Verizon samsung 8

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon

528 views | 17 Sep. 2017

Over the next month, I'll

Over the next month, I'll be taking testing out the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Verizon. Feel free to ask me any questions that you'd like to know about this smartphone. Thanks for checking it out!


Verizon samsung 8

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Samsung Galaxy A71 5G - Long Term 90-Day Review and Unboxing

233 351 views | 20 Jul. 2020

In this video, I will

In this video, I will unbox the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G and do a long term review of this super value smartphone.

I have been testing the regular Galaxy A71 for 3 months now and just acquired a Galaxy A71 5G version which I wanted to unbox as well.

So let's dive in.


0:00 Intro

1:02 Unboxing the Galaxy A71 5G

1:52 Ports, Cameras, Tour around A71

3:39 Front Camera on Galaxy A71

4:05 Display of Galaxy A71 5G

4:50 Battery Life and Charging Speed

5:34 Software

6:15 Processor and Performance (Gaming)

7:01 Rear Cameras (with Samples)

8:31 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

9:57 Outtro

10:19 End

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Anita Labois noire

I just got this from my boyfriend, So happy ?

Toni Georg

I lowkey want s10 lite(400 euro) , but a71 give me pretty much the same for 300 euro

Deb Dutta

It said long term video review in the title..!!! This video on the other hand is an unboxing and a first impression... !!!! Misleading...!!!


You can the A71 5G model for $5 on Samsung.com with promo SAMSUNG100GALAXY when buying it with T-Mobile lock and trade in iPhone 8. I just got it for $5 plus taxes it’s a limited time deal tho. MUST be those specific things to get it for $5.

Jose Gonzalez

I am loyal to Samsung, my last 4 phones were flagship models. I decided to try this A71 5G bc T-mble offered me bogo free for $600. I DO NOT recommend this phone. It is very buggy. It drops calls regularly, before this phone i was on metro, when they were bought out by T-mobile my reception improved. Now that I am T-mble I am dropping calls everyday. I miss calls on a regular basis. I have had problems watching videos, they stop for no reason, on different apps. Music on iHeart stops when i get a text message. I can't get my money back. It's too late. Beside the great battery life and camera I hate this phone! I want my S9 back!

Ruth Ann McPike

Does this phone have a duo?

FCB Martinez

Hey I know this is random but can anyone let me know what is the song played during the spotify ad of the Samsung galaxy A71?


Samsung S20 FE 5g is better.

Yasin Rubel

Nicely described. Thanks. ?

Jorge Mendoza

my note 8 is broken, enough where it's a drag to use it, so I bought this phone used online for $290 USD. Here is to the future... It comes next year :)

Tom D

Oneplus 8 is a better deal

Amandeep Singh Gund

Sir when galaxy A715G will launch in India


It doesn't have any LED notification

Joshua Lund

I got the 5g for $300. Long as I don't pay it off early or else its $600 :/


I can get the 5g version for 450 so im guessing thats my best bet

Also the one im looking at states 8gb of ram


The reviews on this phone is very polarizing. A large number of 1-2 star reviews all saying problems with signals and touch screen. Not a good buy

Mark gilbert

Sir in your video I saw your phone in a holder on desktop what is it

usman abdulkadir

Amazing unboxing and hands on review as always watching with my S20 plus

Dre McCoy

Is this phone waterproof

Iboy Dafreshest

I know this comment is late but does the 4g have good data speed, because I'm coming from 4g phone and sometimes, it doesn't even get a good signal and I can't afford the 5g

Silver Reyes

Hey all, I am getting mixed reviews involving phone calls dropping and service. Can anyone share their experience primarily if you have Verizon as your service provider. Thank you all

That Cape Town Kid

I rate the selfie 100/10

Dan H

Watching on my galaxy A71 5G.

Twniyah Jackson

Thank you for this video it's very helpful. I loved how you also showed the provided wallpapers. Most reviews and unboxing videos I've watched about this phone haven't included that in the video.

Miss Mo

I really like the color is very bright..?????

Farisyal B.K

please buy some tripod

Joe Johnson

I have the 5G version and the front camera records in 4k
So far I love this dang phone ?

Goutham Raj

Amazon Deals: Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Drops to Whopping $445 & Samsung Galaxy Buds to $79!

Liam Yang

I just got A71 5G last month and some issue on this phone now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP0k-vKOXwU&feature=youtu.be

Michael RS

The only thing that keeps me from jumping on this phone (at $375 directly from Samsung for the T-Mobile version. $400 for Verizon) as opposed to the s20 FE is the lack of dual speakers. I really enjoy a decent sound when I'm streaming videos.

