malted corn for my mash?

Jack Tyrrell

Also I've been doing algrain brewing for about 13 years oatmeal stouts so I'm thinking of doing some malt Irish whisky going to get me an air still any options on them cheers


Can you use cracked corn?

max morter

The tomato paste is amazing with ec1118. I was wondering if people removed the grain instead of fermenting on it lose out on a little corn flavor

David Krisman

thank you for the great video.

Sal G.

Very useful information but, with all respect. The fade in and out of the pointers and such could be eliminated just pop it in and out. Hurts my eyes as they try to focus on it

Emilio Valencia

you legend, thanks a lot mate!

Bernard Deham

The best book you can find on internet The Complete Distiller by Nixon & McCaw...


Love the videos George, they remind me of the free classes I tool when I first started brewing beer. Quick question though, any idea where one could buy some dried corn....other than feed corn and flaked maize? Would love to find some heirloom corn, but I don't want to pay the high prices on Amazon. There must be some Texas farmers looking to sell a bushel or two. Thanks again for the education....keep up the good work!


Polymer bag in your steeping mash ... NO BUENO.
I don't care how good your nylon product is, all polymer products will release some stuff at temperatures over 100 degrees F.

Good Times with Al

Question, If I wanted to start distilling of shine making. And would like to upload a video also. What are the legal points and how can I get around it?

The Mad Mick

Good stuff as always George.

Thank you.?


Thanks for sharing. Very educational

Steve Skouson

A LOT of homebrewers use iodophor, as a sanitizing
agent Iodophor can also be used in the iodine starch
test. And, you've already got it.

Yes, I did, for quite a few years, professionally, and in


Marks Outdoors

Omg your a legend I swear

Charles Jones

Thanks "Thurston Howell III"!

Cortney Rogers

Hi George if I have malted corn I don't need any other grains for converting natural sugar right?

you suck

I live in Australia a bottle of rum costs me almost $50 you are helping me negate the crazy tax rates


George, thank you for the video. One question, at what point do you add the yeast nutrient? same time as the yeast? Anything needed to activate it?

Shane K

How did the mountain folks in the 1700s make moonshine with just the corn they grew? I’m guessing they didn’t have sugar or yeast? Thanks.

Andreas Gkipalis

hello sir ... could you help me with the fermendetion .?? i put 3gr yeast in 3lt of liquit how long i need to ferment my liquit ?/
thank you so much

seth morton

What’s the best yeast for sugar wash to get most ethanol out of it what I’m trying to do is stock pile alcohol and honey in mason jars for just in case not really looking for flavor

jason derek

Hello, was wondering about boiling when distilling and temps. i just have a homemade still. Do i set the stove burner at high when i start and bring it to a good boil. hoping im doing it right. i just hard boiled until proof went down.thanks


Do you mill the barley before adding it to the mash? Or, is that unnecessary?

Rock Hunter

Too much yakking

Joseph Ringling

at what temp is the yeast nutrient added,? And how long after adding the yeast nutrient do you add the yeast? Thanks for you time in advance.

Adam Wanderscheid

Thanks George!


Hey George, been watching for quite a while and I’ve seen you add sugar to a lot of the grain builds for higher abv. What about adding grape juice or some other high sugar fruit. I feel like there’s so many comparisons between Brandy and whiskey that they may go well together. Especially after aging on oak. What say you?

Mash converter

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convert mash Instancer to ue4

1 740 views | 1 Jan. 2017

Jason Sproates

Hey there! great video and could be a potential life saver for a project of mine. Could you point me in the direction of this plugin please?



Seat Hava

Well, Is this plugin 'convertinstanceUE4.py' right? but nothing happened when I dragged this file to my scene. either other files (pyc, ui).. Does this still work? or did I used this wrong?

Mash converter

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Building a Mash Tun: A DIY Project

62 846 views | 2 Oct. 2017

As part of my 5 to 10

As part of my 5 to 10 gallon brewery upgrade project, this step-by-step tutorial on making your own mashtun/lautertun from a picnic cooler will allow you to mash enough grain for ten gallon batches of beer. Featured is a homemade CPVC manifold for separating the wort from the grain and how to add a ball valve to your cooler.

