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So you want to MAIN ORNN

1 008 549 views | 7 Nov. 2017

Ornn can forge amazing

Ornn can forge amazing stuff, but can he forge saving 10% on lootcrate using http://lootcrate.com/bricky and Promo Code - Bricky.

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I know its 2 years old now, but I appreciate the little "Lore" text you used as Im an impatient scrub

Ikari Saiko

Poppy have 4 CC also

Michel Wieringa

video i needed


I don't want to main orn no thank you do.

Ace of Fiction

9:27 Was really fucking smooth

jayjay duque

prithee be careful...

Teo Scapato

wtf is max hp damage??


You have to make so you want to main Heimerdinger because then you could have lots of dong jokes

Lelin Jodimer

Ah yes, cancles

Jokūbas Mačijauskas

Ornns ulti also slows. So thats 5...

bodziooo o

funny names for ornn main :D

LONGCHAMP Aka. Lightbones

go a w a y

Rafael Patrón

I really miss this section

Mickey Manson

Idk how can fiora lose against ornn


i know this is from 2 years ago, but this helped lmao

Sanada Biege

"Do you like being the ugliest God in Greek mythology?"

Quinn Lin

3:30 got distracted watching my main champ Xayah killing it in fight


Red hamster

Just a picture of Diego

I started LoL and played as Ornn 8 months ago, i remembered myself being confused as heck

Mista314 Gaming

Man, i just got into League about a month ago and just like every new League player, i've been searching youtube for all the answers lol! This is the 2nd video of yours that ive come across and these are, BY FAR, the most entertaining and informative League vids on the platform!You sir have just received a new sub!

I look forward to your next vid!


Am I the single one who thinks that ornn is great as supp

Sebastian Flores Hernández

yes I want

gianni miari

soo funny and usefull, nice video dudee

Luka Mrse

I honestly find these 10 mins videos kind of better than the champion spotlights.


I liked Infernal mask first item because of mages instakilling me through abyssal mask as soon as i leave lane but then they put a 13 level cap as if people dont know what they want to buy.

Brandon Westfall

Two solid minutes of bullshit before you actually start talking about the champion's kit.

Kobe Chambliss

With the recent buff, Ornn builds his items for free and his teammates items for free. Really big buff


0:16 we should also say
Do you like Being the definition of pacience waiting for new skins?


Don’t you wanna play Ornn? Isn’t Ornn a fun champion? -Hashinshin


Ornn is really nice these days^^'. He got changed a little, but I really love him :o I'm playing him for 3-4 weeks straight now and I'm basically winning 95% of my matchups^^'


You ignored his 2 sisters
Anivia and Seal Sister


i dont want to main i already main.

Pedro Arriaga

did he make Poppy's hammer

Zhonya's Hourglass

This video has less humor and more information than usual.

Alien Pleb

5:08 Bricky missing his R... your welcome ;)

Ricardo Milos


Dragon 9

ornn is literally ron swanson

Juicy Moose

So, he can stop people like anivia, taliyah, and jarvan with his e, but does his wall work with quiyana ult? If so, that is one strong ass synergy




new patch came

"oh nice!, the changed ornn and... oh no"

removed W shield

"ok is not that bad... right?"

ends 3/99/2

"rito why!?"

Jens Lyhne

Still no skins


Warmmongers armor never have to go back to spawn

Tempered Fate

Fluffy papa with cool skills.



All I hear is Torbjorn

Darkdog music

I thougt leona has the most cs?


2 years later, most Orns max Q first W is second


Ultimate tsundere


ur better of going w q e or q e w

Sett, A Ring Királya

8:35..... OOOOOO
I never known, i'm a demi god...


오른이 되세요

Brandon Chia Lian-Kai

"Tell me what champ you wanna see next"
2018 Bricky FeelsBadMan


ornn only has 1 skin too bad

Soul Lemon

kind of annoying that you "explained" a lot of his stats as jokes but didn't give real accurate info

Ronald Aung

Nautilus: I have the most CC, no one can possibly compare
Ornn: Hold my hammer
Poppy: Uses it

Nikola Andric

So basically, Ornn is a tsundere...