Sylent Xtinction

This phone is now less than $300 on Verizon Prepaid... serious contender for me.

Hugo Villegas

I order this phone with google FI its 18 dlls per month/ 24 months and I'm in the flexible plan so its going to be around 60-65 for phone and plan and at least 2 or 3 gb per month, during this pandemic im not using 5g at the moment, I wil lswitch later to unlimited plan, looks like a good deal


I bought a 71 5g for 425 bucks. Open box from best buy. Love it.

Rouvy Lopez

Are the specifications for Non 5G and 5 are Similar- Processor Speed ,Video Recording Quality and Camera Capture?


The fact that it doesnt have wireless charging capability really bums me out. Otherwise its perfect for me. Not sure the workaround for that is worth doing.

Sabeedh Hamza

Guys, Don't buy this phone it has some Major motherboard issue. I purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy A71 5g on 26/11/2020 and exactly after one week the touch is not working. I surrendered the phone in the service center for the Warranty claim. After several follow-ups, they have told me there is Liquid Damage inside the phone and it will not cover under Warranty. They asked me Half of the phone's price to fix this. Guys, there is no chance to go the water inside, I tried to make understand the service team this. They told me that no need to put the phone inside water even moisture in our hands can cause liquid damage.
I wondered by listening to these kinds of madnes from a reputed companies technical team. Now I am sure that they are washing their hands and they will not give any kind of warranty on this device.
So guys I request all of you to not buy this phone. I lost my money and I don't want the same thing happening to anyone else. Also, remember Samsung will not give a Warranty for its inside board even if your phone is under Warranty.

pro thinker

it's the best packeg from galaxy

Francisco Reynoso

I love it!

Logan Ofsanko

I just got this phone!! I am typing with it as we speak..... it is awesome ? ? ?!!!!

Subh Mishra

What?? $200 For Only 5G . Overpriced

Ля Ляпос

Just buy a previous year flagship

czerjith 1

Is this mobile a dual sim mobile with a dedicated slot for sd card.... Please reply

David MO

Just do two separate videos next time. 1 for the unboxing which sooooooo many people could care less about and the I no initial impressions. Then another for the 90 day follow up.

Super Vocal

What microphone do you use, sir?

Tu Tran Dynamite

I had the phone 70% off the 5G one

Michael RS

Well, finally bit the bullet and the T-Mobile version of the A71 5G from Samsung directly for $375.
I had nothing to trade in a or that I wanted to trade in or it would have been less.

In California in a T-Mobile store it's going for $600. $647 with sales tax.

But really, for all the stuff the A71 does NOT have; like better screen glass and water resistance, it shouldn't be anything more than $500 in a carrier store.

Anyway, besides saving the money, if it doesn't work out, it'll give me a good feel for how it would be to have the LG V60.
If I got that I would get the dual screen version, as its only $50 more than the single screen, but I would probably only use the single screen out of the dual screen case anyway and the A71 is only 7 mm shorter and 2 mm less wide.

If I got the v60 I would have to get it from the carrier, so I could make payments, and if I didn't like the size of it returning it is a minor hassle, not to mention the $50 restocking fee they would keep.
The stupid security attachments they have to the phones in the stores don't allow you to pick them up and really get a feel how they would feel in your hand.
So dumb they don't have a provision so the customer can get a real feel of the phone.

Korrie Husky

A71 5G was $399 on Amazon


How do YouTube video look? I'm thinking about aspect ratios and wondering if/how much the phone has to cut off the sides of YouTube videos? Thanks for a great review!

Watts Reacts

I’m too turned off by so many bad reviews on it saying it stopped working after a few months or starts lagging or overheating

dan escano

i got my wife A71 5g version good price for 600??

UbaidZ VLog

Dear guys who is using this A71 5G model please Answer me, VoLTE and VoWifi is Working in yours mobile or not? (Am from saudi arabia phone sim Networks STC and Mobily)

Michael RS

Here's a pretty specific question for anybody that might know;
How does the A71 5G speaker compared to that of the LG G6 when video streaming (Netflix/YouTube).

I'm talking about he sound regular talking watching a show, not necessarily some profound music audio listening.

spencer johnson

Is the phone ip68?

Josh A

I wish your actually compared the data speeds of the 4g and 5g. Considering they're just bull shit marketing terms anyways it would be nice. According to the tele commission 4g standard is 100mbs to 1gbs, the FASTEST 4g speeds are like 150 at best more like sub 50.