Check out my latest DIY Mash Tun Upgrade: https://youtu.be/cJniBXDQV4M

Parts List:

56+ qt Cooler (mine was an old Rubbermaid)

1/2" ID Clear Vinyl Tubing (~8" long)

1/2" CPVC pipe (~5+ ft) (~$1.90)

Four 1/2" CPVC 90 deg Elbows (~$0.84)

Seven 1/2" CPVC Tees (~$1.68)

1/2" x 2" Brass Nipple (yours may be a different length) (~$5)

1/2" Brass Ball Valve FPT x FPT (~$10)

1/2" Female NPT x 1/2" Hose Barb (~$4)

1/2" Brass Locknut (~$2)

13/16" ID x 1/8 Dia O-Ring ($.50)

7/8" ID Metal Washer ($.50)

Teflon Tape

1/2" CPVC Threaded Adapter (Optional)

1/2" Male NPT x 1/2" Nylon Hose Barb (Optional)

1/2" Male NPT x 1/2" (or 3/8") Hose Barb (Optional)

Watch all of the 'Brewery Upgrade: 5 to 10 Gallon Capacity Expansion Project' videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofsQgICY3FvrJSJdbeDTa_RC

See something in one of my videos that you'd like to have too? Shop my Amazon Influencers Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/beer-n-bbqbylarry

Buy BNB Clothing & Other Gear: http://beernbbqbylarry.com/bnb-gear/

DONATE - Consider supporting my channel by making a direct contribution at the links below:

PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/BEERNBBQBYLARRY

Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/BEERNBBQbyLarry

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BEERNBBQBYLARRY

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100606326966269821008

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BEERNBBQbyLarry

My Website: https://www.beernbbqbylarry.com

Hustle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100793

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

DrHans Brewery

Nice video Larry and a great build, Cheers!

Alexander Olah

Nice work. When I made my mash tun I went copper with the Coleman 48 quart cooler. Pretty similar design to yours except I had used copper. Also I had did slits on mine. When I was in the debate on doing slits vs drilled holes, I had read that since the grain is more cylindrical shaped slits were less likely to clog when doing slits rather than holes. Weather it's significant once its loaded full of grain not sure but never had a stuck sparge on mine.


Thanks Larry, great instructional video as always. Say, for a larger cooler, do you recommend a proportionally sized design or would this false bottom size work just as well? I’d like to use a huge cooler for larger no sparge batches.


Is brass safe?
I did a quick google search and got mixed answers

SK Facilities

Your domed lid cooler is why your volume was off, the lid is included. Thanks for sharing.


Nice build and great ideas, the CPVC is plumbing or electrical ducting? I have a old fishing cooler that would be great to convert into a mash tun.  Great brewing videos and interesting tips thanks.

James Goacher

I am thinking of re-activating my original Cooler type Mash Tun for some brews and I also have another Cooler available which is slightly larger that I could do this with. Thanks for the doable nature of this project.


Hey Larry thanks for the great videos! My question for you is have you ever used a bazooka screen ?

marty stamplecoskie

good video

Caio Vidal

Hey Larry! I'm a great fan of your work, just started a family brewery here in Rio, and my 2nd beer was already your version of the hoegaarden. Hope you can answer me one question on your line of production: when you pour the hot water in the cooler for the mash, how do you elevate it's temperature for the desired ramps of temperature (proteic pause, and the Alfa and beta amylase ) ?

John-Paul Murdoch

Thanks Larry!

ace of spades 991

Great video. How do you clean the manifold after cleaning? Does it have to be disassembled every time?


For cutting the PVC, a Chop and/or Miter Saw is very fast and does a very clean cut! Nice Video! Thanks! ;-)

Zach Royston

I'm going to make a mashtun using these specs and this video as a guide, thanks for making it so straight forward.

Happy Pants

I would like to see this being used. The pvc doesnt pick up any grain particles?