Im definetly buying him :)

Μαρινος Γκιντινιδης

briky: hes brother with volibear

anivia:sad bird noises


Bricky: hello future viewer
Me: he's talking about me uwu

Émile Turcotte

-mumbles a lot
-doesn’t like people
-likes creating stuff and is secretly proud of people who try to get better at that
-Talks a lot to himself
-criticizes all stuff he sees as not perfect enough

Jesus christ they added me in the game


10:20 I snickered


6:09 headbutt the dam. Damn

Topi Karttunen

Season 2020:
Do you want to be a mage?
Do you want to be a deathknight?
Do you want to be a paladin?
Do you want to be a hunter?
Do you want to be a rogue?
Do you want to be a warrior?
Do you want to be an enchanter?
Do you want to be a tank?
Do you want to be a bruiser?
Do you want to be a wizard?
Do you want to be a warlock?
Do you want to be a priest?
Do you want to be an assassin?
Do you want to be a gunslinger?
Do you want to be a druid?
Do you want to be a shaman?
Do you want to be a necromancer?
Do you want to be a ninja?
Do you want to be a gunslinger?
Do you want to be a bard?
Do you want to be a monk?
Do you want to be a robot?
Do you want to be a conjurer?
Do you want to be a blacksmith?
Do you want to be a mystic warden god?
Do you want to be an illusionist?
Do you want to be a templar?
Do you want to be a wizard?

And finally...
Do you want to be all of the above?
Well then, Ornn the mage deathknight paladin hunter rogue warrior enchanter tank bruiser wizard warlock priest assassin gunslinger druid shaman necromancer ninja gunslinger bard monk robot conjurer blacksmith mystic warden god illusionist templar wizard, is for you!

Jayden Cutler

He does realize clad doesn’t use mana right?

MA Dean

Ornnhub lol

Nick Mundy

I played ornn jgl once. I only ever backed once and that was to get to bot inhib quickly (but I did die a couple of times)

Leonardo Costa

1:22 wtf is going on?

meme trooper

Ornn is so much fun. Not complitaced not shit just perfect

John Bailey

But how do you pull up the store to build items?


you are completly fucking braindead

Karlo Karlo

Ornn and voli brothers,?,,,?,,?,,,,??

DBD Jonne

So you want to play other game as dbd... Poor choise of actions...


He is hot and sexy.

Maze Bell

I miss that shield on CC ;_;

gh0st gamez

As a Nautilus main I am interested in ornn

Seaweed Banana

Lmao they nerfed the shit out of this champ

Jack O

He hates people but actually likes them

So he is what you call a tsundere

heithem benmhni


Khoa Vu

In 2020, Ornn still only have 2 skins

dsadasdsa fesdaFSDF

his w bulla pa?


Copying dota homework. Lmao. As a dota player this shit is funny as well

Hard stuck Bronze

DoNt yOu WaNNa PlaY orNn!

Scott Gallagher

Nobody gives afuck about hte lore u fuck it's a guide

equitine _

This is late but orn is a Tsudere

Lucas Fisher

You forgot that he loves beer and chocolate cake

S Visuals


Nearly Evil 665

his Q displacement
his w brbrbrrbr
his e slow
and his ultimate knockup


Ornn is cute though


Ornn has five CC.
The four you mentioned, and his passive knocking any away just a little bit who are brittle with a AA.

Bernie Broig

The removal of his shield makes me sad. No more Shield Bash. : ^)


i wanna main ornn because

u need to go away

Victor Antonio

I wish this was made on S10...

Ghostly jester

So mind u i am super new. But from what i can tell a small example of team composition woild be orn and amumu on the same team because amumu ceertainly uses sun fire cape. Then from there u would probably want a really good early mage or adc. Mind u not only am i new but i already decided i am going to main amumu (at least while iam low level since i love amumu) then ideally pick a support that has synergy with the adc and perhaps some synergy with mid lane

Luca Weiland

junge get the fuck outa here? bricky are you german?


So he's a tsundere, right?

Riley Craig

Riot, please bring back the W shield. We need it.


Ornn has the most cc ingame. Passive knock back, q slow and displacement, w brittle, e knockup and ult brittle and knockup

Dre Boi

yo, whats the name of that swing sounding music at the end???

Kyle Marquez

3 years after this has been created, "Bricky Ornn" is still Ornn's only skin. Amazing.


main vayne?

Bool-aid Man



I have never seen a single ornn in my entire 2 years of playing this game


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53 577 views | 12 Jan. 2021

New Season 11 Ornn Top

New Season 11 Ornn Top Gameplay! League of legends Ornn Season 11 gameplay!