Christopher X

When I look at A71 5G specs I see a 765G CPU, not 730.

Jim Moberly

Have you tried the lg velvet 5g? Trying to decide between that and the 71 5g. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Elizabeth Simoes

Pretty good enough..I've got mine a week ago..

Yahya Sultan

Is it worth it to trade iPhone 7 for this galaxy

Jazzie Jai

Just bought this phone today. Only had it a few hours but I can't tell the difference from my old S9+.

909 A Vikram.N

Does is has a metal frame

Shruti Shirwadkar

My Husband wanted A70 5g I like the A70 5g

Daniel Koranteng

I am having this problem with instagram on my Samsung Galaxy A71. My Keyboard on my #SamsungA71 is hiding the font choices on instagram Stories. Have changed keyboard size, hidden the top keyboard bar... they still stay covered. Help me please.

John Mal

Bought one today... You helped me decide. Thanks for the great video....

Larissa T Zuhoski

So helpful! Thank you.

DaDa Dong

just got mine today. loving it.....

Marites Arcaparlas

Actually some country in the world does really get snapdragon 765g but some like ours has the exynos 980 everything is clear


I just got this phone for TMobile from Samsung for an incredible sale price of $278! Love the phone! Thanks for the review.

Raj Rahman

If you want to buy a71 5g don't buy it instead buy s20fe it will be so worth it trust me

Rex Luminus

As always,great reviews.?Thank you.

Lucas Allen

Does it have stereo speakers?

Jason Minicozzi

Watching this on my galaxy a71 5g

Charles Bronson

By any chance do you know where I can get a replacement single sim card/storage tray from? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the States


Want to clarify, The non 5G model does include a Snapdragon 730 as stated by the reviewer but the 5G model comes with a Snapdragon 765G just wanted to clear that up

charles ames

Im looking to upgrade my pixel 2xl, is this a good choice?


The A71 5G UW also has 8GB of RAM


So the 5G feature is primarily for speed . like for use while multi using ph. Or for playing games?
Is that correct?

Johnny Findley

I paid 299.00 at Walmart for my A71 5g

Milan Thakkar

You are my twin brother. I thought I was doing the review


what is a good case for this phone?

Simple Frankie

600 and no headphones..

Andres Gutierrez Jaramillo

I love the phone and the price.

Island Plumber

Terrible phone


what is the waterproof rating in this phone?

Gob Gelacio

This is my graduation gift from my parents soon.. waiting for the unit tho

sardar khan

Another great video love you brother

Michael RS

Well now I'm extremely nervous.
I thought I researched pretty good before I ordered this phone from the Samsung website for $375 for the T-Mobile version, but now two days later I'm coming across all these post in the T-Mobile community and Sansom community websites about how horrendous this phone is.
Maybe that's the reason Samsung was offering it for 375 for the T-Mobile version.
The stuff Ive read almost makes me just want to send it back without even opening the box.

JT Manuel

Looks like it's not available here in the UK. ?


Galaxy A71 for $400: https://amzn.to/2OJ086U

Larry Lehman

I can find some cases but it seems that none are otter box quality and the no cover on the cases at concerns me even though the sides of the case is raised

arturo pena

People who are here in 2021. The 5g lowered to 427 dollars in amazon

Kanna dwagon

Better then the S9? Asking since currently on good monthly price for 5 bucks monthly payments for 24 months

Albert Latscha

Is the screen unbreakable???


for the extra 200 get the 5g its worth it

Ronnii Howard

What game was that


When I zoom in, the letters at the bottom get cutoff. Can you place them higher or to the side? Muchos thank you sir

Dee Williams

I love my phone but for some reason when I'm on video call it goes back to a regular call

Aj Blackwell

Snapdragon is actually a 765g..... not 730

Kimberly Brookes

I believe you are incorrect. In the US the 5G variant of the galaxy A71, except for the Verizon version, all have an Exynos 980 processor.


Samsung Galaxy A71 5G or Redmi Note 8 Pro?

walter white

Got the A71 5G(Snapdragon 765), for $300...a T-Mobile trade in deal. Solid phone, great display.

Verizon samsung 8

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4(2020) Review

154 435 views | 5 May. 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 2020 is a great compliment to and setup. Light, compact, and affordable!!!

Get yours here:


Shop My Recommendations:





Follow and support at:





https://[email protected]

#samsung #galaxytaba8.4


Free at T-Mobile

Krystal Lum

Does it have a stylus?