Jonathan Lipaj

Great video, Larry. I have two coolers that I'm thinking about turning into Mash Tuns/HLTs. One is a 5 gal Igloo and the other is a 15 gal Igloo. I've contemplated turning both into Mash Tuns for different batch/gravity sizes and using the other as the HLT. In your opinion, can a certain mash tun be too big for the batch of beer one brews? Ie. If I'm mashing for a 5 gal batch, would the 15 gal mash tun be too big? Would I run into issues trying to hold that mashing temp for an hour with so much head space in the mash tun? If not, I'll just convert the 15gal into my mash tun and use my 5 gal as the HLT and save the cash. What are your thoughts?

Greg S.

Larry thanks for the video. Would you possibly be able to say how much this would cost to buy just the equipment to create the mash tun? Not any of the tools. Just the pipes and cooler and stuff. Thanks.

J Gar

Great timely video. Like you I have been working towards a 10 gallon system. You mentioned that CPVC should be used rather than the regular PVC, good call. I had saved some PVC remnants from a plumbing repair and I had planned on using those for the manifold till I asked what the difference was between the two. Other good advise from your video, I purchased a 57 quart cooler for my project awhile ago and I will now be confirming the volume here shortly. It looks like I have just about everything to finally put this puppy together.

Short Circuited Brewers

Good idea going with the hose barb on both ends on the inside of the mash tun. I had some concern when you didn't have it initially.. I was afraid you might knock it out with the mash paddle. Man.. Larry, you're headed more towards electric Brewing all the time!! Lol!! I think the video will help the all grain beginners! ?

michael blakeborough

We reached out to a building store and they say brass should have lead in it do stainless steel is best. But all the equipment we can find is only brass based on ur instructions. Also no one sells a bold and washer that would fit the brass nipple because on type of threading between the two. Any suggestions for alternatives to building the valve set up?

Anthony Valera

Where did you find that lock but!?! I don’t get it but i can’t find one that is stainless or brass in that size ANYWHERE. i can find it in zinc.

Also is it better to have holes or slots facing down or up? Thinking more about clogs than anything.


Edgars Strods

Great video! Any video with mash tun in action?

Dave P.

I had a 5 gallon cooler. On my last brew I realized it was to small but I made it work. The very next day I picked up an 11.5 gallon similar to yours. Well done!

Pegasus Producciones

Thanks for this man! Great video, just built my own version for my cool box dimensions ??

wayne Monroe220

Sure, now to convince my wife can use the new ORCA cooler I won from Kubota MSRP 450$ but only use couple times year. Think it’s a losing battle she uses it to keep excess eggs in. Oh well!

ayron germiat

Larry, you used a nylon barb off the manifold...could you use a brass barb instead, or is there some reason that one would need to be nylon? Side note- your videos are the most helpful out of all the homebrew stuff I've been looking at!

Brian Van Helvert

ugh, vinyl tubing sucks. Go with silicon. Way, way , way better. I also used to use a similar copper manifold but switched to a filter bag (BIAB) for $30. No need for manifold, and NO chance of stuck sparge. Can mill at 0.20 mm for increase efficiency and full speed sparge with no worry about setting the grain bed. Much quicker/cheaper/easier way to brew.

Starvin Marvin

How did the slits work, ever get any stuck sparrges with that?

Michael Teague

Larry how’s it Going I built this mash tun lather
Cooler but same Design I checked flow rate based on all holes I drilled in right at about 1 gpm natural flow rate is that abt what
You were seeing and is that sufficient.

Roy Krouse

Have you tried a timed temp loss test? Just curios. I have that same cooler lol


Very informative, thank you. This helps me get ready to put together my first mash tun

Waddlez Gaming

Where in the hell did you get that nut from. I looked all over Lowe's and Home Depot and asked everybody that work there. Stay there for like 2 hours and when was unable to find that nut found everything else though

qwasert ben

thats crazy, you had the cooler for years and never took the sticker off the front.

Simon A

in just leaning about home brewing.. a mash tun is for heating
your grains to make wort, right? How do you boil liquid in this?? Is the plastic okay for hot temperatures?


