Red harbinger

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Red Harbinger

1 537 views | 25 Apr. 2012


I was going to get your case until I found that the psu is at the top not too god for gaming pc

Youri Vandevelde

Hey Matt! =D Well cool setup I must say! I would love to have a sound setup...Was thinking of the logitech Z906 but what I heard wasn't all positive so...I guess I'm waiting for the next installment. What do you think of three screens? Pretty awesome eh =D ? And if I had known sooner about liquid cooling would have invested sooner in that but hey...the Cross is just perfect for it so....let's go nuts! Btw love your case ^^ And what frequency is your RAM ? Cheers man !

Red harbinger

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Harbinger Red Line Wrist Wraps with John Cortese

22 321 views | 9 Apr. 2015

John Cortese,

John Cortese, founder/owner, director of Strength & Conditioning, Napa, CA talks about features and how to use the Harbinger Red Line Wrist Wraps

bart ngaue

Thanks John. Simple to understand video. Lot of noobs like me don't know what or how to use these and this video answered those questions. Thanks, going to go get these at my Big 5 sporting goods.

Dead On The Inside

One of them tore on my first usage... What a fucking shame...

Анюта Лошкарева

Good afternoon!!))
Please tell me, these wraps - Red Line Wrist Wraps - 14.99 is the price for 1 pair or for 1 piece?)
Thank you!!))

Sam Rajasingam

Dear God..... I never knew you brought the thumb loops down.... I'VE always kept them on the thumb ?


Why does he look like the new skins on fortnite 7/19

Red harbinger

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Cross by Red Harbinger - Playing around with RGB Leds and speakers

9 073 views | 28 Oct. 2012

This wasn't just a

This wasn't just a casemod/build .. on the background the last 8 months I was able to to fully test the prototype on temperatures and compatibility etc. with the used products.


Next to the sponsors I also want to thank all other people that helped Red Harbinger or me personally on this project!

Thomas, Scott, Shawn, Chuck, Youri, Daniel .. you guys are awesome! :)

Cross specs:


Hardware specs:


More info on my next project:


International buildlog:


Dutch buildlog:



how much did it cost?


They're getting close to sale time, short supply at first, i believe it is for the first 50 people, going to be right around the $1900ish USD price range.

Adam Pulleyblank

i want that sooo bad


What are the LED's you're using?

Weylin Zhang



Phobya LED-Flexlight RGB maybe? If you gonna get that kit with all the different colors its very important that you get the RGB version.


FTW i can only say FTW


whats the rgb lighting system called?


It would cost at least 12,000$

Kadir Taser

the track you hear on this is by B.B.E - Seven days and one week :) 90s timeless trance classic released on positiva records on 1996 :) also sick setup dude incredible! i wish that i had this kind of setup as well :) really clean and neat.


all that for a 19inch monitor?-.-

Lauren Mills

I think the desk will be on sale soon at around £1000 the company is called RedHarbinger


do u sell this table?

sayan das

oooh yeahhhhhh


Are these for sale?


This is way to loud


I really wanna build one like this, could you give me the full measurements of this table please like the weight, length, height, also the gap where every thing goes in and the bit where the chair goes in and the length of that place where the chair goes in too. Thanks alot


That is just... Awesome!


@headjumper92 nope wrong, his controller is totally different to the model you speak of ;)


what song is that?

tareq alsaleh

sounds like a mini-helicopter

Alan Alves

Completely custom built, I can't even imagine the crap they would do if they made it for sale by some large merchant

Lauren Mills

Soon they are from RedHarbinger at around £1000


In the finished version he has three :)

chozo echo

its cool and all but just why the hell would i need 2 computers built in one case/table

Jose Aleman

if im correct he had 3, 20 inch monitors at the preview event

Jason Moss

I was afraid party boy was going to pop out!