Random Person

It looks so big and small at the same time

Jayo Sasa

Quick question is it hdmi supported

Muthu Lakshman

Unfortunately not available outside US, i wanted a 8.4 inch tablet

Epic Rhino Films

I got the T-Mobile version of the tablet because the T-Mobile version has the least amount of bloatware as well as the obvious T-Mobile splash screen when you boot up the device initially

Mi o

Yep you're right , that's a perfect tablet for a person like me ?

icarus rosy

does the s-pen work with this?

Sivakumar M

I would like a wifi only variant of this tab. Or an unlocked version.

Kimmy B

Are they releasing it everywhere. I am just about to buy a tablet. I want the 8 but the 10.1 is better screen and chip wise. This sounds the same as the 10.1 but smaller so I would really love this

Georgina Rodriguez

Hi! Just got this tablet yesterday! And love the quality of it! Can anyone please tell me how I lock the screen so my child won’t get out of the kids YT app? TIA ???


Does the 8.4 have palm rejection when note taking? Thnx

Tony NewGuy

Would love an update review and if any software updates helped your usage with this.thanks for the vid,not many reviews of this niche compact tablet that I'm a fan of ?


I got the 10.8 for free with my iPhone from sprint I love it


Subscribed immediatly

Grand Master Mawile

I've heard that with tablets you can do 3 windows open at the same time. How do you do that with the tab a8?

Kimmy B

Do you know if the 8.4 is global. I can't seem to find it in Australia. And I'm just about to buy one. I would prefer this size. The 2019 A models here are slightly different. The new 8.4 specs sound like the 10.1 model so I would like

Aseem Achintya

4months later and barely any mention of this 2020 Tab A8.4 on any tech sites. i have been browsing for 2020 tablets for a while and this is the first time Ive seen any mention of this. Even GSM arena only has a paragraph about leaks...

JBL Bass Tester 11シ

I have the samsung galaxy tab A 8.0" from 2019

Sugawara SeMpAi

Can i just take a moment to appreciate that Vegeta wallpaper-

ullas babu

Is the screen lcd or led ?


What’s the build number for this??

Omar Moore

Where'd you get that Vegeta Screensaver from!? It's badass!

Country Boy 85

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A since Christmas of 2015. My parents gave it to me when I was in sales and my laptop has sat since. I now am self employed and my wifi only tab a has served me well for running work applications to build bids, emailing customers, running CRM, and obviously watching videos.
5 years, with the past 2 years of heavy use and it still works great. Hope the next tablet we get works as well. Im interested in a bigger tablet for recreation and a more secure one for work purposes.
Thanks for a simple, not too nerdy, video

David Thomas

I like LOVE my tablet . I got the AT&T one , super fast internet speed (100 mb+) I just wish I can connect it to the TV with a cord (doesn't need internet)

Iloilo City Talent

Not worth it.. for the same price I bought the Samsung p205 tab that comes with an s pen and lte


I have Tab A 2017 LTE

Aghazar Shahbazli

I would just buy the note series....

Sancho Fro

What is that little box on your desk to the left of your switch? It's white and looks like a futuristic fatback tv.


How is this this in comparison to last years 10.1" model? have last years and debating whether an upgrade would be worth the money. Thanks in advance.

Sebastian Deantoni

Meh, the 8.0 w/ S-Pen one is better.

Jon-Jon Guevarra

Compared with the current Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019). Best for gaming (ex. Mobile Legends Bang Bang), online classes, streaming and social networking.

Fanuel Febriano Santo

3:22 I guess he use "2020 theme wallpaper".


Can you play clash of clans well on this tablet?


Got this today

Monster Gamer

Koto tk

vijay kumar joshi

It does not go fullscreen mode for me

sunny rachelsson

Would you recommend this or the Huawei media pad t5?

Bill Sanborn

Can you put a battery in this tablet?


no answer 4 a simple, but main question - can u make and recive call on this device if u unsert sim from smartphone?

Trend Stop

Give us a link for your wallpaper

Yisak Michael

I couldn't find the wallpaper you showed on your review please give us a link I'm a subscriber

Daniel R.


Gold Skull

How well do GPS apps like Waze work on this tablet?

Dale M

I want to use this for Gaia GPS when overlanding. Does this have a GPS installed? Thanks!!

Brian McGuinness

How's it holding up over time? Looking to use navigation, YouTube, and YT Music in my car


does it fit in a back pocket?

Odia Ukpebor

Please how can I get this Nigeria?

Tim Gentz

Who else watched this and thought the original tab s 8.4 was still better?


great review!!