Hi Larry. I am switching over from extract to all grain, so your videos are a big help! I currently brew 5gal batches, but the cooler which I would like to convert into my MLT is 52 quarts. I also am learning to use your excel product but noticed when updating my brewhouse info, anything over 42qt for Mash Tun size results in a single step drain (my kettle is 40qt). Sure I can put a 40qt value to use a 2 step batch sparge but at the expense of each add/drain only being 14.5qt when using the 1.5 water/grist ratio. Any suggestions you could offer? Perhaps this cooler is just too large and could better serve as an ice-water bin for my immersion chiller?

Terry Glass

First to Like. Just what I needed as I have done something similar and its nice to compare. Cheers Larry always enjoy your videos.

william mikula

how long did you use the old one before it started to crack like that

Mike Caron

Great video as always! For my mash tun, I use a length of stainless steel braid from a faucet adapter. I'm really considering switching over to amanifold system like this. Just curious what your thoughts are when it comes to a manifold system like yours vs. stainless steel braid system.

Andy Kleiber

had issues getting the o-ring to set. The cooler came with a rubber "gasket" that set inside the cooler on the existing drain line. Used this without the o-ring and held the water perfectly. 10 gallon batches here I come!

Patrick Culhane

Do the slits or holes get clogged ?

Joel Swift

Having a difficult time locating the 1/2" brass locknut, any recommendations or alternatives? Tried local hardware/plumbing stores with no success.

Richard Cockerill

i live in Canada,too bad the USA never went metric,probably never will,but they should

On the Level Inspection Service

Hey Larry, for cleaning the mash tun do you remove the manifold or just clean around it? Awesome videos by the way!!!


This is awesome! Great build! I need to convince my wife to let go of a cooler...or just ask for forgiveness once my new tun is running.... ;)

Cowboy Boots

Get a like just for the commercial.

William Cutler

I'm building a 2 gallon mash tun for 1 gallon batches and am planning to use stainless steel hot water heater line as filter, but if that thing collapses I'm going to back to this video and getting some cpvc piping, nice to have a plan b now, great video thanks.

J. Grimm

Another awesome video Larry. I plan on building your mash tun this weekend. Since making this video, have you improved upon anything with the tun or run into any issues with it? Thanks again for the videos Larry.

daniel salach

So glad I seen this now you gave me a diy project, thank you !!!!!!!!!

Richard Cockerill

appreciate your knowledge


Great video with heaps of detail. I like that you did a little testing after the initial completion and amended the video prior to uploading. Those all important trouble shooting tips make all the difference. Cheers!

Tommy Runkel

Does your 1/2" ID Clear Vinyl Tubing get soft in the mash tun and restrict the flow at all?

Ragimund VonWallat

thank you my good sir, exactly what i wanted to know. as for batch size...5 or even 10 gals was way to small for me, i brew 45 gal batch using blue food grade drum, work like a charm and i have for 6 to 12 months

Brent Bell

great video! have you thought making a supprted false bottom?

M. C

Hello Larry I have been watching your Youtube a while I enjoy all the cool stuff you do. I got a picobrew after watching you a bit ago. Will a long while ago and enjoyed it for about 3 years. But they have gone out of business . Is there anything that let a picobrew Pro S guy brew that taste as good. I have brew some brew with other items but i dont have the skill . Do you think a Grainfather is a good start. I don't have a brew store near me everything comes from ordering on line. I live in two places St.John's Newfoundland and sounds strange in Nevada outside Las Vegas. I would to upgrade my brewing skills. Any recommendation ?
Thank you much Brewmeup and you do a great job Thanks

Paul Mercer

Hey Larry, learning a lot from your vids. Great work and thanks.
What are your thoughts on double purposing this mash tun with a jockey box? Would this work? Or would there be too much heat exchange through the faucet holes? Or is there something else I may be missing?

James Moore

So am just getting started in home brewing but it hit me hard. I have done one extract brew and am now ready to go all grain. Does the manifold replace a false bottom? Would there be any benefit or disadvantage of doing both?

Chris DiMase

Thanks for the video another great project. I just need the time LOL


Did you have to special order the brass locknut? They dont seem to exist where I live.