?Check out my 2 other channels: @SRO Highlights @More SRO ?

?Stream! https://www.twitch.tv/SoloRenektonOnly

?Check out my Gaming Set up! Full Parts List And Peripherals: https://www.amazon.com/shop/renektononly

Season 11 Ornn runes guide League of Legends

Grasp - Demolish - Conditioning - Overgrowth

Biscuits - Time Warp Tonic

10 AD - 10 AD - 6 Armor

?Twitter! https://twitter.com/SoloRenektonLoL

?Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SoloRenektonLoL

?Tip here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/solorenektononly

Predrag Zdravkovic

Jesus, Mike. You woke up my whole family with that OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRNN :D



Jonathan Knudsen

Hey Mike, love your content. I’m going to be dropping all of my Google services in about a month. The corporate totalitarian behavior is becoming too much for me to support any longer. I would love to keep supporting you though! I’m wondering if you have considered creating or if you already have a Rumble or Bitchute account, because if you aren’t there, you will be sorely missed.


Hey SRO, how'd Frank like your OOORRRRRNNNNNN? ?

Karson Kammerzell

I want to see Mike make two Ornn videos back to back and have the titles look like this:


Piloting tanks that actually feel like tanks is some of the most enjoyable league gameplay.

BOTverɪfɪed the real

wich top laner should i buy? basing off of op and fun

Adrian Dennis

that poppy play at 8:00 destroyed my eyes


Lookin kinda tanky STILL. Saucy gameplay
If you wanna see an amateur version of this check out my chanol x


9:51 The Ornn battle cry


Pleaseeeee post more games on ORNNNNNN

Austin Montalvo


Robert Corrales



just yoink some of this guy's ExP

AreYouSure AboutThat



Haha my name is frank and I did just wake up and started watching the video

Mr Limonkus

Yesterday i got a 40 min game with ornn. Hit something slightly over 500 armor and 243 mr. Aaand got a penta. Funniest game in my life.

Jan Plaček



Ooooorrrrrrrrnnnnnn !!!!!! love seeing SRO Play my main !!!! so good many wow !!!

Robert Valvo

I spit my drink everywhere, " we are not listening too you, you're not very intelligent " XD my side hurts i laughed so hard, shouldn't have laughed so hard but I did XD



Abdullah Khan

he finally learnt to build items in lane, kek


Tonky man Ornn.



Steven Steel יְהֹוָה

So i've ben playing ALOT of ARAM recently and i got a chance to try Graves Kraken Slayer. I had to make a Wit's End because there was alot of AP but the miserable attack speed that thing gives you still made it worth it.
I lost that game but i'm telling you if we had more time to get more attack speed you'd had a really, REALLY powerful Graves. SRO try it out you won't regret it, that's Graves + Kraken Slayer + Atk Speed, could be new meta (maybe, yes? no?! Who knows)


35 cs at 3:00 that is something, rare deal from SRO, I am the first to say the atrocity of early csing in this channel, but this time I have to give it a "great job"

Furkan Alp


Andy Falavinha

8:00 my eyes

Petr Kolar

Imagine playing tank with max armor strategy and not showing self mitigated damage :-(

Youssef Milad



Boom what up


Dont mind me. I'm only here for the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRNNN moments.

nono cr


Florea Ciprian

Nice game again bro. Even if i stopped playing League and went back to Dota im still watching your stuff on a daily basis. Will come back to League when they will bring in voice chat :))

Hollis Shaffer

I don't think he's ever gotten that much farm in the first 3 waves.

Just Some Nebulous Guy

So many people hate tanks and they wanna remove it from the game. Glad there's still some love for them. There's even gonna be a Mundo Rework soon

azza Geo WConc

Good. I wait for love from you ??

Zac M

Holy fuck that poppy was a clod

Johan Liebert

Go away

Francisco Reis

3:32 how trash is this game s clicks btw. the auto starts, he doesnt issue any other command and it cancels. ok riot

Thomas Fassiaux

Your Ornn videos are the only reasons i play that champ !

Victor Kalil

mega tank ornn builds like two items
mega tank ornn builds p average items
Love the channel tho lol

Yiğit inanır

one more orn vid its so short

Adrian C

Always love when you play Ornn :))

Klonaris Aggelos

I liked so there will be NO missed canons

J3FF 52 Shades


Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

Some more voli top pls


Well played!