Ammar Younis

i like to know if genshin empacte work on it normally or not if anyone knows ?

Vítor Viana

Greetings, can you make a video testing the game dragon ball Z dokkan battle? thank you.

Patricia Tapia

How do you take a screenshot?

Bill Sanborn

Wait....u said this is 32gb. The 2019 is 32gb. The 2020 is 64gb. And u said its 3g 4g compatible. Everything is 4g 5g now


Would I be able to use this for music? Can I use it to show Guitar tabs and different apps for guitar playing such as pedal apps for different sound effects for guitar?

luce tothebridge

For 300 bucks then better to get iPad 6. 9.7" , the lte version is €250-280 now

Darron Rafelito


applecandy pink

oh...no stylus

Karamjeet Singh Lamba

are you reviewing the tab or your hands?

Jose Castro

Will this run the Xbox game pass app to play xbox games?

Cool KarateMan

Would you recommend this to someone who wants to use it primarily for calls, texts, reading (ebooks, pdfs, etc) and some light social media usage? Currently trying to find a substitute for a smartphone. Thanks for the review, man!

myusrn olk

Would a t-mobile version of this device allow use of only t-mobile sims or could one use mvno [ mobile virtual network operator ] sims that use t-mobile network, e.g. mintmobile and ultramobile?

Does the device have a gps so that coupled with lte support it supports everything a mobile phone does except the legacy mobile calling, texting and data network protocols and lacks a phone dialer and sms/mms messaging app story in the android 9 pie install?

Adrian Garcia

How is there still no flash?!

Miguel Rodriguez

Do you know if there's root for it?

Beatrix Cheng

Can I use this to make phone calls?

Thomas Cook

Silly ? but this does have WiFi too right?

Gilles Poulin

Can you use it WiFi only? There is no other 8 inch tablet with these specs

Android.A i Android.A

You got a nice back ground wall paper on your tablet

Daniele B

Does anybody know if this could be a good option to read books?


if youre going to do a review for the general public giving a balanced look maybe dont change the wallpaper? let people do that for their own devices.

Irealla Real Life

I just bought one, thanks for the review, if convinced me, I made a good buy!?

Sujatha Achar

Can you show how to take screen shots in this

Jonathon R Wills

Dude you lay it out perfectly. At&t just started offering these and I got one but there is no sim card? Is there a card I can insert with the same # as my cell???
Anyway, your cool thanks...

Lemon Greasy

Not worth it honestly you can get a slightly used 7th gen ipad for this price on where i live

Vira Sadhana

This hasn't arrived in Malaysia yet

Roel_El_ Rey

Will cod mobile work on this

Epic Rhino Films

How does this time compared to the Amazon fire HD 8 Plus?

Google User

This is a really good tablet, but I would not recommend it because:
- Tablets that use Verizon or T-Mobile are not that good and are slow
- Most apps are not compatible with this tablet
- cannot perform day to day tasks, easily

Avinash Hariraj

Does it have a tap to wake?

Aayush Karki

Does It have game launcher ?? Plz reply

Amari Garvey

Love it and not just Verizon, I have t mobile and it was free !


$300 vs $329 iPad 2020???? hmmm Performance alone compared to iPad 2020, makes this tablet worth $100. lol or even iPad Mini. I'm referring to just a tablet not LTE.

Rochel Davide

LTE? can you use it as a phone for text and call?

RedFlame Haitham

I need a budget tab that supports fortnite will this tab support?


What the name of the game he was playing? ?

Supravat Choudhury

Is it coming in india ??

sharon eyler

check with sales at verizon--I just got the tablet and was having prob with the cell phone I was also getting and he gave me a stylus--Just tried it on the tablet when you made the comment --and it works

YEET Nawaj

How does this compare to an s6 lite.


You talked me into buying one,
Going to do some retro emulation,
This most likely run a lot better than my RG350p and Retroid Pocket 2.

Mike G

I just got it today with att service

Jean Michell

ugh, so mad this tablet isn't available outside of the US.


Are you able to get HD videos from Netflix and Amazon prime apps? The previous gens only had wine vine l1 and that limits it.


When coming to india


PLZZZ give link for ur wallpaper PLZZZ


I just want a tablet, this exact size and design, with 6gb of RAM.

Is that so much to ask for?

Milan Boskovic

Does it have phone app?


I want to see tab a7

Redd Animations

The vegeta wallpaper convinced me to get this specific tablet lol

Forest kingdom

This version is not available in oir country