Can you build a mini- mash tun for 1-2 gal batch brewers. I live in a studio apt and can only afford to brew on a small scale

Jonathan Lipaj

Larry, your videos are great! They are very easy to understand and follow. My wife got me a home brew kit for Xmas and I am excited to try it out. For my first few batches I will follow the malt extract recipes pretty closely, but thanks to your videos I am hoping to ascend to all grain brewing quickly. Thanks again, man! Good stuff- Cheers!


You really make the best videos.
I haven't even started brewing but already builded my stir plate and mash tun with the help of your videos.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge


Larry, where did you acquire your knowledge of pipefitting/plumbing? Apart from brewing, I have various home projects that'd greatly benefit from more plumbing/engineering. IE adding a thread extender to sink purifier that doesn't clear the internal threads. Sorry if I don't know how to properly ask my own question!


Helpful and easy project, we like easy project!

John Daily

Revisiting your choice to use slots over holes... Have you noticed any difference in flow, clarity, and efficiency? Currently building a replica and was curious how the slots are working out.

chance kiki

How much did it cost to make the whole system?

Andy Quinn

Nice level of detail Larry. Thanks!

J Douglas

What made you opt for the cpvc over the braided cable I commonly see in mash tuns? Cost, flow rate, ease of cleaning or something else? Frankly I'm surprised I don't see it more.

Austin Melbourne

I've made this DIY mash tun, I went with the slits, but I got particles of grain and grain hulls coming over after 10, 2 quart vorlaufs. I am remaking the manifold with 1/16 holes. (Yes, I'm drilling hundreds of holes.) I'll keep you updated.

Oscar León

Thank you! This was just what I needed. Cheers from Guatemala!

Jack Tyrrell

Hi Larry I can you throw any light on my problem the flavour on my oatmeal stout has been awful for some time now and I've got no idea what's wrong
My mash tun manifold is made from copper and I only rince it out when I'm done should I clean it out using boiling water and detergent
Also my yeast is so5 which I store in my freezer my base malt I keep in my bag on my cement floor and it's whole grain any suggestions would be wonderful
Ps today baffled thanks it used to be so wonderful thanks Larry

oldschoolman 144

What's your thoughts of chemicals leaching out of the plastic due to the high temperature of mash & sparge. Personally I chose all stainless, high temp silicone tubing and glass for my brewing.

Matt Hovanec

Made one similar to this following your guide, used drilled holes instead of slits, no stuck sparges (6 brews in) great concept and execution! Thanks for the idea. I ended up going with drilled holes because the smell of the dremel making the slits gave me a headache. Thanks for your videos!

Timothy Harrington

Larry your videos are awesome man. Very inspirational, and educational for a new brewer. Keep it up!


Hey Larry, Any thought on whether drilled holes or the sawed channels are more effective?

Richard Cockerill

ok why CPVC as opposed to PVC..temperature?....


I have watched several of your DIY videos, and they are all superbly done.


I'm an idiot BUT why is 7/8" the perfect ID for the existing hole in the cooler? Shouldn't it be 1/2"? Thanks!


Found a massive recipe for a imperial stout I'm gonna make to age in some bourbon barrels. the grain bill is nearly 30 pounds, and around 9.5 gallons of water to mash in.. pretty crazy for a 5.5 gal batch recipe. So I'm going to need something bigger then my 10 gallon mash tun. Thinking about building a mash tun out of a 100 qt cooler. This video is going to help a ton, thanks for posting.

Roderick Roderick

I have been on a marathon of watching your videos. You are doing a great job. I have learned so much from you its not even funny.
Keep it up.. I'll be watching


Thanks for sharing your build of the mash tun, nice tweaks in the build.

Jeremiah T

I remember around the new year you uploaded a video inquiring feedback about your channel. One of my requests was more DIY projects and you have not disappointed. Thanks for the quality videos.

Marco Guillette

Hi Larry! How do I make my mash tun 100% empty? I tried to build a system like yours but I end up with 3-4 cups of liquid in the bottom that won't drain in the pipes.

Black Label Corals

Any major Pro’s on doing a manifold VS bazooka screen filter?

Paul Hadfield

why doe sit need the inner cpvc tube, thingy?