God this champ is busted

Pablo Pablo


dakota morehead



tfw you're a Poppy and flash to miss your abilities on a super-mobile champ instead of getting a minion wave

Lumbering Deer

Yo u should build frost fire into ad teams way better

Станислав Коваль

when Kennen???????

Ιωάννης Μπαλτουμάς

I’m kinda mad. From the title I really expected to see a full armor build.
I get games end fast but plz fix the titles!


oh, great. Another ornn video. This will be boring :D

Nathan Sorensen

I literally begged for a Megamall ornn not 24 hours ago. SRO delivers

Jesse Contreras

I love these ornn videos


They can't handle it!

Jonathan Edwards

Thank you for the workout.
Every kill:10 pushups
Every assist: 10 sit-ups
Every death: plank until respawn



Google Poodle

5:49 why the hell did nunu hold his ult that whole time? LOL

Hamza Kovac

16:30 it doesn’t matter if minions hit you only champions can cancel your crafting

Manuel Espinoza


Chrome Dynamo

really cant wait for my favourite top laner to try out the reworked Mundo

caden holler

Haven’t quite figured it out why yet but you are my favorite league YouTube/streamer. Keep up the content !


Hey, Clickbaiter, u did another CLASSIC and NORMAL build :P

Just Some Nebulous Guy

Sro, I request a Mundo gameplay before mah boy get reworked. I'd love to see one

Michael Okpalefe

The algorithm!!

Andrew Van Lanen

Here at start of vid before the obligatory "ooooooorrrrrnnn"

Clinton J

Looks like he is playing with Kayle 1v9

Jad Hishi

I would really like to see tank kled bulid that bulid is so good

rone JosiaHect

2:44 Beautiful ??love u??

Shamel Abaza

Oooooorrrnnn > draaaavennn

Lionel Williams

OOOOOrrrrrrrrnnnnnn lmfao mike your too funny keep up the great content.

Oukashi Okamii

i want more ornn solo ornn only


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209 930 views | 1 Dec. 2020














? Si te gusta lo que hago y te he ayudado, ÚNETE A NOSOTROS:


► Contacto

MAIL DE CONTACTO: [email protected]


INTRO: Naruto - "Wind" Trap Remix


OUTRO: Desmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release]


Muchas gracias por el apoyo en cada vídeo y vamos adelante!! ^^

Vídeo creado y subido por Kerios.

#ornn #bosqueancestral #gameplay

marlon burbano

Sabes que el meta se fue un poco a la mierda cuando ves a un horn AD, un yasuo jg, un jhin mid, una diana adc y una Katarina jg

Maggot Slipknot

Juega Volibear jungla, con el corta avances, cuchilla oscura y la demás build según lo que necesites, y verás que divertido.

Xerebo Tartaro

siempre un capo este keiros.

David Reyes

Kerios muchas gracias por enseñarnos a jugar a todos nosotros que somos muy noob y espero que matumbo no les de a ninguno de ustedes

NeKro-K-nibalistiC From Hell

nadie en el mundo

Los de elo alto al ver un tanque haciéndose daño de ataque

iJo De peRRa tRoLl rEpOrT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah por cierto está re potente está build, ya la probé y si que revienta, también la probé con pantheon y es una putada, solo que en LAN son muy try hard y como ven que voy bien en línea se mandan todos por la línea que me tocó y empiezan a meterme focus del bueno, puedo decir que está build es buena en team fight pero en 1 vs 5 es una kk xd

ana lucia chineppe

Pregunta ¿Que champ no sabes jugar?

James Tapia

Kerios te amo, dame katanga

Dora Isaza

Kerios a ornn metele el desgarrador divino y macxeate la w


joder que desagradable tu comentario al gameplay, pareces enfermito


Tras 9 largos meses esperando a que Juanma suba un vidio de Ornn, HOY ES EL DIA...

Lossebas xd

Nah bro no entiendo yo con 1vs1 estoy tope concentrado y este pavo mientras esta 1vs4/5 va y habla como si no pasara nada me encanta


por que juegas en el PBE?

Sr. Beater

Si estas personas con las que jugaste te parecieron algo malos y flamers imaginate mis panas de LAS. Sufro cada dia intentando carrear un team que fedea, flamea y se rinde :"D

Aguztin Cdm

Da hermano es el pbe me estas jodiendo

Gabriel De Armas

Este vídeo me da esperanzas para volver jugar ornn...sólo espero que no lo nerfeen

José Cruz

Ese ornn va potente!!! incredibol gampli y GL con los flamers de todas la partidas, que si no, no sería la liga legendaria XD

Cidfrid Suarez

Keiros valla mierda de equipo te ha tocado ami me pasa muy seguido f por ti


Yasuo me ha puesto de mala leche, todo el rato sin callarse la boca, haciendo la mierda, regalando un dragón infernal con Katarina muerta por hacerse el chulo y smitear el escurri, todo esto obviando que es un yasuo jng

Ryuzaki Light

Jajajja que buen vídeo me da risa como en otros vídeos Garen es la “polla en vinagre” y aquí es un héroe del montón owneado por un tanke jajajaja, lo que sí es que Garen es un muy buen héroe para empezar a jugar y a veces trolear?

Yussel De Lasco

Voy a jugar LoL en Boosteroid, a ver si mejoro :|


cuando subes katarina con la nueva skin? se te quiere v:


kerios perdio!!!!? :0


Que bonito ver qué Kerios a pesar de la partida difícil no se pone tóxico.

Camilo Charris

Dia dos intentando que kerios juegue lee sin en top:)

Tony Hunter 27

Mambo negro xD

Jiménez Campos Leonardo Adrian

M7 con Sett, Yone y Kayle jugando en una tostadora:'(

Sergio Gamarra

Trae a Vi jg porfa :D

jesus garcia ruiz

Hablas demasiado y te concentras poco es más nos fijamos más en ti que en como juegas porque es gracioso ver cuántas palabras eres capaz de decir seguidas sin respirar

eduardo lopez

Diana tiene internet de cable de hierro

juan pablo meza

Que ? 20:10 que este daño

mike torres

Seraphine soleo Barón min 29?

Andrés felipe

Boosteroid ya está para LAN?

Alfonso Vasquez Galaz

Pero kerios yo soy una persona demaciado humilde como para pagar semejante cantidad de dinero

Jose Garcia

Buen video ornn no lo habías traído con los nuevos items

Manuel Salmeron

Pregunta seria, ¿¿como que la R de katarina funciona como ataques basicos?? Entonces si le pones hoja del rey arruinado tiene el efecto del 10% por golpecito que te da ?

Mariela Reyes

No sabía que la ignición en España se llamaba prender xd le voy a meter prender ajsja prender

Juan Samaniego

cULPA DE yasuo la última Team Fight! jajajaaj


Kerios: respira

Yo: modo secso on

Gustavo Lezama

22:19 se le salio lo poeta el Kerios o


Sinceramente, lo que más me sorprende de tus videos es la habilidad que tienes y la entereza para no pegarte un tiro en los cojones cada vez que tu equipo no para de flamear, tiltearse o morirse. Es algo de verdad digno de admirar y es lo más difícil en LoL a mi parecer.

Emilio Andres

KERIOSSS, podrías hacer un video de neeko???

Sab- Choo

Así son los yasuos en ranked

Joseph Ruiz

Ehh eso es re ilegal

López Jesús

La play del principio se la hizo fue la sona curandolo


nuevo sub jajajajaja

Gato Lunar

Aguante la Diana representando a LATAM todo un orgullo

Maxi. Csz

Este pibe podría ser freestyler fácilmente jajaja

Alvaro Maldonado

Ya subió kerios un video de turbomacia con los item de esta temporada?

pablo chavez

Juega kayn azul pls

tu amo Cheem

Pregunta sería
Los main garen porque se ponen a bailar ?

Gabriel Diaz

apareamiento y amistad...

Trein White

Me gustan tus videos uwu

Tomas Diaz Arainte

18:15 el jasuo 1/1/1 111 minios ?

Omar Mor4

Que el lol con flamers que dices tío eso es imposible XD es mi día a día

Odín Lima

Pero ese escalado es del PBE o k? Jqja, porque me sale que es solo del 60% de AD


Hola, la E de ornn se puede tirar a la roca que deja la Q por si no sabias, no vi que lo ayas echo en el vídeo xd

Jonathan Rodriguez

Me hubiera gustado q ganaras ya que ornn es mi maldito main xD

David Gonzalez

Alquien mas vio la de veces que aplica la hidra con la w ._.

Imelda Bautista

Puedes comprar sin backear

Barto Mc

Kerios deberías probar hacerte el Barom con maestro yi con mata krakens e hidra boraz



Marcelo Chavez

yo cuando veo sus videos, nunca falta "yo entiendo que tenemos que tener hobbies en la vida"

Ian Golberg

Yasuo Jungla, diana adc y jhin mid, mas troll imposible

Dante's Inferno

JAMÁS dejará de asombrarme la capacidad de rima consonante de Kerios, es ACOJONANTE, reventando la linea y ganando la partida y haciendo rimas con nepes y la katanga todo el rato.

Es como Cyrano de Bergerac version LoL, mis dieses.

Matias Cariaga

Minuto 5:26 hablaste como logi xd

Neyser Senpai

Esa yasuo tonto

un cubito de vaca

Alguien se dio cuenta que una seraphine se soleo un baron aun que hiba 2/3/11

Andres Parras

Vaya sinvergüenza ese yasuo lasgiteando los gordetes... Jajajaj me parto???

Elpelucas Sape

¿Has probado a nunu mid?
Yo pensaba que era trolleo pero en corea se usa, faker uno de los que lo usa.
Lo probé el otro día y una brutalidad, nada mas empezar limpias la primera oleada super rápido con la bola de nieve, y puedes irte a gankear otras líneas, esta muy roto en mid

ElSucio Joe

nose de donde será el tema pero me gusta el fragmento que suena en la intro


No se calla ni 1 solo segundo loko


Alguien que juegue en euw de nivel 70 para abajo

Santander David

que hermosa skin :(

pero mas rico esta kerios xd <3

Rafael 445

Kerios: Nos vamos a hacer...
Yasuo: smite NO >:c
Kerios: ... se va a hacer el cangrejo

Seba González

Buenísimo video Kerios! Por favor haz una serie desde unranked hasta tu máximo elo que puedas llegar, estaría super bueno!

Juan Pinto

En el min 29:26 que se farmea todos esos minions, y la tiamat se activa en todos los minions, se vio tan exitante jajajaja

Master Ox

Como comprar objetos sin ir a base?

Fernando Paul

Boosteroid funciona en latam?

KoKer Aliaga

Que feo que digas que el man tiene una caja de zapato de pc , no todos tienen las mismas posibilidad que tú

Eliot Limachi

Un equipo "full toxic" eso es cosa de todos los días, ya lo cuentan las leyendas, el tilt es real

Fernando Toran

yo me mejoro la q antes

Carlos Martinez hernandez

Este chaval no se enfada nunca? Yo cuando juego y no paran de conectarse y desconectarse me pongo de los nervios


11:48 que no era por la muerte de Hitler ??

Odín Lima

Lo que me tiltea ese asqueroso Garen, neta que champ más simple y roto no puede haber xd baja de top con mal farm, muchas muertes y su champ como si nada jaja


jhin parece sup haciendo face check a cada rato

angel aguilar bautista

Falta el swain mamadisimo


Woooow quedó genial solo una duda si no tenías nada de ap como la R pegaba tanto ????? para empezar a armarme así UwU

Will Hakuto

Falta el Gameplay de Sett con los nuevos Objetos

Gladys Dorado

Por favor kerios haz un video de diana jg


El main Garen del otro equipo es el mejor ejemplo del toxico, perdió y feedeo toda la linea pero cuando lo carrean se pone a spamear EZZ o NOOOBSS ._.


Fan de tus acentos espontáneos.


Jugando con sejuani

Jeronimo Lobos

por que compro sin estar en base?¿

Matias Sabena

El asco que daba el yasuo con esos smites

Rafael A. González G.

conclusion no es W jugar ornn ad


Tengo una preguntita, y ojala alguien me la pueda responder c:
Como puedo poner en el chat lo de que se puede comprar?
por ejemplo:
El coleccionista-Se puede comprar
Como hago ese comando? con que tecla
y expliquenme si hay que ajustar algo expliquenme bien pls gracias


Kerios: "meter la Q con Orn no es muy difícil"
Yo: viendo como no acierta ninguna:v

Blitzornn art

"You have zero power push" es un Ornn, tiene hidra voraz y ademas el gore drinker, esta gente no sabe de lo que habla...

juan gonzalez

No sé si se dieron cuenta pero cuando dice que el yasuo va 1/1/1 también lleva 111 Minions jajaja


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